7 best fingerless Mountain bike gloves in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking for mountain biking gloves to add to your collection? In this article, I list 7 of the top fingerless cycling gloves you can buy if you love mountain biking.

I got into mountain biking as a way to spend more time with my friends and it was one of the best decisions I have made. It is exciting and thrilling cycling off-road, through nature trails, rocks, and even water crosses. To make my rides more enjoyable I ensure that I have the right gear for mountain biking and that includes my cycling gloves.

Due to the nature of mountain biking, it is recommended to wear cycling gloves. Getting a good set of gloves is great for a great grip and comfort while cycling. Gloves also help reduce wrist pain and numbness and keep your hand dry while you ride through such tough terrain.

They have served me well and prevented me from getting many cuts and bruises during my rides. Some riders like me prefer fingerless gloves and here are 7 of the best ones in the market right now.

The 7 Best Fingerless Mountain biking gloves- A comparison Table

Giro Bravo gloves
Synthetic leather
Tanluhu  Mountain bike gloves
Lycra material
Inbike 5mm gel pad cycling gloves
ZOOKKI cycling gloves
HTZPLOO sports gloves
55%polyester, 45%nylon
Boodun Mountain bike gloves
Lycra fabric mesh fabric
Pearl Izumi men’s Select gloves
Pearl Izumi
50% polyester+30% Polyamide

Giro Bravo gloves- Unisex mountain biking gloves

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The Giro Bravo gloves are made of synthetic leather and come in a wide range of colors to choose from. This is a durable and quality pair of gloves for mountain bike riding.


  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Optimized gel padding

This is a unisex pair of gloves manufactured by Giro. These gloves are flexible due to the three-section palm panel. You can use the sizing guide they provide to get the perfect fit. The bright colors aid in visibility if you are cycling at night.

These gloves offer protection with three-section padding on the palm of the glove The Velcro fastening provides a secure fit to avoid slipping and too much room for movement.


  • The mesh lining makes these gloves breathable, especially during those hot days.
  • The low profile Velcro closure ensures that the gloves fit perfectly and comfortably.
  • The towel materials on the side of the glove are smooth to keep you free of sweat.


  • The sizes are generally very small and feel too snug.


The Giro Bravo gloves are fingerless and strong gloves for mountain biking. With padding around the top and outside of the palm, they are sure to provide a firm grip no matter the terrain. You will love the variety of colors to choose from and enjoy the flexibility that the material offers.

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Tanluhu Mountain bike gloves- Half-finger cycling gloves

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The Tanluhu bike gloves come with great safety features for cyclists like anti-slip and shock absorption properties. It is also ideal for both men and women. They come in 6 colors to choose from.


  • Made of Lycra material
  • Half fingered gloves
  • Has breathable mesh
  • Finger tape for removal

These are mountain biking gloves with powerful shock absorption to reduce road vibration and hand fatigue from cycling. Even when doing vigorous exercises these gloves are resistant to tear so lasting longer. The pull tab on the gloves makes it easy to remove them.

They are adjustable and you can adjust it to fit you well without any discomfort. They can be used by children and adults. They are lightweight and make wiping away sweat very easily. You can also wash them using a washing machine to keep them clean.


  • The gloves are made of Lycra material which is elastic and very durable for mountain biking.
  • The mesh fabric on these gloves is very breathable and keeps you comfortable while cycling during a hot day.
  • The gloves have absorbent microfiber which makes wiping sweat very easy due to the smooth material to keep you cool.


  • The padding may be too light for some rough terrains.


These are very high quality and durable gloves that you will love to have in your collection. They come in many colors, are breathable and very flexible which is good for mountain biking. You will not regret this purchase.

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Inbike 5mm gel ad cycling gloves- Breathable mountain biking gloves

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These are one of the most padded gloves with 5mm gel padding. It is made of polyester and durable enough for mountain biking. These half finger gloves are great for cycling during the summer.


