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Health Fitness Specialist (AAS), Kinesiologist, Fitness Instructor, Cyclist

Like most people, I got into fitness because I was tired of my body and wanted to get that dream beach body that you see in magazines. I started going off to the gym, lifting weights, running, yoga, etc.—but after struggling to get results, I decided to focus on one specific activity; cycling.

And that’s when the result of my hard work started to show. Hi there, my name is Dan Sullivan, and I’ve been working as a fitness instructor for a while now after I decided it was time to change careers and quit my 9-5 to become a full-time fitness instructor.

But having come from an office-based position, I knew that for me to succeed, I needed to have an education background that supports my new found passion. So, I signed up for an associate degree in health and fitness before pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

I decided to create this blog to share everything I’ve learned along the way about working out, managing health, cycling, etc., and help guide fellow biking enthusiasts along the right path. I enjoy sharing past experiences and lessons on a variety of topics involving cycling across the web.

Note: I don’t write all the articles myself. Sometimes, I get help from my friends and colleagues who are subject matter experts (they are also in the fitness space). But I vet all information they write to make sure it’s accurate and correct.

I have written Ebooks that are jam-packed with useful information that you can read. They include:

a) A Weight Loss Guide

If you have issues with your weight, this ebook is my best recommendation. It provides a lot of information on how to lose weight through cycling and tons of diet nutrition as well.

I charge 5,000 dollars for personal fitness coaching. With this book, you’ll get tons of value while just paying 0.2% my normal rate.

Grab my copy here:


b) A Bike Maintenance Ebook

This book is filled with lots of useful information on how to maintain your bike properly. Whether you are a beginner that got his first bike or a seasoned cyclist whose bike keeps breaking down, you’ll get a ton of value from this book.

So, make sure to grab a copy for a fraction of the price repairs will cost you.


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