7 Best Cycling gloves for Hand Numbness in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Have you been experiencing a lot of hand numbness and want to change cycling gloves? Here are some of the best gloves you should buy if you want to reduce hand numbness when cycling

I always make sure to wear my cycling gloves when I go riding. I enjoy wearing my fingerless gloves because they are breathable and very smooth giving me a good grip on the handlebars. I loved my sister’s gloves and would wear them all the time until I started noticing how numb my hands became after every ride.

Hand numbness in most cases is caused when there is a lot of pressure put on the nerves and blood flow is restricted. This tightness is due to a common mistake of fastening the wrist closure too tightly.

That compression on your wrists is what causes the numbness. Some numbness can also be caused due to the vibration from handlebars. This is why getting the best cycling gloves is important to help with hand numbness. Here are some of the top 7 cycling gloves in the market.

The 7 best Cycling gloves for hand numbness – A comparison Table

LuxoBike Cycling gloves
Lycra & Suede
Firelion Unisex Cycling gloves
Zookki Cycling gloves
Rovos women’s cycling gloves
Giro Bravo Cycling gloves
Synthetic leather
Pearl Izumi Mens select gloves
Pearl Izumi
Synthetic leather
Giro DND Gloves


Luxo Bike Cycling gloves – Anti Slip Shock Absorbing cycling gloves

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The Luxobike cycling gloves are great for mountain bike cyclists. These gloves have great features that will keep your hands comfortable. They are unisex and ideal for both men and women. Here are some of its features


  • Half-finger gloves
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Made of Lycra on the top and suede on the palm
  • Sizes small to Extra large

The Luxobike cycling gloves have amazing features that make it ideal for reducing hand numbness. The padding helps with vibrations from the handlebars and are arranged strategically according to your position on the bars. They are stretchable so you don’t have to worry about them being too tight.

They are made of durable material and has an inner suede palm to give you a better fit and grip while you cycle. The thumb towel is soft and absorbent for you to smoothly wipe away sweat without having to stop. The finger loops also make it easy to put them on and remove without having to turn them inside out.


  • The padding on the cycling gloves helps to minimize numbness.
  • The 4-zone shock-absorbing pads on the gloves dampen the road vibrations when you are riding.
  • The Lycra mesh clothing and finger linings make these gloves very breathable.


  • The padding is not as thick as compared to other gloves.


These top-performing LuxoBike cycling gloves are a perfect choice for riding. They are very comfortable and you might even forget you are wearing them. They are breathable, stylish, and have enough padding to reduce hand numbness while cycling. You will love wearing these gloves.

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Firelion Unisex Cycling gloves- Gel Touch Screen cycling gloves

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The Firelion are great cycling gloves with touch screen ability. They are half fingered gloves and you can use any touch screen device without having to remove them. Ideal gloves for cycling during the summer.


  • Made of nylon
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Synthetic leather palm
  • Gel padding palm

These gloves have anti-slip and anti-shock protection on the palms that reduce the effect of vibrations on your hands and avoid hand stiffness and fatigue when cycling. The absorbent microfiber on the thumb is smooth for brushing away sweat.

The gel padding also provides optimum comfort and coverage on your hand. The synthetic leather also reduces hand numbness and makes these gloves more durable. They fit very well without being too tight on your hands or wrists. You can also wash them with mild soap in a washing machine.


  • The Firelion gloves can touch screens with fingers making it convenient to use without having to remove your gloves.
  • The straps are adjustable and you can fit them to be as comfortable as you want them to be.
  • The gloves are breathable due on the palm to keep your hands cool when you sweat


  • They run small and you might end up getting the wrong size if you do not use the sizing chart offered.


The Firelion touch screen recognition gloves are some of the best in the market. These gloves are multifunctional and can be used when road cycling, mountain biking, and exercising. They are durable and with soft gel padding, you will reduce the chances of hand numbness.

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Zookki Cycling gloves- Double padding gloves

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The Zookki cycling gloves are affordable and come in bright colours for you to choose from They are elastic, breathable and great for cycling. They come with double silica gel padding to offer more protection from hand numbness.