  • Half-finger gloves
  • Velcro closure
  • Made of polyester
  • 5mm gel padding

These gloves are great for road cycling. The Lycra material is very flexible and makes these gloves comfortable when riding through rough terrain. The extra padding offers shock absorption and reduces hand fatigue to keep you relaxed while cycling.

The fabric in the inside of the glove is made of terry cloth which helps wipe away sweat keeping the gloves functional too. The Velcro closure is also good for making adjustments so that the gloves fit well.


  • The 5mm gel padding distributed in the palm offers protection and reduces nerve pain for a more comfortable ride.
  • The hook and loop closure is stylish and makes it easy to wear and take off the gloves.
  • The mesh fabric is very breathable and comfortable to wear during summer.


  • The palm pad can be too bulky and not great for cold weather.


This is a great pair of gloves from Inbike. The padding offers the much-needed strength and protection for mountain bikers. With a breathable mesh and flexible material, you are sure to enjoy using these gloves. They are affordable too.

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ZOOKKI cycling gloves- Premium quality cycling gloves

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The Zookki mountain bike gloves are great for cycling with silica gel padding for shock absorption and the quality material it is made of. They are fingerless gloves that come in 4 colors and sizes.


  • Optimized gel padding
  • Fabric loops for pulling off
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Made of Lycra fabric

The gel padding on these gloves also offers a great grip on the handlebars when riding through rocky terrain. Your hand is sure to be cool and comfortable because of the mesh and Lycra fabric used to make these gloves. They fit very well without being too tight.

These are great summer gloves because they are fingerless and will keep your hands dry from sweat. The stylish design is great for outdoor activities and can be cleaned using a washing machine.


  • The surface of these gloves is made of Lycra fabric which is very flexible, a breathable mesh fabric, and smooth terry cloth.
  • The gel padding can absorb shock and relieve hand fatigue from hours of cycling.
  • The fabric loops at the end of the gloves make them easy to wear and remove.


  • The padding on the palm is thin compared to other gloves.


The Zookki cycling gloves are great for mountain biking even at night due to its reflective piping. It is a great pair for cycling in the summer and very absorbent to keep your palms dry. It is a worthwhile purchase for cyclists who enjoy mountain biking.

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HTZPLOO sports gloves- Best anti-slip cycling gloves

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These gloves come in a variety of colors and are sturdy enough for mountain bike riding. They are smooth and comfortable cycling gloves that will keep your hands dry and better enjoy your ride.


  • Made of polyester and nylon
  • Anti-slip silicone gel
  • Half-finger gloves
  • Made of Lycra fabric on the surface

These gloves are great for mountain biking because they provide protection and stability while cycling. They are smooth and comfortable due to the stretch cloth they are made of. They are easy to put on and take off because of the finger loops at the end so that you do not have to turn them inside out.

The Lycra material is soft and conforms to the shape of your hand to better feel like a second skin while riding. The towel cloth on the thumbs of the gloves helps to wipe sweat and keep you cool.


  • The anti-slip silicone gel provides a firm grip and helps you better control the handlebars while cycling.
  • The padding provides shock-absorbing protection. The padding also relieves your hands and wrists of pain and numbness.
  • The gloves are lightweight and remove the weight off your hands.


  • After long use, you may start feeling numb


With all these amazing features, it would be a mistake not to buy the HTZPLOO cycling gloves. The half finger gloves are breathable and offer stability and control when riding your bike. You will not regret getting these comfortable gloves the next time you go mountain biking.

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Boodun Mountain bike gloves- Thick 8mm padded gloves

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If you are just starting, the Boodun Cycling glove will be great for you made with 55%polyester and 45%nylon, you are assured of lightweight and quality gloves for cycling.


  • Made of polyester and nylon
  • 8mm foam padding
  • The upper material is made of Lycra fabric
  • Towel cloth on the thumb

These gloves are made of Lycra material which is very flexible and comfortable. The mesh lining makes it breathable and keeps you cool while cycling during the summer. The padded gloves also fit a variety of sizes.

You can easily wipe away sweat because of the smooth cloth on the thumbs. With 12 colors to choose from you can find the perfect match for your gear or bicycle frame. These gloves are great if you experience numbness and wrist pain.


