7 Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

If you are looking for the best bike racks to transport your electric bike safely in your car, you will find great suggestions in this listing. 

I just bought my first e-bike but I have already been a cycling fan for more than 3 years prior. I had all the tools and gadgets for my cyclocross bike and I imagined that the e-bike would fit in just the same.

It turns out, I was wrong and I’ve had to go back to the store to pick up a rack for my e-bike when it was time for our annual family vacation. That’s how I ended up learning so much about the different racks specifically built for e-bikes.

Electric bikes are a trendy new type of bikes that is slowly flooding the market. These kinds of bikes are heavier than the regular bike and this presents the problem of finding the best carrier. Being an expensive bike alternative, it is natural to want the best rack to transport them safely.

Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes – A Comparison Table

Bike Capacity
Weight per bike
Overdrive Sport Hitch Rack
EasyFoldXT Hitch Rack
Hollywood SEHitch Rack
Backstage Hitch Rack
SuperClamp EX Hitch Rack
2- bikes
E-Spec Hitch Rack
HighRoad Roof Rack

Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes Overview

Overdrive Sport Hitch Rack 

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This carrier is a best-seller among the hitch racks and it can hold electric bikes, fat bikes, and regular bikes. This is a very versatile and affordable rack option.

I loved this option because, with just one rack, I would fit in my e-bike as well as my sibling’s regular bikes safely and securely.


  • Adjustable wheel clamps
  • 4-bike capacity
  • Response system
  • 60 pounds per bicycle
  • Supports even regular bikes

It features adjustable wheel clamps that help you secure the braces over the bikes in your carriage. This hitch rack is quite easy to assemble and install and it even has a quick-release system and a tilting pivot to move the mounted rack aside when you need to reach the door handles.

The carrier has a system that helps to eliminate slack in communication between the receiver and rack which keeps your bikes secure.


  • Great hitch rack for e-bikes
  • Adjustable wheel holders fit many bikes
  • Steel tubing supports up to 240lbs
  • Quick-release tilt system
  • Anti-wobble system


  • Reflector plastic not durable


This rack was the one I took home with me because of its huge weight capacity and its special features such as the quick-release function, the reflectors, and anti-wobble properties.

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EasyFold XT Rack 

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This bike can hold up to 130 pounds in weight and if you are clamping it on carbon frame, it has a carbon fiber protector available. To get rear access is easy with this clamp because it has a folding down feature.

Loading the bikes onto the EasyFold XT might present a problem but this is not such a huge issue for most riders. It has a One-Key Lock System with a tilting function that allows for access to the trunk. All the features needed for a safe ride are incorporated in this rack.


  • Carbon frame protector
  • Foldable rack
  • Tilt function
  • Adjustable arms
  • 130 lbs weight capacity

Arms on this carrier are fully adjustable and can fit 2-inch receivers. The large distance between the wheel holders and the high capacity makes it possible for this rack to carry heavy mountain bikes, electric bikes, and bicycles with large wheelbases.


  • High load capacity bike rack
  • Smart foot pedal
  • Folding bike loading ramp
  • Fits 1.25†and 2†receivers
  • Foldable design with transport wheels and a handle


  • Wheel straps not adjustable
  • Frame clamps not fit for all bikes


This foldable bike rack is perfect for those who love to maximize space usage in their home or garage. I love the features of the ratcheting wheel straps and torque limiting knobs that quickly attach bikes onto the rack. Its compact design and carry on handles make it easy to transport and mount onto the car.

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Hollywood SE Hitch Rack 

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This rack carries 2 to 4 e-bikes at a time with 2 to 5-inch tires with use of the sliding wheel loops and ratcheting frame hooks. When not in use, these racks fold flat on the vehicle and can be tilted down for access to cargo from the rear much easily.

A keyed-alike locking hitch pin and security cable is included with the racks for even better security for your e-bike. The hitch tightening system is patented with no-wobble tools and this is crucial for the bracing of the bikes.


  • Keyed-alike locking hitch pin
  • 8†security cable
  • Locking frame hooks
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Up to 160-lbs in weight capacity

This carrier is versatile and has locking frame hooks with adjustable wheel hoops that are quite simple to manipulate to enable you to quickly mount and unmount your e-bike with no need for tools. There is a 10†distance between bikes when racked to protect them from dents and scratches.


