7 Best Cycling Socks for winter in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are your feet cold when you’re riding your back especially during the winter? There are so many socks that can keep you warm while cycling.

I have been cycling for over ten years now. I love cycling so much no matter the weather. When it is sunny it’s much easier for me to just take my bike and go but when its winter it’s not that simple. When it gets really cold, I usually have to wear my gloves and dress more warmly.

It is very risky not to wear socks when you are cycling in the cold. If the temperatures are very extreme, you might end up losing the feeling in your hands and feet. When your feet and hands become numb, they can also be very painful. This will make riding your bike feel like a lot of work.

To keep your feet warm during winter, you do not need very heavy socks. If your socks are too heavy, then your shoes will become too tight, limiting the blood circulation to your feet. This will make riding very uncomfortable. You should opt for thinner but warm quality socks for some warmth. Thin socks will also make your shoes less snug.

In this article, we look at some of the best socks you can buy for when you are cycling during the winter season.

7 Best socks for Cycling during the winter- Comparison Table

Rapha Deep winter socks
Merino wool
Sealskinz Mid length socks
Merino wool
PrendasThermolite socks
Thermolite base fibres
Giro hightower Merino wool socks
Merino wool
Pearl Izumi wool socks
Merino wool
EnduraBaabaa merino socks
Merino wool
Giro Winter wool socks
Merino wool


Rapha Deep socks- Best for Cold riding conditions

The Rapha deep winter socks are great for those very cold rides.  With some unique features like a wind-resistant front panel, these socks are great for cycling.


  • Long cut leg
  • Thick and wind-resistant front panel
  • Padded footbed
  • Argyle texture

These winter socks are designed for more protection to your feet during those cold days. The socks are thick and cut very long. These socks can be worn even underneath other clothes due to their versatility. They are made of 52% merino wool and 46% nylon. The padded toe and footbed keep all the warmth inside. This makes them perfect for the cold weather.


  • This socks are very breathable and keep your feet dry
  • The padded footbed is good for increased comfort and more insulation.
  • They can be worn underneath trousers or tights so convenient.


  • They are too thick and might make your shoe too tight


These socks are great to add to your winter gear. They are warm and ideal for those days when it’s close to freezing when you are out cycling. This luxurious pair of socks will keep you warm and stylish. For the price range, this is great quality footwear.

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SealskinzMidlength socks- Tried and tested for cold weather

These are some of the best waterproof socks for riding during the winter. It comes with 3 layers for warmth and durability while cycling.


  • Waterproof
  • It has 3 layers
  • Made of Merino wool lining
  • Hand made and tested.

The waterproof feature keeps your feet warm. Getting your feet wet during winter can lead to blisters and numbness which will make your ride very uncomfortable. You can wash them using a machine so no special treatment is needed for cleaning. They are very comfortable and have a four-way stretch to reduce the chances of blistering.


  • The wool lining of merino is good for moisture control
  • It is waterproof keeping your feet dry
  • The socks can stretch well making them comfortable
  • They are also very breathable.


  • They are very expensive compared to other winter socks.
  • Some of them need more coverage.


These warm waterproof socks are good for cycling during winter. They have been thoroughly constructed to be warm, breathable, and suitable for cold temperatures. This pair of socks will be great to add to your footwear for the cold seasons.

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PrendasThermolite socks- The best thermolite socks for cycling.

The PrendasThermolite winter socks are great for providing built-in warmth without adding any weight to it. They are ideal for cold seasons.


  • Thermolite properties
  • Available sizes: XS-XXL
  • Toe panel and heel reinforced

They are made up of hollow fibers to trap air and use your body warmth to heat you. This allows it to be much thinner but still offers the warmth you need.  The reinforced toe panels and heel area make these socks very durable because they will not wear out very easily. They are also much longer than others keeping you warmer.


  • Thin enough not to make your shoes uncomfortable.
  • Reinforced heel and toe panel ensures no wearing out.
  • The length allows more coverage and extra ankle warmth
  • The thermolite feature keeps you much warmer while riding.


  • Not the best socks for those who ride with very tight shoes.


The Prendasthermolite socks are great for providing warmth. It is recommended for temperatures between -6 to 6 degrees. They are costly and very durable for your winter riding without affecting the fit of your shoe.

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Giro Hightower Merino socks- Model length and style socks for winter.

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This mid-weight merino wool socks are great for providing warmth and properly managing moisture while you cycle. This knee-high socks will also protect you from many hazards while riding your bike


  • Knee-high length
  • Sizes small to Extra large
  • Made of 70% merino wool. 15% polyester and 5% elastic


  • They are very warm for cycling during the winter
  • The merino wool is not itchy
  • The knee-length height keeps you safe from any injuries while riding
  • They keep the moisture in and is very comfortable


  • More costly compared to other winter socks for cycling.


The Giro Hightower Merino wool socks are some of the best for cycling during winter. The length keeps you warmer and protected from bruises while riding. The fibers are good at trapping moisture allowing the socks to fit well in your riding shoes.

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Pearl Izumi wool socks- best warm socks for winter cycling

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Made of elite merino wool, these socks are ideal for cycling during the cold weather. The socks are very comfortable and warm without any additional weight added to them.


  • Flat toe seam construction
  • 21cm cuff height
  • Made of merino wool yarns

These socks are thicker than most of the others on this list, so you should make sure your shoes are not too tight before buying these. The Merino wool is breathable and very soft without any itching. These socks are longer and give enough warmth during cold rides.


  • The socks are breathable
  • There is mesh ventilation on the top of the foot so that it doesn’t become too hot
  • There is more support to the foot because of the arch compression
  • You can wear them under tights or trousers.


