7 Best Lightweight Women’s Bicycles in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Cycling is becoming a very popular mode of transport. Cycling is a fun recreational activity that is great for your health. As a cyclist, you can also avoid spending hours in traffic and it is environmentally-friendly. Ladies are looking to purchase a comfortable bike that is designed to suit all their needs.  

Hey there! My name is Esther and I am a student as well as an entrepreneur. I enjoy cycling because it is an effortless way for me to get on and off the road giving me the chance to handle all my business with ease. Whenever I am purchasing a new bike, I look out for the stylish models that are light in weight and will provide me with a fun experience.

In this article, I have listed the best lightweight bikes in today’s market. The products listed are specifically designed for ladies and are guaranteed to give you a fantastic cycling experience. I have also highlighted their main features and their advantages giving you the chance to select the right option for yourself.

Best Lightweight Women’s Bicycle – Comparison Table 

Bike Type
Key Features
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The Body Ease Women’s Bike from Sixthreezero
It is comfortable

21 speed

Designed with a front suspension

The Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bike from Schwinn
Designed with an Aluminum frame

It is light in weight

21 speed

The Libero 1.6 Women’s Bike
Designed with an Aluminum frame

It is light in weight

16 speed

The Metropole Women’s Bicycle from Gama Bikes
Designed with an Aluminum frame

It is light in weight

7 speed

The Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike from Huffy
Deluxe Cruiser
Designed with a Steel frame

Coaster Brake Style

The bike’s color is Mint Green

The Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension from Kent International
Designed with an Aluminum frame

Comes with a Linear Pull Brakes System

The Color is Mint Green

The Phocus Drop Bar Bike from Schwinn
Designed with an Aluminum frame

Comes with Alloy caliper brakes

Has a white color

Best Lightweight Women’s Bicycle – Comparison Table 

Body Ease Women’s Bike from Sixthreezero

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The Body Ease bike is specially designed to ensure that women maintain an upright position when riding their bike. The frame is designed in such a way that it can handle very heavy items. Its frame can also handle harsh challenges that could be experienced when cycling. In addition. Cyclists are guaranteed that they will not have to deal with any kind of wears and tears.

The bike is very comfortable and cyclists do not have to strain their neck and back when riding. The bike tires are durable increasing the traction between the bike and the road. The bike is also designed with a light rim. This works well as it provides cyclists with a very smooth feeling while cycling.


  • Cyclists are provided with a comfortable ride
  • Assembling this bike takes less than 15 minutes
  • It is the best option for first-time cyclists
  • The user manual is a great guide when assembling the bike


  • Serves as a great target for criminals
  • The fenders are not designed from any kind of superior metal materials making them quite weak
  • The saddle is not the best

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The Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bike from Schwinn

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The Capitol hybrid bike is manufactured with amazing features. The bike frame is designed with aluminum material and you can just tell that it comes with great features. This bike is very strong and light in weight.

Cyclists are also guaranteed that the bike will serve them for a very long time. To ensure that you are very comfortable when cycling, the bike comes with adjustable functions. This makes it easy for cyclists to modify it to a position that will serve all their cycling needs. You can also modify the handlebar and the bike seat.

The bike is integrated with a V braking system. These brakes are the best at bringing you to a safe stop whenever you want to stop.


  • The assembly process is very easy
  • The seat is well padded increasing your comfort
  • Shifting between gears is smooth and easy


  • The process of adjusting the handlebar is not easy
  • The bike saddle is not large enough

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The Libero 1.6 Women’s Bike

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The Libero 1.6 women’s bike is one of the most ideal bikes in today’s market. The bike components as well as the frame is designed from materials that are of very high quality. These materials come in quite handy as you continue to use the bike. The bike frame is handcrafted from an aluminum frame that is light in weight. The aluminum frame also makes the bike strong and durable.

