Best beach cruiser bikes review – Cycling along the beach soothes the soul

Do you live along the beach and need a nice bike for casual rides? Choose Schwinn Perla 7 speed cruiser bike. It is designed to increase your comfort and give you a stylish look. Go through the best beach cruiser bike reviews to learn more!
I have always loved cool waters. I did marine science in school with the hopes of securing a good job near the beach. My dream came true, and I was finally enjoying the cool breeze every evening as I commuted back home from work. Though walking along the beach was gratifying, it was exhausting, and I often got home with no energy to do anything else. I would lazy around my couch after my long walks on the shore and eventually, fall asleep. I decided to get a cruiser bike to reduce the exhaustion and Schwinn ladies cruiser bike made my exploration worth it.
Schwinn Perla 7 speed beach bike
Cruiser bikes are designed to help you maintain an upright seating posture. If you love long rides along the beach, this bike is for you. It is a versatile bike that is available in a seven-speed version. Though it is perfect for the beach, it can also manage a few hills. Unlike regular bikes that only provide transport, this allows you to relax and explore new areas along the beach.
The producer prioritizes on your safety before considering other factors such as prestige and design. Though most cruiser bikes lack a braking mechanism, Schwinn 7 speed cruiser includes it for your protection. The design melts the hearts of many ladies.
The bike uses a steel frame that allows it to withstand abuse. It is what makes the bike safe and durable. Any bike that includes steel construction can withstand a lot of weight. This means that you can bring along a backpack full of snacks with you when riding along the beach.
Cruiser bikes follow specific rules when it comes to making the wheels. The mandatory size of the wheels of cruiser bikes is 26 inches. They also include alloy rims which boost its safety. Schwinn cruiser bike also contains high-quality tires that can withstand different terrains. Do not let your bike come into contact with glass since it can puncture the tires.
Classic fenders
While other brands install fenders on the rear wheel only, Schwinn cruiser bike includes classic fenders on both wheels. These ensure that you remain dry as you ride your bike along the beach. They also prevent you from getting dirty from the sand. The manufacturer incorporates them well in the design.
Braking mechanism
One speed cruise bikes lack a braking mechanism. Schwinn comes with seven different speeds making it a must to include the braking system. The speeds and brakes ensure that you can reach your destination fast and with minimal hindrances.
The producers also include an extra layer of padding in the seat to make it soft and comfortable. There is also a steel spring mechanism underneath the seat which absorbs vibrations and shock during cycling. The foam in the seat includes an extra layer of leathers making it soft and weather resistant. You can ride your bike in different weather conditions.
The company provides you with a limited warranty after purchasing this bike. You can always get something fixed if a part gets damaged. The extended warranty also shows that the manufacturer believes in the brand.

  • It is safe and comfortable
  • Has an elegant design
  • Keeps you clean and dry


  • The soft metal screws make it hard to tighten
  • Poor handlebar mechanism


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Schwinn ladies cruiser can make you enjoy living near the beach. It is one the best beach bikes in the market due to its performance, style and comfort. It contains a lot of good qualities such as 7 speeds, ergonomic design, classic fenders, and a braking mechanism. You can get more information about the brand on the best beach cruiser bikes reviews.
Feel free to check other cruiser bikes such as Huffy Nel Lusso women cruiser and Firmstrong Urban lady beach cruiser. Each type comes with unique features that differentiate it from the other.