7 Best Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Seniors in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Finding a great replacement seat for as a senior can prove to be a hard task. You do not want to purchase a bike that is too hard, or too stiff or too soft. What you are looking for is a nice bike saddle that can be easily installed, is designed with strong materials, and is very comfortable.  

Hey there! My name is David and I have a lot of experience when it comes to bikes and their components. I work in a bike shop and this has given me a great opportunity to learn a lot about bikes. I also often frequently and even go on biking tours with my father and my aunt who are both seniors.

The muscles of senior people are not that strong, therefore sitting on a firm bike saddle is not as easy. In this article, I list down all the best bike seats for seniors that ensure they remain comfortable and perform well while cycling. I also highlight their main features and advantages giving you the chance to select the best option for yourself.

Best Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Seniors – Comparison Table  

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Comfortable Bike Seat for Seniors from Bikeroo
259mm x 259mm x 177mm
The Comfortable Men and Women Bike Seat from DAWAY
269mm x 220mm
The Comfortable Ladies’ Saddle from Cloud-9
254mm x 203mm x 132mm
The Sunlite Suspension Cruiser Saddle from Cloud-9
242mm x 242mm x 160mm
Berkley Comfort Saddle Black from ISM
220mm x 250mm
Black and White
The Bicycle Seat Back Rest from Flying Horse
Seat – 241mm x 292mm

Backrest – 203 mm x 228mm

Black and Brown
The Gel Bike Seat from Zacro
277mm x 252mm
Black, Red and Purple

Best Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Seniors – a comparison overview

Comfortable Bike Seat for Seniors from Bikeroo

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For many years, the Bikeroo industry has continued to release high-quality bikes that are very comfortable. The industry is intent on ensuring that cyclists enjoy all of their bike components such as saddles. To ensure that you remain comfortable and all of your cycling needs are met, Bikeroo designs bike seats for all kinds of people like men, women, oversize cyclists, and even senior people.

This comfortable bike seat is specially designed for much older cyclists. When browsing through the different options in the market, you may find several saddles that have a tag labeled “For Seniorsâ€, however, this saddle is the most ideal option. If you have an indoor bike, this bike saddle has a variant that is an excellent option.

The seat padding is soft meaning that it works well in relieving any pressure or pain that you may feel from your back and your prostate. The design of your bike seat is made to equally distribute your body weight on the saddle. This ensures that your tailbone is protected from any kind of pain. It also comes with shock absorbers meant to eliminate the pain that could be felt when cycling.


  • This saddle is delivered with a seat cover that is waterproof, mounting tools, a clamp adapter, and an instruction manual that is in video format.
  • It is also delivered with an eBook that contains all the necessary information if you are looking for any cycling information.
  • It is a great investment especially if you are looking to replace your bike saddle
  • Cyclists are provided with a money-back guarantee period of 60 days.


  • The bottom side of the saddle is made of cheap plastic and the springs may detach from the saddle
  • Whenever you hit a bump, the saddle may release a squeaky sound
  • Some cyclists have mentioned that the saddle is not as wide as they would have wanted.

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The Comfortable Men and Women Bike Seat from DAWAY

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This comfortable bike seat model from DAWAY is very reliable and you should give it a try. The saddle is designed with a tail light that works well in the night in case you will be cycling in areas that are not properly lit. The package comes with a battery for the tail light. The saddle has a universal design that will fit well onto any seat post of a bike. This bike seat is ISO certified. A perfect fit for cyclists of all ages and all genders.

This seat is manufactured with a PVC material that is resistant to wear and tear. This feature makes it strong and durable. The seat is durable yet very soft and cozy. This is because of the thick memory foam padding. The seat has a hollow design making it breathable. The center cut-out of the seat provides your private parts with a cool feeling throughout your cycling experience. The seat has a narrow front design ensuring that your thighs can move freely. The cover of this seat is non-slip and elastic. This ensures that you do not slide off your seat quite easily.

