8 Best Tandem Bicycles – A Look into the Most Ideal 2-Person Bike Rides!

Have you ever been out at the park and marveled at the sight of a pair of riders sharing the same awesome bike and happily pedaling through the city together? Well, that’s your first sighting of a tandem bike. 

My friend and I finally got into the same college this year and we have conveniently found a great hobby to keep us bonded and in the know of the surrounding campus grounds. This is since about two months ago when we settled on the tandem bicycle.

Back home, we both like to ride through our town and get into the outback regions of some very amazing natural sights. Now, being in a big city, not much off-roading is possible anymore. Cycling around town to the mall, out to the park and even to some weekend inter-campus functions is goals for us.

To help out other students who absolutely love our idea, we’ve drafted a list of the best tandem bikes available.

8 Best Tandem Bicycles – A Comparison Table

Kulana Lua Tandem Bike
50 pounds
Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike
59 pounds
Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bike
47 pounds
Dual Drive Tandem Bike
66 pounds
Micargi Island Tandem Bike
66 pounds
Mantis Taureno Tandem Bike
69 pounds
Collecttivo 24 Tandem Bike
Giordano Viaggio Tandem Bike
42.5 pounds

8 Best Tandem Bicycles comparison overview

Kulana Lua Tandem Bike

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If you are like us and want to stand out from the crowd, take a chance on the Kulana Lua tandem. Whether you plan to ride it along the beach or on a light bike trail, this is one of the best options to pick.

For a smooth ride, the frame of the bike is built with drop bars that help the rider get in multiple comfortable positions. The seats on the Kulana bike are well padded and the adjustable arts make for a comfortable fit.


  • Cruiser handlebars
  • Padded seats
  • Light but strong frame
  • Reliable and efficient brakes
  • Large tires

Front and rear fenders have been added to the bike to increase its all-weather convenience. Braking is fast and highly responsive on this bike with the foot operated brake. As a single-speed bike, it is ideal for beginners as well because they have no need to worry about speed shifters.


  • Comfortable and easily controlled
  • Great for all weather conditions
  • 7-speeds


  • A bit heavy in weight


For those who love to cruise, this is the bike to go for because of its single-speed gear and easy backpedaling brakes. It looks super cool as well with its half-wrap fenders at the front and back of the bike.

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Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

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This bike’s steel frame makes it super durable and it offers you 21 speeds for better control and precision on the road. Regardless of its strength, the bike is quite lightweight which is what most cyclists love about the Dualie.

The wheels and brakes are all made of aluminum alloy material which makes for a very smooth ride on the trail.  Liner-pull brakes are fitted into the bike which work really effectively.


  • Great pull brakes for traction
  • Well-built crank with wide gear range
  • Light and strong wheels
  • 21-speeds
  • Stable and controlled steel frame

Featuring traditional straight handlebars, this is the bike for those long-distance off-road riders who love to cycle through the uncharted trails of varied regions. The only uncertainty that this bike presents is in assembly which proves quite cumbersome for most riders.


  • Comfortable to ride
  • Wide gear range provided
  • Durable bike
  • Lightweight design


  • Assembly needs extra help


This bike has a minimal weight capacity that makes it ideal to carry or transport for all riders. With 21 speeds and some great twist shifters, manipulation and control of the bike’s riding experience. If you are ready to see what the great outdoors has in store for you and a friend, this is the bike to go for.

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Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bike

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Equipped with great properties that give you the most amazing riding experience ever, this is the bike for all ages and sizes. It has a strong and resilient steel frame which provides ample control and stability when riding along varied terrain.

Alloy pull brakes give riders awesome performance and assures the riders safety at all times. There is a suspension fork that holds a pair of 26-inch wheels and this guarantees a safe smooth ride across town or the jungle.


  • Light and strong tires
  • 21 speed Shimano shifters
  • Powerful traction pull-brakes
  • Resilient steel frame with great control
  • Front and rear positioned disc brakes

This Shimano model features their renowned 21-speed shifters with multiple gears ideal for climbing and some mechanical disc brakes that create a safe halt even at extreme speeds.

The seat ergonomically built and is very comfortable which adds to the bike’s allure.


