7 Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Big Guys in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

The market is filled with several choices when it comes to clothing for bikers. The best shorts are very comfortable and also stylish allowing you to maintain a lot of focus when you ride your bike. 

My name is Immanuel, I am a lawyer and an adventure junkie. Over the years, I have cycled to a number of mountains and fulfilled my need of enjoying a thrilling adventure. Cycling has allowed me to maintain a fit and trim physique while also giving me the chance to make new friends. I am a relatively big guy and many friends who I cycle with are also just as big. During our cycling activities, I have had a number of them question me on the most ideal bike shorts for big men like us.

The greatest way to know about bike shorts is to discover all the most ideal options that are available today. If you are reading this you probably enjoy cycling and you are looking for the best shorts for your larger body frame. In this article, I have listed down the best mountain bike shorts that will meet your needs. I have also included some expert advice to guide you when picking out the shorts that you need.

7 Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Big Guys – Comparison Table

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The Liner Bib Short from Specialized
Three rear, two leg
9.5 inches
The Pro DH Shorts from POC
Hip and rear
13 inches
The Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts from Patagonia
The Left Thigh
11.5 inches
The Rise and Descend Mountain Bike Shorts from Morvelo
Hip and Rear
The Ranger Shorts from Fox Racing
Hip and Cargo
12 inches
The Off-Road BMX Cycling Shorts from Troy Lee
14 inches
The Baggy Cycling Short with Liner from Endura
Hip and Rear Waist

7 Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Big Guys – how do they compare?

The Liner Bib Short from Specialized

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A lot of riders do not enjoy cycling as they carry around a backpack. This often means that before a cycling session, many people have to make difficult choices as they decide what tools they should carry around or an energy bar. These shorts are designed with a SWAT system allowing riders to enjoy packrat dispositions with the most recent liner bibs for mountain riding. These shorts are designed with two elasticated pockets that are on the thigh area and three road style pockets found on the brace area. This allows riders to carry a number of things during their tours.

The shorts are designed with chamois of very high quality. A large section of the short is manufactured with a VaporRize mesh fabric making it very light in weight and it gives riders a very cool feeling. It is advisable to pair this type of shorts with your preferred baggies. This is because the material used for these shorts is translucent and a lot more of your body will be seen.


  • The shorts are made with high-quality chamois
  • The mesh fabric is very light in weight
  • The shorts have several pockets


  • The mesh fabric is very revealing.

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The Pro DH Shorts from POC

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The Swedish manufacturer POC design their shorts in different cuts that include, XC size, Enduro, and DH size. From the XC size to the DH size, the inseam is much longer. These shorts are also so much baggier allowing for the accommodation of additional padding levels for your preferred style for riding.

The Pro DH shorts are constructed from a four-way stretch material. All of the shorts are pre-shaped with an extra amount of fabric at the front area where the knees are as well as a taller back on the waist area providing you with a more ideal fit in your chosen riding positions. These shorts stand out because of the inbuilt Vectran and Cordura panels that are resistant to tear. These are specifically placed to give you a lot of protection in case of a crash.


  • The anti-tear material is placed very well
  • The shorts have a number of fits and cuts providing you with different styles as you ride your bike.


  • The shorts are very expensive

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The Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts from Patagonia

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The Patagonia industry is not the first to make gears for mountain bike riders, however, for years they have successfully produced very ideal products. These Dirt Roamer pair of shorts are manufactured from a stretch polyester fabric that is pedal-friendly and is four-way. 87% of it is recycled. The whole short is also made with seams. The short has no ventilation. However, the material is quite light, that you will not require any ventilation.

The shorts have a tall back and a scrunched-up knee. Most of the shorts used for mountain biking have waist adjusters from Velcro, however, these shorts have what the Patagonia industry refers to as the “Opposite Closure.†The opposite closure makes use of a webbing that connects to the button closure as well as the zipper. Unfortunately, these shorts only have one pocket. This limits the number of items that you can put in your pocket, however, it is placed very well which means that you can carry your keys and your phone and they will not move around even as you cycle.


  • The shorts are very light in weight
  • The material is breathable
  • The fabric of the shorts is very stretchy.
  • The seams are welded around the shorts


  • The shorts do not have enough shorts and this limits the number of things that you can carry.

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The Rise and Descend Mountain Bike Shorts from Morvelo

Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Big Guys

These shorts from Morvelo are specially designed to allow you to enjoy your riding experience and get fit while doing this. The Rise and Descend Mountain Bike Shorts has a four-way stretch that allows you to easily move around as you cycle. The ripstop material prevents you from experiencing any kind of tears. The shorts are also designed with a durable weather-resistant material that comes in handy when you are cycling in unpleasant weather. There are also many vents in the short that come in handy when you are cycling in hot weather conditions.

There are front pockets that provide you with enough storage as well as the zipped pockets on your rear side that prevents your coins and your keys from jumping out of the pockets. These shorts are not only available in men’s version but there is also a version for the ladies. It also has a great design and style, meaning you can go anywhere dressed casually with this pair of shorts.


  • The shorts are of very high value
  • The shorts are very comfortable and the fabric is also light in weight
  • There is also a women’s version of these shorts


  • The shorts are only available in the color black

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The Ranger Shorts from Fox Racing

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The shorts are designed from a ripstop material that stretches and is medium in weight. The shorts also have a finish that is water repellant and it is also durable keeping you safe from any kind of dirt and puddle splashes. These shorts also have a lot of room that allows you to put on knee pads and the legs still have a wide design that will not get in your way as you continue to cycle. The area of the shorts designated for your crotch is designed to sit high, so it will not be an obstacle as you position yourself on the saddle. The short is also designed with a combination hip pockets as well as a zipper cargo pocket that is quite small. This works well in ensuring that the contents that you carry do not get in the way as they maintain a stable position.