  • A heavy-duty hitch rack
  • The rack can be tilted down
  • Locks are included
  • Hooks are cushioned to protect the bike from scratches


  • Needs a loading ramp


Hollywood SE has adjustable wheel holders that can fit a bike with a 60†wheelbase. Couple with the secure lock hooks that are delicately cushioned to protect your cool e-bikes from getting scratched, this is a quality e-bike rack unit.

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Backstage Hitch Rack 

[amazon box=”B01MSTIKNK” template=”horizontal” ]

If you have a fat bike with tires measuring 5-inches with diameters between 20†to 29â€, then this is the rack to go for. This hitch carrier is impressive in how easy it is to use and with its quality build in materials.

This rack’s platform can uniquely swing 180 degrees away and it can tilt down 30 degrees allowing for easy hatch access. It is only fit to hold 2†hitches and uses a 3-axis anti wobble system. Backstage folds flat against the vehicle and can carry up to two bikes each weighing a good 60 pounds.


  • Low loading height
  • Secure noose-style cable lock
  • 59 pounds in weight
  • 120-lbs weight capacity

The loading height of this rack is quite low which makes for easier mounting and unmounting of your bikes. Secure locks are included and the rack has a weight of 59 pounds. It has a swing-away feature compared to other racks in the market which helps you access the trunk easily.

Because the carrier comes in many different pieces, an assembly may be a bit puzzling but not impossible to do. The lock is made into the noose-style cable.


  • Great for e-bikes
  • The 180-degree twist with a 30-degree tilt
  • Easy mounting and unmounting
  • Folds against the car
  • Strong and durable design


  • Technical tilt mechanisms


This e-bike rack has a great design and is strong enough to handle 120 pounds in weight. The tilt function is convenient but may need some getting used to. I loved how it lay flat against the car and how easy it was to mount my bikes on it.

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SuperClamp EX Hitch Rack 

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This rack is super solid and it gives users stability and capability to carry two to four e-bikes at a time with a total weight of 120 pounds. Its design is quite compact and robust and still has visibility when folded up against the rear when not in use.

This compact design is great for space concerns but very delicate in function. Mounting your bikes will need some caution to avoid any damage to the rack. Assembly is really easy and could take less than 5 minutes to get ready.


  • 2-4 e-bike carrier
  • Supports up to 240 lbs
  • Compact and robust design
  • Dual-wheel clamping
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Reflectors
  • Integrated locks

A dual wheel-clamping system and two shepherd hooks clamp the bike onto the rack with no contact to the carbon frame which is quite premium. Even when fully loaded, the hatch is accessible with the help of the tilting feature. Integrated locks and reflectors add to security and visibility.

This rack is lightweight making it easier on your carload when you take a road trip with your bestie or significant other.


  • Compact with 4-bike tray
  • Cable locks for extra security
  • Foldable tilting feature
  • Wheel straps included


  • Premium value


The compactness of this bike rack and how versatile it is in tilt and foldable mechanisms make it a perfect choice for many e-bike owners. The loading height is quite low and the straps provided can secure holds for e-bikes, bikes with fenders, and kids’ bikes as well.

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E-SPEC Hitch Rack 

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Loading bikes onto this rack will be easy regardless of which type of car you have.

This rack is fitted with an anti-theft secure lock system that uses hooks and inter-woven hitch pins to keep your bike safely in place.

The Swagman rack is foldable and this is super convenient for storage reasons and also when it comes to mounting it on different car types. The frame of the rack s designed to accommodate different bike types of varying shapes and sizes.


  • Anti-theft locking mechanism
  • Easy Access and loading
  • Easy installation
  • Foldable Hitch rack
  • Compatible with many vehicles and bike types
  • Supports up to 140 lbs

Installing the rack should be a breeze and it helps to know that you can stack up to two bikes each weighing 70 pounds on it.


  • Easy mounting and unmounting
  • Easy installation
  • Foldable Hitch rack
  • Compatible with many vehicles and bike types


  • Mounting it on a big car may increase its dimensions significantly


For all those RV trailer owners, this here is the e-bike rack for you. With a support system that incorporates anti-theft locking tools and its expandable rack, the Swagman makes a strong case.

