The 5 Best Cycling Shorts For Spin Class in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Each and every sport has its fan base and committed players who always spot the special gear. Cycling is an amazing sport and every cyclist must invest in their own unique clothing to help them reap major benefits from the exercise.

Hey there. My name is William and I began getting intrigued by cycling, long before it ever became one of the most popular workout routines. I am a real gym enthusiast and the benefits that I gain from cycling are impressive.

The only problem was that I failed to invest in the proper cycling clothing and before long I began to experience a lot of discomfort and pain whenever I jumped on the saddle. I was in so much pain that I had to take a long break from all gym exercises.

One of the most essential gears is cycling shorts. A great pair of cycling shorts provide you all the comfort that you need to reap all the major health benefits.

It is understandable that purchasing cycling shorts is not so easy. The market is filled with many  different pairs and selecting one can prove to be overwhelming. In this article, we have taken some time to list down the most suitable cycling shorts in the market.

The 5 Best Cycling Shorts For Spin Class – Comparison Table

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Sponeed Cycling Shorts
A 4D gel pad. High-density foam. Silicone leg-gripper. Elastic material.
Sportneer Cycling Shorts
A breathable pad that is a good absorbent
Louis Garneau Optimum Bike Shorts
It contains a gel pocket. A flatlock seam and aircast airpsport chamois
Beroy Bike Shorts
Silicone Hem. 3-Dimensional gel pad chamois
Santic Cycling Shorts
There is a side panel mesh. The shoe has a 12-panel design.


Sponeed cycling shorts

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The Sponeed cycling shorts are designed primarily for men and over the years these shorts have become a very common selection amongst many male cyclists. The short is manufactured from 20% spandex material and 80% polyester material. The shorts are designed to support and give comfort to your seat bone. This also eliminates your chance of suffering from any kind of sore pain.

The Sponeed shorts are the best option especially for those who like to cycle for a very long time. They are also the best for anyone who is searching for shorts that are aerated, elastic, and very flexible. These shorts are manufactured with 4-dimensional gel pads allowing you to enjoy a work out session that is very comfortable and prevents the accumulation of excess heat.

If you have ever experienced any kind of pain during your spin class, this could be because of chafing and you should definitely purchase this model. Spinning is a very intense workout session and you are bound to sweat excessively. That is why it is important to purchase the kind of shorts that would not stick to your body.

These Sponeed shorts never get stuck to your skin. These shorts are also very easy to clean and they dry quickly. If you often sweat excessively, then these shorts are the most ideal choice for you.

This short is designed for all kinds of riders. Therefore, it does not matter if you are a professional at cycling or you are just a beginner. These shorts are an amazing choice. However, it is important that you practice caution when purchasing these shorts. The shorts are tagged in Asian sizes. Asian sizes are much smaller than sizes in the United States. It is important to verify the sizes and switch them to the basic format that you commonly use.

When you compare these shorts to other brands in the market that are a lot more pricey, you will realize that these cycling shorts give you value for your money. The shorts are beautifully designed and are also very affordable.


  • The 4D gel provides you with a lot of cushioning which is great as you get to be comfortable
  • The short is manufactured with silicon rubber material around the opening of the leg and this prevents it from moving up and down the leg.
  • It is perfect for rides that will take an extended period of time.
  • It is elastic and flexible allowing you to move your legs freely without experiencing any kind of restriction.
  • The shorts are designed to be well aerated allowing you to maintain a cool and dry feeling.


  • Selecting the proper size can prove to be difficult. Always confirm with the size chart that is in the description.

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Sportneer Cycling Shorts

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The Sportner cycling shorts have a 4-dimensional padding feature. These pads are aerated and are good absorbents. The shorts are designed with spandex material of 18% and polyamide material of 82%. The combination of these two materials provides you with a finished product that is breathable, elastic, and very flexible. If you are looking for a short that will allow you to maintain a very cool and dry feeling, then this model is right for you. The short material permits for smooth liquid transfer and also enables even perspiration to smoothly occur right through the fabric material.

These cycling shorts are manufactured with a gripper on the leg of silicone material. This gripper permits you to maneuver flexibly without the short moving up and down.

