7 Best Folding Bike Under $200 in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Do you enjoy cycling and would you love to carry your bike around? If your answer is yes, then you need a folding bike. These types of bikes can be folded up reducing the amount of space that they occupy and improving on the storage process.

For cyclists who are looking for portable bikes and a convenient way to store their bikes, folding bikes are the best option. Hello! My name is Mercy, and I manage a bike shop in my home town. As well all know, cycling has become a very common practice and the demand for convenience is on the rise. Over the years, folding bikes have become a lot more streamlined. You can carry these bikes into your flat or store it in the trunk of your car.

There are many folding bikes in the market that are available at less than $200. In this article, I list down very high-quality folding bikes that are attractive and easy to operate. I also highlight their main features and their advantages so that you can choose the most suitable bike for all your needs.

Best Folding Bike Under $200 – Comparison Table  

Main Features
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The Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike from Vilano
Aluminum frame


1 Speed

The Loop Folding Bike from Schwinn
The bike has a low stand and rigid fork frame


7 Speed

The Speed Folding Mountain Bike from GTB
Steel frame


7 Spee

The Folding Mountain Bike from NJ508
Carbon steel frame


26-inch tires

The unYOUsual Folding Bike from IDS Home

Aluminum frame

Rear Kickstand

The Mountain Bike for Adult Men and Women from Youen

Steel frame

Shimano Shifter Gear System

The D7 Folding Bike from Dahon
7 Speed

The folding lock is patented

Best Folding Bike Under $200 – a comparison overview

The Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike from Vilano

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This Urbana single speed bike is designed with high-quality aluminum material that is of very high quality. The bike is very light in weight and comes with a coaster brake. The bike also has enough space for a water bottle and the rack support makes the bike ideal for cyclists who enjoy embarking on fun adventures and trails.

The bike is light and compact. It can be easily carried from one point to the next and it can fit in the trunk of your car, making your biking trips more exciting.

Handling this bike is quite easy, and the folding process is fast and practical. It can fold to 12 x 32 x 25 inches. It also weighs only 12 and a half pounds. The bike wheels are 20 inches and the aluminum frame was designed with unique care providing cyclists with a small bike and light in weight.

The bike comes with the saddle, wheels, handlebars, brakes and pedals that are easy to assemble during the mounting process. This is a single-speed bike and cyclists are guaranteed that they will benefit from the lonely gear ratio.


  • It is available at an affordable price
  • The bike frame is very light in weight
  • The bike components are of high quality
  • It is small and can easily be adjusted


  • It is a single-speed bike
  • It is available in only 3 colors that include grey, white and black

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The Loop Folding Bike from Schwinn

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This loop folding bag is a perfect option for cyclists who are interested in embarking on outdoor adventures without the hassle of carrying around a heavy regular bike. The bike is 20 – inches making the transportation process easy. The bike can be folded into a very small package and it can be stored anywhere.

For additional convenience, this bag comes with a storage bag. After folding this bike, making it nice and compact, the cyclist can place it in a nylon bag and carry on with their duties without worrying about the bike weight. The bike comes with a seven-speed drivetrain, ideal for cyclists who would like to embark on an adventure in hilly regions.

The bike also comes with fenders, that prevent your bike from accumulating dirt. The bike rack works well in making the transportation process a lot easier.


  • Designed with 7-speeds
  • The bike components are of very high quality
  • The bike is small and adjustable
  • Folding this bike is easy and the bike assembly is great
  • A very high performing bike


  • The bike weighs 41 pounds, therefore, it lies on the heavier side
  • The bike is available in only one black color.

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The Speed Folding Mountain Bike from GTB

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The Speed Folding Mountain bike is 26-inches making it bigger than other bikes in this list. For many cyclists, this is a great advantage. The folding feature of this bike works well. The system is quite simple making it easy to just fold it and carry around from one point to the next. It can fit anywhere.