  • Fabric loops
  • Made of Lycra material
  • Has silica gel padding

The hands have reflective piping for increased visibility if you are riding out in the dark. The fabric on the palm is skip-proof and has a thickening palm to reduce numbness. The Lycra fabric is stretchable to keep your hands comfortable while cycling.

The size of these gloves is measured by circumference so be sure to use the sizing guide well. They come in 4 stylish colours. These fingerless gloves are great for cycling in the summer. They are versatile and can be used for road racing, mountain biking, and exercising.


  • The Lycra material and mesh cloth is very elastic and breathable to keep you comfortable
  • The gel padding absorbs shock and relieves hand fatigue to keep your hand protected.
  • The fabric loops make it easier to remove your gloves without having to turn them inside out.


  • The stitching on the gloves is not very good and tear at the seams.


The Zookki cycling gloves are really popular among cyclers and with these amazing features, we are sure why. This is a great choice of gloves to reduce hand numbness because of the silica gel padding which offers a buffer layer. This is a great purchase to add to your cycling gear.

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Rovos Women’s cycling gloves- Light Non-slip sports gloves

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The Rovos women’s gloves are very breathable gloves that you can use for mountain biking, road cycling, and in the gym. They are sure to keep your hands comfortable no matter how long you are cycling.


  • Made of Lycra material
  • Gel padding
  • Velcro strap
  • Sizes small to extra large

These gloves come in 7 beautiful colours that you can choose from to match your gear and bike. The seamless construction on these gloves keeps you comfortable even during a long ride. The Lycra material and fiber cloth are very flexible and breathable.

These gloves are also great for climbing, camping, and hiking. You can use them in other sports too. Your palms will be sweat-free and offer you a better grip. These fingerless gloves come with 5mm padding. This helps to prevent blistering and cramps


  • The hook and loop closure can be adjusted to your wrist and it is easy to remove.
  • The pull buckles make taking off these gloves much easier
  • The gel padding is good for absorbing road vibrations and reducing pressure points


  • The fabric is a bit thin


Rovos women’s gloves are suitable for many kinds of sports like weight lifting and kayaking. With the 5mm padding, you are assured of protection throughout your ride. They offer protection against blisters, wrist pain, and hand numbness. This is a great purchase for any cycler.

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Giro Bravo Cycling gloves- Premium gel gloves

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The Giro brand is recognizable because it is trusted for providing quality in all their products. These are great breathable gloves especially if you have sweaty hands. They can also fit a wide variety of hands.


  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Gel padding
  • 17 colours

These gloves come with gel padding to offer more protection. They absorb shock and vibrations for those long rides. The suede synthetic leather is durable and quality for cycling gloves. These gloves are machine washable so it is easy to keep them clean

The grip is good for shifting without slipping even during the rainy weather. They offer great features at an affordable price. The stitching on the inside is comfortable even when riding. The bright colours of the gloves aid in visibility during the dark.


  • The highly absorbent microfiber is smooth for wiping away sweat
  • The finger pulls are good for removing your gloves faster
  • The mesh is flexible and breathable with moisture-wicking ability to keep you cool


  • They might be smaller so you should order a size higher


The Bravo gloves are great value for your money. They are breathable and durable gloves that you can use for different types of cycling. These are versatile gloves that come at an affordable price. The comfort and performance will make you glad you bought these gloves.

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Pearl Izumi Select Gloves-Durable men’s bike gloves

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The Pearl Izumi brand is very well recognized and trusted so you are sure to get quality gloves. The Pearl Izumi are durable leather gloves for different types of cycling. They are made of a blend of polyamide, spandex, and polyester.


  • 83 “high
  • Synthetic leather palm.
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Gel foam padding

These gloves come with a hook and loop closure for a better fit. The material on the thumb is soft and low profile for wiping sweat away. They are breathable and ideal for warmer months to keep your hands cool.