The dual spring rubber ball suspension works well in absorbing harsh shocks. This ensures that cyclists will have a comfortable feeling even when cycling on rough and bumpy road surfaces. The DAWAY C99 model has an indoor variant that is the DAWAY C10. The C10 model is not designed with a tail light.


  • This bike saddle has an outdoor and indoor variant
  • The outdoor variant is designed with a tail light ensuring that you remain safe even when you are cycling in the night.
  • Cyclists get to choose from three different lighting modes.


  • The tail light cover may fall off especially if it has not been tightly screwed.
  • The plastic materials that hold the springs are not the best
  • Over time, the rail material of the bike can accumulate rust and get reckless
  • This saddle usually moves back and forth losing the angle

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The Comfortable Ladies’ Saddle from Cloud-9

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There are three different variants of this comfortable ladies’ saddle. This includes the Tri-Color Emerald, the Black Emerald as well as the Tri-Color Lycra. These bike seats are manufactured with very strong Steel rails and all of these variants have very similar characteristics; however, the Cloud-9 industry gives females all of these options to try so that they can select the most preferable option.

This saddle is manufactured with memory foam of multi-stage giving cyclists a chance to experience a superior level of comfort. The ergonomic design is also quite supple ensuring that the lady’s prostate is comfortable throughout the cycling session. To ensure that you remain comfortable even when cycling on very rough road surfaces there is the elastomer suspension feature. The seat also makes use of anatomic relief channels that get rid of pain and numbness felt from your sciatic and perineum nerves.


  • Has an ergonomic design
  • The suspensions work well in absorbing shock
  • Designed with very strong steel rails


  • The construction quality of this bike seat is not the best
  • Some cyclists have complained that the seat is hard

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The Sunlite Suspension Cruiser Saddle from Cloud-9

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This bike saddle is an excellent choice for senior cyclists who are looking to start cycling. This seat works well in lowering the pain experienced in your muscles. Over time, the saddle continues to mold which makes it perfect for anyone looking to embark on long cycling adventures. The saddle has two layers. The top layer is much softer than the bottom layer that is quite stiff. The bottom layer works well is absorbing very harsh shocks.

This saddle is designed with a dual-density feature giving you the chance to remain comfortable as you cycle. The saddle also comes with a Chrome coil spring suspension that works well in eliminating any chance of soreness that you may feel when biking on uneven road surfaces. It has a universal design making it ideal for all types of bike posts.


  • The seat cover is weatherproof meaning that no external factors could affect the saddle.
  • The saddle functions perfectly even after a ton of numerous rides
  • Has a universal design.


  • The bike rails are very wide and this means that the saddle might not fit on all the bicycles
  • The suspensions springs only remain firm and rigid when cycling on bumpy road surfaces.

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Berkley Comfort Saddle Black from ISM

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The Berkley Comfort saddle is designed with a very narrow front. This improves your performance when spinning, cruising, exercising, and indoor cycling activities. The cyclist could perform so much better when you are biking in an upright position with this saddle.

The design of this saddle is one of a kind and it is fitted with an average amount of padding, perfect for all body types and frames. The saddle is padded with 60-series foam material that adds to the support that is necessary for the sit bones of older people. The saddle is nose-less which is great as the soft tissues on the perineum area remain protected.


  • Perfect saddle for cycling in an upright position
  • The saddle ensures a maximum level of blood flow reducing the numbness that could be felt in your genital area
  • The narrow design makes it an ideal saddle for spinning or exercising
  • The steel rails are made of Satin making them very strong


  • Some senior cyclists are not attracted to the nose-less design of the saddle
  • The saddle would be better if it was cushier

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The Bicycle Seat Back Rest from Flying Horse

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If you enjoy leaning your back as you cycle for very many miles, this bike seat is exactly what you need. This flying horse seat comes with a backrest making it one of the most ideal saddles in the industry. The sitting area is much wider. The padding is modest as well as the backrest. All of these features are good enough to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable ride. That is why this is one of the best saddles for senior riders who would like to relax their back.

