Best cycling gloves for ulnar nerve in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

When your cycling, you want to have gear that ensures your safety and comfort. Cycling gloves are equally important, particularly to keep the ulnar nerve safe.

Hi, I’m Susan, and I’ve been riding my bike for about two years or more. It was initially fine until I started getting general numbness on my fingers, even when it was warm or hot.

It went to get my hand checked out after a while, even though the pain would diminish some hours a bike ride. The doctor managed to get the pain down but made it clear that I needed gloves when cycling since that’s when the issue appeared.

I did start looking for cycling gloves, but it became evident that not anything could do. It meant getting something that had padding, a snug fit and grip so that there would be less pressure on my hand.

Within a few rids, things were back to normal, and I could ride in peace. Once I realized how essential gloves were, I was on a mission to get the perfect pair. Here, I am going to share with you what I learned on my journey and some of the gloves that I came across that you, too, can consider trying out.

Best cycling gloves for ulnar nerve- comparison table

MOREOK Men’s Cycling Gloves
Cevapro Cycle Gloves
Non-slip silicone
MAJCF Cycling Gloves
Anti-slip silicone
LuxoBike Cycling Gloves
Pearl Izumi gloves
Synthetic leather
Tanluhu cycling gloves
Anti-slip gel silicone


MOREOK Men’s Cycling Gloves

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The fabric on this first glove is breathable and designed for a comfortable fit. The MOREOK gloves also have an anti-slip suede on the palm, as well as a widened Velcro. The wrist is made up of an elastic patch for a sizable fit, with the whole glove leaving your hand comfy and relax when you are cycling.


  • Hight elastic Lycra
  • Knitted mesh fabric
  • Anti-slip sued
  • SBR shock pads
  • Terry cloth wick

There is a 5ml gel that makes up the shock pads on the palm and has a non-slip silicone surface as well. The purpose of the two is to relieve pain and fatigue too and reduce any numbness you might feel while you’re cycling.

Keeping your hands moisture-free is a moisture-wicking mesh to keep your hands both cool and dry. If you need to wipe sweat from your brow, the absorbent terry cloth on the thumb, and help you do that.


  • There are pull taps that help you get the gloves off easily
  • There is an adjustable wrist Velcro so you can keep the gloves on tightly around your wrist
  • The gloves are ideal for both men and women, and they have multipurpose use
  • They come in 11 different colors


  • Not everyone initially gets a comfortable snug size

Verdict: There are plenty of aspects that make these gloves friendly for those cycling, from the padding to the moisture-wicking fabric and more. They are worth considering for their multipurpose use.


Cevapro Cycle Gloves

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Here we have another pair of half finger cycling gloves that do have non-slip silicone palms, which reduces friction and abrasion resistance. These come in handy, especially when you are mountain biking, and the terrain is rough. The thicken foam and gel within the gloves play a role in offering you protection from pain and fatigue that comes with the shock experienced while cycling.


  • Terry cloth
  • Mesh material
  • Magic tapa for adjustability
  • Non-slip silicone palm
  • Sticky Velcro buckle on wrist

The material on these Cevapro gloves is also breathable. That’s thanks to the mesh fabric on the palms and the back of the gloves. That way, your hand, and fingers remain quite cool during the ride.

When it comes to taking off the gloves, it is quite easy; you only need to use the two-finger loops attached to pull them off. The glove also incorporates a sweat-wicking towel cloth material. Finally, there is a Velcro strap on the wrist to adjust for tightness so that you have a snug fit.


  • You can wipe sweat thanks to the fabric used on thumbs
  • The pull-off straps make it easy to remove the gloves
  • There is a middle mesh fabric that allows optimal palm ventilation
  • It comes in four different colors


  • Some find the padding on the hand a bit too thick

Verdict: Here is another pair that meets several requirements when it comes to finding a pair of suitable riding gloves. The padding and breathability make it worth considering.


MAJCF Cycling Gloves

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These gloves are made from high-tech elastic fabric from Japan that keeps hands both comfy and relaxed while cycling. Use the American size chart provided and also the low-profile Velcro closure to get the right fit.

What’s more, you get double palm protection that includes liquid gels and thick pads. They absorb shock and thus giving your protection from pain and numbness, particularly during long rides.


