The 7 Best Class 1Hitch Bike Rack in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking to change or get a new bike rack for your bike? Here are 7 of the best Hitch bike racks to help you easily transport your bike.

When I was younger, we would always spend our holidays camping and we would ride our bike everywhere. One of the biggest challenges was transporting the bikes with us. Trying to fit 3 mountain bikes in the back of a car was harder than we thought. So for the next holiday we promised to get a bike rack to make things easier.

A bike rack ensures that you can easily and safely carry your bike anywhere. Some racks can also carry two bikes. You will need to get a bike rack that is made specifically for your car model. There are guides available that you can use to find out which will be the best one for your car. Hitch racks are popular which cycler.

They easily slide into the receiver of a trailer hitch. Other racks include roof racks, trunk racks, truck racks and cargo boxes. If you are getting a class1 hitch bike rack, you should ensure that the bike racks you consider fit class1 hitches. Here are 7 of the best for you to check out!

The 7 Best Class1 Hitch Bike racks – A comparison Table

Swagman XC2 Hitch mountain bike rack
Kuat NV Base  2.0
Thule Helium Pro 3 Bike rack


BV 2 Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack
Bell Rightup 250 Bike Hitch Rack-


Hollywood Racks Trail Rider Rack
Hollywood Racks
Malone Runway 3 bike rack
20 lbs


Swagman XC2 Hitch mountain bike rack-Cross Country 2-bike hitch rack

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The Swagman XC2 hitch mountain bike rack just weighs 35lbs making it easy to carry around once you have removed it. This is a compact bike rack that you will love to have for your bicycles.


  • Weighs 35lbs
  • Hitch style
  • Made of steel
  • 20â€-29†wheel size.

The XC2 maximum carrying capacity is 35 lbs so you can carry two bike comfortably. This bike rack is very versatile and can accommodate both children and adult bikes. It is easy to assemble the Swagman XC2 bike rack in a few minutes so you can use it right after you buy it.

This bike rack makes storage very easy because it is foldable. This way you can use less space when you are done with it. This bike is firmly secured at the wheels and the frame. It has an aesthetic appeal due to the attractive design. The hitch mount system also offers more stability due to the grip arms and wheel cradles that hold the bike compared to other hitch systems with only have one single point of connection.


  • The centre arm fold folds conveniently down for rear vehicle access.
  • The frames have a soft grip arm to be able to protect the bike’s finish.
  • This rack easily adjusts to the frame size of your bike through the movement of the wheel loops.


  • The locking hitch pin security cable is not sold together with this product.


Swagman designs a lot of quality equipment that you are sure will last you many years. The Swagman XC2 offers a safe and reliable way to transport your bikes. You can easily adjust it to fit any size frame. This is a purchase worth the price.

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Kuat NV Base 2.0- Best Kuat Hitch Rack

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This base version of the Kuat 2.0 has amazing features for a bike rack. The stylish black matter finish makes it stand out in design among other bike racks. This design is patent pending.


  • 2 bike capacity
  • Weighs 52lbs
  • Fits 20â€-29†tires
  • A hitch lock is included.

This is one of the most secure platform racks on the market. It uses an adjustable front tire cradle system. The foot system is great for loading and off-loading your bike onto your car. During your travels, this rack can firmly and securely hold 2 bikes.

This bike rack can comfortably hold 2 bikes weighing 60lbs each. The ballistic coat is durable and can withstand years of use. It is much easier to assemble this bike rack because you do not need any tools. It is also expandable to add 2 more bikes.


  • The integrated cable locks are long enough to git a variety of bikes and when you want to go they retract back into the rack.
  • The hand tight can be twisted to give a better fit between the hitch and the rack so that there is no wobbling when you drive
  • You can easily drop the rack with the foot assisted pivot system.


  • For fat bikes you will need additional adapters and hardware.


The NV Base 2.0 does not disappoint when it comes to performance. The quality from Kuat is well proven making it a trusted brand. With the foot assisted pivot system, you will have an easy time using it. You won’t regret buying this!

