7 Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

There is no more personal and intimate connection that you can have with your bike, than with the bike seat. The bike seat is the most overlooked feature on mountain bikes today, however, the truth is, a bike saddle can make or break the enjoyment of a biking adventure.

Hey there! My name is Natalie and I am a tour guide in one of the greatest national parks in Colorado. Been a tour guide is such an amazing experience. Not only do I get the chance to enjoy scenic views every day, but I also get the chance to experience this tour on my bike.

When I was new to mountain biking, I often prioritized the quality of my handlebars and my wheels. However, in time, I have come to realize that as I continue and my wheels. However, in time, I have come to realize that the seat of your bike is one of the most important features of a bike. As you continue to cycle over rough terrain, your performance and your comfort depend on your bike seat.

In this article, I have taken some time to review all of the most ideal saddles for mountain cycling. All of the saddles mentioned in this article are of very high quality and users are guaranteed a fruitful experience as they embark on their cycling adventure.

7 Most Comfortable Bike Seats – Comparison Table

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The Deva Team Saddle by WTB
The Silverado Carbon Saddle by WTB
The X-LR Superflow Saddle from Selle Italia
The Luna Bicycle Saddle from Fizik
The Bontrager Bike Saddle
The Sport Gel Saddle from Ergon
The SM Pro Bike Saddle for Men

7 Most Comfortable Bike Seats – How do they differ?

The Deva Team Saddle by WTB

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WTB industry has been releasing high-quality bike saddles for many years. The Deva saddle is one of the most popular bike seats. The shape is female-focused and it is manufactured with a lot of DNA padding. The seat has a short nose design and a much flatter look. While it is designed with women in mind, this saddle is very popular even amongst the men. The saddle also has three different kinds of rails. That is the titanium, the cromoly and the steel rail.

This saddle has a tip-to-tail look that is flat. The rounding is very minimal and there is a very small channel that is quite effective and perfect to reduce genital pressure. This saddle is also very light in weight, weighing only 6.8 oz. Adjusting to this bike seat from your previous seat is not a problem. Users have mentioned that they immediately felt comfortable with this seat.

The platform of this bike seat is very wide providing your sit bones with a lot of support. Your inner thighs will not experience any kind of chaffing and the extra padding ensures that you will not feel sore or bruised even after spending a number of hours on the saddle.


  • Very Light in weight
  • The padding is great


  • The saddle is only available in one width size

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The Silverado Carbon Saddle by WTB

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The Silverado bike saddle is much longer and narrower than several other bike saddles in the industry. This means that the saddle provides you with additional support to allow you to shift your weight forwards and backward. The platform of this bike is very flat and the edges are rounded allowing you to pedal smoothly. The center channel is quite small, ideal for your sensitive areas. Beneath the padding there is also a cut out in the shell. This saddle is available in a steel rail construction, titanium, cromoly as well as carbon.

If your sit bones are narrow, this is the best option for you. It is preferable especially if you are going to spend an extended period of time on your saddle. This eliminates your chance of suffering from saddle sores. The saddle has a lot of DNA padding making the seat comfortable. You are also provided with additional support without being to firm on the bike. The ABR material lining that is found on the rear and the side of the saddle protects you from any case of impact and abrasion. The bike seat is not grippy and you can move your weight around even as the terrain continued to change.


  • The bike seat is longer and narrower than other saddles in the market.
  • The exterior fabric is not too grippy


  • The channel that is in the center is not too pronounced.

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The X-LR Superflow Saddle from Selle Italia

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This Superflow bike seat is one of a kind as it is designed with a large cutout middle channel that works well in keeping your crotch area comfortable with a lot of room as well as great airflow. This bike seat has an angular stealth fighter design that is very modern. Because of this design, the saddle can also work well on your hoverbike.

When it comes to the shape of this saddle, the Superflow is designed with a ton of taper in the saddle’s outer edges. The nose also has a highly noticeable droop. This saddle is made from a two-layer fabric that has a very soft interior cushion as well as a waterproof outer layer that is very durable. This provides you with a lot of durability and protection for an extended period.

The saddle has a large gaping hole, right in the middle area. If you do not enjoy the hole, you can choose to get the fill type of this saddle. This type of saddle has the center gap filled in. This saddle provides your private areas with a lot of room. You will not experience any kind of numbness or pressure points, and you will enjoy the little airflow that allows you to maintain a cool and dry feeling in your private areas. If you are often experiencing numbness or even pinched nerves, this is the most ideal option for you.


  • The saddle provides you with a lot of air flow


  • The length of the saddle is quite short
  • The saddle is very expensive.

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The Luna Bicycle Saddle from Fizik

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The Fizik industry has worked well in sourcing excellent fabric and producing beautiful saddles that are of high quality. The saddles from this industry are very light in weight providing you with comfort.

This saddle is designed to suit the frame of a woman while she is sitting and riding. This bike seat is designed with a nylon shell that is reinforced with carbon as well as a cut-out shape providing you with a lot of relief for your soft tissues. At the rear end of the saddle, there are flexible wings that flex as you pedal allowing the saddle to conform to your body as you pedal.

These flexible wings are great as you will not suffer from any kind of inner chaffing. The cut-out channel is also great as your lady parts are provided with great pressure-relief. The saddle also provides you with great support allowing you to slide your weight back and forth.


