The 7 Best Balaclavas for cycling in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking for a good balaclava that will keep you warm while riding your bike? Here are 7 of the best balaclavas for cycling in the market today.

I love riding my bike so much that even the bad weather won’t stop me from cycling. The only problem with this is that I usually end up getting a cold because of how cold it gets when cycling. When I went to the bike store they recommended a Balaclavas for cycling and it worked. It properly protects my neck and forehead and only exposes my eyes so that I can see properly but remain warm.

A balaclava is a cloth headgear that covers your forehead, chin, neck, and forehead with your eyes and mouth still exposed. This helps protect you from the cold weather when cycling. It is mostly used when skiing and cycling. It also prevents dirt and other debris from hitting your face and neck. Depending on the design, some of them stretch down to your torso. This is useful to any cyclist who loves riding during the cold season.

The 7 best Balaclavas for Cycling- A comparison Table

Self Pro Balaclava
Self Pro
Under Armour ColdGear Infrared hood
Under Armour
Other fibres
Chaos CTR Windproof Balaclava
Burton Burke Hood face mask
Polyester and spandex
Zerdocean winter Fleece Balaclava
Fleece lining
Turtle Fur Ninja style face mask
Turtle Fur
Polyester & spandex
BCOCOB Adjustable 2 pack balaclava

Self Pro Balaclava- best Balaclava for cycling

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The Self Pro Balaclava is a perfect face mask for cycling and motorbike riding. It covers most of your face to protect you from dust, aerosols, UV rays, and other elements. It can be worn under a helmet too.


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Weighs 1.76 ounces
  • Has 4 way stretch fabric
  • Manufactured by Self Pro

The Self Pro Balaclava is a versatile and unisex face mask that you can wear while cycling. It is very breathable due to the quality fabric it is made of. The sewing detail of this balaclava makes it fit perfectly on your head. The premium fabric on this balaclava s made of hi-tech fibers to keep your neck cool and comfortable

It protects you from UV rays if you are cycling on a hot day and keeps you warm while cycling in the hot season. It is wrinkle-free and the color doesn’t fade so you can use it for years. It is light so that you can carry it anywhere you go.


  • The neck is longer and extra-long at the front so that it can provide better protection and coverage.
  • This balaclava is soft and elastic so it will be comfortable while cycling and offer a better fit.
  • It is a versatile mask that can be worn in different ways like a bandana, beanie, and sweatband.
  • The Coolmax fibres also prevent overheating and fogging up of your mask.


  • The material might be much thinner than you expect.


The Self Pro balaclava is made of high tech performance fibers to offer you protection from the cold, dirt, and UV rays. It is a breathable and lightweight balaclava that fits well under helmets. This is a worthwhile purchase.

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Under Armour ColdGear Infrared hood- Warmest Balaclava for cycling

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The Under Armor ColdGear hood is smooth and feels like a second skin when you wear it. It provides protection and warmth without being too bulky when cycling


  • Colour black
  • Machine washable
  • Men’s Balaclava

The Under Armour ColdGear hood is versatile and can be worn on the neck with the chin dropped for better ventilation. The ColdGear infrared on this hood has a soft thermos conductor to absorb and retain body heat. This will keep you warm while riding.

The material wicks sweat and dry up fast keeping you cool while cycling. It also has anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes. You can throw it into the washing machine when you want to clean it fast before a ride.


  • The 4-way stretch fabric allows for better mobility and retains the original shape of the mask.
  • The Cold gear fabric provides warmth and comfort when riding in the cold season
  • This balaclava offers full face protection while cycling.


  • Made for men


Under Armour offers quality sporting gear and this ColdGear infrared hood is no different. It is flexible, comfortable, and keeps you cool and warm while cycling.This is a great choice for the cyclist who rides during the cold season.

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Chaos CTR Howler Multitasker Pro- Best Windproof Balaclava

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The Chaos CTR balaclava is made of 100 % polyester and measures 1†high and 1†wide. It comes in color black and provides coverage for the whole face only exposing your eyes.


