The 7 Best Cycling gloves for Wrist Pain in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Have you been experiencing wrist pains while cycling lately? You should probably change your cycling gloves to give you more support and protection. Here we list 7 of the best gloves you can use to reduce your wrist pain.

Riding my bike is my favourite exercise because it’s so simple and I get to think clearly while I’m cycling through the neighbourhood. Aside from giving me a good workout, it also gives me a chance to have fun with my friends that I’ve met through cycling. After riding for a couple of years, there are certainly a few things that I have learned about getting a perfect size and fit when it comes to the equipment I am buying for cycling.

There are a lot of injuries that I have suffered while cycling but one of the most frequent ones for me was wrist pain. Posture is an important part of cycling. If your bike is not the right size for you, you will not be comfortable because the seat may be too high or the handlebars too far for you to reach.

To reduce wrist pain, you need to get equipment that is of the right fit. This includes your gear and most especially your gloves. To reduce wrist pain try to keep your wrists straight and wear padded cycling gloves that protect your hands from the pressure and vibrations of the handlebars while cycling.

The 7 Best cycling gloves for Wrist pain- A comparison Table

Firelion Half finger Unisex gloves
Trideer Anti-slip gloves
Pearl Izumi Mens Select gloves
Pearl Izumi
Synthetic leather
Tanluhu Cycling gloves
Lycra material
Giro Monaco Gloves
InbikeGelpad gloves
Pearl IzumiElite gloves
Pearl Izumi
65%nylon,35% polyurethane


Firelion Half-finger Unisex gloves– Gel pad anti-slip cycling gloves

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The Firelion Half-finger cycling gloves are made of microfiber and can be used for BMX, mountain biking, road cycling, and exercising. They are good at keeping your hand comfortable without being too snug.


  • Half-finger gloves
  • Adjustable straps
  • Gel palm for anti-slip
  • 1-year replacement warranty.

These gloves can be worn on a hot day without causing you too much discomfort. The gel palm is also good to prevent your hand from slipping while riding. The microfiber used to make these gloves is easily absorbent making it easier to wipe away sweat.

They are very breathable and good quality gloves. They can be washed in the washing machine making them very easy to maintain. The adjustable cuffs make these ensure that your wrists are not strained while cycling.


  • The gel palm is anti-slip and offers shock absorption protection. This reduces the vibrations from the road and relieves some fatigue from your hand.
  • The straps and microfiber are adjustable so that you can adjust to fit your comfortability.
  • The pull tabs on these gloves make it much easier to pull them on and off.


  • The padding placement is not ideal for all bikes.


The Firelion gloves are quality and comfortable gloves designed for different types of cycling. With reinforced synthetic on the palm, these gloves are durable, supple, and sure to reduce hand numbness caused by cycling. They are a great choice if you suffer from wrist pain.


Trideer Anti-slip unisex gloves– Ideal for maximum shock absorption

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The Trideer Anti-slip gloves come in both half finger and full finger designs. They offer maximum shock absorption to give you optimum relief while cycling. These gloves are ideal for cyclists, athletes, trainers, and beginners too.


  • Made of microfiber
  • Adjustable straps
  • Has silica gel palms
  • Touch screen sensitive

The silica gel palm is also worn resistant and gives your palm a strong grip. It also has pull tabs that make it easier to take them off. The gloves have ventilated mesh backing which lets sweat easily evaporate to keep your hands dry.

These gloves are lightweight and made of durable microfiber material. These gloves are made of high quality with double stitching to ensure you have durable gloves.


  • The anti-slip silica gel is great for offering you a firm grip on the handlebars without having to add on too much pressure.
  • It is made of durable and breathable microfiber material for a comfortable feel during the hot seasons.
  • The touch recognition on these gloves allows you to use your phone without having to take them off.


  • It can be too small and tight for some users.


With great features like the anti-slip silica gel palm and the adjustable straps, the Trideer Anti-slip gloves are great for cycling. These are great gloves that can keep your hands cook during a summer day while also being comfortable. They are unique due to the touch sensitivity so you don’t have to remove them before using your phone. For cyclers, this is a great quality option with all the features you need.