This bike is also very affordable and the bike price does not affect the great quality of the bike. The height of the seat as well as the handlebars can be easily adjusted making the assembling process fast. This Speed Folding bike is a 7-speed model, perfect for cyclists who are looking to enjoy a rough outdoor experience.

The bike performs perfectly on both the road and bike trails. It folds up very well to a very compact size. It is a great bike and available at an affordable price. However, some cyclists have mentioned that its heavyweight comes as a disadvantage.


  • It is small and can be easily adjusted
  • Folding this bike is an easy process.
  • It can be easily assembled
  • Designed with 7 speeds
  • The bike can support your water bottle and bike rack


  • It is heavy
  • Folding the pedals and the handlebars is not easy

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The Folding Mountain Bike from NJ508

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This bike is specially designed to provide you with a very cozy feeling when cycling. It is manufactured with coaster brakes that are ideal for bringing your bike to a halt by reverse pedaling. This bike measures 37 inches x 34 x 15 when completely folded. When it is not folded, and ready to go for a spin, the bike measures 23-27.5 inches.

This bike is quite strong, designed with a carbon steel frame material. The bike can support a cyclist weighing up to 240lbs. The seat can be adjusted quite easily, making it an ideal fit for kids as well. To make the riding process a lot easier, the Shimano derailleur and shifter gives you the chance to choose between 21 speeds.

You can embark on many different outdoor activities with this bike. Thanks to its small size it can easily fit in your boat, car, or RV. The folding process is so easy and fast. The Folding Mountain bike is available in three different attractive colors.


  • It is a great bike for both adults and children
  • Designed with 21 speeds
  • It is small in size


  • Not the best option for much heavier cyclists.

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The unYOUsual Folding Bike from IDS Home

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The unYOUsual folding bike is unique with very striking features that stand out. The bike wheels are heavy-duty and can handle different types of terrain conditions. The wheels on this bike are manufactured from Wanda which is a very reputable bike wheel manufacturing company. The wheels are designed with rubber material of 20-inches and are 1.75 inches wide. The wheels are quite strong and are resistant to getting punctures.

To adjust to the type of slope that you are cycling on, the process of shifting gears is quite simple. This is made possible by the 6-speed Shimano shifting gear system. This system works seamlessly when maneuvering through different gears. The system also keeps your bike chain and the gears safe from any cases of wear. Changing the speeds only takes a minimal amount of effort from the cyclist.

The IDS of this bike is designed to ensure that the bike can be folded down easily and quickly to a compact and manageable size. This is easily done by triggering some connect levers that are built inside the bike’s mainframe.


  • A great choice as a commuter bike and cyclists get to enjoy a comfortable riding experience.
  • It is durable
  • The folding mechanism is easy
  • It comes having been completely assembled
  • A great option as a base model


  • Many cyclists have mentioned that the bike manual was not useful
  • The pedal holes could be better

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The Mountain Bike for Adult Men and Women from Youen

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For years the Youen manufacturing company has released bikes that have great specifications and this foldable mountain bike model is yet another great product. The bike is delivered with all the essential components that are needed for the assembly process. This is a dual suspension bike that is available at a very affordable price.

The bike is designed with a rear fork and Tolan disc brakes that are amazing. Disc brakes are a better option than the basic V-type brakes. They function properly on wet road surfaces and provide you with excellent stopping power.

This bike can fold up into a compact travel-sized package. This makes it small enough to fit in your home or the trunk of your car. It is a great bike at a very affordable price.


  • Designed with a steel frame
  • The disc brakes are on the front and rear side of the bike
  • The wheels come with a quick-release feature
  • The bike uses a 21 speed Shimano shifting gear system


  • The bike wheels are really heavy
  • If you cycle extensively on hilly regions, the brakes will wear out

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The D7 Folding Bike from Dahon

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This D7 folding bike model is quite strong and it is designed with a storage rail at the rear end. This is perfect, providing cyclists with a small luggage transportation section where they can place all their essentials.

