7 Best Bar Tape for Sweaty Hands in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

For many years, several cyclists have considered handlebar tapes as insignificant bike components that should not be prioritized. Today, however, even professional bikers agree that these tapes affect major factors such as your grip and convenience when cycling.

Hey there! My name is David and I am a tourist guide. I have worked in many national parks and I enjoy cycling when embarking on exciting adventures within the parks. For many years I had to deal with the pain of sore hands and blisters especially because my hands release a lot of sweat during my biking adventures.

I browsed through the market for a suitable solution and handlebar tapes proved to be an excellent result. The great function and amazing characteristics of these tools improved my biking adventures. In this review, I have listed the most ideal handlebar tapes designed to suit, and intensify your drive and strength when cycling.

Best Bar Tape for Sweaty Hands – Comparison Table 

Key Features 
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The Cork Handlebar Tape from Cinelli
Each box comes with two adhesive rolls

The handlebars come with end caps

The Tape and Plugs Bar Tape from Lizard Skins
It is light in weight

It comes with 2 bar end plugs

The EVA Road Bike Handlebar Tapes from BV
The handlebars are of very high quality

Made with EVA foam for a lot of cushioning.

The Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape from SRAM
Designed from Vinyl material

The handlebar has an anti-slip grip

The Long Gel Bicycle Handlebar Tape Wrap from Domain Cycling
It is designed with enough EVA foam cushioning

Underneath the handlebar there is the VEX-gel lining.

The Special Edition Handlebar Tape from Cinelli
The handlebar has a leather design and feeling

There is the adhesive backing on the handlebar

The Tempo Microtex Bondcush Classic from Fizik
The grip of this handlebar is strong and tacky

The textured surfaces increase the traction

Best Bar Tape for Sweaty Hands – a comparison overview

The Cork Handlebar Tape from Cinelli

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As we all know, handlebars are designed to provide cyclists with additional grip that will be firm and fitting, even when profusely sweating during your cycling sessions. This can only be achieved by purchasing an ideal handlebar wrap that can work well no matter what climatic condition is you are cycling under. The Cork handlebar from Cinelli is one of the best in the industry featuring a very simple design that functions perfectly even when exposed to very slippery or dry climatic conditions.

When delivered one box contains two tape rolls that have an adequate amount of adhesion on the base. The tape is long enough to cover the whole handlebar while still providing the cyclist with an adequate amount of padding to ensure that your hands are cushioned, eliminating the chance of getting any kind of blisters when cycling for an extended period.

One of the advantages of this handlebar is that it has a large capacity that significantly reduces the vibrations. This improves the performance of this handlebar. The handlebars also absorb a lot of shock safeguarding your hands from harsh vibrations as you cycle. As soon as you put on the Cork handlebar tapes, you are assured that you will benefit from a comfortable and convenient cycling experience at all times.


  • Riders are provided with an adequate amount of grip
  • The cushioning of the handlebars is good enough
  • It comes with two pre-cut strips of tape.


  • The end cups of this handlebars are not placed in a very secure manner
  • Cleaning the tape is not so easy
  • Some users have mentioned that they do not like the way the industry logos are printed all over the handlebar tapes.

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The Tape and Plugs Bar Tape from Lizard Skins

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The Tape and Plug bar tape from Lizard Skins is quite popular amongst both the recreational and professional cyclists. The bar tape is designed from very thick high-quality material and yet it is still light, good enough to be fitted onto your bike handle. This bar tape is colorful and also quite stylish adding an elegant and cool look to your bike.

The bar tapes also provide users with a lot of cushioning and comfort that is efficient for both short and long bike rides. As a cyclist, you are assured that your palms will not get any kind of blisters. The materials used to design this bar tape vary in size from 1.mm, 2.5mm to 3.2mm. The materials make this tape quite thick, absorbing all kinds of harsh vibrations, giving you the chance to enjoy a nice smooth cycling experience.


  • Cleaning it is so easy
  • The grip is strong and not slippery
  • The cushioning is excellent


  • The handlebar is not as durable
  • Some cyclists mentioned that the material is not long enough.

