Air Bike vs Treadmill –Which Workout is More Powerful?

Both types of equipment will have you panting for air within the first few minutes of training. Which of the two workouts is more powerful?

Since they first showed up in the market, Air bikes have immediately been snatched up by fitness institution owners and dedicated fit people.

I had the privilege of taking part ina CrossFit competition that featured these air bikes and they really took the wind out of me. Upright bikes were working so well for me until I came across this bike. I just knew I had to get one.

A few months later, I went ahead and got one and I couldn’t get enough of it. Since I love to run as well, I wanted to compare these two techniques to find out which one does what better.

Air Bike Vs Treadmill – Comparison Summary

Training Concern
Which Technique Rules?
Stronger Leg Muscles
Air Bike
VO2 Intake
Building Abs
Air Bike
Cardio Workout
Strength Training
Air Bike
Calories Burned
Least risk and danger
Air Bike
Best for terminal Illness
Air Bike

Air Bike Vs Treadmillfor Weight Loss

Working out for 3 to 5 days and about 30 minutes at high intensity on the AirBike will help you lose 500 calories every session. The same intensity on a treadmill machine will have you burn anywhere between 600 and 800 calories which will give you a quicker weight loss result compared to cycling.

The Air bike resembles the normal bike with handles in front of you and the foot pedals below your center of gravity. It allows you to slightly lean forward as you pedal and to pedal while standing to make your workout more versatile in intensity and targeted muscles.

Unlike others, these bikes are versatile in that their handlebars are movable and you are able to cycle as you push and pull against the bike’s infinite resistance with their support.

To make treadmill training effective for you, it is necessary to work out consistently for about 30 minutes on medium to high speeds on the treadmill. This will also depend on your overall weight and your diet of course.

Alternate between running on the flat laid running belt and having it inclined to an angle for an uphill kind of run. Mixing up your workout makes it more fun, helps you burn more calories, and increases impact on the target spots.

Air Bike Vs Treadmill for Cardio


If you have to choose between cycling and treadmill training techniques to work up a sweat, both cycling and treadmill can satisfy that need. While you can get your heart rate up to 133 bpm while cycling, you can get up to 190 bpm while running. Meaning the treadmill is better for cardio.

While cycling, use the FITT technique of training which will focus on your Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of exercise. This technique helps you identify how much you can and should do on your bike for the best results.

As a beginner, the bike’s revolutions per minute should be set to 60RPM and if you are more experienced, and RPM around 70 would be great to work with. Remember to pace yourself on the bike by making sure you get a good warm-up to get your heart rate up and to loosen your joints and muscles.

Cycling for about 20 to 30 minutes for a beginner and up to 60 minutes for a more experienced individual at a medium to high-intensity level on the bike will get you sweating hard with a heart rate of about 133 BPM.

On a treadmill, the beginner should try the High-Intensity Interval Training technique or HIIT. This technique will encourage bursts of energy charged into about 30 seconds of running and 10 seconds of relaxation. This is done in repetition and with great consistency. It will take a lot of energy from you but will also give you the strength to work out for longer without getting tired.

Cycling Vs Treadmill for Injury Risk

Treadmill vs airbike

Not much apparent risk is associated with working out on the Air bikes, unlike the risks associated with running on treadmills.

Keying in your bike settings could be a bit tricky sometimes and as a beginner, you may end up setting your bike on too high a revolution per minute (RPM) which will frustrate you. Ask for help.

On the treadmill, things are a bit riskier with the possibility of sliding off the belt and getting your face slammed on the floor. While it is a nice option for simply walking on or taking runs for the experienced guys, there must be some help close by to assist in the event of any incidents occurring.

While the plain treadmill level is quite exhausting, you could increase the incline to get more out of your workout. Doing so, however, increases your chances of developing back, knee, and ankle problems after time. Just like with the bike, if you are not sure how to set your ideal standards for the workout to ask for assistance.

Verdict:Which is better, Air Bike or treadmill?

Using infinite magnetic resistance on a belt driven and wind-powered flywheel, the Air Bike has revolutionized the cycling world. What’s more is their movable handlebars which engage your upper body.

On the Air Bike you are guaranteed a full body workout making it a more powerful training alternative compared to the treadmill.

The FITT training gets your heart rate really high and in turn, more calories are burned. Making the Air Bike the ultimate go-to equipment for anyone with weight loss goals.


I Get Lower Back Pain. Is it Better to Cycle or Run on a Treadmill?

Cycling, and to be specific, on a recumbent bike is your best bet for individuals who suffer from chronic back pain. With its comfortable back support, the recumbent bike will take the pressure off your back as you pedal.

Does Cycling Help to Build Abs?

Yes, cycling is a great core strengthener and toner and in reference to building abs, it does add to the effects. If you cycle outdoors, however, navigating tough terrain and sharp bends will call to your core strength for control though your leg muscles will do most of the work.

Working on the AirBike allows your back and body more balance alleviating the need for more core control.

Cycling in the gym could be made a bit more challenging by putting the bike to an inclined angle simulating an uphill climb or the instructor could adjust your pedals’ resistance forcing you to push your muscles harder.

Is a Recumbent Bike Better Than a Regular Indoor Bike?

Yes, it is. Other than its ability to perform at the same capacity as a regular indoor bike, it adds to the comfort of a workout with the added backrest.

A regular upright stationary bike would be a great addition to your single apartment but if instead, you are buying workout equipment with family in mind, the best bike to get is the recumbent bike.

The convenient placement of the handles, pedals, and comfortable cushioned backrest will provide everyone a more stable angle from which to control their foot movements.