7 Best Mountain Biking trousers in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you wearing the right trousers when going riding? You might feel uncomfortable if you wear just any trousers from your closet, but in this article, we break down 7 of the best trousers to wear when mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a great and thrilling sport that I love doing with friends and family. My father was an Olympian cycler and I was eager to follow in his footsteps as soon as I could walk. I got my first mountain bike when I was only 14 years old and I have never been more excited than I was at that moment. It fell and crashed a couple of times but I always got back up, that’s how I fell in love with mountain biking.

Mountain biking involves riding your bike on a variety of off-road trails. This requires a lot of skill, speed, balance, and endurance to move safely through this rough terrain. Aside from ensuring that you have all the right gear before you go riding, you should also ensure that you are dressed for the occasion.

When going mountain bike riding, you should make sure you are wearing the right trousers.  There have been significant changes in fabric technology that has improved mountain bike trousers’ feel and quality. Make sure that the trousers fit just right, does it feature extra features like padding or whether it is waterproof.

Depending on the season and terrain you are going to ride in, you can either wear short or long trousers. In this article, I list 7 of the best trousers you can wear for mountain biking and they’re affordable too.

The 7 best trousers for Mountain Biking – Comparison Table

Ion shelter Softshell pants
POC Resistance Pro
Troy Lee Designs pants
Troy Lee Designs
Endura MT500 Spray 2 Trousers
Fox Ranger 3L Water pants
Fox Racing
Madison DTE Women’s trousers
2.5 layer fabric
Fox Flexair Pants
Fox Racing


Ion shelter Softshell pants – Best women riding pants

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This is a lightweight and flexible pair of mountain biking pants. The features on this bike make it ideal to wear for any terrain.


  • Made of Polyester
  • Adjustable hip and ankle cuffs
  • Ventilation holes with zippers
  • Triple seams

The Ion Shelter Softshell pants are made of 100% polyester with other parts made of nylon. It comes in a flexible fit with a simple unique design. This is a very comfortable pair of women trousers for riding. With a 4-way stretch, you are assured of freedom and flexibility while riding. These pants are available in sizes XS to SL.


  • The triple streams are almost indestructible ensuring you use it for a long time.
  • The 4-way stretch is great to allow freedom of movement without any restrictions.
  • The ventilation holes on the thighs and the leg cuffs can easily be opened with a zipper.
  • You can wear knee pads under these pants.
  • There are extra nylon inserts on the most stressed areas like the buttocks and leg endings. The nylon is also easy to clean.
  • It is well constructed with triple seams making it more durable than other pants.


  • The mix of thin and thick fibers isn’t great because it crumples up a lot.


The Ion Softshell pants are great for riding. They offer freedom and quality for the price they are charging.  You will enjoy these pants that are also easy to clean.

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POC Resistance Pro- With a pre-shaped fit

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These are some of the best downhill MTB pants you can find in the market now. It is adjustable with plenty of storage for you to enjoy the ride.


  • Made of nylon
  • Has side pockets with zippers
  • Velcro weight adjustment
  • Snap buttons

This pant is very versatile and you can wear them with knee pads. The nylon construction is durable and the rear is reinforced with Cordura fabric. The lowers are tapered and adjustable for better comfort and pedal performance. The double weave fabric around the hip and knee area offers durability and flexibility in movement.


  • The pre-bent shape is great for optimal ride position and comfortability.
  • The nylon is durable and has great water repellent features to keep you dry if you are riding through water crosses.
  • The Velcro waist adjustment allows you to get the best and most comfortable fit.
  • The side pockets are lined with mesh for proper ventilation and storage.
  • There are snap buttons to keep the pants in place
  • The pockets can also safely hold your phone while riding.


  • The waist adjustment is a little flimsy


The POC resistance pants are well constructed to offer you protection and ensure you get a perfect balance while riding. They offer great performance and comfort while riding different conditions. If you prefer wearing pants to shorts, this is a great option for you.

