7 Best Cycling Shoes Under 200 in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

A great pair of cycling shoes is very important especially for any biker who is looking to improve their riding skills. The best cycling shoes in the market enhance your pedaling and now with the introduction of stiffer soles and fastening systems, you will definitely get a shoe that is great for you.

Hey there! My name is Rollins. I have been a cycling enthusiast since I was four when my father bought me my first bike. For decades, I have taken part in so many cycling activities with my family and friends. When it comes to cycling, one of the major factors that you must never overlook is the type of shoe that you will wear. The shoe plays a major factor in determining your riding experience and performance.

The market is filled with a lot of great cycling shoes and selecting an ideal pair of cycling shoes can prove to be an overwhelming task. Choosing the best pair at an affordable price is not so easy and this review is designed to help you browse through the best options available at less than $200. I have also highlighted the factors that you should consider when purchasing your cycling shoes, making your shopping process a lot easier.

Best Cycling Shoes Under 200 – Comparison Table 

Main Features 
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The Riot BOA Road Shoes from Bont
The carbon sole is designed to be very stiffThe fit is heat-molable
The R5 Road Cycling Shoe from Fizik
Comfortable shoes even with even tensionIdeal choice for long rides
The Sentrie Techlace shoe from Giro
Very comfortable with an aesthetic lookThe carbon soles are very stiff
The Specialized Torch 3.0 cycling shoe
It is of great performance, light in weight and comfortableIt is affordable
The Helix Road Cycling Shoe from BONT
It is light in weightThe sole is very stiff
The Riot Buckle Road Cycling Shoe from BONT
The soles are heat moldableIt is affordable
The R1 Infinito Men’s Cycling Shoes from Fizik
Very comfortable, just like slippers

The sole is quite stiff

Best Cycling Shoes Under 200 – a comparison overview

The Riot BOA Road Shoes from Bont

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The Riot BOA cycling road shoe is designed with an extremely stiff carbon sole that is heat-moldable. This shoe has a very distinctive look and it is available at a very affordable price. The carbon soles are tub-shaped and are also very stiff. This ensures that the soles are very efficient and can support your pedaling platform.

The Bont manufacturing industry claims that this shoe offers cyclists a greater anatomical fit straight out of the box when compared to many other cycling shoes in the market. The fit of this shoe, however, can be modified in the comfort of your own home by simply heating it in your oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees. This should be done right before you put on the shoe and tighten it up.

Before purchasing this shoe, you should remember to check the size of the shoe. It is advisable that you do not simply rely on the shoe size that is mentioned.


  • The shoe is designed with a very stiff carbon sole
  • The shoe is moldable


  • Each pair is much smaller than the stated size.

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The R5 Road Cycling Shoe from Fizik

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The R5 cycling shoes are one of the most comfortable biking shoes that we have tried. These shoes are an excellent choice for cyclists who are embarking on much longer rides. The soles of these cycling shoes are the same type just like the soles used on Fizik’s R5B model that is more expensive. This means that the soles of this shoe are not too stiff and the toe and heel bumpers cannot be replaced.

The twin Velcro straps of this shoe provide users with an even tension. This means that users cannot overlook Boa dials. The shoe weighs only 626 grams. They are not the lightest in the market, however, they are very affordable and users are guaranteed that they will be provided with an optimum level of performance.


  • The shoes are very comfortable
  • The tension and the fit of the shoe is quite even


  • It is not easy to spot the clit markings on this shoe.

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The Sentrie Techlace shoe from Giro

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The Sentire Techlace shoes are one of the Giro industry’s top-rated shoes designed with excellent rigid soles. The shoes are also quite affordable which is an excellent advantage for high-quality shoes. The shoe is designed with an amalgamation of Boa, Techlace, and Velcro and this makes the design of the shoe very unique and attractive.

The Techlace system from Giro is quite ideal bringing the best from the shoelaces. The fly adjustability is great and while these features are not considered game-changers, when it comes to the Sentire Techlace shoe it improves the function of the shoe.

The upper part of the shoe has a roomier fit and it is a water-repellant meaning that the shoe is perfect even when cycling on snow-covered surfaces. However, if you want to sport much thicker socks you should know that the risk of getting the sock wet increases, and you may end up cycling with soggy feet.