Working out with this short is definitely an enjoyable experience. This is mostly because the sponge that is found in the pad is a shock absorber. This is great as your upper thigh will be supported and the strain that you are experiencing will be reduced. This kind of strain is usually a result of a lot of pressure from the seat against the sit bone.

With this short, you are guaranteed that you will receive the necessary support because inside the short there is a lot of padding. This means that even if you sit on your bike and work out for 20 miles, you will not experience any kind of discomfort. It is the most ideal choice if you are looking for a way to increase the time that you spend working out.

A number of people find it hard to increase the miles or their work out hours, because of the pain and discomfort that they begin to experience during the spin session. However, with this short, you are protected from any kind of chaffing which makes it safer and more enjoyable for you to use.

The short is also designed with a striking reflector that can be seen even in the night time. This makes the short a great choice for those who also take part in outdoor spin classes.


  • The shorts are designed with 4-dimensional sponges that are very thick
  • Your thighs are protected against any kind of pressure and strain
  • The shorts are breathable. This keeps your legs dry and very cool throughout the spinning class.
  • The shorts are made of an elastic material that can easily stretch and is very flexible allowing you to move your legs freely.
  • The shorts are designed with a silicone gripper that prevents your short from moving up your legs as you cycle.


  • When compared to other shorts in the market, the Sportneer cycling shorts prove to be quite expensive.

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Louis Garneau Optimum Bike Shorts

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Unlike many other shorts in the market, this specific short is specially designed to adjust to the frame of your body. The shorts are very suitable for your spin class, even the very intense sessions as the shorts keep you safe from any kind of pinching or chaffing.

You are provided with a very ideal and smooth ride. A great advantage of the Louis Garneau shorts is that users are not limited to using them only in their spin class. These shorts are very versatile meaning you can make use of them while taking part in other gym exercises or while jogging outdoors.

This model is great as it not only pays attention to your health but also your physiology. With that been said, these shorts are manufactured with powerband comprehensive cuffs that are well fitted.

As you pedal on the bike, colossal pressure accumulates on your lower leg and this could interfere with a productive workout session. The leg powerbands work well in reducing the accumulated pressure without pressing the blood vessels. This ensures optimal blood circulation.

These shorts are also designed with a flatlock seam. This seam is important as it prevents any kind of chaffing. In addition, the shorts are made with a high-quality fabric that works well in controlling moisture. It is one of the best options if you are planning to work out without worrying about the sweat you are going to produce.

The short is also designed with a foam of very high density. This foam is called the airsport chamois and it works well in providing you with a lot of comfort. The Louise Garneau allows you to keep fit while still being so comfortable.

Another great advantage is the pocket that is right at the thigh area of this short. This pocket comes in really handy as it is spacious enough allowing you to fit your credit card.


  • The shorts are of very high quality and can be purchased at a great price
  • The shorts are a great option for beginners
  • The material is very flexible and it is easy to stretch
  • The shorts are designed with a foam of very high-density
  • The shorts are designed with a pocket


  • The pocket is not large enough to fit larger objects such as your phone.

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Beroy Bike Shorts

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The Beroy Bike Shorts have been manufactured specifically with a woman’s physique in mind. The shorts are designed with 3-dimensional gel pad chamois. What is great about the 3-foam density pad is that it is well-aerated and it is very comfortable.

Whether you have just begun your spin class or perhaps you are a more experienced spinner who often rides for an extended period of time, these shorts are the most ideal choice for you.

The Beroy bike shorts are perfectly manufactured to get rid of any kind of abrasion and chafing. A large number of individuals in a spin class will state that abrasion and chaffing are the major issues that they face while spinning.

With these shorts, you are guaranteed that you will not suffer from any of these problems. The material of these shorts is breathable. This means that your legs will be well aerated during your spinning session and you will always have a cool feeling.

The short is designed with a combination of spandex and polyester material. This elasticity enhances your performance and your speed. This short is also designed with soft microfiber material that allows it to fit very well and comfortable on your legs. If you are not sure about your size, it is advisable that you compare with the size chart of the manufacturer.


  • The short is specially designed to fit the shape of a woman
  • The short is manufactured with thick padding providing you with additional comfort
  • The material is breathable allowing the easy flow of air


  • The measurement of the size may not be the same as the basic, European, US, and UK sizes. However, you can easily change these sizes using an online calculator.

