7 Best Folding Bike for Touring in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Folding bikes are an excellent option especially if you are looking for a compact and comfortable way to move around with your bike while still been able to store it safely. Folding bikes are easy to handle and they are so convenient making you fall in love with cycling.

I have been a cycling enthusiast since I was nine years old. I have enjoyed several bike tours on road bikes, mountain bikes, and also folding bikes. One of the best things about embarking on a bike tour with a folding bike is that you can pack the bike down into your suitcase and even check it in as a piece of luggage.

I have decided to put together some information about touring with a folding bike. Below is a list of the most ideal folding bikes in the market as well as their main features and their advantages. This review will guide you in deciding which is the best option for you.

The Best Folding Bike for Touring: Comparison Table

Wheel Size 
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The Schwalbe One Tanwall from Brompton
16 inches
The GS Folding Electric Bike from Gocycle
20 inches
The Verge X11 from Tern
22 inches
The Tilt Folding Bike from Brand:Btwin
20 inches
The Stowaway Unisex Folding Bike from Raleigh
20 inches
The Folding Bike Compatible with Shimano from HASA
24 inches
The Full Suspension Mountain Bike from Tiandino
26 inches

The Best Folding Bike for Touring – how do they differ?

The Schwalbe One Tanwall from Brompton

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The Schwalbe One bike is designed with slim grips made of fabric material. This bike allows you to maintain proper control when cycling. The sleeve is made of Kraton rubber material and the core is very light in weight. Cyclists are provided with a maximum grip level even when cycling without any gloves on. The tires provide you with a low resistance level. The puncture protection is high level as the wheels make use of high-tech fiber that is cut resistant. This bike also has a very attractive color setting off the unique look of the bike.

The bike comes with a rear suspension block that is quite firm. This block is paired with the Schwalbe tire. This gives the cyclist a sharp and responsive feeling when riding. It is a great bike for cycling up the city while maintaining great precision. The mainframe, handlebar stem, front fork, and titanium rear frame is textured black. This bike moves fast and it is light in weight. The front frame of this bike is perfectly complemented by the CHPT3 signature.


  • It is light in weight
  • The folding action is great
  • Cyclists get to enjoy a comfortable riding experience


  • Very pricey when compared to other lightweight bikes from the Brompton manufacturing industry.

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The GS Folding Electric Bike from Gocycle

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The Gocycle manufacturing industry designed this model with an urban e-bike design. The bike frame of the G5 model is manufactured with elegant magnesium alloy as well as a single-sided swingarm that is very unique. The bike wheels are built with a motorbike inspired look with a five-spoke design and they also manufactured from alloy material. The bike motor is very powerful making it a very ideal urban bike.

The bike’s design is very advantageous as it easily folds up to look like a very small package that you can put away in a corner especially if you are low on space. When folded the bike does not expose any messy bits, therefore, cyclists are guaranteed that they will not have to deal with grease stains even if lugged down the stairs. You can also purchase a wheeled docking station that comes with a fabric cover that you can zip up. This ensures that your bike looks even neater


  • It fits perfectly in a compact bag
  • Cyclists are provided with an ideal riding position
  • The bike is very comfortable
  • The bike moves quickly


  • Folding and unfolding this bike can prove to be very tricky

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The Verge X11 from Tern

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If you are looking for a bike that is very steady the Verge X11 model is exactly what you need. The wheels are 22 inches, which is a very similar feature to standard hybrid bikes. The bike features a great radio cassette as well as a SRAM Force 1x. Maintaining this bike is not hard and the gear system is almost similar to all road bikes. The bike comes with Kinetic Pro X wheels, a specially designed stem that can be easily adjusted and Schwalbe Durano tires.

