Assault Air Rower Vs Concept 2 – Which is more effective?

Rowing machines are great for both commercial use and perfect for home use. So, which training equipment between the Assault Air and the Concept 2 rower is more effective?

Hi, my name is Stanley and I love to lift weights in my garage gym while doing some type of weight lifting or strength training. Other ways I keep fit includeadventure cycling and hiking in as many outback locations and as many times as I can afford to.

My wife Janice just had our third child and because we both love to work out, I gifted here the Concept 2 Rower. As is the case with most of these amazing equipment the next best thing is always around the corner.

So, when I heard of the Assault Air Rower, I was intrigued to see how it differed from Concept 2. And here’s how.

What are the differences between Assault Air Rower and Concept 2 Rower 

Assault Air Rower
Concept 2 Rower 
Spiral Damper
Heart Rate Monitor
LCD not backlit
LCD backlit
Weight capacity
350 pounds
500 pounds

Assault Air Rower vs Concept 2 Rower – How they compare


Rowing is low-impact, effective and easy for many individuals to do with varied physical capabilities and medical conditions.

In terms of durability in design, both rowing equipment have a quality steel build that is designed to last the test of time. Assault Air handles an individual weight of up to 350 pounds while Concept 2 rower has a weight limit of 500 pounds.

The Assault Air rower takes up the biggest space though storage and moving of the unit is not as easy as with the Concept2 as it cannot break apart in two pieces though it has some transport wheels built into it.

With multi-grip handles and a comfortable wide seat, you can flex your arm muscles on both rowers with no worries about your posture.

The seats on these rowers move smoothly along the aluminum railing and the LCD display can also be angled to your clear line of sight.

Though both rowers have been built of steel and aluminum, the Air rower has much denser parts and measures a hefty 157 pounds as compared to Concept2’s 57 pounds.


While using the two rowers, you are guaranteed to be met with powerful air resistance. This means that the flywheel of each equipment is fitted with fan blades. Both these flywheels match the pace and energy exerted by the trainee with an equal measure of resistance.

Resistance on the Concept 2 is adjusted and controlled by a spiral damper which has resistance levels from 1 to 10 from which to choose. The assault Air rower’s resistance is automatic and the only adjustment you need is in your effort.

Concept2 provides a Performance Monitoring (PMS) screen which is adjustable by the monitor arm. That takes your hands off the controls and allows you to focus on how fast you are going, how quick your heart rate is, how far you have cycled and how many calories you have burned as you train.

To get a reading on your heart rate, you need a Bluetooth or an ANT+ heart rate monitor to pair with the Assault Air rower and the information is displayed on the LCD. Concept2 is lacking in this function.

Assault rower goes a step further than Concept 2 in enriching your training experience because they have enabled their bike technologically meaning you can pair it with your handheld devices and through a Bluetooth connection, you can share or save your workout reports.

Concept2 has the option to plug in a memory card to save your data and use the card to transfer the information to an external device like phone, PC or TV.

Concept 2 rower has a wide range of programs available like preset workouts, games and multiple languages. It also has a rowing race option which allows you to participate in virtual competitions to gauge your progress.

Air rower has 8 preset workout options that allow you to challenge your last best track report. You can either use the programs to train or you could customize your routine to incorporate your preferred fitness targets.

Assault Air rower is best suited to HIIT members because it works your body really hard and the Concept 2 rower best fits the LISS market whose aim is to strengthen and tone their muscles and joints.

Assault Air Rower vs Concept 2 Rower – A Comparison Overview

Assault Air Rower – Overview

Assault Air Rower vs Concept 2 Rower

This is a sturdy and heavy rowing machine that is powder coated with a charcoal finish to protect its steel and aluminum build from any corrosion.

The rowing motion is smooth and free of any lag because there is a dual-stage chain and belt-drive system that maintains and regulates the tension keeping it at a constant level. This is great for HIIT training.

It features a 19†steel fan with unlimited resistance meaning that the machine responds and matches your energy or force with equal leveled resistance. This makes it a great choice for training pro athletes who can get a worthy workout.

Requires no electricity to work so you can take the Assault Air rower everywhere with you and you are guaranteed of a great experience.

There is a console that comes with your purchase of the Assault Air rower and it contains 8 pre-programmed workouts that you can use to challenge yourself incrementally. With goal centered challenges which allow you to set a target in time, calorie burn, heart rate and distance, you can try and outdo your last best.


  • Accommodates all size and height measurements
  • Comfortable seat
  • Smooth rowing motion
  • 8 preset programs
  • No electricity needed
  • Strong and sturdy durable design
  • Supports up to 350 pounds in weight


  • Takes up more space
  • Super heavy

Concept 2 Rower – Overview

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With air power resistance, the rower provides smooth function with little heard movement. The rower has the option to adjusts the resistance by use of a damper or by adding or decreasing the effort you put in. This makes the equipment a great buy for both beginner and expert levels of trainees.

The rower comes with an awesome PM5 display screen that helps the rower, through Bluetooth connection to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance rowed and time spent. You are also able to share this data across other Bluetooth compatible devices for future reference.

For training, you have access to several pre-programmed work outs and even games you can challenge yourself on. Handles have been ergonomically placed on the bike with 10-degree bend for better support for rowing motion.

Foot rests on the rower are adjustable to accommodate different proportionate trainees and they break into two parts which makes storage easy.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Air resistance
  • Wireless heart rate monitor
  • Easy storage


  • Size takes up space

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Verdict: So, which is better, Assault Air or Concept 2 Rower?

Both these air-propelled rowers pack a punch and give value for money. The choice between the two is really easy if you are aware of how hard you train and the goals you are targeting. If you are a beginner, either rowers are great for you.

However, those pro athlete guys or heavily active people like myself, will appreciate the challenge of the Air Assault rower more because we can stretch our abilities all the way to HIIT trainings.