7 best low-profile bike helmets in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Bike helmets are essential for safety while cycling outdoors. Even so, people are finding that they can marry functionality with their personal preferences, one being low-profile bike helmets.

I’m Liam, and I am part of the local cycling club. We are a community of people that love cycling, and we use that to explore places far and near. With over 30 people cycling at any given time, I wanted to find a way to stand out. Apart from the attire, my helmet was one way I (and my wife) could stand out.

We weren’t keen on the traditional mushroom-style; we wanted something modern and stylish. We looked at several helmet brands, and while they had unique designs, we wanted more.

We’ve always enjoyed watching Biker movies and series, and we like the appeal of the low-profile helmets they wore. Why not do the same? Instead of biker helmets, we got low-profile bike helmets that not only looked great but worked well for us.

Here, I share with you some brands you can consider if you want to get a low-profile bike helmet.

7 best low-profile bike helmets- Comparison table

Basecamp Bike Helmet
Giro Revel Cycling Helmet
Giro Vasona Women’s cycling helmet
POC, Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet
Small: 50-56cm

Medium: 54-59cm

Large: 56-61cm

Bell Formula Road Bike Helmet
Small: 52-56cm

Medium: 55-59cm

Large: 58-62cm

TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet
S/M: 53-57cm
Abus Hyban Urban Helmet


Basecamp Bike Helmet

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This first unisex helmet is made from a hard construction that meets US safety y. In-molding technology, the thick EPS foam core with the outer polycarbonate shell, allowing the helmet to better absorb shock in all directions. The dual fit adjustment system lets you get a snug fit on your noggin.


  • high-density PC+EPS foam
  • CPSC&CE safety standards
  • LED light with three lighting modes
  • Magnetic visor shield

You can activate the LED lights at the back of the helmet when riding in low light so that you’re visible to others on the road. Basecamp has included an extra battery too. Perhaps the best feature is the detachable visor that can work as sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV light and other elements


  • The helmet meets US helmet safety standards
  • It has an LED light that keeps you visible in low light or at night
  • The visor can act as sunglasses to protect you from things that can harm your eyes


  • It is available in one color

Verdict: there are a lot of good qualities with the helmet; the construction keeps you safe and provides adequate ventilation, along with added features such as the LED and the visor. It’s worth considering.


Giro Revel Cycling Helmet

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Giro is one of the brands that has made a name for itself when it comes to helmets. With this particular low-profile helmet, they provide a design that works for almost all your riding needs. The in-mold construction keeps you safe, and when you wear the helmet, you get a snug fit.


  • 22 vents
  • Roc Lock sport fit system
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Snap-fit visor with reinforced anchors

There is adequate ventilation with this Giro helmet, so you can make your commute, go down trails and ride on the long road and be at ease.


  • There are adequate ventilations so you can take the bike anywhere
  • The fitting system has the helmet secured on
  • The visor lets you wear sunglasses with the helmet


  • it won’t fit everyone despite being a universal fit

Verdict:Giro is a brand worth trying out. They have the basics going, and you can enjoy the safety that comes from the construction.


Giro Vasona Women’s cycling helmet

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Giro has a variety of helmet catering to women, and the Vasona is one of them. It comprises a sleek lightweight design that’s integrated with MIPS for protection in specific impacts, although it is the latest technology in head protection.


  • 22 vents
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Roc Loc Sports MIPS
  • Reflective accents

The universal fit works for women, and each one can get the perfect fit using the locking system. Even so, there is a range of colors and styles women can choose from to get what speaks to them.


  • The helmet is made to meet the demands of female riders based on the diameter
  • The universal fit that Giro provides fits 95% of the human population
  • Sturdy construction and a lock fit system that gives you a secure fit


  • There are those the helmet will not fit

Verdict: here, we have another helmet from Giro that you can consider purchasing based on the structure and safety features.