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The EVA Road Bike Handlebar Tapes from BV

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The EVA road bike handlebar is very light in weight which is great as your handlebars will not have to deal with any kind of additional volume which adds to the convenience as you cycle. This handlebar is also quite elegant, giving your bike a stylish look. The materials used are quite strong and water-resistant ensuring that the grip tape will work well even when maneuvering through harsh weather conditions.

The handlebars are capable of taking in harsh vibrations from a different kind of terrain allowing your hands to remain comfortable no matter what kind of place you are cycling. The end bars are fastened with finishing tapes that ensure that the edges are secure providing you with a very clean and elegant look.


  • Installing the bike handlebars is very easy.
  • The handlebars can easily absorb a lot of shock and harsh vibrations
  • It is available at a very affordable price


  • The sides of the handlebar are made with thinner material than the middle
  • The finishing tape is not enough

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The Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape from SRAM

[amazon box=”B001BZ9T3M” template=”horizontal” ]

If you like to stand out from the crowd and shine with your bike, then the elegant Supercork bicycle bar tape is exactly what you need. This bike tape is radiant and gorgeous guaranteed to turn plenty of heads as you cycle around with it. This bar tape is designed with vinyl material ensuring that your palms remain firm even when cycling through rough and intense terrain.

When installing this material, you can stretch it widely and you are guaranteed that the rips will not break at any point. This bar tape is quite soft [providing you with comfort throughout your cycling experience. It maintains a firm position even when it is exposed to external factors such as sweat or water. The Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape is an affordable option, living up to all the hype.


  • The fit of this handlebar is tight and very comfortable
  • The installation process is very easy
  • It is not expensive
  • It is a reliable product


  • The finishing tape is not enough
  • Cleaning this handlebar is not so easy
  • It can get a little bit short

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The Long Gel Bicycle Handlebar Tape Wrap from Domain Cycling

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This Long Gel Bicycle Handlebar was specially designed to serve people who embark on long-distance bike rides. The Domain Cycling industry has emphasized comfort and class helping you as you cycle through the streets. The handlebar tape wrap is quite long covering both of your handlebars. The tape is long enough and can be used on the bike levers.

The tape wrap is long enough and it can be wrapped easily and tightly around your bike handlebars. It is designed with an adequate amount of cushioning allowing your hands to be comfortable through the entire cycling process. Cyclists are guaranteed that they will not suffer from any kind of blisters. The surface of the handlebars is non-slip, giving you the chance to enjoy a nice cycling session even in both wet and dry circumstances.


  • The cushioning of these handlebars is amazing
  • There is no logo plastered all over the handlebar
  • The material stretches perfectly during the wrapping session


  • A limited selection of colors

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The Special Edition Handlebar Tape from Cinelli

[amazon box=”B01CINGQIQ” template=”horizontal” ]

This Special Edition handlebar from Cinelli is specially designed to provide you with a lot of comfort and additional cushioning on your palms as you continue to cycle. Even when cycling through very rough and bumpy terrain, your hands will maintain a cozy feeling thanks to the soft texture of the handlebar tape. This handlebar also sports a very classy and attractive look leather look.

The base of this handlebar is polyurethane, making it light in weight and easy to handle. The top part of the handlebar is strengthened with a soft cover made of velvet enhancing the luxury and the comfort that you will experience. The handlebar also comes with an adhesive strip. Wrapping this strip is very easy and the end plugs provide you with a great finish. The whole set comes with finishing strips, end plugs, and tape that is adequate to cover the whole handlebar.


  • The texture is quite soft
  • You can easily unwrap and re-apply this handlebar
  • The form is strong and long-lasting.


  • Some users mention that it is not as long as they would have liked
  • The adhesive tape is very strong
  • The finishing tape is not of high-quality

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The Tempo Microtex Bondcush Classic from Fizik

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The Tempo Microtex Bondcush handlebars are designed from very strong microtex material that is guaranteed to last for a very long time. The handlebar is very light in weight, good enough to ensure that the application process is very easy. There is the ultra-thin form that is quite versatile with different sizes from 2mm to 2.7 mm to 3mm. Cyclists get the option to choose from a series of different colors. It is strong enough for all your cycling activities no matter how many miles you cover.