  • Grate tandem for all riders
  • Easy controls with great stability
  • Strong reliable traction pull-brakes
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Ergonomic design


  • Requires professional assemble and maintenance
  • Not great for taking fast sharp turns


This is a well-respected brand and it is perfect for all ages of explorers. The bike features a low step rear to make it accommodating to kids. It is also very adjustable making it perfect fit for all cyclists.

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Dual Drive Tandem Bike

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Say hello to this quality bike with a durable and long-lasting frame that can comfortably support two riders.


  • Ergonomic seats
  • Dependable linear pull V brakes
  • 2 water bottle holders and gel saddles
  • Wide tires for easy movement
  • 21-speed Shimano shifters

This bike features a 29-inch stand-over height at the front and 20-inches at the rear and this is perfect for adults and teens with considerations made to their inseam.

Some additional benefits added to the bike are the two bottle cages positioned conveniently for both riders and spring and gel cushioned saddle for optimum comfort in riding. Shimano shifter make gear changing effortless.


  • Dependable brakes
  • Stylish and strong bike
  • 21 gear changes
  • Comfortable saddle


  • Complex gear system
  • Original tires may need quick replacement


This bike is perfect for beginners to experienced riders. Whether you intend to ride on hilly or flat surfaces, this is the bike to go for. The white wall tires, tough not adding to function, make the bike stand out and give it a stylish edge over other options.

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Micargi Island Tandem Bike

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It is available in two options and it offers 18-speed levels. Handles have been ergonomically built into the bike and this makes it very comfortable to ride on. The saddle is adjustable and this is ideal to accommodate all sizes.

Tires on this bike are strong enough to move over rocks, mud and rugged terrain.


  • 8-speeds available
  • Ergonomic rubber-coated handles
  • Adjustable and padded seats
  • Reliable brakes

Brakes on the Micargi tandem are very reliable and you are able to make emergency brakes when necessary even at high speeds. This bike is easy to ride and requires minimal effort to get through long rides without fatigue.


  • Fully adjustable seat for all riders
  • Easy and comfortable to ride


  • No fenders in
  • Unstable kickstand


This bike is super adjustable which makes it perfect for se by all sizes and proportions of riders.  With 8 speeds, it gives ample power to get through most terrain though it is not advised for use in very technical terrains.

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Mantis Taureno Tandem Bike

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If this is your first tandem bike, then it will be a great experience for you and your partner. This Mountain bike hybrid is made of a strong steel frame that is long lasting and it features a suspension fork for extra stability.

This bike is made of aluminum alloy which makes it quite lightweight and since the tires measure 26.5-inches, the bike offers its users a very smooth and stable ride across many regions.


  • Powerful V-brake system
  • Hybrid steel frame with suspension fork
  • Durable and comfortable saddles
  • Quick release aluminum seat clamp
  • 18-speed Twist shifters

This bike offer 18-speed levels and has a front disc brake and rear wheel brakes. The saddle has springs in it and the post has an easy release clamp that makes seat adjustments very easy to do. Even at high speeds the V-brake system is able to safely stop the bike.


  • Quality and durable bike
  • Strong tires fit for all terrains


  • Handle alignment a bit technical


The V-brake system is probably the Mantis Taureno’s unique selling point and it allows users to ride fast and stop conveniently. The hybrid frame is quite eye-catching and functional in accommodating varied weights and providing a reliably smooth ride.

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Collecttivo 24 Tandem Bike

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This is a 7-speed bike with aluminum build which secures its durability and light weight characteristics. The tires are double rimmed which greatly minimizes their wear and tear over many years of use.

Handlebars are made of allow material which makes them light and strong plus it features a rear rack to carry your essentials. A double-leg kickstand, front lights, post clamps and fenders all add to the effective performance of the bike.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Double rimmed tires
  • 7-speed shifters
  • Reflective tires

This bike is super cool for featuring reflective tires that make you extra visible in bad or dark weather. The seats on this bike are quite flexible and comfortable as well making it ideal for long distance rides across the town.


  • Comfortable Velo saddles
  • Visibility with reflective tires
  • Shimano Shifters


  • Heavy bike to transport


In terms of features and benefits, this is the bike to go for. It features reflective tires, comfortable seats and adjustable parts make the bike great for accommodating different sizes. Shimano shifters make gear changing between the 7-speeds available easy.

