7 Best Fat Bike Under $1,000 in 2020 (Reviews and Guide)

A fat bike is the best tool for extending your cycling season. These types of bikes come in especially handy if you are cycling in a snowy area or any wet road surfaces. Fast bikes are the best option for biking activities such as bike-packing or cycling on sand-covered surfaces. 

I have owned a bike shop for over 7 years now. I am a cyclist enthusiast and every summer my family and I embark on a fun cycling adventure to many different destinations. For several years I had always enjoyed going on a bike tour with my mountain bike, however, in recent times, I have come to appreciate the fat bikes and all their great advanced features.

Fat bikes are very versatile, and during my cycling adventures, I can cycle without been concerned about factors such as sand, mud, or snow. Several cyclists are still getting adapted to the fat bikes and today the market is filled with a ton of options when it comes to the fat bikes. If you are looking to invest in a fat bike, however, you do not want to break the bank, this article is just what you need. I have taken some time to list the most ideal fat bikes in the market that cost less than $1,000. I have also highlighted the main features as well as the advantages giving you a clear idea of what you should expect from the bike that you choose to purchase.

The Best Fat Bike Under $1,000 – Comparison Table.

Main Features
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The Nakto Electric Bike
It is electric

It has an ideal brake system

There are three working modes

The Minnesota Fat Bike from Framed Bikes
It is light in weight

It is designed with a durable aluminum frame that is oversized

The Argus Sport Fat Tire Bike from Mongoose
The bike tires are large at 4.8”

The bike is designed with large tires

The Minnesota Fat Bike from Framed
It is durable

It is light in weight

The Aluminum Fat Bike from Gravity Bullseye Monster


It is affordable

It is great value for the money spent

The Electric Foldable Bike from ECOTRIC
The bike is easy to carry

The bike saves on a lot of space

The bike has very smooth Shimano shifters

The RI-275BMX Bike from Redline
The bike comes with large tires of 3.0-inchesThe bike is affordable

Great value for the money spent

The Best Fat Bike Under $1,000 – how do they differ?

The Nakto Electric Bike

NAKTO 26" 350W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Mountain Snow Beach Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Brushless Gear Motor with Removable Waterproof Large Capacity 36V10A Lithium Battery and Battery Charge
  • 【High-quality material】: The electric bicycle adopts high-strength 100% aluminum alloy frame, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the 9CM buffer zone has better shock absorption effect. The frame is made of 1.6MM high-quality aluminum alloy and 8 process paints. The double-disc brake system can effectively and smoothly stop the brakes when it is in emergency braking.It adopts 4.0 wide tires and thicker plus,effective shock absorption, to cope with various road conditions.
  • 【Intelligent central control digital LCD display】 : Adopt new intelligent central control digital LCD display, intuitive digital display, power display, electric speed display, 6-speed power display, cruising range display, electric vehicle fault self-discharge display, digital display Let you see at a glance and swim all the way. The powerful and bright night light can be adjusted up and down, the illumination does not hurt the eyes, and the night riding more safer.
  • 【Built-in lithium battery and high-speed motor】: equipped with 36V, 10AH detachable lithium battery, 4Hour fast charging, 2000 cycles of charging, unlocking and fixing, freely retractable; 350W high-speed brush-less and 6-speed gear motor can easily help you Easy to ride at 30 MPH and distance up to 35-45Miles. And configure Plenty custom intelligent vector controller, power off 220V2A charger, intelligent aluminum alloy power brake, aluminum alloy non-slip pedal, good strength and durability.
  • 【Three working modes】: 1.Pure electric bicycle: throttle start is equivalent to portable electric vehicle; 2.Auxiliary bicycle: adopt higher-end 1:1 power assist system (PAS technology), a new type of human-computer interaction technology While riding and assisting, the ride is more labor-saving and comfortable: 3.Bicycle mode: equivalent to the high-end configuration bicycle in the market, making riding effortless. Combine the three modes and choose according to your needs and enjoy cycling.
  • 【7x24H ON-LINE SERVICE & 100% 1 YEAR WARRANTY】:NAKTO Provide 7X24 Hour ON-line Service, NAKTO Team will resolve your trouble if customer have any problem. NAKTO Electric Bikes parts are free for the customers during the quality assurance period, NAKTO Provide best Purchase Experience and Best NAKTO E-bikes Ride Experience!