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Troy Lee Design Pants- Sprint Metric BMX pants for men

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The Troy Lee design pants were specifically made for men who love Mountain bike riding. These are great pants recommended for downhill and comes in a variety of colors.


  • 3 inches high
  • 13 inches wide
  • 2 pockets with zippers
  • Hook and loop tabs for the waist

This bike is lightweight and builds to perform on the track. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.  It features some new designs like pockets with zippers, side waist adjusters, and more durable stretch.  It is made for men with product dimensions of 24 x 13 x 3 inches.


  • The side Velcro waist adjustments in the waistband make the pants easy to adjust and comfortable.
  • The stretch fabric is more durable around the rear of the pants and quads.
  • The panels are made of mesh for improved flexibility and proper ventilation.
  • The tapered design on the leg helps to keep away chainstays.
  • The pocket has zippers and is strategically placed with zippers to keep dirt out.


  • It can be too tight on the calf sometimes.


The Troy Lee designs are very popular among bikers, being used by many winners and competitors. With innovative and lightweight fabric it is specifically designed to be comfortable while riding.

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Endura MT500 Spray Trousers 2- Best lightweight pants for men

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The Endura MT500 trousers are not only durable but also waterproof for spray protection. It has some good features with a stylish mango colored design.


  • One colour-Mango
  • Sizes XX-Large
  • Waterproof
  • It has Velcro side adjusters

These pants are great for offering protection from mud and water as it is waterproof. You can keep your legs clean while being comfortable riding. The fabric is tough yet flexible to give you a wide range of motion. Once you set the waistband it won’t keep on falling like other trousers and you can wear your knee pads underneath them too.


  • The Velcro side waist adjusters ensure the trousers fits well so there is no discomfort while riding.
  • The thigh vents allow for better ventilation. The inserts are lined with mesh.
  • It has hand pockets to keep accessories with zippers to avoid dust from getting in.
  • The trims are reflective.
  • The inner ankle panels are very durable
  • These pants offer spray protection with 3 layer waterproof rear panels.


  • It only comes in one color.


The Endura Mt500 Spray trouser 2 is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. These are only some of the features that make it attractive to purchase. This is a practical pair of trousers that you will like to have in your biking gear.

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Fox Racing Ranger 3L Water pants- Waterproof pants for men

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These pants are breathable, lightweight and have a unique design to offer you the most comfortable ride on any terrain


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • 3 inches high
  • 11 inches wide
  • Made of 3 layers of waterproof material

The Fox Racing Ranger 3L pants are made for a fit slim. They can be used downhill, endure, in sand snow and mud tracks. It comes with a 1-year warranty in case of any damages. These men’s pants are flexible and very effective at keeping you dry while riding.


  • It has 4-way stretch ability and it is not noisy when you are walking or riding.
  • It has Truseal, which is a fabric of three layers that promoted waterproofness.
  • They come with high-quality durable water repellent on the surface to properly shed dirt and any moisture, stopping water from getting in.
  • The tight fit ensures that the trousers don’t slide down while riding.
  • The tapered leg keeps flapping material out of the chain and gives the trousers a better stylish look


  • It does not offer a lot of adjustments because of the tight fit.


The Fox Racing Ranger 3L trousers may not be as waterproof as the Endura but the style and comfort features still make it a quality pair for mountain biking. If you are looking for great mountain biking trousers that offer comfort and performance at a great price, this is the one for you.

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Madison DTE waterproof trousers- Women’s 100% waterproof trousers

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The Madison DTE trousers come in one color and are perfect for riding no matter the weather and conditions.


  • Colour grey
  • 100% waterproof
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Mesh-lined hand pockets

These pants have Velcro straps to allow you to properly adjust it to your comfort levels so that it is just tight enough. The vents are great for when it gets too hot and you need to cool down. It however only comes in one color.


