Base Camp Moon Road Bike Helmets Reviews: No More Squinted Eyes When Riding

A bike helmet protects you from nasty head bumps while riding. From our Basecamp Moon Road Bike Helmets reviews, we tell you more about what to consider in a premium bike helmet.
I love to ride fast on a bike. The only problem is I tend to tear up when riding. This one time I was topping my usual speeds enjoying the breeze when a bug got into my eye. Reflex told me to rub the intruder out and in that split second of getting my hand off the handlebar, I hit a massive bump. I flew into a hedge as my bike crushed a few meters away. It was a total scrap after that. I did not have any head injuries thanks to my base camp helmet. I realized I needed more from my helmet besides head protection. I needed my vision clear when riding which is why I got a Base Camp Moon Road Helmet.
Base Camp Moon Road Helmet

A visor is an important accessory in any helmet. We rarely think much of it but a visor can save yourself a great deal. It stops the wind from getting into the way of your concentration on the road. You do not worry about tearing up and you protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. A visor also makes your riding gear look cool and professional.
Helmet Design
Base Camp Moon Road helmet features a streamlined design for fast riders. Base Camp constructed this helmet using what they call Integral Molding Technology. This enhances the absorption of impact energy during an accident. You feel protected and do not risk a concussion in case something happens when you are riding.
This helmet features a multi-density construction as well. A tough helmet remains durable no matter how much abuse you subject it to. The design of this helmet complies with American CPSC safety standards as safe for use on the road.
Base Camp moon road bike comes with 15 vent configurations. This ventilation system allows air into the inner chamber keeping the helmet aerated. It never gets hot under the helmet even in 90-degree weather. The ventilation system adds to the streamlined features of the helmet. This will allow you to move faster even in windy areas.
Detachable Visor
Base Camp moon road helmet comes with a detachable visor. The visor attaches to the helmet using three magnetic points. This visor wraps around the eye providing full protection. Wind, debris, or insects will not get in your way while riding. The visor is UV treated as well to provide protection from sun rays.
You will appreciate the optical clarity of the Base Camp Moon Road helmet visor. You can flip it up or remove it with one hand.
Breathable Inner Padding
This helmet has inner padding made of breathable material. The padding assists in sweat management which keeps your head dry while riding. The helmet also fits better thanks to this padding. As part of your helmet maintenance, it is possible to remove and wash the padding.
Base camp Moon Road helmet has a standard size that fit heads between 21.75 and 23.25 inches. The helmet also has side-straps that are adjustable to fit different head sizes. This helmet will fit both men and women with the said head sizes. An inbuilt dial system helps adjust the helmet as well ensuring it does not fall off when riding.
The flagship color for this helmet is matte gray. You may also buy ths helmet in glossy black with red accents. Nothing stops you from painting your own custom color on the helmet.
This product weighs 10 ounces making it a featherweight helmet. You will not feel the helmet on your head but its sturdy construction keeps you protected all the time. This helmet is light to wear even with the visor attached.

  • Quality construction
  • Detachable visor
  • 15 vents for cooling
  • Affordable


  • Available in only two colors
  • May not fit all head sizes


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The aim of our Base Camp Moon road bike helmets reviews is to help you see the need for a visor on your helmet. A helmet visor protects your eyes from wind or debris. Top tier helmets like the Base Camp moon road have UV treated visors. This provides ample protection against harsh UV light.
This helmet is a complete package if you are looking for protection and comfort when riding. For color variety, consider a Basecamp CPSC Certified helmet.