8 Best iPad Mounts for a Spin Bike in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Have you ever felt like spinning but you just did not want to put your iPad down?

Are you really fond of your iPad? Would you want to watch your favorite series or movie while you are working out? I know you have answered yes to those questions. I mean, who wouldn’t?

For a long time now, I have really relied on iPad mounts to keep me spinning. If I am late to work I usually use the mount to answer important emails as I spin. When I am just bored, I choose a Netflix movie or a YouTube mix to keep me pumped.

Trust me when I say an iPad mount can really change your overall workout experience. You can even record your workout experience to share with your buddies on Snapchat. So, what are you waiting for?Here are the best iPad mounts that I have hand-picked and tested for you.

Best iPad Mount for Spin Bike – A comparison table

Screen Size Compatibility
Tackform Universal Holder
7†to 18.4â€
Jubor Stationary Bike Tablet Holder
4.7†to 12.9â€
7″ to 12.9″
Arkon TAB086-12
7†to 18.4â€


4†to 11â€
Charger City Vibration
7†to 12â€
Domain Cycling
8.5†to 11.5â€
7†to 14â€


Best iPad Mount for Spin Bike

Tackform Universal Spin Bike Tablet Holder-Our top pick

[amazon box=”B07F2P3YFW” template=”horizontal” ]

This is a tablet holder that can also hold your iPad in place. It will ensure that your iPad does not fall off even as you hit the pedal hard.


  • Compatible with 7â€-18.4†iPad screen size
  • Clamp is designed with automotive-grade ABS plastic
  • Swivel mount holder

Tackform Universal can securely hold tablets and iPads widths between 6.25†and 10.25â€. Coupled with its compatibility of 7â€-18.4†screen size, Tackform is a quality buy because you can use it with right about any iPad. You would not have to buy a new mount every time you upgrade your iPad. It can be used to clamp your iPad Air, iPad 4, 5, 2 and iPad Pro safely in place.

It also has a joint that can turn 350 degrees whichever way you want it to. This means that while you are working out, you can twist the holder to the angle you want it to be. Unlike most holders, Tackform also goes ahead to give you USB and charging ports for your iPad. You need not worry about running out of charge with this holder.

The only drawback with this iPad mount is that you have to change the L shaped brackets depending on the device size.


  • Offers a secure rubber grip
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile


  • Not built to handle really heavy devices


Tackform offers a quick setup process and versatility once you have it clamped on. The swivel holder makes it even more worth the buy.

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Jubor Stationary Bike Tablet Holder- Offers best value

[amazon box=”B07LCJ83S7″ template=”horizontal” ]

Jubor is a rather unique mount because it can fit right about any pole, monopod or tripod.


  • Compatible with iPads and tablets that are between 4.7 inches and 12.9 inches
  • Designed with automotive grade ABS plastic making it highly durable
  • Offers 360 degrees rotation

Jubor is a versatile tablet holder. It is designed to fit tablets/iPads that have a screen width of 4.72†and 9.25â€. This means that you do not have to buy another tablet holder even when you upgrade your iPad. Jubor can securely hold your iPad Pro, iPad 2, 3, iPad Mini and iPad Air even when you have a pumped spinning workout.

Jubor also wins out because of its durable design. It has a rubber grip made of plastic that keeps your iPad firmly in place as you ride your bike. Its shock-absorbing features also further protect your precious device.


  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Compact sized and lightweight
  • Clear instructions for easy installation


  • Grip tends to loosen after long term use


Coupled with its shock-protection features and head adjustment specs, Jubor is an iPad mount that will keep your iPad secure and firmly in place throughout your spinning session.

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Arkon TAB086-12 –High-end heavy duty mount

[amazon box=”B00BCSYZVY” template=”horizontal” ]

Built with ten support legs, Arkon TAB086 is a durable and heavy duty iPad mount for your spin bike.


  • Compatible with iPads and tablets that are 7â€-18.5†screen size
  • Comes with a 2 year limited warranty
  • 4-hole drill base is made of aluminum

Arkon TAB086 is an iPad mount that you can use with your many iPads even when you upgrade them because of its wide compatibility. You can also use Arkon TAB086 to keep your tablet firmly in place.