With all these additional components, cyclists are guaranteed that the momentum is great. The bike can also move at a very high speed. The bike frame has been modified to achieve what is known as a T-Tuned geometry. The folded unit, however, looks much larger than other basic folding bikes. This is because the bike is designed with a long wheelbase. A fork rake, a seat tube, tweaks and a head tube. These additions allow the cyclist to enjoy a comfortable and sporty riding position when compared to other standard bikes.


  • The bike is designed with high-end components and features
  • It comes with hydraulic disc brakes
  • The bike is manufactured with 11 gears


  • The carbon frame of the bike minimizes the weight which compromises the bike’s weight
  • The bike is very expensive

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The Tilt Folding Bike from Brand: Btwin

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This Tilt folding bike model from Btwin comes with amazing features and it is available at a very affordable price. The bike can fold in half, from the stem. It comes with mudguards and six hub gears are built onto the bike. The saddle is adjustable giving cyclists a chance to modify the height to their preference. The adjustable saddle comes in handy as you can share the bike with other members of your family or even your friends.

The bike comes with a fully equipped Shimano Ultegra mechanical system. The brakes of this bike can be directly mounted and are very extraordinary. The bike frame is made of aluminum material. This makes it ideal for cycling uphill and the weight of the bike wheels also holds it up. The bike also comes with a cassette. This is a very decent bike of great value.


  • It is affordable
  • Designed with amazing features


  • It is heavy

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The Stowaway Unisex Folding Bike from Raleigh

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For many years, the Raleigh industry has produced many great bikes and bike components. The Stowaway model is yet another great product built with a light aluminum frame and fitted with a 7 speed Shimano Tourney gear system. The bike makes use of v-brakes. It is also built with mudguards that are metal. A pannier rack is installed on the rear end of the bike.

This is one of the most ideal commuter bikes in the market, however, it also performs well if you decide to embark on an exciting touring trip. The bike stem, the tires, the crankset as well as other kit components are all designed from the Raleigh industry. The bike’s fork is built from steel material and the bike’s overall weight is 13kgs.


  • It is available at an affordable price
  • Comes with very strong mudguards and a rack


  • It is very heavy

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The Folding Bike Compatible with Shimano from HASA

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This is yet another bike designed with very large wheels. The wheels are 24 inches and when cycling you get to enjoy a road-like feeling. There is also the option of choosing a bike tire of 2 inches giving you the chance to enjoy a light off-road adventure. You can also choose to use much skinnier rubber bike tires o 1-inch enhancing the fast-rolling experience while on the road. The bike also makes use of an 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub gear system. Cyclists also get the chance to use the disc brake system.

The bike’s large wheels prove that the folding process may be a little more cumbersome than folding a traditional bike with 16-inch wheels. This bike, however, is a perfect option for cyclists who are looking to have a good time as they ride around. Once the bike is completely folded, it will only occupy a very small amount of space.


  • The wheels are very large
  • Cyclists are assured that they will get to enjoy a great quality cycling experience


  • The folding process is not so easy
  • Carrying around this bike is very cumbersome even when completely folded.

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The Full Suspension Mountain Bike from Tiandino

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This bike is of very high-quality designed with a very strong and solid bike frame. The frame is built from standard carbon steel material making it strong and stable guaranteed to last for a very long time. This full-suspension bike model is ideal for cruising. It comes with a quick-release clip that comes in quite handy when folding the bike. The bike folds into a nice and compact size that can be easily stored in a corner.

The bike wheels are made of magnesium making them very fast and safe. The bike has a 21-speed gear system that can perform perfectly when cycling on hilly or rocky terrain. Cyclists are guaranteed that they will enjoy a smooth and nice riding experience. The frame suspension of this bike is upgraded making your ride more comfortable. Once folded this bike is so easy to store and also carry around from one point to the next. The bike comes with double disc brakes increasing the sensitivity of the brakes. The bike is delivered with free pedals as well as a very comfortable bike saddle.