There is an additional filling of 0.8mm ensuring that the cyclist is comfortable throughout the ride. The handlebar is also designed with a distinctive file texture that improves the grip while providing you with a smooth surface where you can comfortably move your hands. The handlebars perform excellently even when exposed to factors such as rain or sweat.


  • It is quite long
  • It has an attractive look and easily sticks to the handlebar
  • The tape maintains its traction even when it is wet


  • It does not stretch
  • The vibrations do not dampen
  • The padding of this handlebar is not enough

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What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bar Tape for Sweaty Hands  

The Grip of the Handlebar  

Handlebars are a very alluring and attractive part of any bike; however, these add-ons do a lot more than just enhancing the attractiveness of the bike. Handlebars are designed with more grip. The grip provided is necessary as the handlebars function as a major contact point from your hands to the bike. The grip provided will influence the amount of control you have on your bike. It also influences the direction of which you wish to cycle as well as your safety. An excellent handlebar tape should be strong with a grip that has a non-slip feature. This ensures that the cyclist’s hands always maintain a secure position on the handlebars of the bike.

The Padding  

When it comes to comfort, the padding on the bike’s handlebars is a major factor that must be considered. The padding should be adequate to keep your hands comfortable even when cycling through very rough terrain for a long time. Adequate padding is necessary as it protects you from dealing with sore palms and blisters.

The Type of Handlebar  

There are three common handlebars in today’s market.

The Cork – The cork tape is designed from classic and traditional material. This material provides your hands with a very comfortable and luxurious feeling. The cork is also more expensive than other types of handlebars in the industry.

Leather – Leather fabric is compatible with several other bike components. Leather provides cyclists with a comfortable feeling and it also gives your bike an elegant look. Leather is also strong and durable guaranteed to last for a very long time. However, if you are looking for a handlebar that will absorb harsh vibrations, leather is not the most ideal choice.

Synthetic Materials – Many handlebars are designed with synthetic materials that are light in weight and last for a very long time. Synthetic materials provide the cyclist with additional grip. The material is a combination of gel cores and foam improving the comfort and the cushioning feeling. The synthetic materials also provide you with great shock absorption and enhanced vibration.

The Flexibility of the Handlebars  

Many cyclists prefer to use much thinner tapes as they easily wrap around your handlebar. It does not matter if your handlebar is positioned sideways or hangs low, it is vital that you select a tape that is versatile enough to cover the entire length of the handlebar without giving rise to any kind of installation problem.

The Color  

A lot of cyclists prefer to purchase handlebars that are white, however, there are those who prefer to purchase handlebars that are easy to wash without leaving behind any hard stains. There are many cyclists like to purchase handlebar tapes that are the same color as the saddle or the head tube of their bike. Such a purchase gives your bike a very elegant look. The color that you pick out depends on what you prefer and the vibe that you are going for.


Handlebar tapes are a great option for all cyclists. Not only do they work as a safe cover for your bike’s handlebars, but they also provide your hands with so much comfort while cycling. The tapes mentioned in this review are very thick and cozy, eliminating any chance of dealing with blisters or sore palms. With these tapes, you are assured that you will get to enjoy a fun biking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

  1. What is a handlebar tape? 

Handlebar tape is used to describe a material that is folded around your bicycle’s handlebars. This tape provides you with a comfortable feeling when cycling and it also improves the design of the bike. Additionally, with the tapes, the grip is enhanced and users are provided with a safe, non-slip surface that is reliable even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

  1. How is a handlebar tape used?  

The handlebar tape is first folded over the handlebars of your bike. At the end of the handlebars, a finishing tape is placed to secure the tape. This ensures that your hands remain cushioned as you cycle and the bike vibrations are reduced while intensifying a stronger grip.

  1. How long can the tape on your handlebar last?  

The fabric used to design your handlebar tape plays a major factor in determining how long the tape will last. If you are using the cork tape, it is advisable that you do not stretch the material too much as this may compromise the lifespan of the tape. The gel tape is not as great as the cork tape and users are advised not to exert too much pressure on this tape. This is because an increased amount of pressure separates the particles on the tape leading to a lot of wear and tear.