7 best Bike locks for your bicycle in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking to change your bike lock? If you are having a hard time getting the best one, don’t worry. Here we review 7 of the best bike locks in the market today.

I rode my bike to school every day when I was in high school. It was the fastest way to get there and I didn’t have to worry about getting late or traffic. This was easy and convenient for me until it was stolen on school property.

I was sad because my parents weren’t able to afford another one at that time. When I had saved enough and bought a new bike, I swore that I would keep it secure and safe this time. So I bought a bicycle lock.

A bicycle lock is used to fasten your bike to another object to avoid theft. Most people lock their bikes on bike racks that are placed in parking lots. They greatly reduce the risk of theft. Losing something you love and have worked hard to buy can be heart-breaking so its safety should be important. Here are 7 of the best bike locks you can buy for your bike.

Best bike locks for your bicycle- A comparison table

Kryptonite Evolution  Mini-7
Hiplok Spin
Ottolock Cinch
Abus Granit X Plus540
Knog Strongman U-Lock
Foldylock compact
Kryptonite New York std


Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7- Max performance Steel bike lock

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The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 is a high-quality security lock. Rated 7/10 on the Kryptonite security scale your bike will be safe and secure no matter how long you leave it. This bike lock comes with a U-lock.


  • Has a 13mm steel shackle
  • 4’ Krypto flex double loop cable
  • 3 stainless steel keys
  • Dimensions 3.25†x 7â€

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 lock is one of the largest yet still lightweight bike locks out there. Weighing 1.6 kg, you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky. This lock is also weatherproof and won’t rust as easily as all the others.

The vinyl coating ensures that it will endure all kinds of weather. It is very durable and can last years with the right care. This bike lock is easy to use because of the bent foot shackle design. The other stainless key comes with LED light and a replaceable battery.


  • The 13mm steel shackle has hardened deadbolts to increase holding power. It is also resistant to bolt cutters.
  • The Krypto flex double loop cable helps in securing the front wheel and other accessories on your bike.
  • There is a reinforced cuff over the crossbar that provides added security for your bike.


  • The bike lock can lose its grip if dust and other debris accumulate in the keyhole.


The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 is an ideal bike lock that will ensure the safety of your bike.  Its durability and ease of use will allow you to quickly secure your bike without having to worry about it getting stolen. It also comes with a dust cover.

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Hiplok Spin bike lock- Keyless and Wearable Chain lock

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The Hiplock spin is one of the lightest wearable chain locks out there. It weighs 800g and comes in a stylish neon yellow color that any cyclist would love. This lock is a unique one because you don’t need to use your keys.


  • Chain lock
  • 6mm hardened steel chain
  • 4 digit combination lock
  • Locking length of 75cm

This wearable chain lock is very portable and ideal for cyclers who are looking for something different other than padlocks. This lock uses a 4 digit combination so you only need to remember your code. The 75cm length is shorter than other locks but makes up for that by being wearable. Made of premium steel this lock offers a good level of resistance


  • The hiplock spin features the Hiplocks patented wearable fastening that fits the chain around your waist to provide a convenient way to carry the lock while cycling.
  • The 6mm hardened steel chain is of quality to provide robust security and keep you at ease.
  • You do not require keys with this lock because of the 4 digit combination which makes it easier.


  • It is not as long as other chain bike locks.


The hiplock Spin chain lock is well designed and easy to use for securing your bike. With an easy combination lock, cases of losing your keys will be a thing of the past. The wearable chain lock is durable and just what you need for the next time you go cycling.

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Ottolock Cinch-Steel and Kevlar Combination lock

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The Ottolock Cinch bike lock is lightweight and compact for you to easily carry around when cycling. Available in 3 colors, this bike lock is great for cycling and outdoor gear. This bike lock is ideal for multiple uses like motorcycles, water sports, outdoor gear, and vehicle racks.


  • Weighs 145 g
  • 3 dial combination
  • 3-inch diameter

This bike lock is easy to carry anywhere and convenient because of the keyless combination. The paint on this lock is chip resistant. The plastic band is also a great feature of this lock.

The multi-layer steel and Kevlar brands make this lock very durable. Despite the high price of this bike lock it is very handy to carry out for quick rides. It is very flexible and can easily fit around your bike.


  • The 3 dial combination is easy to use without having to use keys
  • It is lightweight weighing 145 grams
  • It is compact and rolls up to be very small enough to fit your pocket


  • It is more expensive compared to other bike locks


The Ottolock Cinch Lock is innovative and very compact to carry around when you go cycling. With a variety of uses, you can use it for more than just cycling. It is secure enough to prevent the loss of your bike from thieves. You won’t regret this purchase.

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Abus Granit X Plus540- secure U-lock bike lock

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The Abus Granit Xplus 540 is a secure U-lock that comes with two keys for you to use. This lock is made of hardened steel so you can be sure of the security of your bike.


  • Weighs 1.47kg
  • Thickness of 13mm
  • The dimension of 4.25 x 9â€

One of the two keys that come with this lock has LED light. It is a durable bike lock and can resist most forms of tampering. The shackle is double bolted to increase security. This lock is however slightly wider than most U-locks.

This product also comes in a longer length of 30cm. When you get the code card, you can order replacement keys if you lose any of them. This is the best kind of protection if you are at a high risk of theft.


  • The hardened steel makes the bike lock as stronger as thicker shackles from competing manufactures.
  • The automatic keyhole protects from dirt and other debris
  • Power cell technology offers optimum protection from impacts and attempts to break the lock.


  • It is not light


The Abus Granit X Plus540 is an ideal U-lock for your bicycle. You are guaranteed of a reliable and secure U-lock for your bicycle. Although the price is high, this bike lock is worth it.