  • The shoes are very comfortable
  • The shoes have an aesthetically pleasing design
  • The carbon sole is quite stiff


  • The tech laces are loose and fiddly
  • These shoes are not light in weight

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The Specialized Torch 3.0 cycling shoe

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These shoes are one of the most affordable in the market and even though they are not designed with the S-Works moniker, the shoes are highly functioning, just like a pair that could cost over $300. The Torch 3.0 shoes have a similar design to the S-Works 7 shoe. The two Boa dials fit system and the Velcro strap that is across the forefoot is the same. This ensures that the modifications are much easier and precise.

Some cyclists, however, do not like the fact that when wearing this shoe, you have to unhook the top Boa lace from the anchor. This action is considered a major inconvenience. Once you have your shoes on, however, you are guaranteed of an amazing feeling. The shoes fit perfectly, and the users are provided with amazing arch support. The heel cup also has an adequate amount of support preventing any cases of spillage especially when running or sprinting.

On the stiffness index, the carbon sole rates at 8.5. This is great proving that the sole is stiff enough for cycling exercises.


  • The shoe performs perfectly
  • Users are guaranteed that they will be very comfortable
  • The shoe is light in weight
  • It is affordable


  • The addition of the Boa S2-SV adds the amount of time that it would take to put on your shoe.

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The Helix Road Cycling Shoe from Bont

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The Helix Road Cycling shoe is one of the best biking shoes from the Bont manufacturing industry. The design of this shoe is primarily focused on giving rise to a maximum level of power transfer from your feet to the bike pedals.

Just like all other cycling shoes from Bont the Helix Road shoe is heat moldable ensuring that users can get the chance to customize the shoe to fit them perfectly. The sole of this shoe is also designed with a tub style providing you with an extraordinary level of stiffness.

Thankfully, this shoe is designed with a Boa closure system. This makes the modification of the shoe so much easier, before your ride and even after your ride. The shoe is very comfortable and the stiffness of the sole is enhanced, however, this shoe should not be used for any kind of cycling activities that require a lot of endurance. If you looking for high-performance shoes, this is the best choice for you.


  • It is light in weight
  • The sole is quite stiff
  • The shoe can be customized to enhance the fit


  • Very high level of stiffness.

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The Riot Buckle Road Cycling Shoe from BONT

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This shoe is very light weighing only 632 grams. It is a high-performance shoe available at a very affordable price. The shoe is designed with a tub-style that is just the same as the design used to manufacture the Helix shoe from Bont. However, this shoe is made with reinforced carbon fiberglass and not carbon fiber. The fabric of the shoe should not cause you any kind of worry. This is because the sole of the Riot’s Buckle shoe provides you with an enhanced level of power transfer.

To properly customize this shoe, it is best when you bake the pair. It is advisable that you take some additional when doing this. Once the shoe is properly customized and can comfortably fit your feet without raising any kind of issue, then the process of closing up the ratchet system and the Velcro strap is very easy. The upper of the shoe as well as the torch are quite stiff.


  • The fit of the shoe is perfect and comfortable
  • The shoe is affordable


  • The upper is quite stiff.

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The R1 Infinito Men’s Cycling Shoes from Fizik

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When manufacturing the R1 Infinito Cycling Shoe the Fizik industry made use of a knitted material that is breathable and stretchy. The point is to aggregate traditional synthetic materials. This ensures that the shoe is more comfortable and the breathability is a lot better.

To ensure that the shoe does not let in an accumulated amount of moisture, you can make use of a water repellent treatment. This comes in handy especially if you are cycling in wet weather conditions, however, the shoe is still considered a fair-weather shoe.

Many cyclists have mentioned that the R1 Infinito Cycling Shoe performs better when cycling hard in very hot and extreme weather conditions. The knitted material used can stretch which is amazing. As we all know when you cycle the accumulated heat can cause your foot to swell and the stretchy fabric works well in accommodating your foot even in the middle of a rigorous cycling activity. The sole is stiff perfect for cyclists who take part in competitive cycling activities. The uppers are quite comfortable giving your feet an excellent level of stability.


