Trek vs Scott – Which is the more versatile bike?

Trek vs Scott

Have you ever stopped to consider how much easier your life would be if you had a simple transport option to rush you to your closest store and back? Look no further because between the Trek and Scott bikes, you are sure to find your choice roadie. Regardless of whether you are 15 or 50, … Read more

Trek vs Giant Hybrid Bikes – Which HybridRules?

Trek vs Giant Hybrid Bikes

Convenience seems to be a very important word among the general population. We all want to have things that make life easier and more bearable. So, when choosing a hybrid bike, which one between the Trek and Giant brands rules? It was while in college that I got to appreciate the accessibility and convenience of … Read more

Trek vs Bianchi – A thorough comparison guide

Trek vs Bianchi

So, you have been thinking of cycling to change your sedentary lifestyle? You might find the perfect medium in a Trek or Bianchi bike. It is not secret that our lives today are not what they used to be a short 60years or so back. Increasingly, we seem to be sinking into one chair or … Read more

Trek Marlin vs Giant Talon – Making the right selection

Trek Marlin vs Giant Talon

Different bike brands could sometimes share similar features and benefits in their various models. This is the case of Trek Marlin and Giant Talon. We take a look at what’s important when making the right selection. I came across the Giant Talon bike a few years ago when my cousin received it as a gift … Read more

Trek DS vs FX – A thorough comparison

Trek DS vs FX

What if I told you that there was a bike available that could traverse many terrains and would allow you to make adjustments to it as you see fit? Well, you’re in luck because the Trek DS and FX models are two of such awesome bikes.  I’m a firm believer in green-living since a few … Read more

Titanium vs Aluminum Bike – How do these frames compare?

Titanium vs Aluminum Bike

Have you come across a silver-colored bike and you wondered why its price tag was so high? You would be right to assume it was an aluminum frame. Guess again because titanium frames are in and they are strongly competing for title of the perfect ride. I found myself in this very predicament last Summer … Read more

Scott vs Specialized – Which bike is leading in Aerodynamics?

Scott vs Specialized

Since their inception, bikes continue to benefit from developments in aerodynamics. Between Scott and Specialized bike brands, who is leading in aerodynamics? Aero bikes are designed to help you go faster using the same amount of energy by cutting down on drag. Having been in the making for about 31 years today, the phenomenon of … Read more

Rockshox 35 Gold vs Yari – An in-depth comparison guide

Rockshox 35 Gold vs Yari

A suspension fork can make or break a bike’s riding performance which affects riders’ confidence. RockShox gold 35 Gold and Yari are almost the same but their hidden differences are undeniably significant.  My uncle is a pro-mountain-biker who has competed in tons of championships and events across the globe and our State. When I wanted … Read more