7 best cycling sunglasses under 100 dollars in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking for sunglasses to wear while cycling? Look no further! Here are 7 of the best cycling sunglasses under 100 dollars.

I go bike riding every weekend with my friends and it is always fun. Riding is a great way for me to relax and interact with people while enjoying beautiful nature and scenery.

When riding during the summer apart from fingerless gloves and light gear I also like to incorporate sunglasses. These are great for protecting my eyes and seeing properly especially when the sun is too hot.

Sunglasses are a must-have when it comes to protecting your eyes. With the right sunglasses your eyes will be shielded from the sun’s rays, dirt any other foreign objects. There are many sunglasses that you can purchase that will be of high quality and affordable.

So why not get your hands on a new pair of stylish glasses that will enhance your riding experience. In this article, you will find 7 sunglasses that are just what you are looking for.

Top 7 cycling sunglasses under 100 dollar- A comparison Table

Sunglasses Brand Names
SIRECK Polarized Sports Sunglasses
PC frame and Lens
8.8 ounces
JOGVELO Polarized Sports Sunglasses
TR-90 frame and PC lens
233 grams
X-TIGER Polarized Sports Sunglasses
TR-90 frames and Revo lens
8 ounces
ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses
PC frame and Lens
29 grams
DUCO Polarized Sports Cycling Sunglasses
TR-90 frames and lens
23 grams
TIFOSI Jet FC Wrap Sunglasses
TR-90 frames and lens
27.2 grams
TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses
TR-90 frames
133 grams

Sireck Polarized Sports Sunglasses -Cycling sunglasses with UV400 For Men and Women.

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These sport sunglasses from Sireck are good if you do a lot of sporting activities besides cycling. They are good for hiking, running, rock climbing, and even fishing.  The cycling sunglasses come in black and red which will match with many of your outfits.  The glasses are made for both men and women so you can always get matching pairs.


  • Myopia Frame
  • 5 Interchangeable Lenses
  • Detachable frame legs
  • Adjustable Nose Pad

The frames are tough and protective to keep your eyes safe in case of an accident. Cycling sunglasses have 5 different function lenses. It has a polarized lens to filter stray light, a clear lens to absorb UV light. A cool colorful lens, the yellow lens to increase light and blue lens to filter seawater reflection.

You can change the lens depending on the environment you work out in. It is easy and takes the shortest time to replace each lens.  The Myopia frame with the adjustable nose pad ensures the glasses are well-fitting. It has a stylish and cool ‘look’ that you will appreciate. The lens has anti-collision and ant explosion function to keep your eyes safe. The glasses are very comfortable to wear


  • The glasses are easy to use.
  • The sunglasses have 5 lenses to suit your preference.
  • The lens offer protection from ultraviolet light, stray light, and UV 400 sun rays.


  • It is not long-lasting.
  • Can break if not handled carefully.


The sunglasses are perfect if you want to do different types of exercises. They are good for fishing with a lens specifically made to filter the blue reflection from large water bodies. These sunglasses are worth the price because you can use it for multiple functions. As you ride with these sunglasses you are ensured of safety and style.

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JOGVELO Polarized Sports Sunglasses, -Men cycling glasses with 5 Interchangeable Lens

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The brand JOGVELO is known for designing beautiful sunglasses, these glasses are no exception. Their polarized sports sunglasses are specifically made for men. They come in a variety of colors that you will love to choose from. From black, blue, to yellow and red you can single out your favorite.


  • The sunglasses has 5 Interchangeable lenses.
  • The lenses have a multi-layer coating
  • Sunglasses’ frames are made of TR90 material
  • Transparent lenses

The TR90 frame and PC lens material used to make the sunglasses makes it very light and unbreakable. This is good if you get clumsy sometimes it will not break easily. The lenses include a black lens for protection against UV light, the yellow lens for night riding in low light, a blue lens for beachside activities, a clear one, and a colored lens that is HD.

With all these lenses the sunglasses become your go-to accessory for every outdoor activity. The multi-layer coating with full REVO technology prevents eye injury and harmful UV sun rays.


  • It is extremely lightweight and flexible
  • There is great aftercare service, their team is easily contactable
  • The transparent lens is has a physical anti-fog function that is perfect for cycling in early foggy weather.
  • The polycarbonate lens and frames are impacts and scratch-resistant


  • It is not durable.