  • The wings are very flexible a great option for your pedaling motion
  • The saddle has a great cut out to relieve the discomfort that you would experience on your soft tissue


  • The saddle is very heavy
  • The saddle should be designed with extra padding

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The Bontrager Bike Saddle

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This model from Bontrager, is designed to allow you to perform perfectly while still been very comfortable. The platform is not flat, as there is a “whale tail†rear side. The center channel is recessed ensuring that you are very comfortable and that there is a lot of blood flow in the soft tissue area. There is also a cutout in the center of the plastic bottom shell and this increases the compliance giving the saddle a chance to flex especially if you are pedaling heavily.

This bike seat is quite long which is great as cyclists will enjoy a lot of support especially when maneuvering through very steep paths. With this saddle you are assured that you will not experience any kind of pressure, numbness, or pain. It is ideal for both men and women.


  • There are many different options for the width
  • The channel cutout is great as it increases the compliance


  • This saddle is quite expensive and this does not compare to its lightweight.

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The Sport Gel Saddle from Ergon

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This bike seat is the best option for women perfect especially if you will be spending a lot of time riding on the mountain. The seat has a very flat and wide rear platform supporting your contact area. The gel pads are very large providing your soft tissue area with a lot of relief. The center cut out reduces a lot of the pressure that you would experience in your genital area.

This is one of the most ideal saddles as you are provided with a lot of support and you are assured that you will perform perfectly. The saddle has a good amount of padding ensuring that you will remain comfortable. The nose of this saddle is much shorter than many other bike seats, but it is long enough to allow you to slide forward and easily adjust your weight during the cycling adventure.


  • The saddle has a very wide rear platform and a cut-out
  • This saddle is very affordable


  • The saddle is very heavy

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The SM Pro Bike Saddle for Men

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This bike seat is specifically designed for cyclists who are into the more intense kind of biking adventure. The bike seat has a very contemporary shape with a wide rear platform. The sides of the seat are more rounded than many other seats in the market. There is also an optimized center relief channel that is optimized. This channel is very deep with a tiny hole that allows for proper airflow maintaining the cool temperatures.

If you have sit bones that are very narrow, this saddle is the best choice for you. You can enjoy riding with this seat for an extended time without experiencing any kind of numbness and discomfort. The foam and the padding on this saddle are of very high-quality providing riders with a lot of support and comfort without feeling like they are been crashed. With this saddle, you can cycle without having a chamois liner.


  • The seat is designed with a high-end foam and padding
  • The seat has a nice ergonomic design


  • The seat color fades very quickly.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Seat 

The Width 

If your sit bones are much wider, then you will most definitely be more comfortable with a wider bike seat. Women naturally have much wider sit bones, however, there are still many ladies who prefer to use a male bike seat or even a unisex bike seat.

It is important to remember that a narrow bike seat comes in handy as you will pedal more effectively. It is also easier to move your weight behind as you descend or get closer to a technical section.

The Length 

A saddle with a much longer nose, provides the rider with a chance to move their weight forward especially as you continue to climb. This provides them with a position that is a lot more efficient during cycling.

The Padding 

One of the most common myths that must be debunked is that additional padding makes your bike seat a lot more comfortable. This is not true as extremely thick padding layer will compact as you cycle and this could eventually leave you balancing on the shell.

A small amount of padding will ensure that you are supported and you remain comfortable, especially during long mountain bike trips. Professional saddles are never designed with too much padding, and some professionals ride with no kind of padding at all.

The Shape 

There are many saddles with a flat profile, while others are designed with a curved profile. The different shapes are made to cater to your anatomy and your preference. Therefore, the best saddle when it comes to shape is the saddle that you feel most comfortable using.

The Cut Out 

Most saddles come with a groove or a long narrow hole that runs down the middle of the saddle. This groove is not designed to allow you to save weight, however, it is meant to relieve the pressure that you are experiencing in your sensitive areas. Many cyclists often get numb on their crotch area and this cut out works well preventing you from getting numb as you cycle.

The Air Flow 

The flow of air is a very overlooked factor; however, it is very common in determining how comfortable a seat will keep you as well as how cool you will feel during your bike rides. The most ideal mountain bike seats are designed to ensure that there is maximum airflow allowing you to maintain a cool feeling as you continue to cycle.


In this review, we have listed the 7 most comfortable mountain bike seats in the industry. These seats have a very ideal design and a number of them are very large providing you with an optimum level of comfort. When purchasing a mountain bike seat, you should find out the length of your sit bone. After that you should confirm that you are riding the right-width seat bike. This will improve your posture, your comfort as well as your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How exactly can I make my bike seat more comfortable?

Many people believe that having an uncomfortable saddle is an inevitable case. This is not true as there are ways in which you can improve the comfort of your bike seat.

  • You can adjust your bike seat
  • You can replace the whole seat
  • You can keep off seats that are much wider
  • You can use much thinner padding.
  1. Why are mountain bike seats so high?

Mountain bike seats are designed to be high to ensure that the pedal power and the efficiency is increased. This allows cyclists to extend their legs fully as they pedal and this works well in preventing your knees from been damaged. This also elevates your center of gravity and this enhances your bike handling.

  1. Does bike seat pain end?

When you get saddle sores, it is advisable to first take a break from pedaling. This will give you some time to heal. If you notice these saddle sores early, and you take a break from cycling, the pain will go away. However, sores that are so much deeper will take several weeks to properly heal.