7 Best looking cycling helmet in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Helmets are about safety, but not everyone is keen on wearing a helmet because of how it makes them look. We live in contemporary times, and many want to look the part.

I am Catharine, and I believe we live in a time where functional doesn’t mean you have to look shabby. On a daily basis, I am mindful of how I look when I step out of the door, and that extends to my workouts. Cycling is something I started to keep my weight in check two years back, but even then, I wasn’t going to let the practicality of it make me look any kind of way. If you’re like me, it would make sense why getting a good-looking helmet is essential.

Thankfully, many brands get this. That means that you and I don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of safety in the helmet department. If you’re wearing clothes that are true to your taste, there’s no reason why a cycling helmet shouldn’t do the same. I did take time to land on the right one, but one year on, I still get complements on how retro it looks.

Here, we are going to look at a few recommendations and give you some tips to help you find the right one for you.

7 Best looking cycling helmet: Comparison table

Smith Optics Overtake Helmet


Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
0.63lbs, 0.74lbs, 0.78lbs
51-56cm, 54-58cm, 58-62cm
Zacro Adult Bike Helmet
Retrospect CM-1 classic commuter bike
51-55cm, 55-59cm, 59-63cm
Schwinn Infant Bike Helmet
POC Omne Air Bike Helmet


0.62lb, 0.67lbs, 0.77lbs
50.56cm, 54-59cm, 56-61cm
Giro Savant helmet
55-59cm, 59-63cm


Smith Optics Overtake Helmet

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Smith Optics typically tend to make helmets that look good and are functional at the same time. The helmets are designed to be the go-to road racing helmet. At both low and high speeds, it’s able to surpass the current market standards by 30 percent. That’s all thanks to the materials the helmet is made from.


  • Aerocore construction
  • Koroyd patented tubular core structure
  • EPS material
  • 21 vents

The other likable thing about the helmet is that even with the features mentioned, it has reduced weight and volume. There is also minimal padding that suspends the helmet just above the rider’s head, which allows for heat to escape continuously. These Smith helmets are available in seven colors.


  • It offers both protection and ventilation with the padding just above the head to allow circulation
  • It is lightweight and improves aerodynamics
  • You can adjust the helmet to fit your head


  • These helmets are not a universal fit; for some, it’s too big while for other too small

Verdict: This helmet from Smith optics particularly caters to those that like to have sunglasses on when they are riding. Even so, it is a sturdy helmet thatwill keep you safe.

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Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

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This helmet is meant to suit riders who are age 14 years and above so everyone can get one that they like. You’ll see the design is angular, so it likely won’t go out of style. The Schwinn offers 360 degrees comfort as it also has an adjustable dial fit knob. Additionally, there is full-range padding for a perfect fit for whoever is wearing it. You’ll find that the shell coverage offers the ultimate protection for your head as you ride.


  • Adjustable dial fit knob
  • Heat-sealed moisture-wicking pad
  • Snap-on visor
  • 20 vents

The helmet is ideal for those hot summer days when you choose to venture out. Tapeless technology on this helmet increases durability that adds to the unique styling. Strap adjustments do let you get the fit for you.


  • The vents keep your head cool as you cycle, even on hot days
  • There’s a moisture-wicking pad which plays a part in keeping you cool as well
  • The helmet has a timeless design so you can wear it for years and it still look relevant


  • Not everyone will get a snug fit

Verdict: These a variety of colors that the Schwinn helmet comes in and thus appealing to more people. Even so, it is comfortable and will keep you safe while on the road or a track.

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Zacro Adult Bike Helmet

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This next one has quite a unique design that reminds me of a futuristic movie. Even so it is super tough and durable. The construction gives you increased safety that decreases the impact in the event of a fall. It has a 54-62 cm adjustable straps to provide you with the right fit.


  • CPSC certified
  • PVC & PC EPS foam construction
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Adjustable straps

When it comes to ventilation, there is a superior aerodynamic design that keeps air moving around your head to keep you cool when you’re riding. The other plus about this helmet is that it’s lightweight, so you don’t feel heavy when using it. There’s also a headband that you get for free when you purchase this helmet.  There are eight different color designs.


