7 of the Best Hydration Packs for Cycling in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Have you been thinking about upgrading your hydration pack? Here you can choose from 7 of the best hydration packs in the market.

It is always fun when I can take a weekend off and go riding with my friends in the park and take some adventures. I always make sure to have all my gear set and my water bottles because I get thirsty fast. The problem with water bottles is that I keep on forgetting them all the time or I give a friend who never gives it back.

To solve this problem, I decided to get a hydration pack. Hydration packs are designed to make drinking more convenient and transport water for you. With a hydration pack, I don’t have to stop to drink water or worry about it getting lost. I can just grab the drink tube and take a sip of water.

The pack is either made of plastic or rubber that you can fill with liquid. You can suck from the pack to your mouth while riding. Here, I list some of the best hydration packs you can buy for cycling.

Best hydration packs for cycling- Comparison Table

Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack
Fox Camber Race Pack
Fox Racing
Camelbak Hydrobak 50
Deuter Race EXP Air biking bag pack
Camelbak Lobo Hydration pack
Osprey Raptor !4
Osprey Serial Lumbar


Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack- Sleek bikehydration pack

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The Camelbak Rogue pack is sleek with a crux reservoir for carrying your water while cycling. This pack is refillable on the go through the flap on the front.


  • 5l litre crux reservoir
  • 2 external pockets
  • Reflective accents
  • Comes in 5 colours

This hydration back pack is easy to use and ideal for any type of cycling.  If you want to carry your helmet, there are external hooks for you to place it when taking a sip. The external pockets are good to keep your phone or storing other gadgets while riding.

Another additional feature is the reflective accents which will keep you visible when riding during the day or night. You can easily wash this bike when it gets dirty to keep it smelling good too.


  • The breathable air mesh makes this pack lightweight and very comfortable to use.
  • The Ergonomic handle makes refilling easy.
  • The magnetic tube trap helps secure your tube and easy to reach for when you need it.


  • The straw is too long for some users
  • If you are a heavy water drinker, the 2.5l may not be enough for you while cycling.


If you are a new rider, having a hydration pack is very important. For the hot days, it is a great hydration pack for cycling. The Camelbak rogue is durable and very well constructed to use for years to come.

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Fox Camber Race Pack- Lightweight hydration pack

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The Fox Camber pack is designed to be as light as possible on your back. This is a very comfortable and very breathable pack for transporting water.


  • 0l bladder
  • Comes in colour black
  • Nylon exterior fabric

This is a very easy to use hydration pack. With this brand you have the option of getting a bigger size if this does not fit your needs. The small has a cargo capacity of 10litres while the larger one has a cargo capacity of 15 litres. The bigger size is preferred if you cycle for long hours. There is also a good compartment for keeping your gear and other tools. The waist belt pockets are great for putting snacks and items you want to access easily.


  • The pockets on the sides and waist belt are good for storage
  • The breathable EVA allows proper airflow for proper fit and comfortability
  • It is lightweight and made of durable nylon


  • Does not have a wide range of colours to choose from.


This is a durable and lightweight hydration pack that you will like to have when you go cycling. The pockets provide good storage and the options in sizes is great for different riders. This bike will meet all your needs and comes in a stylish design.

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Camelbak Hydrobak 50- Best hydration packs for short rides.

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This is a lightweight cycling hydration pack that comes in 6 different colours for you to choose from. It is great for those short bike rides.


  • 5l crux reservoir
  • Ventilated harness
  • Zippered pocket

Being another Camelback product, it is assured to have some amazing features. The streaming design of this pack comes with a zippered pockets for you to store what you want. This is a great choice because it does not weigh too much and can be refilled during stops.

The carrying capacity of this hydration pack is 1.5l which can last you around 2 hours. It has a minimalistic and simple look that is easy to use. This hydration pack only weighs 5 ounces. It will help you ride faster and have less weight to carry around.


  • The harness is made of mesh to keep it ventilated enough and breathable.
  • The zips on the pockets make storage safe.
  • It delivers 20% more water per sip compared to other hydration packs.


  • The water it can carry will not last for long rides.


This is an ideal hydration pack that is lightweight and great to use. It is very comfortable and streamlined so you won’t feel the weight on your shoulders. With pockets ideal for storage this will be your go to choice anytime you want to go riding.

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Deuter Race EXP Air biking bag pack- Ideal for Mountain biking.

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This hydration pack comes with a volume capacity of 14+3 litres if you want to take more with you for the ride. With an air comfort system that offers ideal ventilation, you will love this hydration pack.


  • Comes in 4 colours
  • Weighs 1lb
  • Capacity of 14+3l
  • 3M reflectors

The Deuter Race EXP backpack has a wide shape designed with mesh for your shoulders. The large zips on both sides provides storage for your essentials. The pack is expandable through a circumferential zip.

The chest strap is also adjustable so that you can be as comfortable as possible while riding.  It has a detachable rain cover so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when it rains.


  • There is maximum ventilation because of the airy mesh
  • The V-shape allows freedom of movement while cycling.
  • It is very durable and sure to last you a very long time.


  • Some users have complained of breaking clasps


If you are looking for comfort and durability, the Deuter Race EXP Air biking backpack is a great choice for you. It is very comfortable and lightweight that you might even forget you are wearing one. The mesh lining helps to promote airflow and better ventilation.

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Camelbak Lobo- Lightweight hydration pack

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This is a great mountain biking hydration pack that holds up to 3 litres of water. It is small and you can also fit your essentials in there when you go riding.