The Shimano shifters are 16 speed and cyclists are guaranteed that these shifters will not break down as you cycle on the road. Another great advantage is the dual water bottle mounts that are manufactured on the bike. This gives cyclists a chance to remain hydrated as they ride around. The bike also makes use of an alloy stem that is thread-less. This means that the steering system gets smoother and you will be confident and comfortable throughout your riding experience.


  • The assembly process is really easy
  • It is affordable and very high-quality
  • The Libero is amazing as you do not have to deal with any wear or tear.


  • With this bike, you can only cycle on paved roads
  • When the bike is new, you will notice a squeaky sound from the brakes.

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The Metropole Women’s Bicycle from Gama Bikes

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This bike is designed with a traditional look; however, it is much better than that. This hybrid cruiser performs perfectly when cycling on the road and outback road surfaces. The Metropole bike provides you with a smooth ride and it moves faster than most of the bikes in the market.

This bike is designed from an aluminum alloy that is light in weight. The material enhances the fast and smooth quality of the bike. The bike also comes with Shimano’s Altus 8 Speed feature that ensures that you remain stable when shifting gears. With the Metropole bike, cyclists do not have to worry about any kind of rust. The 700c wheels are of great quality improving the bike’s momentum and ride. With this bike, you can comfortably cruise on any kind of terrain.


  • The bike is delivered having been partially assembled
  • It comes with components such as the rear rack, basket, bells, whistles, and fenders.
  • Cyclists get to enjoy a quiet ride


  • Cycling on steep terrain with this bike is not easy
  • If used regularly, you will have to professionally tune it constantly.

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The Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike from Huffy

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If you are looking for a high-quality bike of great value the Nel Lusso Bike is a great option. The bike is designed with materials of excellent quality and it performs perfectly. The bike frame is built from steel. This makes it sturdy and strong. To ensure that you benefit from a maximum level of comfort the bike comes with a nice padded spring saddle.

The bike also comes with a rear rack that cyclists can use to place important personal items. The rim has a 700 capacity. This capacity is quite large, which is great as cyclists feel like they are the masters on the road when maneuvering from one point to the next. In addition, to ensure that you remain comfortable, the bike is designed with high-end grip pedals and dual-density grips. The bike comes with all of the factors that are necessary for a lady’s bike ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout your ride.


  • The Nel Lusso bike is of high-quality
  • It is strong
  • The saddle is well padded and designed to ensure that you remain comfortable


  • The quality of the wheel is not the best

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The Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension from Kent International

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When you are searching for an ideal bike, this Pomona dual suspension model must be considered. The bike is designed with all of the great features that cyclists look for. This bike is quite strong and affordable. It is also designed to look just like a sports bike; however, it is not one.

This is a full-suspension bike, meaning that it performs well and it has a very attractive look. This bike is versatile, performing different types of purposes and that is why it is one of the best in the market. Its excellent features make the bike a preferable choice. The wheels are built with alloy rims, making them strong and durable. With these types of wheels, you can easily maneuver through tough terrain without experiencing too many challenges. The bike seat is filled with superior foam material making it very soft and comfortable.


  • The bike is light in weight
  • It is affordable
  • The bike seat is easily adjustable
  • It has a full suspension


  • No cyclists have mentioned any disadvantage when it comes to this bike.

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The Phocus Drop Bar Bike from Schwinn

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For very many years, the Schwinn manufacturing industry has been releasing amazing bikes. The Phocus Drop Bar model has a very sophisticated design. Cyclists get to enjoy a bike that is versatile and attractive. It also comes with a ton of features making it a great suit for ladies.

The frame material of this bike is built from aluminum material. The aluminum bike frame as well as the carbon fiber road fork are very unique bike components. These components make the bike light in weight and very agile. The bike frame is designed to provide you with an optimum level of comfort. Therefore, it does not matter if you are cycling for leisure or in a marathon, you are assured that you will be comfortable throughout the ride.

You can comfortably cycle on any kind of terrain using this bike. The bike is integrated with a Shimano drivetrain as well as a Microshift. This means that the bike’s brakes work well and cyclists will enjoy the braking power.