  • Soft Japanese elastic fabric
  • Three liquid gels and two thick pads on the palm
  • Reflective strip
  • Silicone anti-slip surface on palms
  • Terry cloth

The MAJCF gloves contain a reflective strip, adding the rider’s visibility for when a car passes by. That gives you added safety when riding the bike at night. The easy-off hooks in the middle and ring finger make taking off the gloves a breeze.

As expected, the thumb is made from terry cloth that is absorbent so you can wipe off sweat without soaking the glove. Ventilation while wearing the gloves is thanks to small holes at the back of the gloves, leaving your hands cool and dry.


  • The Japanese material the brand uses makes the gloves comfy to wear
  • The reflective material on the gloves provide you with additional safety on the road
  • You can use the washing machine to clean them
  • There is a 90-day return policy should the glove be found to be defective


  • Not everyone gets the American size right and end up buying a smaller size

Verdict: These half-finger gloves do have great features, particularly the fact that it is made from soft Japanese cloth that will keep good on your skin. Only remember to use the size chart for a snug fit.


LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

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The padding on this glove is meant to minimize numbness and reduce vibrations felt when cycling. What’s more, is that these LuxoBike cycling gloves are mainly targeted for that mountain biking.

Its padding has specialized four-zone shock-absorbing pads strategically found throughout the palm, making for a comfortable ride.


  • Shock-absorbing pads
  • Velcro wrist closure
  • Microsuede palm
  • Absorbent thumb towel
  • Finger hoops

There are more features on the palm; the microsuede gives you maximum grip so that there is no slipping. Being that these are half-finger gloves, you get the ideal contact with the handlebar. The back of the hand is made from stretchable Lycra, and the wrist has a Velcro closure that you adjust for a proper fit.

There is indeed an absorbent thumb towel to wipe off swear, and the finger hoops that make pulling off the gloves simpler.


  • The gloves give you maximum protection from shock and vibrations
  • Ideal for that mountain biking
  • They have a Velcro wrist strap you adjust for a perfect fit
  • The sizing is provided in palm width so you can get gloves that fit right


  • The glove could use with more breathable material

Verdict: Though these gloves have mountain biking in mind, they are also multipurpose for when you’re on the ground or need to push away some branches.

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Pearl Izumi gloves

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These next gloves are made for women, and they’ve been optimized as such. They have gel foam padding that provides vibration dampening.

Even so, there’s a one to one padding configuration that removes overall bulkiness that is not ideal for those with smaller hands. Even so, the gel-foam padding’s other purpose is the relieve pressure from the ulnar and median nerves for a comfortable ride.


  • Gel-foam padding
  • Hoop and loop closure
  • Synthetic leather palm
  • Breathable material

The synthetic palm itself is soft and durable, so you’ll enjoy the gloves for a while. Pearl Izumi does use a blend of materials that offer excellent breathability, something that’s welcome on warm or hot days.

Overall, you can use these gloves everywhere, not only when cycling. You can do mountain biking with them or even hit the gym. It is the fingerless aspect that makes them work for a range of activities.


  • The gloves are made for multipurpose use
  • Breathable material keeps hands cool and dry
  • The padding is not bulky
  • Built with women’s smaller hands in mind


  • It could use with more padding for particularly bumpy places

Verdict: women do have smaller hands, making these gloves easy to consider in terms of sizing. They do have other great qualities too that make them well-rounded gloves


Tanluhu cycling gloves

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These bike gloves are made from super elastic Lycra and durable knitted mesh fabric. These factors make the Tanluhu gloves breathable, comfortable, and offering a great fit.

The company had all sports lovers in mind when making this hand gear, most so that they can have a snug compression. To get the right fit, measure your hand’s circumference and then refer to the size chart provided.


  • Elastic Lycra material
  • Knitted mesh fabric
  • Sticky adjustable buckle
  • Absorbent microfiber on the thumb

Something unique about this particular pair of gloves is they have a sticky adjustable buckle that you can use to adjust the tension to suit you. Additionally, the highly elastic mesh that’s on the surface is both breathable, moisture-wicking, and sturdy too.