Beyond offering a firm grip that keeps your iPad in place, Arkon TAB086 offers rotation features. Depending on your mood workout, you can twist this iPad mount away or towards you. It also comes with a C clamp base and a 12†flexible gooseneck that further sets it apart from similar priced products.


  • Industry leading warranty
  • Support legs are easily adjustable and customizable
  • Gives you up to 360 degrees viewing angles


  • Does not work with all spin bikes because of the different media racks in the market


Arkon TAB086 is a pricey iPad mount compared to other models. However, its features easily make a case for its price tag.

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AboveTek- All-in-one iPad and tablet holder

[amazon box=”B06XVFKYL5″ template=”horizontal” ]

AboveTek is an all-in-one mount that keeps your iPad that keeps your device firmly in place as you get your spin workout in.


  • Has a swivel holder that offers complete rotation (360 degrees)
  • Universally compatible with iPads and other Apple products like the iPhone 7+
  • Sturdy, heavy metal base
  • Sold together with a tripod camera adapter

Above Tek offers a firm, rubber grip for your iPad to remain in place always. It even comes with a locking wheel that holds it in place even when you want to move your iPad around. You can switch your iPad around in all directions because of its swivel holder.


This mount also stands out because it is really easy to attach to your spin bike. You can also easily remove it once you are done exercising because it is portable.An added bonus is that this mount has a stylish, sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing.


  • Easy to install and move about
  • Can be used as a phone stand as well
  • Stable and ultra-secure


  • Not designed for devices that are more than 11â€


If you are looking for a highly versatile mount that you can use with your iPad then AboveTek is a worthy buy.

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Moutik- Offers a lot of functionality for a reasonable price

[amazon box=”B07T4819N1″ template=”horizontal” ]

Moutik is a multi-functional iPad mount you can use to watch your favorite series or even answer your business calls as you get your workouts in.


  • Designed to fit 4.5â€-12.9†iPad screen size
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Automotive grade ABS plastic makes it durable

Compatible with spin bikes and treadmills, you can use Moutik to safely keep your iPad in place as you hit your workouts. It is made of durable and heavy duty plastic that allows its clamp to ensure a really tight grip. The last thing you would want is an iPad mount that wobbles around with your every spin.

Moutik is also a good buy because it works with many iPads and tablets as well. These include iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 including other similar sized iPads. Some users, however, have their own reservations with this tablet stand. For instance, some have complained that the legs are quite flimsy and it can be hard to adjust once firmly in place.


  • Easy to setup and remove once done
  • Lightweight to carry and move around
  • Affordable price


  • Tends to be difficult to adjust once tightly in place


Moutik’s best-selling feature is its reasonable price. Aside from its imperfections, this is a quality stand that you can easily buy because of its low price tag.

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ChargerCity Vibration– Stylish and durable mount

[amazon box=”B008UH8SRM” template=”horizontal” ]

ChargerCity is designed to fit tablets and iPads including the iPad Pro and iPad Air Mini.


  • Comes with a free tripod that adjusts 360 degrees
  • Adapter HDX-Lock Holder
  • Works with 7â€-12†iPad and tablet screen size

ChargerCity comes with a HDX-Lock holder that keeps Apple iPads firmly in place even as you go for a pumped spinning session.

To add, ChargerCity is a good buy because you can use it to record your indoor and outdoor activities with your iPad. For example, you can use this mount to stream to YouTube or even record yourself working out.

Do keep in mind that to fit an iPad Pro you need to slide in the four longer hooks first before sliding in the iPad in landscape position.


  • Easy to use and remove once done
  • Wide versatility for indoors and outdoors use
  • Lightweight and compact sized


  • The tripod is sold separately


Beyond holding your iPad firmly in place, ChargerCity Vibration is good value for money because of its versatility. You can use this mount both indoors and outdoors.

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Domain Cycling Tablet Mount– Sturdily built and really affordable

[amazon box=”B01GNQCL88″ template=”horizontal” ]

Domain Cycling makes exercising more interesting and less strenuous. You no longer have to hold your iPad when you are on your spin bike.


