Basecamp Bike Helmet Review: Designed to Conquer Mountains

If you want a modern comfortable helmet that packs lots of features, get a Basecamp Neo Mountain helmet. This helmet is tough and breathable. Discover more features in our Basecamp Bike Helmet review.
I love the intensity of biking up a mountain. It demands loads of energy which leaves me sweating by the time I reach the peak. It is a great feeling to conquer mountains with a bike. Things were not always rosy while biking up high peaks. Sweat would drip down my brows and affect my visibility. Biking up a mountain also poses threats like falling off a steep slope or muddy path. It made me realize that I needed a bike helmet with guaranteed protection. I had heard of the Basecamp brand of helmets. I decided to buy a Basecamp Neo Mountain Helmet. This helmet does conquer the mountains.
Basecamp Neo Bike Helmet

For mountain riding, you need a helmet that protects you and also ensure your comfort. You need to feel cool and dry as you push the limits of your fixed gear. You also need some shade to protect your eyes from harsh light or falling debris from trees. Biking up the wild terrains is fun with a Basecamp bike helmet.
Here is what you get from this top-tier helmet for mountain riders.
This helmet features a shell material made from polycarbonate. The inner part of the helmet is quality EPS foam which is a high tensile plastic. The helmet is shock-resistant and protects your head from the hardest impact.
Cranial Protection
Basecamp bike helmet guarantees full cranial protection. Its design ensures the helmet fits around your head. As the helmet cradles around your head, the occipital bone is fully protected. You are more confident about tearing up or down tough and technical terrains.
Your head will always feel cool thanks to the ventilation of this helmet. it features 18 spacious vents that allow air flow into the inner dome. The inside of the helmet remains cooled even in hot weather. The motion of the air in and out the helmet also adds to the aerodynamics of the helmet. You feel less wind resistance when speeding especially in high altitudes.
Breathable Inner Padding
Most standard helmets today include a breathable inner lining. This helmet has a plush liner that sits comfortably around your head. The lining has microbial protection as well. It protects bacteria from building up inside the helmet. This ensures your helmet smells fresh at all times.
Adjustable Visor
A visor is necessary for eye protection when riding. Basecamp Neo Mountain biking helmet has an inbuilt visor that is adjustable. As you ride, your eyes are safe from harsh light. When you do not need the visor, remove it and continue riding.
This helmet fits head sizes between 22.5 and 24.5 inches. It comes with SH-18 fitting system that includes an adjusting dial. Use the dial to adjust the helmet’s circumference to fit your particular head size.
This helmet is a standard size for adult riders. It also weighs 310 grams making it lightweight enough for riding. Also included are adjustable side straps for resizing and holding the helmet in place while riding.
Basecamp bike helmet comes in two colors. You can buy the helmet in matte white or matte black. Neutral colors make this helmet unisex.

  • Guaranteed cranial protection
  • Made from tough EPS foam and polycarbonate
  • Well ventilated
  • Includes a visor


  • May not fit smaller head sizes
  • Only available in two colors
  • Does not include a backlight


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Basecamp Neo-mountain Bike helmet is perfect for avid mountain riders. This helmet features an EPS foam and polycarbonate construction. It makes the helmet tough and durable. it absorbs impact shock ensuring the head remains protected at all time. The ergonomic design protects the occipital bone as well which is a plus.
This helmet has 18 air flow vents and breathable inner padding. This ensures your head remains cool and dry as you pedal your way up mountains. Basecamp Neo-mountain helmet does not include backlighting which is fine. It suits riders who love to conquer the mountains on their bikes. For a backlit helmet, compare our Basecamp bike helmet review with a Basecamp BMX helmet.