POC, Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet

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These low-profile helmets have commuting and the road in mind. They are tailored to give you all-round protection as you use them daily or even when you need to run errands. It is worth noting that the company kept in mind the daily hazards of commuting when they made the helmet.


  • Optimized-density EPS liner
  • silicone pad technology system
  • 360° size adjustment system
  • Adjustable precision straps

The helmet is lightweight and overall breathable so that you can wear it comfortably so that you can enjoy a long ride. With the adjustment system, you can fit the helmet to suit your noggin, and you can make adjustments with one hand.


  • The helmet is comfortable, and you can wear it for long commutes
  • POC ensures that the helmet can withstand anything being on the road requires
  • You can adjust the helmet to fit with one hand


  • Doesn’t fit all head sizes

Verdict: If you’re looking for a commuting helmet, then this is one you can consider purchasing. You can ride your bike in comfort, knowing the company had you in mind.


Bell Formula Road Bike Helmet

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The helmet from Bell Formula has technology that reduces rotational forces that could potentially result from specific impacts. It also has a durable reflective coating that can be impressively seen even in low light conditions and thus increasing your safety.


  • Fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell
  • Rechargeable LED light dial
  • MIPS-equipped and integrated reflectivity
  • Sweat guide

The LED light can run between two and a half and five hours, depending on the setting that you put it on. There is also a micro USB cord included when you purchase the helmet.


  • The helmet has a reflective surface
  • The LED light increases your visibility in low light
  • The sweat guide keeps moisture away from your face and eyewear


  • The LED doesn’t always work perfectly

Verdict: The Bell Formula helmet is meant for those you are keen on being visible, particularly in low light. With the reflective shell and the LED, you can cycle with an increased level of comfort.


TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

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This helmet is made from solid construction which starts with the exterior shell and then has that reinforced with a skeleton and a foam. These are all firmly connected so that you’re safe during an accident.


  • 22 massive vents
  • Matte finish
  • Two- year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sleek matt design

Multiple vents keep you cool when rides and the allocation at the back for ponytails maked for a comfy fit. The low-profile design does not get in the way.


  • The helmet comes into two sizes for teens and adults alike
  • A large number of vents keeps your head cool as you cycle
  • The sleek matte design makes for a classy looking helmet


  • Doesn’t fit all head sizes despite the range

Verdict:A lot is going for this helmet, including the design and also a large number of vents. It’s ideal for the family.


Abus Hyban Urban Helmet

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Last, but certainly not least, we have a helmet from Abus Hyban that also meets the US safety standards for a bicycle helmet. It also has the Zoom Evo easy for precise adjustment system, allowing those who wear it to have a snug fit.


  • ABS hard cover technology
  • CPSC certified standards
  • LED rear light
  • 13 inlet and five outlet vents

The LED rear light provides enough light during the day and night with 180-degree visibility. There’s also a precise adjustment system that gives your multi-directional control.


  • The helmet meets the safety requirement standards
  • There is a rear LED light that keeps you safe even during low light
  • There’s sufficient outlet to keep you cool


  • It is a one-size helmet and won’t fit everyone.

Verdict: This last helmet is also ideal for those who hope to have a helmet that meets the US standards for safety. The LED light is a bonus.


Buying guide for low-profile bike helmets

Getting the best low-profile bike helmet is not enough. Let’s look at a couple of things to consider so that you get a helmet that meets your needs.


Wearing a helmet is all about safety. That means, should you get into an accident, you want the helmet to be on your head as you hit the ground. Having an ill-fitting helmet is the difference between being safe or getting severe injuries. While you should try out the helmet before buying it, there are things you can also look at to gauge if it’s going to be a perfect fit.

Retention system: Nowadays, you’ll find most bikes have a dial-based retention system. Essentially, you turn a dial to fit the helmet snuggly on your head. The positioning varies depending on the design.

For example, a low-profile helmet will have the adjust dial system further down your head than other types. Even so, it is best to have comfortable adjustable straps that fit well under your chin for maximum protection.