  • You can easily handle the mileage
  • For an additional amount of comfort, the bike’s head stem is easily adjustable
  • The bike comes with straps instead of pedals


  • The bike only has room for one bottle cage
  • The seat angle is not adjustable; however, the seat stem is.

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What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Lightweight Women’s Bicycle 

The Style of Your Bike  

One of the first factors that must be put into consideration is the type of bike that you would like to purchase. Some of the factors that should guide you are the road surface that you are planning to cycle on, the altitude of the area that you are biking on, the performance level of the bike, the amount of luggage that you will be carrying, and your budget.

Once you have put all these factors in mind, you will be able to select the right bike style that will suit all your cycling needs.

The Bike Components  

As soon as you have decided what kind of bike you like, another important factor that you should put into consideration is the bike components. The components of your bike differ depending on the model of the bikes. Basic bikes come with vital components such as the bike saddle, wheels, brakes, shifters, cassette, and other essential components. It is important to keep in mind that the bike components affect the total weight of the bike. When selecting your bike, you must take some time to review the bike components that are included.

The Availability of Bike Parts  

Another vital factor that must be put into consideration is the availability of bike parts. When you purchase a bike, you should think of the bike parts that you can replace and the parts that you cannot. It is not advisable to purchase a bike that has components that are not easily found in the market. Finding these components may prove to be a frustrating task and it may also stop you from cycling until you finally get the bike components that you would like.

The Price and Your Budget  

Before browsing through the different options in the market, you must set a budget. Your budget will determine the type of bike that you will purchase and the type that you cannot purchase. It is also important to stick to your budget, conduct a lot of research that will allow you to purchase a high-quality bike at an affordable price.

The Design of Your Bike  

The bike design is yet another important factor that you must think about. It is advisable to select a bike that has a design that is easy to manage. When browsing through different bike designs, consider your body type. Other factors that should be considered are the weight of the bike, the durability, and also how easy it is to manage this bike.

The Type of Bicycle that You are Going For  

As a cyclist, you should think of whether you are looking to purchase a hybrid bike or a true roadster bike. The true roadster bikes are designed to be used on paved road surfaces. These types of bikes are ideal for cycling in urban areas. Hybrid bikes are versatile, meaning you can cycle with them on paved roads and you can also cycle off-road with these kinds of bikes. There are many benefits of purchasing an affordable hybrid bike as you can cycle in your neighborhood, around the city and also embark on an intense cycling adventure with the same bike. Hybrid bikes are the best option for mountain biking.

The Size of Your Bike  

The size of the bike that you will choose depends on the height of the cyclist. A bike that is much larger than your body frame, or perhaps much smaller may compromise your performance and also lead to several injuries on your body. Much shorter women will benefit from a bike that has a shorter frame, while taller women require a bike with a longer frame.


In this review, I have listed the most ideal lightweight bikes specially designed for ladies. From this guide, you can get your hands on the best option for yourself. All of these bikes are designed with amazing features and, as a cyclist, you can be guaranteed that you will get a lot of value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

  1. What is the best bike frame for bikes that are light in weight  

The best bike frames include light aluminum material, chrome-molybdenum steel, carbon fiber, and also high tensile. These bike materials are also the most common materials used in bike manufacturing industries.

  1. What is the best gear to use for a cyclist who often cycles uphill?  

If you often bike around bumpy road surfaces or uphill, it is advisable that you select a bike that achieves a very high-speed. For this kind of cycling, you should select a bike that has a gear system ranging from 21-27. These bike gears are also ideal for cyclists who travel on road surfaces that are flat and smooth.

  1. What is the difference between lightweight bikes for men and lightweight bikes for women?  

First of all, the bike size and the geometrics of the bike frame of men’s bicycles are very different from women’s bicycle. Women’s bikes are specially designed to provide ladies with a lot of comfort and an optimum level of control perfect for ladies. The design of the bike as well as the seat is different when compared to men’s bikes.