You can use the absorbent microfiber on the thumbs to wipe sweat easily. Overall, the gloves are shock absorbent, reducing the vibrations and hand fatigue and stiffness.


  • There is black anti-slip gel silicone webbed on the gloves
  • Two hoops make taking off the gloves easy
  • The gloves come in eight different colors
  • The gloves are multipurpose; you can use them for climbing, biking, and rowing too


  • The color fades after extensive use

Verdict: A unique feature about this brand is they have produced low-carbon green cycling gloves and still haven’t compromised on quality. If you’re mindful of the environment, you can consider them.


Buying guide for cycling gloves for the ulnar nerve

When it comes to purchasing gloves, things are not as complicated as when buying shoes or helmets. Here we are going to simplify what you need to know. However, before we begin, we have to highlight what the ulnar nerve is essential and why you’d consider getting gloves for the same.

The ulnar nerve

In the human body, the ulnar nerve is the largest nerve in the human body, and it is unprotected by muscle or bone. For that reason, injury tends to be normal, and that’s why gloves are essential in that regard.

Something else is that the nerve goes directly to the little finger, and is also adjacent to half of the ring finger.

How do you know that you have ulnar nerve damage? Some of the symptoms include a loss of sensation in the hand, particularly in the ring finger and little finger, where the nerve ending is. Another sign that you need to get help is that you’ll get tingling or even burning feeling and pain too.

You’ll also note that you’ll have a loss of grip when you try to clutch something. The time you’re likely to feel this is when you’re holding tight on your bicycle handle for a long time. That is where cycling gloves come in to protect the ulnar nerve.

Qualities of a suitable cycling gloves

Let’s give a rundown of what to keep in mind.

Finger or fingerless gloves: The weather is perhaps one thing you ought to consider when you’re getting your cycling gloves. Their primary purpose is to protect your hand as you’re cycling, but if it is cold and you have fingerless gloves, then your fingers will be chilly.

That is why you’ll find that finger gloves are left for winter or generally cold weather. Additionally, if you’re going to do mountain climbing and hit some branches out of the way during a triathlon, then you can consider getting finger gloves.

Padding: You want to get a cycling glove with ample padding, especially for the long rides. Your hand will be on your bike for a long time, and you want to remain comfortable.

There is more to it; you want to keep your ulnar nerve protected. There are various types of protection include gel padding. However, some people find the padding too much.

Grip: In case it starts raining, or there’s the moisture of any sort, you don’t want to have your fingers slipping when you’re holding the bars. That’s why the grip is essential. Various companies go about putting grips differently.

Some will have silicone grippers, but you’ll also find that leather or a synthetic palm grip can get the job done too. Whatever you pick, ensure that you can shift the brake levels comfortable so that you remain safe.

Fit: Of course, you have to factor in how the gloves are going to fit. Then once you can consider getting is a close fit one since you don’t want to have to worry about closing them when they come loose. They remain snuggly fit as you’re cycling.

While that is the best thing, you do want to think about how your hands or fingers fair on when you’re out and about. My fingers swell after an intense cycling session; then, I prefer a glove that can adjust to that accordingly.

Breathability: The breathability of the gloves is indeed important so that you don’t get sweaty. It would otherwise compromise how you brake, or something more.

Even with that, you want to be comfortable as you’re cycling. Having a fabric that can wick the sweat and keep your hands cool as well is essential. Consider getting a mesh fabric since it’s helpful too.

Wrap up

Getting a glove that kept my ulnar nerve from aching was something I needed to do to have more enjoyable rides. You ought to also consider doing the same to protect this nerve since our human bodies don’t do that quite as well.

Cycling should be an activity that promotes health and vitality, so it shouldn’t be something that we can’t do because we didn’t take precautions.


Do I need cycling gloves?

The short answer is yes. The vibration from the bike can make your hand uncomfortable and numb after long rides. You want to protect yourself from that since the vibrations and hardness of the handlebars can affect the ulnar nerve

How do I know my ulnar nerve is affected?

While there is general numbness you feel when cycling, you’ll primarily feel the issues on the ring and little finger. Other signs are burning sensation, sensitivity, and pain. If the pain worsens, consult a doctor.