Aventon Mataro Review: Say Goodbye to Plastic Pedals

What do you get when you handpick the favorite features from various top tier bikes and put it all in one? You definitely get an Aventon and from this Aventon Mataro review, we tell you how these features can improve your riding experience.
I have seen several bike brands show up on the market. I am yet to see a brand that outdoes itself like Aventon. Born of two bike enthusiasts, Aventon is definitely pushing the boundaries of bike making. They have done what other bike companies have not been able to. They took the best features of popular bikes and assembled them into one mean machine. You want a lightweight frame that handles well, Aventon got it. Do you want a drivetrain that has a fixie, freewheel, and electric assist pedaling? Aventon has it. You want durable pedals, an ergonomic handlebar, and customized saddle, Aventon delivers. The Aventon Mataro is a bike that answers all my riding needs.
Aventon Fixie Mataro Bike

Aventon bikes are a dream project of two Spanish bike lovers who wanted to push the industry standards further. They researched the market and saw a gap. Riders wanted something light, durable, and easy to handle. Instead of hi-tensile steel or aluminum, Aventon went for high-grade alloy. Alloy has better performance and resistance to wear and tear. Aventon replaced the thin tubular frame with something thicker yet very light. The colors on an Aventon Mataro are also to die for.
Aventon Mataro boasts of a 6160 alloy frame that is tough and durable. Inventors of the bike used a hydro-foaming technology to piece all components together. Aventon reinforces the frame using top tier welding. They then polish the frame to gloss it up before applying color. Aventon uses low temp painting to ensure the colors pop and maintain the bike’s chic look.
At first glance, this bike’s frame looks thicker than usual. While it easy to think the bike is heavy, it actually is not. Aventon hollowed out the frame to make it as lightweight as possible. In an Aventon e-Bike, all wiring passes inside the hollow tubing for a cleaner appearance.
Head Tube
We all know the pains of a steering a stiff bike courtesy of a rusty head tube. You will not face that problem on this bike because Aventon tapered the head tube. This ensures head tube durability and improves front end control. You will love handling this Mataro bike in tight corners because of the improved head tube.
As per industry standards, this bike features both fixed gear and free-wheel cog. You can test this bike’s true power by pushing its limit on the fixie. If you only want to cruise around showing off your bike, and nothing more, then the free-wheel cog will do you fine.
Aventon Mataro comes with a drop bar style handlebar. This handlebar design increases performance by ensuring your body remains streamlined while riding. A drop bar design gives the Aventon Mataro the look of a race bike. The bike does not disappoint when it comes to clocking top speeds.
Aventon fashion this bike’s pedals from alloy metal too. Not only do they feel lightweight but the alloy construction makes them durable. This might be the first pair of bike pedals you will keep for a while.
Braking System
Aventon is now famous for using hydraulic brakes on their bikes. For the Aventon Mataro, they stuck to trademark Tektro brakes on the front wheel. These brakes are equally durable and powerful. One more advantage is that the front brakes are detachable. This gives you more control when riding this bike as a fixie.
Aventon released the Mataro in two flagship colors. You can buy this bike in Midnight Blue and Mataro White. These colors are vivid and really pop on the bike’s frame.
This bike comes in five sizes that suit adult riders. The sizes are 49cm, 52cm, 55cm, 58cm, and 61cm. If your height ranges between 5 feet and 6 feet 5 inches, you can find a suitable bike in the Aventon Mataro collection.
The saddle adjusts upwards to ensure you fit on the bike. The head tube also adjusts upwards for a comfortable riding position.

  • Durable frame
  • Interchangeable drivetrain
  • Lightweight body for speed


  • Only available in two colors
  • Available as single-speed


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The Aventon Mataro is an urban cruiser that is value for money. The frame and all its components are alloy metal which makes them durable. You will not be replacing any component in while. The colors on this bike are solid and will not wear off that easy.
Feel free to compare the features on this Aventon Mataro review with other products from the same company. A great comparison would be the Aventon Cordoba Fixie.