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Thule Helium Pro 3 Bike rack- Aluminum Hitch Rack

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You can make your morning rides and travels much more fun by buying the Thule Helium bike rack. It is made of lightweight aluminium and very convenient for transporting your bikes to any destination.


  • 2 bike capacity
  • Weighs 19 pounds
  • Has integrated security

The aluminium construction of this bike makes it lightweight compared to other bike racks made of steel. This makes it easier to move, remove and handle when needed. There is also 7 inches spacing between the bikes so that none of them get damaged while driving.

It has a compact design that can accommodate a wide variety of bike frames and sizes. The security offered by this bike is sure to keep your bikes secure. With the integrated cable, you can secure your bike all the way.


  • The installation is fast and you do not need any tools for it.
  • The bike arms are easily foldable using the Hitch Switch lever.
  • The anti-sway feature that is integrated prevents bike to bike contact while transporting them.


  • The instructions which are a collection of drawings can be hard to understand for beginners.


The Thule helium Hitch bike ride offers stability and safety for your bike .It is lightweight and easy to use to transport your bike wherever you want to go. You will love this purchase that can hold 2 bikes, 7 inches apart for safety.

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BV 2 Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack-Best bike rack for SUVs

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BV has always created innovative equipment and the BV 2 bike rack is no different. This bike rack can hold up to 2 bikes and provides a very effortless way to transport your bike wherever you go. It is a tray style hitch rack and best for car trucks and SUVs


  • 2 bike capacity
  • Maximum weight of each bike is 35lbs
  • Fold up design

The tray styled loops help keep your bikes in place while driving. The padded arms also protects your bike’s finish from any scratches. It is compatible with bikes under 35lbs each. It cannot hold fat bikes with the maximum tire width being 3â€.

The 2 way anti wobble system on this bike rack reduces wobbling while driving. The 3 point connection also offers you a firmer attachment to the cars hitch. Although it offers a very sturdy performance it is heavy due to the steel construction.


  • The tilt back design of the bike allow users to open the rear of the bike without having to remove the rack
  • The fold up design of this rack is innovative ad makes it easy to store when not in use.
  • It has a safety reflector in the rear to promote visibility and ensure you are safe while deriving at night.


  • It is much heavier than other steel bike racks.


This is an ideal option if you are looking to safely transport your bike. It can fit a wide variety of bikes including children’s bicycles. With the folding capabilities and easy installation, this is a convenient bike rack for both experienced and beginner cyclists.

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Bell Rightup250 Bike Hitch Rack- Sturdy Platform bike rack

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This platform hitch bike rack has a 2 bike capacity and is ideal for bikes weighing 35lbs each. This is a versatile bike rack that for 1-1/4†to 2†receiver sizes.


  • Fits 1-1/4 “and 2â€receivers
  • 2 bike carrying capacity
  • Maximum weight of 35lbs each

This is a lightweight bike rack that you can easily move around with. It is also easy to assemble this bike so you can use it as soon as people. The bike rack allows bikes from 20â€-29†with fat tires that are 4†thick.

This bike rack is stable and sturdy to ensure the safety of your bikes. It can also accommodate different styles of bikes like one without a straight crossbar. It can hold children, adult bikes and other traditional bikes that have slanted bars.


  • This bike rack is compact and easily folds up when not in use for carrying and storage.
  • This bike rack can easily tilt away allowing you easy access to your vehicle without having to remove it.
  • The padded hooks and straps helps improve your bike’s stability while transporting it.


  • More costly compared to other models.


This is a versatile bike rack if you are looking for a class 1 hitch bike rack. With steel construction this is a durable and secure bike rack you can be sure to have an easy time using it for years. This is a bike rack worth the money.

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Hollywood Racks Trail Rider Rack-2 bike hitch mounted rack

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This bike rack is another quality product from Hollywood Racks for transporting your bikes anywhere you go. This is a platform style bike rack that can hold 2 bikes securely.