These ranger shorts are not designed with any kind of size adjusters from Velcro or an inbuilt belt. Instead, the shorts make use of a goggle strap mechanism that provides you with a lot of adjustment options that mostly keep your shorts up and in place. The shorts are designed with a liner that is dual density and it is detachable. This is not bad, however, there are many users that would rather use their liners.


  • The fabric is very durable
  • The cargo pockets keep all of your contents close to your leg
  • The shorts have a size adjuster


  • The shorts do not have a zipper fly.

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The Off-Road BMX Cycling Shorts from Troy Lee

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Troy Lee is one of the best manufacturing companies when it comes to biking gear. Many individuals have raved about using one pair of shorts that has served them for many years. The shorts have maintained a great condition despite the endless number of tumbles and adventures that the bikers have enjoyed.

These Flowline shorts maintain a great balance between your toughness and your efficiency while pedaling. They are a great option whether you are cycling around casually or embarking on a more tasking mountain bike experience. The legs of the shorts are very baggy and quite comfortable accommodating your waistband grippers as well as your knee pads. The waistband grippers are especially great at preventing the shorts from slipping down.


  • The shorts are very durable
  • The Fit works well during all kinds of riding styles


  • The shorts are very baggy.

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The Baggy Cycling Short with Liner from Endura

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For a number of years Endura has continued to release great pairs of shorts, with new tweaked designs and updated materials. These shorts have been designed specially to be used during the summertime or when you are riding on dusty trails.

The shorts are light in weight and also very cool. The nylon material is tough and stretchy and it has been perforated for additional venting so that your ride is not interrupted by any kind of overheating or restricted movement. These shorts work well with Endura Clickfast liner system. However, this must be purchased separately.


  • The shorts are light in weight
  • The ventilation is great
  • The shorts have zipped pockets
  • The shorts are durable


  • These shorts do not come with a liner.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mountain Bike Shorts for Big Guys

The Inner Shorts vs The Outer Shorts 

If you are looking to replace your Lycra for mountain bike shorts that are much larger and baggy, then you will often come across the term, inner shorts, and outer shorts. The inner short, or the liner will be much tighter, designed from fabric that is well aerated and it is highly wicking. The inner short also features a chamois. These are found in shorts as well as bibs and they are designed with pockets on the braces, just like a road jersey.

Most of the outer shorts in the market are BYO liner. This is mostly because every cyclist has their preference. Road bibs and shorts are also an option; however, both of these options do not breathe well. Some shorts are designed with a short liner; however, inner shorts are of less quality.

The Adjustability 

Even though your shorts are designed to match your size and dimensions, you will still like to adjust your waist. This is often possible through Velcro pulls that are on the waistband. Shorts that have the adjustment straps on the outside are easier to access, your inner shorts will not be ‘eaten up’ and your skin will not be irritated. A disadvantage, however, is that the adjustment can attach to the inner section of your jersey.

There are some brands that incorporate buckle-based adjustments and webbings. These work well, however, they can be destroyed in a crash. Shorts that are designed with belt loops are an excellent option. Once this is combined with elastic belts your shorts remain right where they should be and are also compatible with bum bags.


Whenever you are embarking on a mountain bike adventure, you will carry items such as your keys, phone, and perhaps a number of other items that will come in handy as you cycle. Cargo pockets come in really handy as you can put many essential items in the pockets, however, as you pedal the items will swing. The hip pockets are better as gear is placed right on top of your thigh area and your items are less likely to move or get damaged. If the pockets are deep enough, you will not necessarily need a zipper.

The Fit 

Depending on your riding style, you may be interested in a short that does not restrict your motion when pedaling and you may also be interested in a short that is much buggier with a lot of space for your knee pads. This provides you with some abrasion-resistance. Shorts that are XC size will fit much better, and the length will be much shorter. These shorts are also designed with material that is very light in weight. Shorts that are gravity oriented, are made from much heavier material and the shorts will be baggier and longer giving you more coverage and space for your armor.

The Zip Fly 

All mountain bike shorts should be designed with a snap button closure system or perhaps even two of these systems. A number of experts advise users to avoid shorts that trade a zip fly for Velcro.

The Style 

While we always focus on the technical aspects of the biking gear, the style of your shorts is also a very important factor that must be considered. A short that is designed to be technically great is an ideal option, however, if it makes you look less than ideal because of the not so great style, you can be assured that it will simply stay in your drawer.


The mountain biking season is one of my best seasons, and I always look forward to hitting the trails and enjoying a great outdoors experience. I always ensure that I am well prepared for my adventure by researching and always choosing the best. The shorts mentioned in this review, are functional, comfortable, and very stylish. If you are looking to upgrade and invest more in your cycling gear, this review is a great guide allowing you to reap all the great benefits from cycling.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Should you wear underwear under your cycling shorts?

No! You should not wear underwear under your cycling shorts. Putting on a pair of cotton underwear inside your cycling shorts prevents you from benefiting from all the great advantages of the shorts such as moisture management and friction control.

  1. How tight should your cycling shorts be?

When you first put on your bike shorts, they should be very tight, but not tight to the level of cutting off the circulation of blood. You should ensure that the shorts are snug enough and will maintain the right position as you cycle. It is also important to remember that as you continue to move the shorts will slightly stretch.

  1. Should shorts be very tight or loose?

Your shorts do not have to be skin tight. The shorts should be very comfortable and easy to fit, allowing you to easily move around with them. You should ensure that your shorts will provide you with some wiggle room. This to provide enough space between the short material and your skin. However, it should not be more than a few inches.