These are the sunglasses for you if you were looking for something stylish and functional. It has multiple uses and is very affordable. The JOGVELO Men’s sunglasses are good for cycling and can still be used throughout the day.

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X-TIGER Polarized Sports glasses- Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses.

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The X-TIGER sports polarized sunglasses are made of lightweight material that is designed for both men and women.  As you ride you want glasses that won’t be a burden and fit properly on your face. This brand targets pro bikers who value top quality.

The sunglasses are multi-functional so you can use them while riding or fishing.  For the affordable price the sunglasses retail for you can buy them without tearing a hole in your pocket.


  • 3 Interchangeable lenses
  • Changeable frames
  • TR90 frames and Resin Lens

The material used to make the frames is super flexible when wearing so they fit perfectly. The sunglasses are tough and durable which is good for any workout. The frames are built to withstand any environment you will be in.

The X-TIGER polarized sports sunglasses also come with an extra pair of frames. You can change them depending on your preference that day. The transparent lens in the sunglasses filters the sun’s rays, the polarized lens is the perfect material for its safety and impact resistance.


  • Very lightweight, easy to carry around
  • Stress resistant frames to reduce breakage
  • Lens protect your eyes from harmful sun’s rays


  • It is not durable


The X-TIGER polarized sports sunglasses are the perfect pair if you are in the market for cool cycling sunglasses. You will find them ideal for all your sporting activities. The sleek design and colors will make you stand out from the rest of your team.

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ROCKBROS Sunglasses -Photochromic Sunglasses for Men Women

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The ROCKBROTHERS company is well known for designing equipment specifically for bikers. The photochromic sunglasses have an edgy design perfect for both men and women.  If you want sunglasses that are easy to maintain these are the ones for you. The ROCKBROS Photochromic sunglasses can be used throughout the day for driving, hiking, and fishing.


  • Lightweight PC frames
  • Photochromic lens
  • Adjustable soft rubber nose

The lightweight polycarbonate frames are made to allow peripheral vision to keep your eyes safe from any approaching dangers. The photochromic lens automatically adjusts itself to fit the environment around it.

The lens darkens around the sun and gets lighter when in dark areas to enable you to see clearly. You can go out with them in the morning and return in the evening without having to change the sunglasses. The rubber nose allows you to wear the sunglasses comfortably during your exercise and does not press on your nose.


  • It is comfortable due to the adjustable soft rubber nose bridge.
  • The photochromic lens changes from light to dark based on UV intensity no need for interchangeable lenses
  • The sunglasses provide clear vision transmittance from light grey to dark grey
  • It has shutter proof thick lenses for safety


  • Discoloration occurs quickly.


These polarized sports sunglasses by ROCKBROS are good if you want to save on money and time. Using them reduces the time you would have taken to switch out the lenses like other sunglasses on our list.  The photochromic lens is also an advantage

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DUCO Polarized Sports Cycling Sunglasses for Men- Edgy and Cool sunglasses

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The DUCO polarized sports sunglasses are made with a wide range of designs and colors. The edgy, cool sunglasses come in rich color combinations of frames and lenses to choose from. These pairs of sports accessories are specifically designed for men. You can use them for any outdoor activity, especially long bike rides.  The DUCO polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces you come across during your cycling.


  • 5 interchangeable lens
  • Detachable inner Myopia frame
  • TR90 frames and polycarbonate lens
  • Removable nose pad

The DUCO sports sunglasses come with 5 lenses each with a different protective function. The light blue lens filters blue light reflected by seawater, the skies. The REVO colorful HD lens improves visual clarity, the yellow lens that is suitable for the evenings, night, or early morning.  The transparent and gray lens protects your eyes from strong sunlight and undefined objects.  You can get one pair that can be used for multiple occasions.


  • The sunglasses have polarized coating on the lens to protect your eyes.
  • The polycarbonate material used ensures toughness of the glasses
  • All the lenses provide strong protection from UV rays.
  • The nose pad can be adjusted or removed to make you comfortable.


  • It is not durable


The DUCO polarized sports sunglasses are very affordable for all the benefits it comes with. You won’t be taking a chance on these pair of sunglasses since they are adjustable to fit all head shapes. Their design and comfortability will maximize your riding experience every time.