The saddle has an aluminum frame making it light in weight and quite firm. The installment process is very easy and this saddle is an excellent replacement for your current saddle especially if you are looking for a product that can protect your back. The stitching of this bike seat cover is always in line and can endure a lot.


  • The saddle is designed with a backrest that works well in supporting your bike
  • The saddle is oversize
  • A great amount of padding


  • The two rods that hold the backrest could move away from each other because of the extra weight that is added
  • The backrest could be positioned quite far which is not ideal for some users
  • The saddle is very heavy

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The Gel Bike Seat from Zacro

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For very many years, the Zacro manufacturing industry has released comfortable saddles and seat covers. The industry specializes in gel padding in all their bike components. The bike cover of this saddle is densely padded and the sitting area is quite large decreasing the soreness that you could start to experience when cycling.

The sitting area is fitted with gel pads that reduce the acute shocks experienced on rough and bumpy road surfaces. To ensure that the cover maintains its position, there is the drawstring system. The bottom has a non-slip feature that works well in reducing the movement, especially when aggressively biking.


  • A great investment ensuring that you remain very comfortable
  • The cover is resistant to factors such as water and dust
  • Cyclists get to choose from different colors.


  • If you are looking for an overly-padded cover, then this is not the right one for you
  • The cover is not the best for narrow bike seats.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Comfortable Bicycle Seat for Seniors 

The Width  

A very wide saddle is the best option for senior cyclists. Narrow seats are not the best as the physical abilities of seniors cannot adapt to the narrow seats. Much older people like to be relaxed as they cycle. That is why a wider saddle should be considered ensuring that you remain comfortable. A wider seat with a large sitting area works well in perfectly adjusting the bottom region of a senior cyclist.

The Padding  

A wide saddle is of no use if it is not adequately padded. It is advisable to purchase a saddle with a minimum amount of padding, however, if you think that your sit bones have become weak, then you should purchase a saddle with an average amount of padding. This is known as a cushy saddle. The material used for padding is not important. The amount of padding used is important. A seat that is padded with gel or foam material is great an excellent option and it is available at an affordable price.

The Durability  

A strong, firm, and durable bike saddle is very important. These qualities will ensure that you are not always going to the market to purchase a saddle over and over again. When purchasing a saddle, you must pay attention to the rails and the cover materials. The cover should be able to handle your weight and exerted pressure. A saddle that comes with a leather cover or a cover made of synthetic material is an ideal choice. You should also confirm if your saddle is manufactured with Steel rails. The purity of the material as well as the build should be proper so that the rails do not bend easily.

A Backrest  

When you are at that senior age, maintaining an upright cycling position is not so easy. Your backbone will not be able to remain straight and your riding angle will not be maintained for a much longer time. Rather, you may want your back to lay down onto a surface. A padded backseat works well in this scenario. The backrest reduces the pain that you may experience on your backbone and your sit bone.


If you are looking to purchase a high-quality bike seat that is very comfortable, then you can be assured that the products mentioned in this review will serve you perfectly. These saddles have an amazing design and are wide enough to provide you with a great level of comfort. As a cyclist, you are guaranteed that the products are of great value for the money spent and when browsing through tie different options in the market, you should consider the factors mentioned above.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Is cycling good for seniors?  

Yes, cycling is a great exercise option for seniors. The routine is just like a low impact aerobic activity. Experts have mentioned that biking is a great exercise option especially for elderly people who experience lots of problems with strength and balance.

Why do my sit bones hurt when I am cycling?  

Failing to properly attach the bike seat to your bike could be the main reason why your saddle is causing you a lot of discomforts. If your saddle has been placed in a very high position or low position, this could cause pain to your sit bones. In addition, if your bike seat is placed to close or too far back to the handlebars, then this could also cause you a lot of pain.

Does bike seat pain go away? 

When you start to experience bike seat pain or saddle sores, you should take a break from cycling. This will give you enough time to heal. If you catch the pain or the sores much earlier, then it will naturally go away after just a few days. Deeper sores, however, could take a few weeks to heal.