Pearl Izumi Men’s Select gloves – Most padded cycling gloves

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The Pearl Izumi Men’s select gloves are the most padded ones and ideal for anyone who gets wrist pains when cycling. They offer optimal support and come in different sizes and colors for the perfect fit.


  • Gel foam padding
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Size S-XXL

These gloves come with a hook and loop closure to offer you a perfect fit. They are well designed to relieve pressure on the most sensitive nerves to reduce numbness. Being made of synthetic leather this pair is very soft and there is a wiping surface on the thumb for you to easily wipe your sweat while cycling. It also comes with a sizing guide so that you can get gloves that fit you well to avoid wrist pains.


  • The synthetic leather palm material makes it soft and comfortable to wear
  • It is one of the most padded gloves and specially made for hand pain
  • It is an affordable pair of gloves


  • It is not unisex and the size chart is not very accurate.


The Pearl Izumi Men’s select gloves are made for helping with wrist pains. It is not only affordable but durable so you can use it for a long time. This is a great option for cycling gloves to add to your collection.


Tanluhu Cycling gloves– Best biking gloves for men and women

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The Tanluhu cycling gloves have some great features that make it ideal for cyclists like the anti-slip shock absorption and the absorbent microfiber that it is made of.


  • Made of Lycra material
  • Black anti-slip gel
  • Two-finger loops for taking off
  • Half-finger gloves

These gloves were made to support all kinds of sports activities. Make sure to use the sizing guide to get the gloves that fit you best. Measurement is done by circumference. The highly adjustable mesh material on these gloves makes it breathable especially during the hot seasons. They provide shock absorption protection and reduce hand fatigue.

To make it easier to remove these gloves, they come designed with a pull tab to take them off faster. It is also of high quality and sure to last you a long time. They have a black anti-slip gel silicone that gives it a strong grip and thickening palm to prevent injuries. The lycra material is also very smooth and soft.


  • These gloves are made of mesh fabric which is breathable and very comfortable to give you a good fit.
  • It has an adjustable buckle so that you can adjust it to fit you perfectly
  • The absorbent microfiber on the thumbs of the gloves helps you easily wipe sweat and keep you cool while cycling


  • The padding is too minimal compared to other cycling gloves


The Tanluhu half finger gloves are ideal for a range of exercises and biking. They come in different colors and are durable to keep you comfortable. With a strong grip and adjustable buckle, these gloves are sure to keep your hands comfortable and reduce pressure from your wrists. If you are looking for a trendy pair of gloves for cycling, this is a great choice.


Giro Monaco Gloves– Best cycling gloves for cyclists

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The Giro Monaco gloves are short finger gloves that are ideal for many riding conditions. They are super fit and tailored to match the size and shape of each hand to enhance performance while riding.


  • 3mm padding
  • Half-finger gloves
  • Low profile Velcro closure

These gloves come with breathable mesh to keep your hands cool while cycling during the hot weather. The padding is just enough to keep you comfortable without sacrificing the grip. It has a highly absorbent and microfiber that provides a good wiping surface.

It is easy to remove these gloves because of the pull tab and gives a perfect fit from the Velcro closure. The leather palms are also water-resistant and breathable to keep you at ease while riding.


  • Some areas of the gloves are double stitched to enhance durability
  • The 3mm gel padding on these gloves helps distribute pressure evenly for comfort and durability.
  • There are tear-off finger pockets on the gloves to make them easier to remove.


  • Some users  feel the padding is not enough


Giro Monaco is one of the best gloves you can get if you are suffering from wrist pains. They are lightweight and durable with breathable mesh to keep you comfortable. You can move around without feeling sweaty and with no wrist pains. This is a durable and quality choice for cycling gloves.


InbikeGelpad gloves– Men’s Mountain bike gloves

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The Inbike men’s gloves have a 5mm gel padding for shock absorption and anti-slip properties. These gloves are half fingers and come in two colors.