  • Fits iPads and tablets that are less than 12†wide
  • Handlebar mount adjusts 17mm-32mm
  • Spring loaded arms

This iPad mount works perfectly with a wide range of devices including an iPad Pro, iPad Air as well as other tablets like the Lenovo Yoga. It can basically hold any device that is between 8.5†and 12â€.

The handlebar mount also works with handlebars that are between 18 and 35mm. This means that you can easily follow your favorite TV show or access your online workout classes on just about any spin bike. As for its assembly, keep in mind that it comes in two pieces that you should firmly attach together.

The only downer is that you can only use Domain Cycling on your spin bike and other indoor bikes. It cannot keep your iPad in place on a moving bicycle.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Budget-friendly mount
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied


  • Takes some force to firmly assemble it


While Domain Cycling is not as versatile compared to other mounts, it makes the cut because of its budget-friendly price tag.

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Giosio Universal- Securely mounts your iPad wherever you want it

[amazon box=”B07NWKKRX8″ template=”horizontal” ]

Once you have forcefully pulled the straps of this mount, you get a firm grip on the handlebar for your iPad.


  • Compatible with phones, tablets and iPads
  • Offers 360 degrees rotation

Giosio Universal is a spin bike holder that is compatible with a wide range of iPads including iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad 3 all through to 5. As an added plus, you can use Giosio to keep your phone and tablets firmly in place.

Depending on what you want, you can easily adjust this mount to get the best viewing angle to follow through with your series or movie. Just be sure to first have all the parts firmly locked in then you can easily adjust the position by releasing the locking wheels to whichever angle you want.


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


  • Needs a tight grip


An added plus with this iPad mount is that it comes with a 30 day return and money back guarantee. You are assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

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What to consider before purchasing Best iPad Mount for Spin Bikes


When you are going for an iPad mount, you have to check on its compatibility as well. The last thing you would want is to have to buy a new iPad mount with every iPad upgrade you get.

To make sure you are getting versatility, you need to check the handlebar on your spin bike. While most iPad mounts come with adjustable clamps, the diameter of your handlebar weighs in.


Whether you are one to go for a really intense spin or you are out for low-impact exercises the resistance on your iPad mount highly matters. One way you can tell if the iPad mount will be firm enough is to check if it comes with a rubber grip. A good quality iPad mount is usually designed with rubber grip to keep your iPad firmly in place even during highly intense workouts.


Did you know you need to check on how close your iPad will be to you? This is one safety feature because you definitely do not want an iPad mount that will not be safe and secure for your iPad.

For instance, you want your iPad safely away because spinning can get really challenging and you start sweating. It is always smart to see that the proximity to your sweat is decent enough.


Whether you want an iPad mount to follow your spinning classes or simply watch your movies, you need to check if it is flexible. A good iPad mount that can turn up to 360 degrees gives you a lot of room to have your iPad at the perfect angle for you.


Aside from all the design features stated above, your budget is usually the final say. When you have found the iPad mount that ticks all your boxes, be sure to check if it is within your preferred price range as well.

Do remember that sometimes the best buys just require you to splurge a little bit. Do not pass on a quality iPad mount just because it is a few bucks outside your budget.


This article has reviewed 8 of the best iPad mounts for a spin bike. Whichever you settle for you can be assured of a quality product. You no longer have to hold your iPad in an uncomfortable position because you do not have a mount holder. With any of these options you will not miss a single notification on your iPad.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do iPad mounts come with a warranty?

Yes. A good quality iPad mount ought to come with a warranty in case something breaks or there is a manufacturer’s defect. Giosio for instance comes with a 1 year warranty and 30 day return guarantee.

  1. How do you install your iPad mount?

This largely depends on the model you choose. Generally, installing a mount entails clipping it down and securely holding it in place with straps or lock holders. You need not worry about the installation process because they are usually easy to do with clear instructions.

  1. Can I use my iPad mount with my phone or other tablet?

Some mounts are built to exclusively work with iPads. However, this article has included some universal options you can use with your phone and tablets.