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Giordano Viaggio Tandem Bike

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Getting some cardio exercise and burning a number of calories is made possible with this bike that features a strong sturdy build with a smooth riding experience. The rear of the frame measure 16-inches while the front measure 20-inches long.

Bike enthusiasts will enjoy having a go on this bike because the shifters provide fluid brakes and fast shifting with no need to adjust positions. The tires are smooth and have great traction meaning you can take this bike outdoors to some rugged terrain and have a wild adventure.


  • Sturdy frame for support and stability
  • 16†rear and 20†front frame
  • Shifters are integrated and effective
  • Smooth medium sized tires
  • Handlebars and brakes adjustable

The bike has a beautiful blue color finishing that is also scratch resistant making it super durable. The handlebars are comfortable and well equipped to function effortlessly.


  • Great for beginners and experts
  • Accurate gear shifting and braking


  • Extra-long handlebars


Regardless of your skill level, this bike will provide a great outdoors experience and some worthy cardio exercise. The straight handlebars are ideal, for stability and control and increase both rider ability to maneuver tough corners or sharp bends simultaneously.

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If you ask Pam and I, we’ll tell you confidently that the tandem bike elevated both our status on campus and deepened our bond as friends. It is no doubt a game-changer for almost all who have tried it and we highly recommend it.

While most tandem bikes have pretty much the same characteristics and features, some like the Pacific Dualie stand out and providetwo lucky riders a powerful and colorful ride across varying terrains.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Tandem Bicycle

Frame Style

When buying a tandem bike, you have the choice between Cruiser and Traditional types. The traditional styled frame features straight lines and angles that are great for long trips and races that feature a lot of uphill and downhill pedaling.

Cruiser styled frames are more relaxed and feature curved and wavy designs in bright colors. These bikes are stylish and eye-catching and are best for cruising around town with your bestie.


Tandem bikes mostly feature the same gear options as those found in single-rider bike models. Recently, there has been a move towards 3-speeds and 7-speeds versions but these are not ideal for tandem bikes.

To get the best support and balance in maneuvering different terrain, it is best advised to go for a tandem bike with 21-speeds. This gear will give you the ability to powerfully conquer a hill or effectively increase speeds on flat surface regions.


The best sized tandem bike wheels measure 26-inches or 27.5-inches. For beginner tandem riders and especially for those planning on riding the bike with a minor or a newbie, the 26-inches are perfect for nature trails and park rides.

27.5-inches or 700c tires are best for longer distance rides for experienced riders. These wheels are reinforced with spokes for greater road traction and the back wheel is stronger than the front.


The ability to stop on command especially on a tandem bike is priceless and disc brakes are perfect for this kind of quick response. You may find some bikes still spotting the previously popular linear pull brakes which worked quite well but not quite as effective as the disc brakes.

Handlebar positioning

Depending on the purpose for riding, the tandem bike may be created to feature straight or drop-down handlebars. The raised and flat angle position of the straight handlebars make the bike ideal for cruising along city walks and parks.

For off-rod riding and racing competitions, the tandem bike will feature drop-down handlebars that minimizes air resistance when the rider drops down to ride and hence improves shock absorption properties.

However, none of these should bother you as these pats are adjustable and replaceable if you ever need to change them.

Stand-over Height

The stand-over height is the distance between the top tube and the flat ground. You need to make certain that your inseam is taller than the stand-over height to be able to comfortably straddle the bike and have both feet on the ground.

In the case of tandem bikes, the front stand-over height is more than the back. The one riding the front is called the “Captain†and he should be able to support he bike with both feet on the ground. The guy at the back is called the “Stoker†and his feet need to be comfortably resting on the pedals.


Why should I buy a tandem bike instead of two single touring bikes for my son and I?

Coordinating movements on the tandem bike calls for communication and synchronization. Developing these skills is crucial to your son’s development and riding on the tandem should be a great relationship booster for both of you.

Besides, maneuvering the road or trail is better done by you and your son can enjoy pedaling without the risk of running into a dangerous situation.

My husband is heavier and much taller than I am. Is the tandem bike for us or not?

Of course, it is! The success of the tandem bike ride requires only that the two people can reach the stride length on either the front or back of the bike. In this case, your husband will take the rear position on the tandem bike to provide greater power.

However, both of you will need to work together to coordinate braking, accelerating and steering along the road or trail.