Airdyne vs. Rower – Which is the best cardio workout machine?

Tired of going to the gym every day or you do not even have time to go in the first place? You can start up your home gym with the Airdyne Bike or Rower as must-haves.

Hi there. From online working to online shopping, you can literally do everything from your home nowadays. Why not also hit your fitness goals at home?

For me, I am a fitness enthusiast always on the lookout for the best workout machines and that is how I came across the airdyne and rower. While they do have their subtle differences they are both really impressive machines that it can be hard to choose between the two of them. Worry not though because I am here to help with that. I have tried and tested the both of them to come with a detailed research. After all, before you spend your money you need to be sure you are getting something that will suit you needs and will be great value for money.

What are the key differences between Airdyne and Rower?

52 x 42x 20 inch
57.5 x 10.5 x 38 inch
Durable steel frame
All steel frame
Product weight
Infinite levels
12 levels
Drive system
Single-stage belt
Durable nylon transmission

Airdyne vs. Rower – How do they compare


While both the airdyne and rower can be used by beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, they offer different workout experiences. With the airdyne bike there are infinite levels of air resistance while on the rower machine there are only 12 levels of magnetic resistance. You therefore get a wider variety of performance with the airdyne. A rower is also more exerting because you work out engaging your whole body throughout. With the airdyne, you get an easier run because you can use your hands and shoulders more when your legs are tired.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that with the rower you need to have proper skill and posture to generate enough power.

With its infinite levels of resistance, you get a better performance deal with the airdyne compared to the rower.


For the rower, it has a smaller footprint when tilted up during storage but is relatively big during an exercising session especially compared to the airdyne, which is almost half its size.

The seat of the rower is also large, padded and ergonomically designed for comfort. With the airdyne, it also has a large seat but it is specifically designed to allow for adjustments. You therefore get to tweak your airdyne to just how you want to have it. The airdyne also comes with a water bottle holder but the rower does not.

They do have similarities though like the large LCD console on both that help you track your progress like the heart rate, speed, calories you are burning.

The rower stands out with its ergonomic design that is not like any other cardio workout equipment.


The airdyne is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is tweak the seat positioning to get what is comfortable for you and hop on. Once on it, the motions are to push, pull and pedal. You can easily get the hang of it if you are a beginner.

On the flipside, it is not quite as easy using the rower. It is a full body workout that will particularly engage your core. To make sure you do not strain your body after long-term use make sure you do your research.

The rower requires some skill for a proper workout.

Airdyne vs. Rower – A Comparison Overview

Airdyne- Overview

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If you are working on a budget, both on money and space then this should be your go to machine. Depending on the model that you are sure will fit your needs you can get an affordable yet quality air bike. Secondly, a quality airdyne is fitted with a large LCD display that shows the time, distance, calories, RPM, watts, pulse and speed you are going to help you keep track of your stats.

To add, the airdyne bike uses air resistance and has infinite levels of resistance. It uses a single-stage belt and also has a high strength fan. This bike simply matches your effort and is especially impressive for short fast paced interval training. Even if you go for a challenging workout you still get a bike that is easy on your body.

It has a few imperfections though. First, you might need a seat gel cover for extra padding to keep you comfortable. Also, as much as you do not pay much for purchase up front the maintenance is high as it requires more attention and care for the moving parts.


  • Affordable
  • Goes easy on your body
  • Offers interval training


  • High maintenance
  • A tad uncomfortable seat

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Rower- Overview


While a quality rower is quite pricey, it comes with the premium quality features to match. First, it requires little to no maintenance like an oil change once in a while. Whichever model you settle for, you are also assured it will serve you over a long period of time when used properly. It also has a high re-sale value thus can be an investment if you would ever want an upgrade sometime.

Secondly, a rower is built and designed to be versatile while still delivering on a challenging workout. You can switch between aerobic and anaerobic exercises depending on your mood. As for hard intervals this machine will have you breaking a sweat that can end up being too much if you do not pace yourself. Rowers also have a large LCD console that displays your stats as your workout.

As for their design, they are quite large but they can be easily broken down for storage. They are also easy to move with their fitted transport wheels. They are also fitted with ergonomically designed seats and handlebars. They keep you comfortable and help you maintain your grip throughout a workout. You can lose up to 377 calories after a vigorous workout on a rower.


  • Easy to store
  • The programming is flexible
  • Tracks your status as you workout


  • Pricey
  • Can be strenuous

Conclusion- which is better, airdyne or rower

After reviewing both, the rower wins out for me. While it is pricey, you will have to only minimal maintenance and it will last you a long time. The rower also has a variety of workout routines to help you reach your health and weight goals. While the airdyne is not a bad option the rower will give you full body workouts and last you a while.


How easy is it to assemble the airdyne exercise bike?

It comes with a user manual that takes you step by step putting together the bike. It should not be too hard so long as you keenly follow the instructions. The manual also has illustrations making it even more user-friendly.

Does my height matter when I am purchasing a rower machine?

Any time you are buying an exercise machine you need to consider your height. In this case, preferably go with the one that has an adjustable seat and allows you to set it to your preferred setting in order to have maximum potential from the rower without struggling.

Can I use both these machines?

Totally! If you have a spacious home gym you can purchase both or use them both if they are in your local gym.