Do you usually get tired of steeping on the paddle as you continue to cycle? If you are searching for a bike that you can just cycle around without necessarily exercising, then this is the most ideal choice for you. This is because, this is an electric bike, meaning that it makes use of an electric system to operate the bike.

If you are looking to cycle on a fat bike for an extended time, then this is a great choice. The electric system makes use of a 300W brushless motor. This motor operates on a 36V10A lithium battery that is waterproof. When the bike is fully charged it can run up to 30 miles. The bike can also operate at a maximum speed of 30 MPH. An LED headlight is designed onto the front side of the bike.

The bike’s body is designed from the aluminum alloy hub and an iron frame. This makes the bike weigh a little bit more than others. Bikers also get the chance to modify the 6-level speed. This is a great feature especially if you are looking to cycle smoothly on different kinds of terrain.

The bike also has a fat tire of 4”. This ensures that you are provided with a smooth journey on both the sand and the snow. The bike also comes with a disk brake system on both the rear wheel and the front wheel.


  • The motor system of this bike is electric
  • The bike is designed with an in-built LED headlight
  • The bike is designed with a great brake system
  • An ideal option for users who would like to enjoy long time cycling sessions.


  • The iron frame if the bike is much heavier than aluminum
  • The quality of the build for this bike is not the best.

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The Minnesota Fat Bike from Framed Bikes

The Minnesota Fat bike is one of the most comfortable bikes on the market. It is designed with an oversized frame that is made of 606` alloy aluminum material. This makes it light in weight yet very durable. The fork of this bike is also designed with 6061 alloy aluminum material. The crankset of the bike is also fully replaceable.

When it comes to the wheel, users will be pleased to note that this bike can adjust with two size wheels. You can change your mind and set your bike with a normal wheel instead of using a fat wheel. Additionally, this bike comes with a fat tire.

The bike has 4” fat-tire that ensures that you will enjoy a smooth ride no matter what kind of surface you are cycling on. This fat tire is 80mm wide with single-wall aluminum rims. This feature reduces the weight of the bike; however, the bike maintains its durability. The rims that are in the back tire are red giving them a very classic look.

The disk brake system is mechanical with a 160mm rotor as well as a dual knob pad adjustment. This gives you the chance to instantly control the descent on the bike. There is also the 10-speed shifter that works well by smoothly changing the gear.


  • Users get to use different wheel sizes on this bike.
  • The brake system of this bike is quite ideal
  • The handlebar of this bike is quite smooth
  • The bike is designed with a 6061 Alloy aluminum material. This gives it a very durable frame.
  • It is light in weight.


  • The gear system should be improved
  • The bike seat is not that comfortable.

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The Argus Sport Fat Tire Bike from Mongoose

Mongoose Argus Sport Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, Tetonic T2 Aluminum Frame, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Large Frame, Black
  • Tectonic T2 aluminum frame provides increased strength and decreased weight for a more rigid and responsive ride
  • 95 mm ID rims create a robust and rigid wheel paired with either 135/190 mm hub or 150/197 mm hub options
  • Large 4. 8” tires provide maximum traction in snowy and sandy conditions
  • Internal cable routing allows for neat, clean lines while providing added protection
  • Hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable and responsive stopping power year-round

The frame of the Argus sport fat bike is constructed from T2 aluminum and not steel. This makes the bike very high quality providing you with a lot of strength. It is also light in weight. The fork of this bike is also designed from T2 aluminum material. This decreases the weight of your bike, giving you a very comfortable feel during your cycling session.

The Mongoose industry designed this bike with big fatty wide tires that are 4.8 inches. These large tires are the most ideal for cycling in the sand or any area with mud. They are also perfect for cycling on any road surface. These huge tires are wrapped around 100mm Xposure rims, and this feature provides you with great control and comfort while riding.