  • Made of polyester
  • Half fingered gloves
  • 5mm gel padding
  • Velcro closure

These gloves are also made of lycra material which is very elastic and durable. The mesh fabric makes these gloves breathable and more comfortable to wear.

These Inbike half finger gloves are great for spring and summer. These are the best gloves for beginners and offer excellent protection in case you fall.


  • The 5mm padding is good for super shock absorption and relieves pain on the wrist.
  • The inside part of the gloves is made of terry cloth which is soft enough for you to use to wipe away sweat.
  • The Low profile Velcro closure ensures that you can easily adjust the tightness for a comfortable fit.


  • The sizes are a little small for some users.


If you are looking for a good pair of gloves that are comfortable yet affordable, this is the one for you. With breathable and comfortable mesh and lycra fabric, you are assured of quality as you cycle.  You will enjoy this cycling gloves if you decide to buy them.


Pearl IzumiElite gloves men’s Elite Gel Gloves

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The Pearl Izumi Elite gloves are designed for men and come in a screaming yellow color and half finger design. It is made of synthetic leather which is soft and very durable.


  • Half fingered gloves
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Gel padding

These gloves have a soft surface that makes it easy to wipe yourself. It also maximizes your grip during different conditions. The synthetic fabric on the back of the hands is also good for improving ventilation and to wick off moisture. The pull tabs also make it very easy to remove these gloves.


  • The gel padding offers superior riding comfort
  • The palm is made of synthetic leather which is soft and comfortable.
  • The hook and loop closure ensure you get a firm grip and it is comfortable without being too snug


  • It has no knuckle protection and is not ideal for winter.


The Pearl Izumi Men’s cycling gloves are fingerless and designed for cycling. The gel padding and synthetic leather are good for shock absorption and breathability. This is a pair of gloves that are worth your money for a good fit and durable cycling gloves.


What to look for when buying cycling gloves for wrist pain

Before you chose which pair to buy, you should consider the price, the fit, manufacturers, and durability depending on the cycling conditions.

Full finger or fingerless

When you are choosing cycling gloves you need to decide this according to your preference. You should consider that during winter, fingerless gloves offer very little protection for your knuckles. Fingerless gloves are recommended for warmer months. Some cyclists may prefer the full protection of full finger gloves while some believe that they maintain control with fingerless gloves.


The material used to make these gloves is also very important. Most gloves are made of polyester which is sturdy and durable for cycling. It is also wear-resistant after hours of riding. Others are made of leather which also adds durability with small holes to make it more ventilated. Nylon is also used in cycling gloves due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Always look for quality and durable material so that the cycling gloves last longer.

The price

To get quality and durable gloves you will have to spend some money on it. Quality gloves made of leather with ample gel padding will cost more. Additional features like anti-slid properties also affect the price. You shouldn’t have to break your bank to get quality gloves with a good grip. Chose a pair according to your budget and according to your cycling conditions.

The fit

A good pair of gloves should fit very well without too much room. You should not have a lot of room to move while you are using the gloves. They should also not be too tight and uncomfortable for you.  Most manufacturers have sizing guides that you can use to get the perfect fit for you.  Take time to measure your hands well because gloves that are too tight might be causing you discomfort which leads to wrist pain.


In conclusion, it is very common to get wrist pain whether you are a beginner or experienced rider. This could be due to poor posture or wearing the wrong gloves. If you wear gloves that are too tight, without enough padding or with poor quality material that does little to protect your hands from fatigue.

It is important to consider the material, adjustable features, the padding, and the price of cycling gloves before you decide to purchase. Make sure to wear gloves that fit you well and offer protection in different cycling conditions to reduce wrist pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I wear cycling gloves if I have wrist pain?

Yes. Wearing cycling gloves will not only protect you when you fall, but they also help relieve wrist pain especially padded gloves. They offer a good grip without having to grip the bars too tightly and keep your hands dry.

  1. How tight should cycling gloves be?

Cycling gloves should not be too tight. Most cycling gloves have adjustable straps so that you can adjust it to where you are most comfortable. Gloves shouldn’t be too big or with too much room.