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • 1†high, 1†wide
  • Windproof
  • Moisture-wicking fabric

The inner print of this balaclava adjusts according to the heat absorbed and released depending on your body temperature. This mask is wind resistant due to its three-layer process which offers protection while still being comfortable.

This is a breathable balaclava for you to use while cycling. It offers more protection for your face compared to other balaclavas and can be worn in different ways. You can wear it on your neck only, neck and face or full face and neck. It is helmet-compatible.


  • The fleece is 100% windproof to protect you from strong winds while cycling.
  • The multi-tasker hinge lets you wear this item as a balaclava or neck tube.
  • It is also waterproof to offer you protection on rainy days.


  • Breathing into the fleece will fog up your goggles.


The Chaos CTR Howler multitask Pro is a versatile balaclava that can be worn in different ways while still being comfortable. It is breathable and offers wind protection to keep you warm while cycling. It is worth the price.

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Burton Burke Hood face mask- Best women’s Balaclava for cycling

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The Burton Burke hood face mask is an ideal balaclava for cycling and snowboarding sports. It is soft and offers proper coverage from dirt, wind, and other elements you may encounter when cycling.


  • 6% spandex and 94% polyester
  • Pull-on closure
  • Machine washable
  • 180 degrees stretch

The Burton Burke Hood face mask comes in 12 colors to choose from. Although this mask is unisex it is very popular among women due to its stylish design. It is breathable and 180 degrees stretch to increase flexibility while cycling.

The anti-pilling ensures that the softness of this balaclava lasts longer. It is versatile and you can also use it when snowboarding or taking walks. The cinched design allows you to tighten the face mask after putting it on for a better fit.


  • The ultra-wick fleece is quick in drying away sweat to keep you cool while cycling.
  • The material is also very breathable
  • It comes with chafe-free soft-lock seams that provide more comfort.


  • The sizing is a challenge if you don’t use their size guide


The Burton Burke hood face mask is a perfect choice or cyclers looking for a stylish yet protective balaclava. It will keep you warm during the cold season and allow great flexibility as you ride.

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Zerdocean winter Fleece Balaclava- Most breathable Balaclava for cycling

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The Zerdocean balaclava is a windproof thermal headwear designed to give you protection while you are cycling, on your motorcycle, or doing other sports. It is available in two colors.


  • 7 “ high
  • 14†wide
  • Soft fleece lining.

This is a perfect balaclava for riding, snowboarding, skiing, and even construction. It is made of stretchable fabric for a more comfortable fit. It comes in one size fits all. You can wear it as a full face mask, half ski mask, or open balaclava.

It is very supportive and feels like a second skin when you wear it. It is a cost-effective option for a balaclava for cycling. If you cycle regularly especially during the winter, you should have this as part of your gear.


  • It has a mesh vent design to increase its breathability.
  • You can wear this balaclava under any helmet.
  • It does not fog up your goggles like other balaclavas if positioned well.


  • Slightly heavier than other balaclavas.


The Zerdocean balaclava is versatile and can be worn in 4 different ways. It is soft, breathable, and offers protection from dirt, debris, and wind. It is an affordable option for a cyclist on a budget.

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Turtle Fur Ninja style face mask- Best for sun protection

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The Turtle Fur Ninja facemask is ideally designed to be lightweight and offer you protection from the sun. It comes with UPF50+ sun protection. It is available in sizes for both adults and teens.


  • Lightweight
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Made of 92% polyester and 8%spandex
  • Weighs 2.72 ounces.

This face mask is soft against the skin for comfortability. The 4-way stretch fabric allows for more flexibility while cycling. It will offer you the needed support no matter the weather.

The fabric is not only moisture-wicking but also quick drying. For an intense biking session, you won’t have to be sweaty and smelly when done. The single-layer has comfort shell technology so that you can wear it comfortably without distraction while cycling.


  • The single layer is very light and offers more comfort while cycling.
  • This balaclava is brushed on the inside to make it softer and more comfortable.
  • The material is moisture-wicking to keep you cool during intense rides.