  • The shoe is ideal for racing
  • The shoe is comfortable


  • When cycling on extremely wet surfaces some moisture could still get into the shoe.

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing the Best Cycling Shoes Under 200 

The Size and Fit of the Shoe   

Cycling shoes, as well as many other types of shoes are designed encompassing what is known as a ‘Last’. A last is a mold that is designed to appear like a real-life foot and manufacturing industries use this mold to design their shoes. Different brands have different lasts, and it depends on the fit philosophy of the industry. When browsing through different shoe types, trying to figure out what suits you, you must choose a shoe shape that can fit you. The best way to ensure the fit and the size of the shoe is by putting on the shoe. Therefore, you should always, get into a shop and buy the shoe, or you can purchase it from a credible online retailer that works with excellent return policies.

The Sole of The Shoe

When it comes to bike products and items, carbon fabric is one of the additional materials that you cannot miss especially in cycling shoes. This makes perfect sense because carbon is known to be of very high quality. It is quite stiff yet light in weight making it ideal for the soles of your cycling shoe.

A big disadvantage, however, is the price of the carbon material. The soles of basic cycling shoes are designed with nylon or a composite of glass fiber. These soles are also perfect for any cyclist. These kinds of soles are more flexible than shoes that are made of carbon material. They enhance your performance and in addition, they are much cheaper than shoes that come with a carbon sole. The carbon soles, however, are the best for intense cycling and training sessions. There are many shoes in the market designed with carbon soles and are very affordable.

The Closure System  

Two major closure systems are quite popular today. One of the most used closure systems are the wire laces that have adjustable dials. These are the Boa straps and other similar laces. Then there are the Velcro straps. Some shoes are designed with both of these closure systems giving users a chance to use both or choose between the two.

Shoes that are designed with the Velcro straps are much more affordable. They are also very simple and effective. These kinds of shoes are considered to be more of on the lower-end however they perform perfectly. High-end shoes are most often designed with the Boa closure system as well as other related dial systems. These closure systems are the most popular, because they can correctly control the fit.

In the last few years, the traditional type of laces has had a little bit of regeneration. If you are attracted to a prime and classic kind of look, the traditional laces are the best option, and cyclists are provided with some great options when it comes to these laces. With these laces, however, you will remember that adjusting your shoe as you cycle will not be easy. You will have to stop and fix the shoe, then continue with your cycling session.

Additional features

It is important to take some time and consider what kind of cycling that your shoes are meant for. Many of the road biking shoes in the market are specifically designed for very hot conditions. This means that the shoes produced are made from very breathable fabric and you will not necessarily be safeguarded from external elements. If you are going to be cycling on wet surfaces or a snow-covered area, you must consider what kind of cycling shoes are best for you. This will give you the chance to enjoy your session without any factor compromising your biking activities


One of the major contact points between you and your bike is your shoes and that is why you must select a pair that will serve you perfectly. Selecting the most ideal cycling shoe for you is not so easy and if not done correctly, this can end up being a very expensive endeavor. This article has listed the best shoes that are available at a very affordable price. I hope it serves as a perfect guide allowing you to select a pair that will suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I really need cycling shoes?  

Well, not all bikers see the importance of owning a pair of cycling shoes, however, cycling shoes do make a huge difference and improve your cycling abilities. A great advantage of cycling shoes is rigid soles. The rigid soles come with additional benefits. First, a cyclist will get to enjoy the smooth transition of power from the foot to the pedal. This is great especially if you are looking to improve your performance.

Should I get stiffer cycling shoes?  

A cycling shoe that is designed with a much stiffer sole is the best for cyclists. This is because it enhances power transfer. If you are looking to improve your biking abilities, it is best when you are connected to the bike. A stiff sole does this and you will immediately notice the great impact that high-quality stiffer soles have on your bike.

Can I walk around in my cycling shoe?  

If you want to walk with your cycling shoes, you should purchase a bike that is designed with two-bolts and three-bolts. The three-bolt shoes often come with many rubber lumps underneath the heel and toe area of your shoe. This makes it easier to walk around with the shoe.