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HighRoad Roof Rack 

[amazon box=”B01N14Z8KU” template=”horizontal” ]

Bringing a new twist to our list, this is a roof rack. Though valued higher than trunk or hitch racks, they are a premium choice for most motorists. This is largely due to the fact that there is no impeded access to the rear and for some car designs, it is the only choice of e-bike racks available.

The Yakima Highroad is a simple yet sophisticated construction that is both easy to install onto the vehicle and also friendly to quick bike mounting and unmounting. To have a functional roof rack however, your car needs to be fitted with roof rails.


  • Premium roof rack
  • Low profile tray
  • 1-bike capacity
  • Adjustment free hook
  • Tightening knob
  • T-slot compatible

What I loved about its hold was the idea of locking onto the front wheel as opposed to your bike frame. This also eliminates the need to take the wheel off as a separate part as is the case with most bike racks. It fits 26-inch to 29-inch wheels and tires measuring 23mm to 4-inches with no adjustments needed.


  • Carries any bike type
  • 45 lbs weight carriage
  • Keeps bike out of drivers’ rear view
  • Quick assembly


  • Capacity for only 1 bike
  • Needs roof rails


Aside from it being a different angle to consider from the other hitch type of e-bike racks, this rack is just perfect for those lone rangers who do not shy away from taking solo adventures. Also, the tightening knob and the adjustment hooks are added to certify your e-bike’s safety while on the road.

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Hitch bike racks are the go-to choice to secure your e-bikes onto your car to take them across the country with you. However, roof racks also prove to be a suitable second option and prove to be as convenient and versatile in their design and function.

The Overdrive Sport and the Hollywood SE hitch racks stole my cyclist’s heart and I would recommend them from the first-hand experience. Especially if you are a racer such as I am and you have your team or family who shares the same passion.

Alternatively, if I was alone and wanted to do some solitary biking along some trail off the beaten path, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the Highroad Roof Rack. It seems pretty impressive.

How to Choose the Best Bike Racks for Electric Bikes 

Total Load Capacity

E-bike racks must be able to hold their weight and that of the e-bike especially because they are much heavier than the regular bikes.

Though lightweight racks may be easier to mount on vehicles, they also may be too light to handle any e-bike. There must be a perfect balance in weight.

Materials and design

Aluminum and stainless steel are used to make racks and they are strong, light in weight, and sturdy enough to hold the weight of an e-bike.

The designs incorporated in safety grabs, levers, and hitch pins should be resilient enough to securely hold an e-bike and its weight.

Racks are coated to protect from rust.

Easy Installation

Aim for a rack that is easy and straightforward to install and one that needs minimum tools and adjustments. A heavy rack is great to support a heavy e-bike but it also presents the problem of removal when not in use.

The rack will use up extra gas and stress the aluminum metal of some racks over time.

Access to vehicle’s rear

A hitch rack allows you to tilt or swing it out of the way to gain access to the trunk’s handle to open it without removing it.

Ability to lock

Although the locks and cables for securing the bike to the rack and the rack to the vehicle, it is is better to pick a rack that can handle both tasks at a go. This gives you some time to leave the bikes unattended as you grab a bite to eat at a pit stop.

Easy to Store

To take up less space in your home or garage space, buy a rack that folds flat without the need for disassembling it. A hitch rack that is weighted can sit up on its own without the need for braces.


Which is the best type of rack for e-bikes?

Hitch-mounted racks are the best type since they support up to 60lbs and has enough capacity to hold 2 bikes. The racks are also adjustable to fit the size of the e-bike. They are mounted on the back of the vehicle and minimizes the force needed to live the e-bike.

Are traditional bike racks suitable for e-bikes?

No. traditional bike racks support up to 20lbs while e-bikes weigh 35 to 60 pounds. Also, e-bikes are complex and need enough security to lock them safely.

What is the right e-bike rack for me?

To determine the right fit, you need to know the car model you are going to install the rack on. Most e-bike racks do not feature long ramps which may require you to lift your bike onto the rack if you are using a tall vehicle. Another crucial consideration to make is the weight of your e-bike since different racks support certain weights.