  • It is made from heavy-duty material that reduces the impact during a collision
  • It has excellent ventilation thanks to the design
  • The design allows the helmet to accommodate a large number of people


  • It is not a universal fit

Verdict: We all want a helmet that assures us of our safety when we’re on the road. The Zacro is one of those that lets you know what you can have that. The free headband that you get is a plus too.

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Retrospect CM-1 classic commuter bike

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There is something quite endearing about this helmet design. The classic design is something that my family loves, and we do wear the Retrospect helmet but in different colors. There are six colors available. The good thing about it is that it offers unwavering protection.


  • S. CPSC Certified
  • ABS shell
  • Inner EPS foam
  • 10 vents

The Restrospect CM-! has been tried, tested, and approved to not only be a bike helmet but also suitable for staking and skiing. That said, unlike other brands, the Retrospect does not have one size; it has three. That’s how our family was able to get them. When you purchase the helmet, it also comes with two sets of interchangeable pads, so you enjoy unsurpassed fit and comfort.


  • It is a classic design that’s has a rigid construction for proper safety
  • The helmet is multipurpose and thus suitable for biking, staking and skiing
  • It comes in three different sizes so a whole family can purchase from the same brand


  • Not everyone is a fan of the design- it’s a hit or miss

Verdict: This helmet is a classic and is reminiscent of the movies. Even so, it is a helmet design that has been there for years and it’s unlikely that it would go out of style.

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Schwinn Infant Bike Helmet

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Now, we can’t have a list of best-looking cycling helmets without thinking about our little ones. Schwinn has a helmet that is suitable for children that are up to three years old, and that’s what I got for my toddlers when they were old enough to ride a bike. There are three color designs and patterns available, so you can choose what they’ll like best. As per the brand, it’s a universal fit for that age group.


  • Adjustable dial fit
  • Lower molded shell
  • Three color design

There’s a lower molded shell that does add to the helmet’s durability and adds extra protection in the rear. The headgear is ultra-lightweight and vented, so the kids’ heads remain cool even during summer rides.


  • Suitable for children
  • Has a hard shell for the protection needed with a lower mold that adds extra protection
  • Lightweight and has ventilation


  • They don’t fit all kids’ sizes heads

Verdict:This helmet is suitable for three-year old children and younger. You can keep them safe when they are out on the road getting their workout. There’s also thre-color designs for them to choose.

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POC Omne Air Bike Helmet

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Available in 11 colors, here were we have a helmet that gives you the protection you need for everyday use. It is equally a multipurpose helmet that’s designed for all things cycling no matter where you go. Innovative materials and design complement the approach used to make the helmet.


  • Optimized density EPX liner
  • Silicone pad technology system
  • SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside)
  • 360 degrees adjustment system

The company did have aesthetics in design as the helmet does have a clean and sleek finish. The construction itself is both light and breathable do you have both comfort and functionality on your side even on long rides. The Omne Air has an adjustable precision strap that is molded into the helmet liner so that you have added safety.


  • Offers thicker core protection for all-around protection
  • It is lightweight and also breathable
  • The Omne Air is inspired by other award-winning helmets that POC have.


  • It doesn’t suit all head shapes

Verdict:The design of this helmet is enough to make you want to get it. There’s also a ton of colors to choose from, and the innovative design makes it the go to.

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Giro Savant helmet

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Giro does offer quite several helmets for their customers. You will notice is that they do have great designs and you can choose which one’s are the best looking as per your preference. The one I’ll explore is the Savant helmet. The helmet offers a comfortable fit, and it cradles your head.


  • Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • Polycarbonateouter shell
  • Impact-absorbing foam liner
  • 25 wind tunnel vents

Overall, the helmet is lightweight and durable as well, so that you have a comfortable ride at all times as you’re kept cool. If you’re not sure about the size, you can use the size chart provided on the Giro website.