  • A very high-quality bike
  • Large magnesium wheels providing you with a nice smooth cycling experience
  • The bike frame is made of high carbon steel material
  • It is a full-suspension bike


  • Moves at a much slower speed when cycling uphill than other ordinary bikes.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Folding Bike for Touring 

The Foldability

Two major factors must be considered when it comes to folding your bike. First, you should consider the amount of time that it will take to fold your bike and secondly the size of your bike once folded must be considered.

The amount of time that you will take to fold your bike is an important factor only if you are going to be folding your bike very many times in just a single day. Some bikes are easy to fold and cyclists can take up to 10 seconds. However, other bikes that are a lot more technical and cumbersome and the folding process could take up to 10 minutes. Some bikes do not require any kind of tools as you fold.

The size of your folded bike is directly proportionate to the diameter of your bike wheel. If you can place your bike in a cover, you can casually carry your bike around and no one would notice that you are moving around with a bike. Owning a thin cover for your bike is ideal especially for bikes that are designed with wheels that are larger than 20 inches.

The Bike Performance 

A great performing bike is stiffer than any basic bike. This factor makes the bike an ideal choice when cycling. The performance of your bike also depends on a few factors such as the cyclist’s position while riding, the stiffness of the bike frame and handle post, the size of the bike wheel, and the ratio of the bike gears.

With a high-performance bike, you can comfortably cover many miles even while cycling in the mountains, however, the same cannot be said for bikes that are not designed with additional features and are more suited to flat surfaces.

The design of your bike frame and handle post as well as the stiffness of the bike components all determine the performance level of your bike. The weight of your bike is not an important factor for touring bikes, however, a bike that is light in weight is a better option for carrying around when it is completely folded.

The Size and the Fit of Your Bike 

Factors such as the size and the fit of your bike are significant when it comes to determining exactly how you would like to use your folding bike. If you are planning to cover a great number of miles as you cycle, then it is important that you choose a bike that fits you well. This will keep you comfortable and improve your performance.

If you are a tall cyclist, you can select a bike that has very long bar ends giving you the chance to enjoy a comfortable riding position for a very long time.

The Size of the Wheel 

Folding bikes come with wheels that measure 16, 20, 24, 26, and 27.5 inches. The size of the wheel that you choose should be determined by how you plan to use your folding bike. If you will not be cycling regularly, then it is advisable to select a folding bike that has smaller wheels. If you enjoy cycling for long distances, you need a bike with large wheels as well as a wider range of gears.

The Price of Your Bike 

Folding bikes are not like regular touring bikes. There are very many high-performing folding bikes that are available at an affordable price. This is because with a folding bike, you will probably be covering fewer miles, and you may also be carrying a smaller number of items with you. There are foldable bikes that are light in weight, perform excellently, and are compact available at a cheap price.

Creating a budget is very important and browsing through different options that are available at your price range will give you the chance to zero in on a bike that suits all your needs.


If you are ready to be flexible during your tours, the foldable bikes are just what you need. These types of bikes can be carried around and when you need a ready mode of transport, the folding bikes immediately come in handy. I hope that the folding bikes listed in this review, as well as the factors that you should consider, will help you make the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Do folding bikes easily break?

Just like the regular type of bikes, there are various components that can fall and break. It is important to properly maintain your folding bikes by following the guidelines that are delivered with the bike. The bike frame can easily crack or break. Some cyclists have failed to maintain their bikes or store them well and this has led to the folding bike breaking apart.

Are folding bikes good for exercise? 

Yes! Folding bikes are a great option for exercise. Folding bikes are small and you can conveniently carry them from one point to another, making them a great exercise tool. With a folding bike, you can find a balance between working, running errands while still getting enough exercise.

Do folding bikes with smaller wheels move faster? 

Yes! Smaller bike wheels do move faster than much larger wheels. This is because smaller wheels are lightweight and when cycling the moment of inertia is much lower. This factor allows the wheels to move at a much faster speed and even cycling uphill is so much easier with smaller wheels.