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Tifosi Jet FC 1140402770 Wrap Sunglasses-Best for any harsh condition

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Tifosi is a brand that has been making quality eyewear since 2003. You will find most of their products are affordable and of great quality.  The Tifosi Jet FC sunglasses are made to cater to you as a biker and athlete. You will find they are easy to use due to the single lens. They come in colors red, black and blue.


  • The sunglasses have an Integrated hinge
  • Soft nose piece
  • Grimalid TR-90 frames

The Tifosi Jet FC wrap sunglasses have the nose pieces made of hydrophilic rubber which is soft and comfortable for your face.  The rubber also ensures a perfect fit. The frames are made of TR-90 nylon material that is durable and can resist harsh conditions. The integrated hinges ensure the frames last longer and feel comfortable. The Jet FC sunglasses are made to beat the heat as you cycle throughout your day.


  • It is very lightweight and comfortable it can be easily carried around.
  • The nose piece gets a better grip as you sweat instead of falling off
  • The lens protects from Ultra Violet damage
  • It comes in a hard shell zippered bag to protect the glasses


  • The sunglasses get warped from a lot of heat


The Jet FC wrap sunglasses are designed for bikers everywhere. You will get value for your money and protection from the Sun’s rays.  The singular lens makes it less likely to break and easy to use making it a good choice for our list.

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TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses- Best polarized lense sunglasses

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The TOREGE polarized sports sunglasses are the best quality you will get out there for this price. We saved the best sunglasses for last. These sunglasses are in high demand since you can easily use them and they come in very many colors. The TOREGE sports sunglasses are made for both men and women to enjoy during their outdoor activities.


  • Light TR-90 frames
  • Polarized lens
  • TAC lens with 7 layers
  • Soft Nose Pad

The TOREGE polarized sports sunglasses are by far the easiest model to use. The frames are made to be durable and superlight.  The wide lens which does not scratch enhances your vision while you ride. These pair of sunglasses come with three lenses. They protect from the sun’s rays and glare depending on the color of the lens. The soft nose pad also ensures the sunglasses do not slip off and is firm on your face.


  • The sports sunglasses are very light which is ideal for any sporting activity
  • The polycarbonate lenses are impact and scratch-resistant to protect your eyes
  • Polarized lens protects from 100% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
  • The sunglasses have a lifetime breakage warranty on the frames and lens
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the sunglasses


  • It does not clip very well
  • Easily damaged if not taken care of properly

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What to consider when buying cycling Sunglasses under 100 dollars

When buying sun glasses you have to consider the frames, lenses and price of the sunglasses. Take into account additional features that make it more costly.


The frames in cycling sunglasses are the most important part, if they break you have to buy new ones. You will want to get the frames that fit perfectly. Not too tight that they press on your temples. Most cycling sunglasses have a wraparound design, some with a clasp for extra security. You can pick frames with full rims or those that only cover the top edge of the lens depending on your style. Full coverage is good since the frames are stronger.

Types of Lenses

As you can see from our list there are different types of lenses that cycling sunglasses have. Most of the sunglasses have the standard lens that protects the biker’s eyes against UV rays The other lenses that come in different colors like yellow, grey that is good for other outdoor activities.

Depending on what fits your activity best you can pick lenses that are good for riding at night or during foggy weather.Other sunglasses come with photochromic lenses that automatically darken under bright light. You will not need multiple lenses.


At the end of the day you do not want to spend so much on one item.  Good cycling sunglasses should be affordable enough for you to get an extra pair. Depending on the quality of the materials used to make the sunglasses the retail price should match it.

Extra features and Accessories.

Many sports cycling sunglasses come with extra accessories for their customers. Some sunglasses come with extra frames and lenses. Hardshell cases are provided to protect your sunglasses from breakage when you are not using them. Some sunglasses’ extra features include a soft microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.


As you can see from our list there are many affordable cycling sunglasses you can get your hands on. You can buy sunglasses depending on your personal taste and price range. The best way to get good sunglasses is to find something functional. Sunglasses you can use repeatedly and for a long period. The small tips from our list will guide you in buying the perfect pair of sunglasses to ride your bike with.


  1. Which are the best sunglasses for biking during the night

You want to buy sunglasses with different lenses. The yellow lens allows cyclists to see better with less light due to the tint.

  1. Which sunglasses are recommended for women?

Most sunglasses are made for both men and women. Different brands however design cycling sunglasses for women that fit their style.