  • It has a locking system that provides you with comfort fit
  • Made from a hard construction and a shock-absorbent interior
  • The wind vents keep your head cool as you’re cycling


  • Not everyone is pleased with the straps

Verdict:Giro is indeed one brand that you’d want to purchase from given the variety they have. It also strong construction that will have you covered in the event of an accident.

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What to consider when buying best looking cycling helmets

Now that we’ve looked at some top picks for best looking cycling helmets let’s look at a quick buying guide of what to look for in a helmet. While looking great is a normal thing to want, that’s not all that matters when it comes to cycling helmets.

Fit and comfort

Our head are in various shapes and sizes vary. For the most part, you’ll find helmet makers having a standard size and then putting adjusting systems in places to allow people to customize their fit.

The reason fit and comfort are essential is because they equal to efficiency and the speed in which you can go at. If a helmet doesn’t fit well, your biking experience will be mostly comprised of making adjustments and irritability at best.

The reality is that, given how diverse we are, not all “universal” helmets fit the same. There are those who fall on either sides of the spectrum when it comes to the size. The shape also does matter, so not every brand can cater to all demographics. That’s why you ought to use a tape measure to know your true size. To avoid any issues, ensure that you check out the manufacturer’s sizing guide before you purchase because they do tend to vary.

Once you have the circumference, check out the helmet sizes available. Typically, brands will offer three sizes; small, medium, and large. Remember that these do vary, so it’s best to confirm what category you fall under before making a purchase. For those who prefer something straightforward, you can opt for companies that have a 360-degree adjustability fit system that allows you to make both vertical and horizontal adjustments.

Still, under comfort, the helmet weight is critical. The lighter the helmet, the more comfortable you are during longer rides. Wearing a heavy one not only weight on your head, but on your neck and shoulders too. What ends up happening is that the muscles tense up, and you’re left feeling fatigued than you typically would.


A huge part of getting the right helmet has to do with ventilation. Even if you get a helmet that fits perfectly and has no ventilation, within a short time, your head will get uncomfortably hot, and that will affect your biking experience. Before, it wasn’t a bother for many. That was until aerodynamics stopped being the go-to only to athletes but also to the average cyclist.

The reason why it took a while for helmets with vents to become mainstream was a combination of multiple factors that include safety. A balance was eventually reached, and now thanks to technology and the material used to make helmets, ventilation is the norm with helmets. What you’ll notice is the rise of helmets that have more space than coverage.

How much ventilation you get is based on where you’re riding. If you live in a place that’s typically hot around the year, then getting a helmet with ventilation makes more sense. For those living on regions where colder seasons tend to be quite chilly, you want to get something with less ventilation to reduce the airflow. You don’t want a brain freeze while you’re working out.

Safety standards for helmets

Each country has safety standards that bike helmet manufacturers should adhere to. That said, it is not universal. The countries that tend to be strict about these standards are countries such as the United States, Australia, and the European Union. To be on the safe side, gravitate towards manufacturers that follow best safety practices.

When talking about safety, we are looking at the amount of impact and stress that a helmet can withstand. Even though not all countries have rules to comply with, companies that ship their helmets worldwide do need to follow one or more measures put in place to ensure that the helmets are indeed going to protect a cyclist when something happens.

Wrap up

Finding a practical helmet is important, but at the same time, you want something that you look good in. Tastes do vary, so don’t be weary in scrolling through catalogs for something that catches your eye. Even so, be sure that it checks the boxes highlighted in the buying guide.

Cycling helmet FAQs

Should I still replace a helmet if there’s no mark after a crash?

If there’s been any impact on your helmet,you must replace it. When force is used against the helmet, the structural integrity of the helmet is automatically compromised.

Despite there being no evidence of scratches, dents, cracks, or other visible markings, change it. Not having a dent means the helmet did its job, but the second time around is not guaranteed.

Do helmets save lives?

Helmets are made to provide significant protection over the head when a person falls off a bike. However, if you get hit by an accelerating car, the helmet will not work and can cause severe or even fatal injury. That’s why it’s essential to remain vigilant.