They alleviate tingling and can be used for long distances without much discomfort. The sizing chart will help you chose the correct size and fit for your hands. Getting the best fit helps to reduce hand numbness.


  • They are durable and long-lasting cycling gloves
  • The gel foam padding relieves pressure on your nerves reducing hand numbness
  • The synthetic leather is soft and very durable for cycling gloves.


  • On first use, the fabric on the inside is slightly itchy.


The Pearl Izumi select gloves are effective in preventing hand numbness. These durable and breathable gloves are ideal for cycling during the summer on long distances. These are quality gloves that you can add to your collection to help with hand numbness.

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Giro DND Gloves- Best mountain bike gloves under $20

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Giro is a quality brand in the market and the Giro DND gloves do not disappoint. They offer enhanced performance and protection for mountain bikers and other cyclers. They have a unique feel and design.


  • 2mm Eva crash pad
  • Silicone prints
  • Flex zone on the knuckles
  • Synthetic gloves

These gloves come in 16 colours for you to choose from. They are bright to offer visibility while cycling. The gloves are 2†high and 6†wide. They are durable and fit very well without feeling too snug. They are affordable and built for wearing over long periods.

The gloves are fitted with AX suede palms which offer a minimalistic design on the gloves. The fingertips on these full-finger gloves are reinforced to give the rider a firmer grip. The structure offers you a comfortable fit and durability.


  • The highly absorbent microfiber is good for wiping away sweat.
  • The 4 ways stretch offers maximum comfort while riding.
  • It is made of breathable mesh to keep your hands cool after a long ride.


  • The gloves may lose grip over time with frequent use.


The Giro DND gloves are versatile and can be used for jumps, trail biking, and mountain biking. At an affordable price, these gloves are breathable and offer top performance during longer rides. You can be sure to get quality from a trusted brand like Giro.

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What to consider when buying cycling gloves for hand numbness

When looking for cycling gloves to help with hand numbness you need to look at the measurements, fit, and padding of the gloves you intend on buying. Here are some more features to consider.


To prevent hand numbness, the material of the gloves you chose should be durable. The durability allows you to withstand the road vibrations and pressure. Most fabrics in the market are comfortable which is desirable in cycling gloves. Breathability in gloves is important to keep your hands cool.

The mesh lining or holes in the gloves allow air to easily pass through. The fabric also determines whether the gloves are weatherproof or waterproof. The gripping ability depends on the fabric on the gloves. You should choose carefully. More durable fabric gloves are usually more expensive.


The padding of the glove is the most important. This is because the padding protects your nerves while cycling. It reduces the vibrations from the road, keeping you comfortable. You need to consider how much protection you need depending on the type of cycling. Most mountain bikers go for cycling gloves with more padding to offer more protection in that rough terrain. More padding increases the weight of these gloves.


Most gloves are measured by circumference. The best gloves are those that fit you well. When your gloves fit perfectly you prevent hand numbness or them being too loose. Firm gloves offer you a better grip and more control while cycling. Wearing uncomfortable gloves can cause wrist pain and numbness. For a better fit, most gloves come with adjustable straps so that you can adjust to where you are most comfortable.


You should not go over your budget when buying cycling gloves. Some gloves are expensive but have features you do not need. Be sure to prioritize features like waterproof, padding, durability, and protection. Go for gloves that are versatile and you can use for more than just cycling. This will ensure you get value for your money.


In summary, hand numbness can be caused by poor riding position, the pressure being placed on your hands and wearing gloves that are too tight. The gloves listed above are designed to help prevent hand numbness.

With features like extra padding, adjustable straps, and flexibility, you are sure to get comfortable gloves that won’t cause you any pain. Also make sure to adjust your saddle, riding posture, and handlebars to better fit your height and weight.  You won’t regret getting one of these gloves for your collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the finger loops bother you while cycling?

No, they do not get in your way at all. You will hardly feel them and they will make taking off your gloves very easy.

  1. What is the major cause of hand numbness?

Hand numbness is caused by compression of the nerves while cycling. This can be because the saddle is too high, poor riding position, and reaching too far for the handlebars.