  • Slightly more expensive


Although these socks are slightly more expensive than the others, you will love the quality. They are warm and have innovative features that will have you wearing them all the time you want to go riding in the winter.

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EnduraBaabaa Winter Merino socks- Great performance socks for winter cycling

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These socks offer a great balance of performance as well as warmth while riding during the winter. You will like the variety of colors offered for these winter socks.


  • Made of merino wool
  • Long cuff
  • Weighs 2.4 ounces
  • Has padding around the heel and foot
  • Made of 74% wool and 25% elastane

The sole and toe panel has extra padding to increase comfort and warmth.  The arch is made of stretchy material so that it fits your foot shape perfectly. The cuff is also very high giving it a very modern and classy look while giving you more warmth.


  • The longer cuff is for extra warmth while riding
  • The merino wool material makes the socks very smooth and comfortable.
  • It is not very thick to make your shoes snug and uncomfortable
  • These socks are much lighter and breathable


  • They might seem too thin


EnduraBaabaa Merino socks are ideal for cycling through the winter. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors to cater to a variety of tastes. The high knee length will keep you warm while protecting your foot from any harm while riding.

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Giro merino wool socks-Great or cycling in the cold.

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The Giro Merino wool socks are made of merino wool to keep you even warmer while riding in the winter. These socks are thin enough to have your feet warm and comfortable enough to cycle.


  • 5% elastic
  • 70% made of merino wool
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2’’ high
  • Made of 15% polyester and 10% Lycra.

These socks are recommended for cycling in cold weather. They are fairly midweight and not too heavy or light. The socks reach your calf ensuring you are warm throughout your ride. They are made in Italy and come in various sizes, including small, medium, large and extra-large. These brand of socks are also odour resistant and is thin enough to fit in your shoe comfortably. It comes in a variety of colors like black and yellow with stripes of grey and pink.


  • These socks are odor resistant
  • They are thin enough to fit in your shoe without making them too tight.
  • They are very durable to wear frequently.
  • Very comfortable and the wool offers warmth.
  • It is not as scratchy as other wool


  • It is not as soft as they say


These socks not only provide coverage but also warmth and comfort while you ride. Being made of wool, this pair of socks is ensured to give you warmth in the coolest of conditions.

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What to consider when you are looking for socks while riding in the winter.

When you are looking for socks to wear while cycling during the winter, the weather is not the only thing to consider. You should also think about the price of the socks, the length, and the thermal qualities of the socks. Here is what you should consider before buying a pair of winter socks for cycling.

The material

The material used to make the socks are important because some materials increase the warmth while others are very uncomfortable to wear for long periods. To choose the best material, you have to consider what you want to use them for.

Sport-specific socks are made out of certain materials, more so if they are for winter. Chose socks that are made of thick, durable, and waterproof materials to keep you warm while riding. The waterproof material is important so that your feet do not get wet. When they do you are at risk of getting frostbite and blisters.


The weight of the pair of winter socks you chose is really important. If you get very thick and heavy socks, you might not be able to wear them comfortably with your riding shoes. It will make them too tight and reduce blood flow to your feet. This will make your ride very uncomfortable. Thin socks are better because they do not make your shoe too snug but they should still be warm too.


This is a feature that is not available in all the winter socks. If you have the chance though, make sure to pick a waterproof pair. Waterproof socks are very valuable, especially during the winter.

The one thing that can ruin your cycling is having wet feet not to mention the risk of getting frostbite and being uncomfortable while riding your bike. These socks are sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable. This quality makes winter socks more expensive than your regular athletic ones.

The price

The price is important for any product you decide to buy. It might only be a pair of socks, but they are important so that your toes do not freeze off during the winter.

Socks with more features like being waterproof usually cost more than simple warmer socks. Do not break your bank account because of a pair of winter socks but be sure to go for the quality. Quality socks will keep you warm and they will last for years without wearing out.

The length

For sport, socks are generally longer compared to socks made for other uses. The longer the socks the more protection they offer to the athlete. While riding, longer socks will keep your skin safe from any hazards objects.

For the winter, these socks will keep you warm while cycling. If you are going for shorter socks then maybe they should be for summer when it is much hotter. Some socks are cut at the ankle while others go all the way up to your knees.

Thermal qualities

Some socks are fitted with thermal qualities. This refers to the ability to trap warm air next to your skin so that it is easier for you to warm up while riding. This idea was taken from nature and is actually how polar bears fur work.

You should know though, that the more thermal insulation a pair of socks has, the less breathable it is. You, however, need breathable socks so that your feet do not get too warm and uncomfortable. So choose according to the level of thermal insulation that is best suited for you while riding in the winter.


In conclusion, there is a lot to consider when choosing winter cycling socks, from the material, price, and length to the thermal qualities it has. These socks are important because your summer cycling socks are not warm enough for riding when winter comes.

Some winter socks are designed to be waterproof and made of wool material to keep you warm while you ride. You should choose a great pair of socks to add to your winter footwear collection so that you can enjoy cycling during the cold season.


  1. Why should I use cycling socks and not regular ones?

There is a reason why cycling socks are ideal for bike riding and not everyday use. This is because they are thinner and have padding to make riding more comfortable. For winter, they have additional features like being waterproof to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

  1. Why are most cycling socks very high?

Some winter socks are longer to keep you warm while riding. The length is also good to offer protection from branches and bushes while you cycle. They stop sand and other particles from getting to your feet keeping them dirt free.

  1. How can I keep warm while cycling during the winter?

The most important thing to do is keep warm while riding or else you risk some health complications. Chose very warm and comfortable socks to wear and dress warmly before going to ride. You can also warm up with some exercises or take a hot beverage before you start.