Basecamp Zoom Helmet Review: You Will Never Cry While Riding Again

The best headgear for bicycle riding keeps you safe and does not get in the way of you enjoying yourself while riding. Our Basecamp Zoom helmet review explains all the vital bike helmet features that allow you to enjoy bicycle rides through nature.
As a city dweller, every weekend I love taking my bike to the outskirts where it is peaceful and serene. I ride through lush fields of grass overlooking panoramic views of majestic mountains and sunsets. The only issue I always face while riding is debris or insects flying into my eyes. The last thing I want is making several stops to rub debris off my eyes which takes away from the fun of riding. So I decided to get myself a quality bike helmet that comes with an inbuilt visor. I found various helmet options online but most of them didn’t seem to give value for money. It is until I landed on a Basecamp Zoom helmet that I knew I have hit my jackpot!
Basecamp Zoom Helmet

Most bikers assume premium riding helmets are costly. This could not be any further from the truth. Basecamp zoom helmet is not only affordable but it packs premium features to improve your riding experience. This top tier helmet comes in a standard size for adults and several color options to increase your choice as a consumer. Another thing to appreciate is that this helmet comes with safety features that comply with the US CPSC bike standards.
Basecamp made this helmet with the enthusiast rider in mind. Whether it is your first time to ride a bike or you are a pro rider training every day, this helmet is just for you. With minor issues like debris or wind interference taken care of, you are only left to enjoy your bicycle ride.
Magnetically Attached Visor
Basecamp zoom helmet comes with a compatible visor that attaches to the helmet using magnetic technology. This ensures the optical shield locks in place during the entire riding session. You will also love how the shield wraps around the eye providing all-around protection. Given the visor attaches magnetically, it is easy to flip it up or detach it with one hand while riding.
Strong Helmet Design
Basecamp crafted this helmet using what they call integral molding technology. This technology molds all helmet components, minus the visor, to make one piece. As a one-piece gear, this Basecamp zoom helmet can withstand any impact you subject it to. One other thing to note is that Basecamp crafted this helmet using multi-density EPS. EPS is a rigid plastic that helps absorb most of the impact energy which increases rider safety.
This helmet also features 7 perforations which allow air to flow in and out of the helmet. The inlet adds to the streamlining of the helmet and also reduces wind resistance. As you ride, you are in harmony with the wind current rather than fight them. It beats all the closed helmets that leave your neck and head tired after a long ride.
Removable High-performance Padding
On the inside of this helmet is special padding made from breathable material. This padding not only feels comfortable to wear but it also absorbs sweat leaving you feeling dry and cool. As you buy the Basecamp zoom helmet, ensure you have the right padding measurements for your head size.
Multicolored Helmet
Basecamp Zoom helmet comes in five main colors. These are matte black, matte white, team black, team grey, and team white. You can vary the look of your helmet by throwing in a different colored visor. The standard color for the visor is yellow.
Other features
The helmet comes with a padded chin strap for extra protection. The visor has a UV shield that reduces glare to boost visibility while riding. Basecamp includes a portable bag to store the helmet when not in use.

  • Tough and durable
  • Streamlined for minimal wind resistance
  • Detachable visor with UV protection shield


  • No LED light for night riding
  • Does not fit larger head forms


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Basecamp zoom helmet is for riders who enjoy nature while on a bike. A top tier detachable visor allows you to focus more on the ride and less about debris or insects getting into your eye. This particular helmet model suits adults with a head size between 21.75 and 23.25 inches. If this is not the right fit for you, Basecamp can custom-make one for you by order.
This helmet packs all the necessary features for ultimate riding protection at an affordable price. It may not be the right helmet if you frequently ride at night. You can compare our Basecamp Zoom helmet review with a Basecamp Unisex Riding Helmet or a Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet.