6KU Bicycle Review: A Bike that Precedes Your Reputation

Can a bicycle define your personality? You are about to find that out on our 6KU bicycle review.
A lot of people see bike riding as a way of getting from point A to B. Others see it as a form of exercise. For me, the kind of bike you own says a lot about your personality. At the same time, a good looking bike that does not tick all the correct boxes- affordability, comfort, reliability, practicality- is still a no for me. Finding an exquisite bicycle that packs top tier features under its hood is a priority for me. I went through so many reviews and watched several unboxing videos until I finally landed on what I wanted. My choice came in the form of a 6KU single speed fixie.
6KU Aluminum Fixie Bike

This modern bike from 6KU comes in the classic mountain-bike design. Going by its looks and performance, it is the type of bike you would ride to work each day or stroll in the park with on weekends. 6KU is a bicycle company famed for their precision when designing their products. You can expect this bike to have quality components since it is from one of the top American bicycle companies. It also moves smoothly on any surface you ride it on. It also comes in various sizes to suit anyone with a height between 4 feet and 6 feet.
6KU not only moves fast but it makes you look good too. It is the sort of bike to show off to fellow cycling enthusiasts. Without further ado, here are the grand features to expect on a 6KU fixie.
Straight off the bat, this bicycle is exquisite to look at. It features a simple design with only two colors to contend with. Though it comes in bright colors, they are subtle. There are darker versions of the bike as well which blend into the environment.
6KU bicycle boasts of an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight. With most of the weight shed off, this bike moves really fast. Aluminum is a durable material too which means this bike will serve you for several years.
6KU released this bicycle in 5 different sizes. The lowest size is a 42cm bike which is suitable for children with a height of 4 feet 9 inches. The largest size is 58cm which ideal for any adult with a height of 6 feet 5 inches. Other available sizes include 49cm, 52cm, and 55cm.
This bike has thick tires that allow you to tear through rough terrains or do a couple of stunts. The tires have a 28c rating which makes them thick enough for maximum grip on the road. Thick tires are also ideal for absorbing concrete vibration and force impacts. You do not have to worry about the inner tube blowing up when doing your wheelies. Better grip means better balance and a fun riding experience.
Double Braking System
Since the 6KU is lightweight, it can move as fast as a track bike. The inbuilt double braking system gives you total control of the bicycle while at top speeds. 6KU used quality material to make the breaks effective and durable. It is also easy to disassemble the brakes to check for faults or fix issues before reinstalling them.
Versatile Drivetrain
You can switch from a fixed gear to a single gear thanks to the inbuilt flip flop hub. This allows you to vary your riding experience with respect to your location. A single gear cog offers free wheel experience when riding in the city. Switching to a fixed cog allows you to cruise through sloping terrains with ease.
6KU bike comes in four main colors. The bike can be all black from frame to tires or blue with black tires. You can also get this bike model in burgundy & black or white and black. 6KU are also known to produce other color combinations on custom order.

  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Great riding experience
  • Double braking system
  • Modern design


  • Cheap pedal material
  • Uncomfortable saddle


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If you are looking for a bike that looks good and performs like a track bike, a 6KU bicycle would suit you. it has a simple yet sophisticated design and boasts of top tier features. The bike is lightweight and can move fast on any surface. A double braking system allows you to still be in control even at top speeds. The tires are thick enough to withstand pressure and protect the inner tube from bursting.
You are definitely getting value for money by purchasing this product. 6KU designed this bike to have a thick frame. If you like thinner frames, you can consider a 6KU Urban Fixie bike. Compare the features in our 6Ku bicycle review with other bike brands to make an informed purchase decision.