To ensure that cyclists remain safe and enjoy a smooth ride, the bike is designed with a front and rear disc brake as well as a Shimano rear derailleur. This gear shifter is the best for fat bikes giving cyclists the chance to control the bike while cycling smoothly on any road surface. The bike is also designed with a disk brake system from Shimano. The brake system is of high quality allowing you to instantly bring your bike to a stop whenever you need to.


  • This is one of the most affordable bikes in the market
  • The tires are enormous, this is the greatest advantage of this bike
  • The brake system and the gear is of very high quality
  • The bike has a very small frame, and this reduces the weight and also allows users to smoothly control the bike.


  • The bike does not come with any kind of warranty service
  • There are no size options for this specific model

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The Minnesota Fat Bike from Framed

One of the best things about this model is that there are different size choosing options. There is the 18-20 size options. The bike is also designed with an aluminum frame – 6061 alloys. This frame is quite strong and durable and the frame makes the bike light in weight. The frame is also small size, which is great as this makes the bike light in weight and very comfortable. The fork of this bike is also made of 6061 alloy aluminum. This maintains the overall weight of the bike.

The bike has fat tires attached to the wheel of the bike. The fat tire is 4 inches and the tire is constructed around on single-wall rims made of aluminum alloy. The Minnesota Fat bike also supports two different types of wheels. If you change your mind and choose to cycle on a normal wheel, you can simply change or adjust the normal wheel. The disk brake system of this bike is also quite ideal.

The bike is also designed with a shifter that allows you to change the gear. With this shifter, you can modify 10 different levels of speeds.


  • The brake and the gear system is quite ideal
  • The 6061-alloy aluminum frame is very durable
  • The frame is light in weight
  • The bike allows users to benefit from different wheel sizes
  • The Minnesota Fat Bike has different size options.


  • The seat of the bike is not so comfortable
  • The bike does not come with a paddle.

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The Aluminum Fat Bike from Gravity Bullseye Monster

Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle 26" x 4"
  • Fantastic Quality Strong Aluminum Fat Bike
  • Powerful Tektro Disc brakes front and rear!
  • Superior 16 Speed Sram Drivetrain Components
  • High Traction Super Wide 26 x 4.0 Tires, Ride Nearly Anywhere!
  • Best Reviews on a fat bike under $600

This frame of this model from the Gravity Bullseye Monster is made of 6062-alloy aluminum making it very light in weight yet strong and durable. Other parts of this bike are designed from alloy aluminum. The fat tire of this bike is 3.25 inches and it is fitted around on the double-wall rims made of aluminum. The tires of this bike, however, are a little bit thin, which is not so bad as you are assured of very comfortable riding experience.

The seat, the chain as well as other parts of this bike are also designed from very high-quality material. The bike makes use of a mechanical disc brake system. This is an ideal brake system that provides you with a maximum level of safety when cycling. The bike makes use of the Shimano gear shifter that is very popular. This model is available in two different sizes.


  • The bike is very affordable.
  • It is light in weight
  • Users are provided with different options when it comes to choosing the size
  • The disk brake system is mechanical


  • This bike is quite small
  • Because of the low price of the bike, the industry cannot provide users with a tire of 4 inches.

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The Electric Foldable Bike from ECOTRIC

This bike is designed to provide you with comfort while cycling. If you are not willing to cycle with a bike, then you can choose to make use of an electric bike system. However, if you would like to get some exercise by cycling, then you can attach pedals onto the bike.

This bike is designed with a very strong rear hub motor of 500W. This motor works well in providing you with a speed of up to 20MPH. The motor operates on a detachable 36V lithium cell battery. The ECOTRIC industry provides users with a charger that they can use to charge the battery of this bike.

The body frame of this bike is designed from aluminum. This material will still ensure that the bike remains durable and light in weight. In the wheel section, there is a huge 4-inch tire, allowing you to ride the bike on any kind of surface. The bike also makes use of the Shimano 7-speed gear allowing users to smoothly change the speed of the bike. The disk brake system of this bike works well on any kind of climatic conditions. This means that you will be provided with a lot of safety as you continue to cycle.

One great advantage of this bike is the folding system. The bike folds easily, perfectly fitting onto the back of your vehicle. The folding system allows you to save on a lot of space and you can easily carry it around.