  • The two pockets lined with zipper provide storage for your accessories and gadgets.
  • The adjuster straps around your ankles let you easily adjust to the perfect fit.
  • The vent zips on your thighs provide better ventilation when you feel it is too hot.
  • These trousers are 100% waterproof and keep you dry while riding.
  • The fabric is very breathable, which is ideal for the hot seasons.
  • The 3 layer fabric on the rear panel, knees, and inner thighs helps reduce wear over time.


  • It is heavy and will get heavier when it is dirty or wet.


The Madison DTE trousers are waterproof and perfect for riding. They have amazing features but it may not be as light as you would have wanted. It is flexible and offers enough room for you to comfortably enjoy your ride.

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Fox Racing Flexair Pants- Super lightweight and flexible MTB trousers.

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The Fox Racing Flexair pants are very lightweight and comfortable that you will almost forget you are wearing them.


  • 4cm high
  • 28cm wide
  • Made of 88%nylon and 12% elastane
  • 2 side zipper pockets

These pants have a simple construction. Made of nylon and elastane, it is very thin and flexible while pedalling. The zippered pockets are lined with mesh so you should put any dangerous or sharp objects in your bag.


  • The pockets have zippers to keep dirt and water out.
  • It has elasticated cuffs and fitted legs to reduce instances of the trouser snagging on the bike.
  • It has a durable waterproof coating for those rainy and damp days
  • It is very comfortable and breathable for the hot seasons too


  • It does not have the best fit.


The Fox Flexair pants are good enough to ride all year long. They offer a great fit and are lighter and more flexible than some of the other trousers on this list. You won’t regret getting yourself at least one pair.

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What to consider when buying mountain bike trousers

There is a lot more to consider when getting a pair of trousers. It is not just the price that should worry you but also the waterproofness, weight, and additional features they come with. Below are some features you shouldn’t ignore.

Waterproof ability

Most mountain bike riders go for waterproof trousers. This is because you might be riding through water crosses or it could start raining when you are on your way home. The membrane which is found between two nylon layers keeps you dry while riding.  Consider how waterproof the trousers are especially if you are going into the rainy season.


The pair you chose to get should fit you well even before using the adjustments. If you expect that you will lose weight fast make sure that you get a pair with adjustable cuffs and waist. Sometimes the adjustable cuffs are replaced with an elastic band to allow for easier adjustment. You should use a sizing guide offered by some manufacturers. Some pants are pre-shaped while others are loose with the ability to make them tighter on the ankles.


With every product you are about to buy, you should only spend according to your budget. You might have to forego some features that make these trousers more expensive.  Make sure to set your budget before you go shopping because it is very easy to get carried away when you see the variety and features other trousers have to offer. Trousers with technical features and increased durability retail at a higher price.


The fabric construction of each pair of trousers is very different. Most trousers are made of nylon and polyester. These materials are lightweight and durable. The trousers layered together usually have nylon with a waterproof membrane sandwiched in between. The material should also be easy to wash either using a machine or your hands, whichever you prefer.

Additional features

With innovations and advancements in tailor fabrics, trousers are not the same anymore. Some of them come with vents on your legs and thigs. This makes it more breathable especially when it is hot.  The vents usually have zippers to make it easy to open and close. More and more trousers are fitted with pockets now for storage and the zips keep dirt and water out. More additional features usually mean a higher price.


Mountain biking is a thrilling sport that you show you the beauty of nature and for you to explore. To properly enjoy this experience, you need to be comfortable, that’s where the trousers come in. You should look for waterproof, durable, and lightweight trousers for riding. Breathable trousers are great for the hot season and the added pockets are great for storage.

Manufactures like Endura and Fox Racing are some of the most popular for making quality riding trousers. You should consider the price and what you are looking for in a pair of MTB trousers before making a purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I go mountain biking in jeans?

Yes, you can but it will be very uncomfortable. Trousers made specifically for cycling have features like being waterproof with durable and lightweight material to keep you comfortable while riding.

  1. Is it better to wear shorts or pants when Mountain bike riding?

You can wear shorts when mountain biking but it is not recommended especially if you are riding through rough terrain. The Pants offer more protection to you from dirt, water, and tree branches.