The 7 Best lightweight mountain bike knee pads in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking for lightweight knee pads for cycling? Here are 7 breathable and lightweight knee pads you can wear for mountain biking.

Ever since I got into a small accident when I was in high school did I start wearing my protective gear all the time I would go cycling? I still have a scar on y left knee to remind me because of how serious the injury was. After a lot of research, I got a good pair of kneepads that aren’t too heavy to carry in my bad and feel comfortable too.

Your knees are one of the most vulnerable parts to protect when you are mountain biking. The skin on your knees isn’t very durable and serious injuries can mean a lot of time off the bike. If you enjoy mountain bike riding, you should make sure that you are protected. Knee pads are durable, breathable, and offer wide protection while you are cycling. Here are 7 of the best lightweight knee pads for you to get this year.

7 of the best lightweight Mountain bike knee pads- A comparison Table

LeattAirflex Pro
ArmourGel material
Sweet Protection Light Knee pad
Sweet Protection
Fox Launch Enduro
RaceFace Ambush
Race Face
Troy Lee Designs Raid
Troy Lee designs
G-Form Elite
Alpinestars Paragon
67% polyester

LeattAirflex Pro- CE certified Knee pads

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The LeattAirflex Pro knee pads from Leatt Brace are lightweight and durable enough for mountain biking. The inner part of these knee pads is made of armourgel ultra slim impact absorbing gel.


  • Size Medium- XX-Large
  • 6mm protective profile
  • Available in color black
  • Dimensions 17 x 10 x 4 inches

The LeattAirflex Pro Knee pads are comfortable and offer decent coverage for cycling knee pads. These pads are thicker and larger but they are still lightweight and cool to wear during the hot days.

The side pads on these knee pads are good to keep away abrasions. These pads feel like a second skin you might forget you still have them on. They are a durable pair that will let you enjoy your biking without having to worry about protection.


  • There are extra top and side padding to offer you more protection when mountain biking.
  • The moisture cool wicking fabric keeps you dry.
  • The silicone lamination keeps the protector in place and prevents it from slipping.


  • The cup is very thin
  • It lacks a velcro closure


These are quality and protective knee pads ideal for mountain biking. The extra padding and the impact-absorbing gel makes these a good option for the next time you go riding on rough terrain. You will be satisfied with this purchase.

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Sweet Protection Light Knee pad- Thin and lightweight pads for MTB

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The Sweet Protection knee pads are thin, lightweight, and very elastic. They offer good coverage to protect your knees when you are cycling. They are made for a perfect fit to protect you from cuts and scratches that may occur.


  • Made of neoprene
  • Aramid covering the SAS-TEC pad
  • Available in color black

The Sweet Protection knee pads are well constructed to fir you well and be comfortable. You can easily wear them on days you are going for longer rides. To better enjoy these knee pads you need to get the perfect fit for you.

It comes with a single strap to hold it in place. The SAS-TEC protector offers the best protection and you can remove it when you want to wash is compact and offers more protection compared to other lightweight knee pads out there.


  • The knee pads are very lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The neoprene is perforated making these knee pads very breathable for cycling on hot days.
  • The Aramid covering the pad is there to increase the durability of these knee pads.


  • The sleeve isn’t very tight so you should get the perfect fit.
  • It can be too warm


The Sweet Protection lightweight kneepads are durable and made of SAS-TEC protector to offer you the best protection when you are mountain biking. They are compact and breathable for a perfect fit the next time you go cycling.

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Fox Launch Enduro- Certified for impact protection

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The Fox Launch Enduro knee pads are lightweight and functional pads that offer wide protection for your knees. They are comfortable without restricting your range of motion when you are cycling.


  • Size small-X-Large
  • Color Red and black
  • D30CE certified

These knee pads from Fox are a popular choice for mountain bikers. They are breathable and have moisture-wicking fabric that will regulate the temperature as you cycle to keep you dry on hot days.

They are very easy to slip on and come with a silicone gripper on the top hem to prevent any spillage. They are very flexible and the padding extends down over the top of the shin to give you more protection.