  • The Shimano 7 speed gear system provides you with smooth driving experience.
  • This bike can operate for a very long time
  • The disk brake system of the bike works well
  • The bike is very light in weight.


  • The bike comes with only 90% of it having been assembled. Users will have to assemble the rest of the bike or go to a professional and have the rest of the bike assembled for them.

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The RI-275 BMX Bike from Redline

Redline Bikes Rl-275 BMX Bike with 27.5" Wheels, Turquoise
  • Aluminum alloy frame and full chromyl steel fork
  • Classic Flight cranks with chrome finish and retro decal
  • Retro double Bend crossbar handlebar for added style
  • Aluminum rims with V speedster 27.5x3. 0 inch tires
  • Monster ultra low profile pedals

The frame of the RI-275 model from Redline is made of 6061 alloy aluminum. This bike has aluminum rims as well as a tire stick of 3 inches around the rims. This allows you to ride the bike on any road surface; Cyclists are assured of a very comfortable ride whether they are biking on a sandy or muddy road.

The bike also comes with a disk brake system that functions perfectly in any climatic condition. One of the disadvantages of this bike is the single-speed option. However, many users consider this an advantage as this means that the maintenance of this bike will be much lower when compared to bicycles that make use of the multi-speed option. This is because the RI-275 model does not come with too many moving parts.

Not only is this bike very comfortable, but it also serves as a piece of great exercise equipment. Users also get to choose between the turquoise and grey color.


  • The bike is manufactured from the Redline industry that is well known for producing very high-quality products.
  • The bike has a very classy design
  • The brake system of the bike is great
  • This bike is designed with high-quality gear


  • The bike tire is not too wide. It is only 3 inches.

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What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Fat Bike Under $1,000

The Suspension 

The most common kind of fat bikes is designed with a hardtail and a rigid fork. These are also the most affordable type of fat bikes. A bike that is designed with a full-suspension system works well in allowing you to maneuver more easily. This will prevent you from feeling exhausted after cycling for a long period, and it also makes the ride a lot more fun. However, if you often cycle in very low temperatures, a bike that is designed with a rigid fork is the best option.

The Size of The Wheel 

Most of the fat bikes in the market make use of 26-inch wheels and even 27.5-inch wheels. Wheels that are much larger roll a lot faster making any obstacles that you face on the trail easy to deal with. The rim widths of fat tires vary from 60 to 100mm. Basically, the wider the tire, the wider the rim. A narrow rim, however, works well in saving weight and makes your bike feel lively.

The Pressure of the Tires 

The pressure of the tire is the greatest tool that you have when it comes to perfecting the performance of your fat bike. Many weather conditions and bike trail conditions may force you to adjust your tire pressure a great number of times as you maneuver through different factors and obstacles. Many experts have advised bikers to invest in an ideal tire pressure gauge. This is because even a small difference when it comes to the pressure can make a big difference in the performance and the feel of the fat tire.

The Tires

The fatter the tires, the more comfortable your ride will be. Fatter tires are slower, heavier, and a lot bouncier when cycling on a firm ground. For cycling on drier trails that are firmer, a narrow tire is best as you will be provided with a less squirmy and more satisfying feeling. Whatever choice you make, you should set them up tubeless to run low pressure. This decreases your chance of flattening.


The market is filled with many high-quality fat bikes that cost less than $1,000. In this article, I have listed great bike options that can be used by young cyclists who will soon outgrow their bikes and also professional cyclists. This review acts as a great guide for cyclists looking to invest in a functional fat bike that is less than $1000.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. What is a fat tire bike good for?

Fat tire bikes provide you with great grip and traction even when maneuvering through rough terrain that has a lot of obstacles. The fat tires increase the contact surface and this decreased the cumulated pressure of both the bike and the cyclist.

  1. Are fat bikes good to use on the road?

Yes, they are. Fat bikes work well on smooth surfaces as well as the pavement. Many people find it so much easier to hop on a fat bike and commute around their area without compromising on their comfort.

  1. Is it more difficult to pedal a fat tire bike?

Fat bikes are heavier than mountain bikes and all type of standard road bikes. This increase in the weight of the fat bike, makes it so much more difficult to pedal on normal kind of surfaces and terrain.