  • It fogs up very easily


The Turtle Fur Ninja face mask is designed to fit almost anyone to offer protection from the sun when cycling. It is lightweight with moisture wicking fabric to keep you cook without weighing you down.

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BCOCOB 2 pack balaclava- Adjustable Balaclava for cycling

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The BCOCOB balaclava is versatile and can be worn in different ways depending on the activity. It comes in the color black and offers you protection from UV rays while cycling. It is ideal for cycling, skiing, and other outdoor sports.


  • Weighs 2.5 ounces
  • Made of nylon
  • Available in a 2 pack offer

This balaclava offers protection and coverage against elements like wind and the sun. It is made of unique garment fibers that are moisture-wicking to keep you cool when you sweat. It offers great absorbency while remaining breathable.

It protects against the cold weather and feels smooth on the skin. It comes in a one size fits all because of the stretchy nature of the fabric. You can wear it in many ways to protect your head and neck while cycling.


  • It offers excellent protection from UV rays while cycling.
  • The flexible design offers proper coverage and protection against the elements.
  • The fabric is nice and soft to keep you comfortable while riding.


  • The nylon material may be too thin to protect from strong winds.


The BCOCOB balaclava is adjustable and offers protection against wind and other elements while cycling. This is a great choice for a cyclist because it is breathable, soft, and very comfortable to wear.

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What to consider when buying the best balaclava for cycling

When you are looking to buy a balaclava for cycling, you need to consider how much protection from the elements they offer you. Most buyers use balaclavas to protect from wind, dirt, and harsh UV rays while doing sports and other activities. The balaclava should be long-lasting, comfortable, and breathable. Here is more you should consider before deciding to buy.


The price of the balaclava depends on the material, its durability, and the manufacturer. You should not go over your budget because you can still find a quality one that will offer you protection from the elements while cycling. Chose a balaclava that is within your budget and according to your individual preferences.


The material used in the construction of the balaclava is also of concern. Those made of polyester are good at moisture wicking and dry faster to keep you cool. It is also lightweight and cheaper compared to other options.

Balaclavas made of nylon is breathable and lets a lot of moisture out. It is durable and offers a high level of wind protection. Those made of neoprene are also durable and offer more warmth when it comes to cycling during the cold season. You should consider which material you want depending on your budget and needs.


You need to get the size and shape of the balaclava right. Many balaclavas come in one size fits all. This is because they are made of very stretchable fabric. You can decide to go for one that has a longer neck for more protection or the versatile ones that you can wear differently. Adjustable balaclavas allow you to wear it loosely or as tight as you want.


The length of the balaclava you buy depends on your preference. Some only go as far as the neck while others go all the way to your upper chest and torso. This offers a bit more coverage. This is totally up to you.

Using Glasses

Most users complain of fogging up of their glasses when worn with balaclavas. This may be due to the heat that is captured by the balaclava that is translated to moisture on your glasses. They are however not made to fit sunglasses so you may have to find a way to keep your glasses clear that is both safe and stable. You can also opt to buy vented cycling glasses to get rid of fogging glasses.


You should buy a balaclava that is designed for intense cycling so that you don’t experience any breathing issues. Some of them come with a nose opening while others have a hinged mouthpiece and nose. They are designed with mesh vents to increase their breathability so that you can ride comfortably. The best choice is one that also protects your nose and mouth from the cold.


In conclusion, a balaclava is an essential part of a cyclists gear. You should get one for protection from the wind and dirt while cycling. They come in different designs to cover your face and neck. The best balaclavas for cycling should be breathable, durable, and comfortable for you to wear.

The balaclavas on this list are soft and can be worn under helmets comfortably. You should also consider the price and size of a balaclava before deciding to buy. Go ahead and buy a balaclava so you can keep warm when cycling

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I breathe well when wearing a balaclava?

Yes, you can. Balaclavas are made of mesh and have vents to increase breathability. Some have a nose opening designed for heavy breathing during the winter.

  1. How can I keep my balaclava clean?

Always refer to the user manual to know if your balaclava is machine washable or not. Depending on the material you will have to use specific washing procedures.