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Santic Cycling Shorts

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Without necessarily spending a ton of money, you can get yourself a great quality short that is perfectly padded with 4-dimensional pads. It is designed to properly fit any person who would like to have a very productive spin class.

It is designed with a leg gripper made of silicone, and this stops your short from moving up and down. In addition, if you often produce an excessive amount of sweat, this short is exactly what you need as it reduces the sweat. The short is also made of excellent material allowing heat transfer. The waistband is also designed with a breathable mesh material.

These shorts are designed with an anti-chaffing feature. This allows you to work out for an extended period of time without having to deal with saddle soar that could cause discomfort and even pain.


  • The shorts are designed with an anatomical structure of 12-panels.
  • The shorts are designed with 4-dimensional pads
  • The mesh in the waistband is breathable
  • The silicone is very comfortable preventing the shorts from moving up
  • The best option for those who produce an excess amount of sweat.


  • It is more ideal to wash these shorts with your hands which could be a tiresome task for many people, however, you can always choose to use the machine
  • The shorts are measured in Asian sizes, therefore, it is advisable to convert the sizes before making your purchase.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing Cycling Shorts

The Padding

Padding which is also referred to as chamois is a factor that must be considered when it comes to choosing your shorts. Padding can be made of chamois leather or any synthetic fabric.

Different kind of shorts has different kind of padding that ranges from thin padding to thick padding. Padding is designed to work as a shock absorber when you are cycling. The pads allow you to absorb any kind of vibration or shock allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride.

With the proper amount of padding, you can sit on the bike for an extended period of time without experiencing any kind of pain or chafing. The pads provide a cushion for your buttocks, and eliminates saddle sores and also abrasions that could be caused by an extended amount of pedaling. When purchasing your shorts, pay special attention to the thickness and the density of the pads. A short that is excellently padded can provide you with a great spinning experience.

The Fabric

Every cycling short in the market is manufactured from different kinds of fabric material. The most popular material is polyester and nylon. The most ideal cycling shorts should be designed from a material that is elastic and also quite flexible. A short made of elastic material will allow you to move your legs without any restrictions.

Great cycling shorts should be manufactures with material that is well-aerated and can dry quickly while also allowing the easy transfer of moisture as well as heat.

The Inseam Length

This is a very important factor when you are looking for cycling shorts that will fit you perfectly. Inseam can be described as the measurement from your inner leg to your ankle.

All cycling shorts come in different inseam lengths and it all depends on what you prefer. Short cycling shorts are known to work well for spin class, however, shorts that have a longer inseam length are better as they prevent your thighs from chafing as they do not move up while you work out.


Failing to equip yourself with the right short for your spin sessions could really cost you and you could end up dealing with a lot of soreness and pain. The discomfort and pain are often felt in your thigh area as well as your perineum and all this could be avoided by simply investing in the appropriate kind of cycling shorts.

This article has listed the most ideal shorts for cycling with the right material and the proper amount of padding. To really benefit from the spin classes, get yourself a great pair of cycling shorts, and continue to enjoy all your sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Which is the best option between short shorts and long shorts?

This actually completely depends on your sense of style and what you prefer. Having a short with longer inseams is great as you are provided with additional coverage and your thighs as well as your hamstrings are more compressed.

A much shorter short reduces the weight that you would have around your legs and it makes you feel like you are not wearing anything, which is perfect especially for the summer. You can choose to try on all the different sizes so that you can finally zero in on exactly what you would prefer.

  1. Do I need to have straps on my shorts?

Straps are quite ideal for a number of people, however, for others, it depends on your style. Straps are beneficial as they help to keep your shorts up and in the right place.

This provides you with more coverage and the movement of your fabric will be greatly minimized. However, there are a number of people who find straps to be very restrictive. You could also choose to try the shorts with and without straps and finally select the kind of shorts you like best.

  1. Do I need to purchase Chamois Cream?

You definitely do not have to purchase Chamois cream, however, when you want to ride for an additional number of miles the cream will make the situation a lot more comfortable. This friction fighting cream should be directly applied to the portions that chafe a lot.

You only need to use a really small amount of the cream If you use a large amount you could actually cause a lot more friction. It is advisable that you purchase a short that is very comfortable allowing you to easily ride for an hour without making use of chamois cream.