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Knog Strongman U-Lock- Great Cycle Commuting bike lock

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If you want to up the security of your bike, the Knog Strongman u-lock is a good choice for you. With hardened steel, it is durable and sure to be resistant to any kind of tampering. It also comes with a dedicated mounting bracket.


  • Size 5.15 x 7.75-Inch
  • 13mm hardened steel shackle
  • Over-molded with UV resistant silicone
  • Disc style lock cylinder

This bike lock comes in three colors with three keys and a code card with instructions in case you lose all three of them. It weighs 1.16kg which is not as heavy as other bike locks in the market. Due to the compact dimensions, it works well on slim steel frames. The locking mechanism feels nice and is easy to turn. The lock may be too small for the bike but it is not too bad.  This makes it lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • The bike lock comes with UV resistant silicone that will not scratch your bike.
  • It is durable because of the 13mm hardened steel shackle.
  • It comes with a mounting bracket for your bike.


  • It is smaller than other bike locks


The Knog Strongman is a secure bike lock that is worth the price. With a stylish and lightweight design, you can easily carry it around. If this bike lock fits your needs, then purchase so that you do not have to worry about the security of your bike.

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Foldylock Bike lock- Folding bike lock for cycling

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The Foldylock bike lock from Seatylock is a heavy-duty security chain lock for steel bars. This lock comes with a carrying case and is available in 3 colors. This bike lock only weighs 2.2lbs.


  • Comes with 3 keys
  • Folding lock
  • Bars are 5mm thick

The Foldylock comes in a secure case that can be attached to your bike. The Foldylock is much easier to unlock and re-lock. This is because the keys work very well. The hardened steel links increase the security of this lock to protect your bike. It is also very weatherproof to survive different components to avoid rusting. The rivets on this bike lock are designed with VSR technology which protects from cutting and sawing by thieves.


  • The three keys that come with this bike lock is very hard to replicate so it would be hard for thieves to pick
  • The Foldylock is easy to transport because they come into a compact package without the rattling and moving around.
  • It is very lightweight when compared to other folding locks.


  • Folding locks may not be as secure as U-lock shackles.


The Foldylock bike lock is one of the best folding locks to secure your bike with today. It is compact, durable, and lightweight for you to transport anywhere. With a quality locking mechanism, this lock will be easy to use for your bike. You won’t regret this purchase.

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Kryptonite New York Standard- Heavy-duty Bike lock

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The Kryptonite New York standard is a secure bike lock with a 16mmhardened shackle for maximum performance. It comes in color yellow and has safety features to ensure your bike is not stolen or tampered with.


  • 16mm hardened shackle
  • Comes with 2kesy
  • Weighs 1.8kg
  • Product dimensions of 102mm x 203mm

This lock comes in color yellow with three stainless steel keys. One of the keys has LED light and a replicable battery. With the key safe program, after registering your keys online you will be shipped the first two keys for free if you lose them.

The crossbar of this bike lock is shielded by hardened kryptonium steel sleeve to offer double security.

The locking system of the Kryptonite New York standard is a high-security cylinder with a keyway in the center to be more secure. It also comes with the Transit Flex frame u-mount that easily supports the U-lock.  The mounting system also allows a 360 degrees rotation and the ability to micro-adjust the angle.


  • It has a solid design with a 16mm steel shackle to increase safety.
  • It has a sliding dust cover to prevent clogging of dirt and debris
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The design is not as compact as other bike locks.


This bike comes with a double locking mechanism sure to keep your bike safe and secure. This is a quality lock with hardened steel that is durable. This is a classic lock that offers security and quality that you won’t regret buying.

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What to consider when buying bike locks for your bicycle

When you are choosing a bike lock, the most important thing to consider is how secure it will be. You should also think about the price, the durability and other features to increase security.

The type of Lock

There are 3 types of bicycle locks. The U-locks, cable locks, and Chain locks. Depending on your preference as a cyclist you can choose which fits you best. Some prefer the classic u-lock which comes in solid steel shackles and keys. Other riders prefer chain locks because they are more compact and easily portable. Some do not even have to use keys and come with 3 dial combination locking mechanism. Choose the best one for you.

The length and Size

The length and size of your bike lock depend on how many bikes you are locking up and where you are locking them too. Some chain bike locks are too short to use on more than one bike. You should consider what you want the lock for and buy according to the needed length and size.

The brand of the Lock

For brands that focus specifically on the manufacturer of security, gear is more preferred. Although the brand cannot always be trusted, you will be sure to get quality from top brands. Make sure to do your research very well on the reviews and quality of the brand you are buying from. Product-specific reviews also help you to get the first-hand experience on these bike locks.


Bike locks are important to add to your biking gear. The prices will vary depending on the brand, the type of lock, and the more secure it is.  Although you shouldn’t spend too much, make sure to get a quality lock with good features that will ensure the security of your bike. Look for locks within your budget price range that you can easily transport and use.


In conclusion, getting a bike lock is very important if you want to ensure the security of your bike. Because it is costly, you don’t want to lose it to thieves just because it wasn’t secure.

You should choose between U-locks, chain locks, and folding locks. U-lock bike locks are more common because of their solid design, durable steel shackle, and is harder to cut.  Make sure that you take into account the price, location, and the type of lock you are going for. A bike lock is essential for the safety of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size of a u-lock should I go for?

For a solid u-lock, it should be between 13mm to 16mm. At 16mm or more, it can’t be cut with bolt cutters and is considered very high security. Some go for thinner locks because they are lighter.

  1. How safe are bike locks?

Bike locks are very secure and resistant to most forms of tampering by thieves. Most cyclers prefer U-locks because they are harder to cut using bolt cutters compared to more secure chain locks.