  • The 8mm extra thick padding has elastic shock absorption properties so that you do not experience any discomfort.
  • The padding evenly distributes the pressure on your palm to relieve pain and take care of any numbness.
  • The fingerless gloves also give you a natural feel while gripping the handlebars.


  • The padding on the base of the palm is not adequate.


The Boodun gloves are smooth and comfortable due to the gel padding and silky material it is made of. They are stylish and good, especially for beginner cyclists. You will not regret getting these cool gloves for your next mountain biking ride.

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Pearl Izumi men’s Select gloves- Best men’s cycling gloves

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These fingerless gloves from Pearl Izumi are affordable and have a variety of colors for you to choose from. It is made of synthetic leather on the palm which is soft and durable for you to use years to come.


  • Gel and foam padding
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Hook and loop closure

The hook and loop closure on the gloves ensure that you get a good and comfortable fit. The padding is good for relieving nerve pressure. These gloves are durable because of the smooth leather palm pads. The Pearl Izumi is a trusted brand in sportswear and you are sure to get quality gloves from them. These fingerless gloves are great for the summer and when riding for long hours.


  • They have a durable construction sue to the synthetic leather which is long-lasting.
  • The soft wiping area on the thumbs makes it easy to wipe while cycling.
  • The neon colors of the gloves are to ensure your safety while cycling at night.


  • The closure is uncomfortable for some users.


With the reputation of providing quality that Pearl Izumi has, I was not expecting anything less. They are great fingerless cycling gloves for mountain biking. These are some of the most popular gloves for men to keep your grip firm no matter the conditions.

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What to consider before buying Fingerless mountain biking gloves

The gloves you buy for mountain biking may not be the same ones you would use for jut regular home workouts. Because of the off-road terrain, you need to be sure your gloves are durable, breathable, and fit well enough for stability when riding.


When your cycling, your hands get sweaty whether its winter or summer. To keep your hands dry, most gloves are made of breathable mesh. The mesh has vents of air to keep your hands cool while you ride. Other gloves come with holes in the fingers and palm area to provide more comfort while cycling. Most gloves opt for the mesh fabric.


The main goal of wearing gloves is to keep your hands safe. Padding helps to do this so you should think twice before buying gloves without any padding. The padding is usually on the palm of the gloves and absorbs shock vibrations to keep you comfortable. They also help break your fall in case of an accident. To offer maximum protection, high-quality gloves come with gel padding. The padding also makes riding more comfortable.

The price

You should not break your bank buying cycling gloves. The basics you need in mountain biking gloves like padding, breathability, and comfort, you can find in most affordable gloves in the market. The more padding and touch screen sensitivity feature the gloves have the more costly it will be. Compare the prices and features to go for the gloves that offer you more at an affordable price.


To get the best mountain bike gloves for you, they just need to be comfortable. The gloves should fit you perfectly without being too tight. The material of the gloves should be smooth and have soft padding. With adjustable straps, the gloves can fit as perfectly as you want them to.

Gloves made of leather are considered to be the most comfortable but those made of synthetic fibers also fit your hand smoothly. For comfort, you should also consider the weather. Full finger gloves are warmer during winter compared to fingerless gloves that are ideal for summer rides.


In conclusion, when buying cycling gloves for mountain biking you should consider much more than the price. Make sure the gloves you are choosing fit you well, they are breathable and of quality.

Getting durable and padded gloves will ensure you’re protected because of its shock absorption and anti-slip properties. Take your time to get the best size and design of the gloves you want. For your protection, do not go mountain biking without them on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I look for when buying mountain bike gloves?

You should check the price, comfortability, and padding that the gloves have. Choose gloves that offer a firm grip and anti-slip to provide stability.

  1. Should I wear a fingerless or full finger glove when mountain biking?

This depends on your preference. Some cyclists go for fingerless gloves to have a better grip on the handlebars and keep cool during the summer. Other cyclists opt for full finger gloves especially during the winter to keep you warm and offer more protection.