  • The hard shell on the front of the knee cap is movable to protect from snagging
  • The neoprene is perforated to improve the breathability of these knee pads.
  • The anatomical design of these knee pads offer better pedal performance and comfortability


  • It has no side padding
  • There is no Velcro strap.


The Fox Launch Enduro is a durable pair of knee pads that you should consider buying for mountain biking. It is flexible, easy to slip on, and very lightweight to offer you protection and better pedal performance.

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RaceFace Ambush- Men’s Knee Protector

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The Race Face Ambush knee pads are lightweight knee pads designed for men. They are durable and come with rubber grab tabs. These are ideal for protection when mountain biking and motorcycle riding for men.


  • Foam padded
  • Branded rubber grab tabs
  • Made of neoprene
  • Terry Lined

The Race Face Ambush knee pads are lightweight and offer some of the best protection on this list. They come with a removable protector and Velcro straps on the top and bottom to keep the pads in place.

It also comes with side padding. Even with all these paddings, they are still flexible and breathable to let you pedal well. These knee pads can survive a lot while protecting your knees from bruises and abrasions.


  • The neoprene is well perforated for better breathability and moisture control.
  • The foam-padded sidewalls provide more coverage to your knees.
  • The knee pads are terry lined for wicking and comfortability.
  • The pads can slide overshoes.


  • The inner knee coverage isn’t the best


The Race Face Ambush knee pads are lightweight and flexible. They are well-padded and designed to be durable and offer protection. For mountain bikers, who want to protect their knees from any kind of bruises, this is the choice for you.

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Troy Lee Designs Raid- Solid Knee pads for MTB

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The Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee pads are recommended for mountain biking. They offer good protection for your knees and comes in many sizes for different users. It is available in one color.


  • Made of neoprene
  • Sizes small – XXL
  • Pull-on closure

These knee pads have a silicone gripper to keep them in place while you are cycling. The protectors on these knee pads are well placed to match your knee and go all the way down the shin.

The single Velcro strap is good to keep the knee pads in place. The rear of the pads is constructed with mesh for better ventilation. They are still very warm to wear even during the cold season.


  • The abrasion-resistant cover on these knee pads can easily withstand rough terrain to protect your knees.
  • The neoprene is flexible and breathable to keep you cool while cycling.
  • The knee pads are constructed with mesh and tough padding to keep your knees protected.


  • They are more costly compared to other knee pads.


With the Troy Lee Designs Raid knee pads you no longer have to worry about bulky knee pads getting in the way of your cycling.  These pads are lightweight and flexible to keep you comfortable while cycling.

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G-Form Elite- Best breathable knee pads for MTB

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The G-Form Elite are a pair of very comfortable and breathable knee pads that offer you protection while mountain biking. These knee pads are very easy to use and wash when you want to clean them.


  • Silicone gripper
  • Made of mesh
  • Machine washable knee pads

These kneepads are made of advanced material that hardens upon impact-dispersing the energy then return to the original state after. They are also flexible allowing you free motion when cycling. These lightweight pads have a low profile and feel like a second skin.

These pads are waterproof and seal out water to keep your knees dry. They give you a secure fit and feel good when riding. The pads stay in place due to the compression sleeves and silicone grippers. You don’t have to worry about them slipping when you’re riding.


  • The moisture-wicking fabric is very comfortable and keeps you dry while cycling.
  • The technical mesh on the back panel is breathable and allows better airflow.
  • The top and bottom silicone gripper keep the knee pads in place when you ride.


  • The sizes run small


The G-Form Knee pads are lightweight and comfortable for mountain biking. They are breathable and flexible so as not to hinder your pedal movement.  If you are looking for flexible and secure knee pads this is a good choice.

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Alpinestars Paragon- Women’s protective knee pads.

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The Alpinestars Paragon provides your knees with protection because this is one of the most vulnerable areas to injury when cycling. They are breathable and very comfortable so that you can better enjoy your ride.