  • Capacity of 3l
  • Weighs 480g
  • Gear capacity of 6l

This is an everyday hydration pack that you will love to have the next time you go riding. With a total storage capacity of 9l this is an ideal pack for an experienced cycler. It carries enough water for a long day of bike riding.

The Crux reservoir is easy to refill whenever you need to. The on/off lever prevents leaks so you don’t have to worry about losing all your water while riding. This pack is very light and won’t feel too heavy on your back.


  • It can hold 3l of water, which is more than other hydration packs on this list.
  • It is cheaper for the features it offers.
  • It offers almost 6l of gear capacity giving you a lot of storage space.


  • It does not have very many pockets


The Camelbak lobo is lightweight and great for cycling when going for long rides. With 3l water capacity and great gear capacity this is a bike that you won’t regret having. This is a hydration pack that was made specifically for you the riders.

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Osprey Raptor 14- Men’s bike hydration pack

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This is a flexible and premium hydration pack for riders who prefer quality in their products. The shoulder straps are designed like wings to mimic your position when riding.


  • 1 size
  • 5l reservoir
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Blinker light attachment.

This is a great hydration pack for proper tool organization and storage. There is a roll out tool kit pouch that can come in handy when you are riding. It is also detachable if you want to use it properly. The zippered pocket allows for storage on the front of the backpack.

The main compartment is wide with mesh organizations inside for storage. The pack is avery comfortable and has an airscape suspension to promote ventilation because the pack is so close to your body.


  • The sternum strap is lightweight and magnetic for easy access to water.
  • The Osprey’s lid lock attachment lets you easily secure and carry your bicycle helmets.
  • The pack has zippered pockets on the hip belt for storing snacks and other small essentials close to you.


  • It is not very light, weighing almost 800g.


This is a great hydration pack with padded shoulders and proper ventilation to keep you comfortable while riding. The water reservoir makes it easy to drink while cycling and there is more storage with the zippered pockets.

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Osprey Seral Lumbar Hydration pack- Ideal waist hydration pack

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The Osprey Seral Lumbar hydration pack is different from other hydration packs on this list because it is for your waist not the back. It is a small and lightweight hydration pack for cycling.


  • Comes in 1 size
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Carrying capacity of 1.5l

This is the only waist pack on our list. If you are looking for something different this is definitely the one for you. The dual zippered hip belt pockets are easily accessible to you. The main compartment of this pack has a zip and internal tool organization.

A unique feature of this pack is the blinker light attachment. With this you can attach a light for better visibility if you are riding in the dark. 1.5 l is great capacity if you are going for a short ride.


  • The airscape back panel provides all the stability you need.
  • The waist strap has ergo pull closure system to give you that firm and stable fit while riding.
  • The compression straps pulls the pack to your lower back and wraps firmly around your hips for added stability


  • It does not offer as much storage as other hydration packs.


The Osprey Seral lumber hydration pack is small and compact to carry with you or riding. With a capacity of 15litres you will love this pack for your short rides. If you are looking for a waist pack. With straps to keep it firmly on your waist you will have no problem cycling with this hydration pack.

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What to consider when buying a hydration pack for cycling

There is a lot to consider before buying a hydration pack. You have to consider the price, the material and the features you are looking for in that pack.

Carrying Capacity

The capacity of the fluid carrier is the most important thing to consider because you are looking to carry more water. Most packs have a capacity of between 1.5l to 3l. If you are an experienced rider, you should go for a hydration pack with a larger capacity. If you are just going for a short ride, a smaller one will be more suitable.

Most mountain bikers and athlete cycler prefer packs with a higher capacity due to the intensity of this type of cycling. If you are riding through an area where it is easy to refill you can carry one with a smaller capacity.

Storage Capacity

Most hydration packs come with storage compartments. This is because you do not want to carry more than one bag just because you have to store some essentials. If you are going for a long ride and need to carry extra clothing, some food or tools the storage is important. Many packs have tool organization and mesh lined compartments.

The mesh lining makes the pack more breathable and adds to your comfortability. Getting a hydration pack that can not only carry as much water as you need but also allow you to carry your gadgets and essentials is great to have as part of your gear.

Size and Fit

The size of the hydration pack matters too. You should get a small and compact bike while cycling. A lightweight hydration pack is recommended but if you need more storage you might have to choose a bigger hydration pack. The hydration packs are made to fit all riders with adjustable straps for a better fit. There are also packs that are specific for children and women. Chose the best fit so that you are comfortable while cycling.


You should always buy according to your budget. The more features like increased storage capability and compartments the more expensive the pack will be. Hydration packs that offer body armour protection usually cost more. They are recommended when mountain biking and riding downhill. These packs have a special back panel that is similar to the shape of your spine for shock absorption in the case you fall. You do not need to break your bank getting a hydration pack with all the affordable choices available.


In conclusion, a hydrating pack can really change your riding experience. You will no longer have to carry around water bottles with you and worry about running out of water. With hydration packs you have to choose according to how much carrying capacity you need. There are affordable prices in the market with great storage features and good fit. A hydration pack is easy to use and refill to keep you hydrated whether you are going on a short or long ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big of a hydration pack do I need?

This all depends on your needs as a cycler. If you usually need more water then you should get one with more carrying capacity. If you are going on short rides and you can refill on the way then get a smaller one because it is lighter.

  1. How do I clean my hydration pack?

To properly clean it, first fill with warm water and a teaspoon of bleach and baking powder. Shake while closed and let is sit for half an hour. Remove the solution, rinse thoroughly, open the reservoir and let it hang dry.

  1. How long can water stay in the hydration pack?

If the bladder was clean and you have not touched the inside of the bladder then it can last up to 2 weeks. If you have not blown back any water into the bladder then it is still safe to drink.