Assault Bike Classic vs Elite – Which is greater?

Much energy and time goes into the production of the modern air bike. Ranked at the top of the interactive training charts, air bikes have something for everyone. Assault Bikes come in two types and it’s our job to figure out which between the Classic and Elite is greater.

When they first came out, I really wanted to get myself an interactive air bike and that’s how I got myself the Assault Classic Bike. I loved working out on it and it gave me a breathtaking workout every time.

Much later, the Assault Elite Bike was released and I had to try one out just to see how much more different it was compared to my Classic. While the two bikes don’t have any differences in appearance, there are some features that make the Elite a worthy upgrade.

I might not necessarily want or afford to upgrade to Elite but I could help you decide on the two if you find that you are a little stuck.

What are the differences between Assault Bike Classic and Elite?

Assault Classic
Assault Elite
Heart Rate Monitor
Weight capacity
350 pounds
350 pounds
Standard outdoor flat
Standard outdoor flat
Leather, 6-way adjustable
Sport, 4-way adjustable

Assault Bike Classic vs Elite – How they compare


Assault Classic weighs 94.4 pounds and its hard body build will last a lifetime with no need for maintenance. It is built of thick steel to make it even more stable, it features sealed cartridge bearings and large-sized pivots.

Elite weight 138.9 pounds which means it needs more than one person during assembly as compared to the Classic Assault which is lighter and can be set up by one individual. This bike is built with high-tensile powder-coated steel that prevents corrosion.

Based on leg and arm power, both bikes seamlessly and simultaneously match the rider in unlimited and infinite air resistance.

Pedals provided on both bikes are standard, textured and flat outdoor bike type. If you would like to pause pedaling but still work out, the bikes have been fitted with foot rests where the rider can place her feet while continuing to move the handlebars targeting the back, neck, shoulders and arm muscles.

To move the bikes around when not in use or for any other reason, tiny transport wheels have been fitted in the bike’s frame.

You will get a more stable and quieter ride on the Assault Elite regardless of your weight because it has a bulkier build than the Assault Classic.


The monitor, for both bikes, does provide information about your progress in terms of distance, time, calories burned.

While the Elite Assault uses a chest rate monitor, the heart rate sensors are on the handle grips for the Classic Assault. All programmable workouts can be controlled from the screen.

On the Elite bike, the pedals are made of metal instead of the Classic Bike’s plastic which makes them longer lasting. Another cool factor about this bike is that it allows you to cycle forward and backward to variate your leg movements.

Both Assault bikes have 8 pre-installed workout programs to choose from and they are tailored to guide the trainer to achieving their maximum training potential every time.

Elite Assault bike beats the Classic in performance because there is more to do with the backward pedaling and the metal-built pedals last a lifetime.

Riding Experience

Air resistance on both bikes is impressively strong and increases to match the effort you are putting into your workout. This is why the Assault air bikes are great for military base and pro-athlete training. They both feature a 27-inch wide flywheel which makes for a smooth riding experience.

Seats on the Elite bike have been ergonomically designed for comfort of all sizes of individuals and for longer workouts. The seat is 4-way adjustable, has great cushioning and is sweat proof.

The same can be said for their handlebars which are multi-grip, adjustable and sweat proof so no bad odor will be recognizable even after long use.

On the classic bike, the handlebars have rubber grip coating which makes for a non-slip workout but because they are not sweat proof, bad odor may emanate from them with time. This means that cleaning and maintenance will be a little more thorough.

Seating on the Classic Bike is 6-way adjustable and this provides great comfort and endless customizable options to your bike positions.

Both the Classic and Elite Assault bikes are quite advanced and can be tried on by all levels of trainees because they have great customizing options and infinite range of air resistance.

Assault Bike Classic vs Elite – A Comparison Overview

Assault Bike Classic – Overview

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This air resistant bike is like you’ve never seen before. It can either be a beginner friendly bike or an expert professional training companion. It all depends with who is riding it and the amount of pressure they are exerting on the bike.

The 27†wheel has 6 fan blades and with movable handlebars and pedals, the bike’s flywheel resistance will respond to match the trainee’s effort. To maximize your engagement, the bike has a display screen connecting you to seven pre-programmed workouts.

If you exhaust these programs or they don’t excite you that much, you have the option to customize your own programs. The screen will also display your health and fitness information such as heart rate, time spent, rpm’s, watts spent, distance and others.

The Assault bike is receptive to wireless heart rate strap monitors which you need to buy separately. The bike is ideal for all ages because the training is low impact having minimal to no effect on joints and muscles.


  • Easy to transport and store
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • Saddle loose on some units
  • Not compact in size or foldable

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Assault Elite Bike – Overview

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The 27†flywheel provides greatair resistance will respond to match your training effort. To maximize your engagement, the bike has a display screen connecting you to eight pre-programmed workouts.

There are three interval training programs for the lovers of HIIT training and Goal oriented programs that will test out your distance, speeds, RPM, time and watts spent. This will help you get better every time as the only competition is your last best training record.

Pedals on this bike are made of metal and can sin both forward and backward. It comes with a chest monitor compatible with Bluetooth that will tally your heart rate on the LCD display. Seats on the Elite bike are made for comfort and they can be adjusted four different ways.

Seats and handlebars are all sweat proof making maintenance a breeze. Using the Bluetooth connection, you could pair your phone to the bike’s system and have your training report on it.


  • Sweat proof multi-grip handlebars
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • Wireless chest strap heart rate monitor
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Strong build


  • Heavy in design
  • Not compact in size or foldable

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Verdict: So, which is better, Assault Classic or Assault Elite Bike? 

Based on our summary, the Assault Elite Bike takes the biscuit on all aspects compared to the Classic Assault bike. While it is true that they do not have much difference in appearance, the Elite Bike is fitted with modern equipment and features that make it a better pick.

However, the Assault Classic bike performs just as well as the Elite. So, if you are not concerned about the aesthetics, this bike will serve you just as well.