  • Made of 67% polyester
  • Hand washable
  • Weighs 300 grams

The Alpinestars Paragon are some of the lightest knee pads in the market now. They are available in seven sizes to cater for a variety of users. Because these knee pads do not have Velcro straps, the elasticated mesh keeps everything in place when you cycle.

The padding on these pads is high tech and CE certified for impact protection. The ventilation holes on these knee pads increase its breathability. It is definitely worth the money.


  • The mesh lining on the knee provides breathability
  • The pre-shaped design of these knee pads is optimized to fit different riding positions


  • It has no Velcro straps for adjustment.
  • There is no side padding on these knee pads.


For the most lightweight knee pads, the Alpinestars Paragon is the best option. With proper ventilation and proper padding, you can be sure your knees will be protected the next time you go mountain biking.

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What to consider when choosing the best lightweight kneepads for mountain biking.

Before you buy knee pads for  biking, you need to consider the price, the material, and the durability. This is important to make sure that your knees are protected from bruises and scratches whenever you go cycling. Here is more you should consider before making a purchase decision.


Your knee pads should fit you perfectly so that they don’t slip when you are riding. Even if your knee pads can protect you from anything if they aren’t comfortable you probably won’t wear them. To help them stay in place some knee pads are fitted with silicone grippers. Other knee pads have Velcro straps to prevent the pad from slipping.

They are also adjustable. For the knee pads without any straps, they usually have a more snug fit when you wear them. They feel like a second skin but can get looser over time with increase use. Make sure that you pick the perfect size for you so that they do not hinder your pedaling motion when mountain biking.


This is the main reason you are buying your knee guards. Due to the risk of injury to your knees, you need to wear protective gear. Knee pads are designed to protect your knees from bruises, abrasions, and scratches while you are cycling. They all offer different amounts of coverage depending on the manufacturer. Heavier pads come with more padding to better protect the sides of your knees.


If the knee pads you are wearing are making your ride more exhausting and weighing you down then you should change them. To get good knee pads, they need to be flexible and not hinder your movement when cycling. With flexible knee pads, you can pedal freely without limiting your freedom. Lightweight knee pads are more flexible because they don’t weigh down your legs.


Ventilation is important for knee pads especially during the summer. Most knee pads are made of very breathable neoprene material. Vented knee pads increase airflow and keep you cool during an intense riding session. Other knee pads have their rears made of elastic mesh to promoted airflow and control moisture. Most of them have moisture-wicking material which is perforated for better air circulation. You need breathable knee pads so that you are not uncomfortable during long rides.


You should make sure to stay on budget when choosing the best knee pads to use for mountain biking. More lightweight knee pads cost more as compared to the bulky ones. The more padding and protective features on the knee pads, the more likely they are to cost more. Knee pads made of superior material will cost more because of their durability, breathability, and how flexible they are.


For knee pads to last longer, they have to be durable. The materials used throughout the knee pads have to be robust. Most of the time these knee pads are made of tough material like Kevlar to prevent any tears. The protectors on most of the knee pads are removable so that you can wash and clean them. They can also be easily replaced if they are damaged during a fall.


In conclusion, choosing the best lightweight knee pads is not easy. You have to consider the price, the materials, durability, and protection features that they have. You should consider how breathable these knee pads are so that you are cool and comfortable while cycling.

Because of how dangerous mountain biking is, your knees are at risk of injury. Get knee pads that have enough padding so that you’re protected from impact when you fall. Your knee pads should be lightweight and flexible so that you can pedal freely and not hinder your movement when cycling.

Make sure to try them out first so that you ensure they fit you well if they do not have adjustable straps or silicone grippers. You can choose from this great list of lightweight knee pads to buy for mountain biking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need padded knee pads?

Yes. Padded knee pads offer more protection in case of an accident on your bike. They also absorb the shock, keeping your knees protected.

  1. Are Velcro straps important on your knee pads?

Yes, they are. They are adjustable and keep the knee pads in place when cycling.