Head circumference: Before you order for your helmet, you have to know what the circumference of your head is. Some brands offer a universal fit, while others have two or three different helmets to accommodate the various sizes.

How you find out the size to go for is through taking a measuring tape and wrap it around your head to the starting point. You want to place the tape above your eyebrows because that tends to be the largest part of the head. Use that to place an order for the helmet.

Helmet weight: Ultimately, you don’t want to cycle around feeling like you have a brick on your head. That’s why it’s advisable to get a lighter helmet. It’s going to keep you comfortable, particularly during long rides. Having a heavy helmet does have its consequences, such as causing tension on your neck and shoulders.


In the market, most helmets are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. It serves as the skeleton on which the harder outer later gets put on. The top part tends to be hard polycarbonate, but, in some cases, you’ll find it made form carbon fiber.

This dual-layer gives the helmet strength and protects you from any bumps and scraps encountered. What’s more, during an accident, you’ll have less severe injuries to your head.


These days, finding a helmet with aerodynamic features is the norm. It is thus not about choosing between one that is or isn’t, it is how aerodynamic you’d like your helmet to be. Competitive cyclists do have a concern when it comes to this aspect.

It is about having a helmet that provides watt-saving based on how much energy gets retained. On average, though, the aerodynamic nature of the helmet depends on what it’s for. Helmets available include leisure or commuter bike helmets, performance road bike helmets, time trial bike helmets, and aero road bike helmets.


Traditionally, helmets were one singular construction that, once you’re feeling hot or out in the sun, you sweat profusely. When the helmet is off, you’re drenched in sweat. Well, thanks to the evolution of the helmet, that is no longer a factor to worry about. That’s where ventilation comes in.

On helmets nowadays, there is a system of well-designed vents that help draw air over the head within the internal structure. It helps to dispel the heat and let the cooler air from one’s environment come in.

It’s worth noting that the vents aren’t merely cut-outs of the larger construction. They require external reinforcement; that way, they meet both durability and safety standards.

Pro tip: Ensure that the helmet you purchase has a detachable liner if you want to use the helmet all year round. The vents are welcomed when it’s hot, but when it’s chilly, it’s vital to keep your noggin warm. Alternatively, get a cycling cap underneath to help with the cold air.


There isn’t a universal standard on how to make helmets;for example, the EU and the US have their one rule. The former is the EU 1078 European standard; you’ll find that the tag in your helmet will have a CE mark on it. The latter is the CPSC Certification that gets used in the US.

Plenty of countries produce helmets, not only in these two areas, and that includes China. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that even imported helmets have a standard if you want optimum safety. However, that is not to say that the EU and US standards are the total defining factor of whether or not you’ll buy a helmet.

It’s not only the standard that you need to look at. Brands also work to have additional safety features on the helmets they produce. One such example is the MIPS, which is a rotational liner, which is meant to offer added protection from brain injury.

They do so by decreasing the rotational force, or in some cases, absorb the shock that the outer and inner construction would be subjected to while these might be impressive, independent testing is not the norm.

What’s more, you’ll find that these additional safety features fetch a higher price. They are great to have, but not at the expense of your budget.

Wrap up

Getting the best low-profile bike helmet has a lot to do with balance. It is not merely going for a product that mentions a low-profile. It is about getting a helmet has the basic when it comes to construction, ventilation, comfort, and safety. From there, you can make a sound decision about what works best for you.


When should I replace my helmet?

There are two instances when you ought to replace your helmet. The first is after a crash. Even though the damage is not visible, the construction has been compromised. Therefore, you must get a new one after an accident. The other is after you’ve had your helmet for about three to four years. Though the helmet could be excellent, you may be trading off new and improve safety technology by keeping it.

How do I care for my helmet?

Do not use chemical solvents to clean the helmet. A soft cloth, mild soap and water are what most manufacturers recommend. You can wash the removable pads. Keep the helmet in a cool, dry place; exposure to heat will damage the helmet. Also, it is best not to share helmets as our heads are shaped differently.