  • 2 bike capacity
  • Fits both 1 -1/4†and 2†hitches
  • Foldable
  • Maximum tire width of 3â€

This bike rack fits almost aby style of bike. This bike rack is very easy to use and will not give you any problems while installing. It is also easy to attach to your vehicle. It offers strength and durability. The centre section drops down easily so that you can have access to your car without having to remove it.


  • The adjustable wheel holders allow the bike rack to carry up to 60†wheel base bicycles.
  • The foldable wheel supports tubes make it easy to store this bike rack when you are not using it
  • The locking bike frame with keys secures your bike from theft and any tampering from other people


  • It is heavier than other bike racks.


This Hollywood bike rack is versatile and very sturdy to offer you a good performance. It is easy to use and will keep your bike safe while transporting it. This is a bike rack that is worth your money.

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Malone Runway 2-Bike platform Rack-Economical Hitch bike rack

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The Malone Runway bike rack is affordable and ideal for carrying your bikes from one place to another. It also comes with a lifetime warranty in case anything happens after you buy it.


  • 2 bike carrying capacity
  • Total weight capacity of 66lbs
  • Weighs 20 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty

The Malone hitch platform 2 bike carrier is sturdy and offers a great performance. The anti-wobble hitch pins and key lock provide more security for your bikes. Your bikes will also be secure without wheel to wheel contact. This bike rack is however not compatible with tandem or recumbent base bikes


  • The key locking arm on this bike rack to provide more security
  • This bike rack is versatile and vertically adjustable to fit most bike styles.
  • The tilt down frame allows you to easily access your vehicle without detaching the bike rack from your car.


  • It is not rust resistant compared to other bike racks.


The Malone bike rack can carry up to 2 bikes each weighing 33 lbs each. It comes with a lifetime warranty and the locking ratchet arms provide added security. You can be sure of the safety of your bike while driving if you purchase this bike rack.

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What to consider when buying a Hitch Bike rack

When looking for a bike rack for your bikes you need to consider the type of car you have, the security features offered by the rack and the anti-sway features among other features.

Safety features

Some bikes come with safety features like locking cables. With locking cables you can leave your bike on the rack without worrying about its safety. These locking cables keep your bike safe and attached to the rack. The locking arms and clamps are padded to better protect your bike. With padded arms and clamps you reduce the chances of your bikes getting scratched or damaged. Other bike racks have rear reflectors to increase visibility while driving at night. .Make sure your bike is protected.

Ease of installation

Some bike racks like strap-on racks are very easy to install compared to other bike racks. Make sure to use the instalment manual if you are a beginner. Most bike racks do not need professional knowledge to assemble and install so with a guide you should be able to use it almost immediately.


Most bike racks are compatible with most cars. When it comes to roof mounted bike racks you should ensure to check the compatibility of your car and how much weight it can handle. Some racks are ideal for SUVs while others can properly fit on smaller cars. Your bike rack should also be compatible with the bike frames of the bicycles you intend to transport.

The anti-sway feature

This feature in bike racks ensure your bike is held up very well while driving it keeps your bike stable and stops it from swaying which may lead to damage while you are transporting it. It is important to have this feature especially if you are transporting more than one bike.


To get the best Class 1 hitch bike rack, you should consider the car you are driving due to the specific nature of these racks. For a good performing hitch bike rack, it should be secure, have anti-wobble features and locking cables for increased safety. Bike racks ensure you can easily transport your bikes from one destination to another without fear of theft or damage. In this articles, these are 7 of the best hitch bike racks in the market that you will enjoy using.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many bikes can I transport in my rack?

All manufactures indicate the number of bicycles that each rack can carry. Some racks are adjustable to carry even 5 bikes as long as you chose the right one for your car.

  1. What tools do I need to install my bike rack?

Most bike racks do not need tools for installation. A rood rack might just need some basic tools for installation.