This bike model is very popular used by many cyclists all over the world. It provides commuters with an ideal transport method and you can easily fold and store it well while at work. It is light in weight and it folds easily, making it an ideal companion. It is so easy to carry this bike, weighing only 12 Kgs. Folding this bike could be hard for newbies, however, once you have got the hang of the process, it is not time-consuming.

This bike is designed with a very strong and long seat making it suitable for both short and tall cyclists. Once folded the bike’s dimensions are 87cm x 39cm x 60cm. This gives you the freedom to store it in fitting places, ensuring that it does not occupy too much space.


  • It is light in weight
  • Designed with an aluminum frame
  • Weighs only 12 Kgs
  • The handlebar and the stem can be easily adjusted
  • The folding lock is patented. It is quite convenient and users are guaranteed that they will be safe.


  • Many users have complained that the bike saddle is just really hard

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What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Folding Bike Under $200 

The Size  

The size of your bike is an important factor especially if you are a tall individual. Most of the folding bikes in the market measure about 25 to 30 inches when it is not folded. Another factor that must be considered is the size of your bike wheels.

A bike with small wheels allows the bike to maintain a compact size when folded, however, a bike with larger wheels ensures that you enjoy a smooth ride while cycling. Different bikes are made with different wheel sizes, however, most of these bikes are designed with much smaller wheels. This ensures that the folding process is so much easier.

The Maximum Weight Capacity  

The next factor that we must put into consideration is the weight of the cyclist. Some cyclists have purchased a bike, and once the package is delivered, they discover that it is only ideal for children or individuals who are of a smaller size. Before you make your purchase, you must confirm the maximum weight capacity of the bike.

The Weight  

The weight of your bike is another crucial factor that must be considered. If you want to be moving around with your folded bike, you must figure out if you will be able to handle the weight. Perhaps you may have to walk to the fourth floor, or you may have to stand in line for a long time, you will have to hold on to your bike. Before you make your purchase, confirm if you will be able to handle the weight of the bag.

The Method of Folding  

There are three main methods of folding these types of bikes. There is the breakaway method whereby your bike is wrapped into a very small size, however, unfolding it can prove to be difficult. The half-fold method is very easy; however, it is not as strong as the breakaway method. Finally, there is the triangle fold method. Folding and unfolding your bike using this method is so easy. The method that you choose completely depends on what you prefer.

The Price of Your Bike  

The amount of money that you are willing to spend completely depends on your budget. Many high-quality bikes are sold at a much higher price; however, this does not mean that cheaper bikes are of low quality. There are many affordable bikes in the market that are designed with similar features as high-quality bikes and they perform excellently. Make sure you focus on your budget and highlight the factors that you are interested in.


In this review, I have completely analyzed the best folding bikes available at a very affordable price. These bikes are great not only because of their cheap price but also because of their high quality. I hope that this article serves as a perfect guide helping you choose what your new means of transport will be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Why should I choose a folding bike?  

Cycling has become a very common means of transport for millions of people around the world. It is also a great exercise tool and one of the most enjoyable leisure activities today. Folding bikes are better than basic bikes because with these bikes you get the chance to save a lot of space, and most of them are very light in weight. Once you have folded your bike, you can easily carry it from one point to the next, into the malls, office buildings, and even your home. The folding bikes eliminate the need of leaving your bike outside.

Are all folding bikes designed to be equal?  

Different folding bike models are designed with different features, characteristics, and components. Some folding bikes are only suited for cycling within the city, on smooth road surfaces, while other folding bikes are perfect for mountainous or hilly regions. Therefore, it is important to select a bike that will serve you well depending on your overall cycling needs.

Are folding bikes a good option for exercise?  

Yes. Folding bikes are an excellent choice for cycling. These types of bikes are small and it is easy to carry them anywhere. This makes it a great fitness option. If you are looking to find a balance between going to work while still getting enough exercise, a folding bike is a must-have,