8 best merino cycling jersey in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Cycling can get you quite hot, especially during a summer day. That’s why it’s essential to have attire that can keep you cool, and I think a merino cycling jersey might be what you need.

Hi, I’m Josh, and Iam a cycling enthusiast. It takes a couple of hours to complete a nearby rail and most of the time the sun is beating down on me. The expected result is feeling uncomfortably hot and getting drenched in sweat.Half of my drinking water went to my face to keep me cool. Let’s not mention the odor- I couldn’t make a pitstop because of how smelly I was.

After watching the Tour, I noticed that the professional cyclistsseemed cool for the most part. Upon investigation, I came to learn that some wear merino cycling jerseys that keep them cool throughout this excruciating competition.

Merino is thinner and softer than regular wool. It is also breathable, moisture-wicking and odor resistant, so you can wear it for an extended period without having to worry.

After learning that, I got a few merino jerseys. Let’s just say it was a game changer. My wife no longer shoos me into the shower and kids don’t make skunk jokes when I walk in. If you’ve been like me, then check out these eight merino cycling jerseys.

8 best merino cycling jersey- comparison table

Men’s cycle KoM jersey
65% merino: 35% polyester
Women’s Cycle jersey
65% merino: 35% carbon
Kalf Terra Jersey
50% merino: 50% polyester
Dhb merino short sleeve jersey
35% merino: 40% polyamide: 25% polypropylene
Morvelo Cutter Merino
40 % merino: 60 % polyester
Lusso merino long sleeve
65% merino: 35% polyester
Torm New TL7 Jersey
39% merino: 61% polyester


Men’s cycle KoM jersey

Men’s cycle KoM jersey

This first jersey is characterized as being highly breathable and wind-resistant. The fabric itself is made from a blend of merino and carbon. It is also super lightweight, which also emphasizes high performance.


  • Woolmark certified wool-rich blend
  • Merino + carbon
  • Optimal temperature range of 120C- 400C
  • UPF 50 sun resistant

What also stands out is the reflective polka dots on the chest and arear stripe print that makes you identifiable. The helm binding is also reflective and has a silicone gripper. Lastly, you have three rear stuff pockets and an Alcantara zip guard.


  • The merino and carbon combination offer a lightweight jersey
  • The fabric is highly breathable and wind-resistant
  • The jersey has UPF sun resistance
  • There are pockets and reflective aspects to the clothing


  • It is made from 65 percent merino and 35 percent polyester

Verdict: Ashmei does use enhanced technology to make the ideal cycling jersey. It being reflective is a bonus should the dark catch up with you.

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Women’s Cycle jersey

Women’s Cycle jersey

This next one is also from Ashmei, and it is called the Croix de Fer jersey. It is also described as being highly breathable and wind-resistant. An impressive fact is it’s featured on the Tour 19 times since 1947.


  • Woolmark certified Wool Rich Blend
  • Natural anti-smell
  • Optimal temperature range of 80C-300C
  • Temperature regulating fabric

This women’s jersey has a reflective chest, along with a rear stripe print. The helm is reflective and has a silicone gripper. There are three back stuff pockets with a pump pocket too. The zipper does have the Alcantara zip guard.


  • It has a UPF sun protection
  • It is a super lightweight and high performing jersey
  • Tailored with interchangeable alpine conditions in mind
  • The jersey proves to be a favorite among the Tour cyclists


  • It is not 100 percent merino

Verdict: If you want to dress as the professional cyclists do, then this is one jersey you can consider purchasing for its merits.

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Kalf Terra Jersey

Kalf Terra Jersey

The fabric on this jersey is MAPP merino wool from New Zealand and known for comfort in all weathers. The Kalf Terra offers a secure fit, thanks to the silicone grip elasticated waistband.


  • Quick-drying and fast wicking
  • Subtle reflective detail across the back
  • Internal mesh pocket bag
  • 3D external pockets

The anti-microbial properties on the material make it naturally odor-resistant. The company recommends that for a more relaxed fit (instead of a snug one), you choose a size up. The reflective detail in the back does add security, particularly in low light conditions.


  • The jersey is made with a secure fit in mind
  • It has reflective detail for added safety
  • Has four pockets, one being in the rear
  • The jersey is odor-resistant


  • Made from 50 percent merino and 50 percent polyester

Verdict: Perhaps the most appealing feature of this jersey is the odor-resistant feature, along with the pockets where you can place your belongings.

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Dhb merino short sleeve jersey

Dhb merino short sleeve jersey

This jersey is built for all-day riding since it’s both lightweight and comfortable. It is a combination of merino wool and other modern fabric technologies to enhance your riding experience.


  • Natural anti-bacterial and odor-resistant
  • Fast-wicking
  • Laser-cut arm grippers
  • YKK full-length zipper

The merino wool from dhb is sustainably sourced. Other features on the jersey include three vertical pockets and a fourth pocket with a zipper. The reflective detail on the rear is there for added safety. The company states the clothing is ideal for autumn, spring, and winter riding.


  • Combines merino and technology fabric to make an ideal cycling jersey
  • The merino wool is sustainably sourced
  • There is a full-length zipper to help further regulate how hot or cold you feel
  • There are pockets to store your items


  • It is made from only 35 percent merino wool; the rest is polyamide (40%) and polypropylene (25%)

Verdict: This dhb jersey doesn’t have 100 percent merino, but it is the polypropylene layer that adds to the hydrophobic nature merinohas.

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Morvelo Cutter Merino Long Sleeve Jersey


Here we have a Merino wool and polyester blend fabric that provides you with complete comfort when cycling. The merino keeps you warm or cool, while the polyester adds to the strength and durability.


  • Merino and polyester from Italy
  • Full-length zipper and zipper guard
  • Contoured color
  • Four pockets

If you want to carry something with you, there are three angled deep rear pockets and a fourth hidden zipped pocket in the side seam. The pockets are double-stitched for extra strength. The full-length zipper makes it easy to wear and also adds air follow to the body.


  • The jersey is ideal for chilly weather too
  • The pockets are deep enough to keep your things secure
  • It has a front zipper, appealing to those who prefer this style
  • You’re assured durability thanks to the material used


  • It is made from 60 percent polyester and 40 percent merino

Verdict: Here, we have another jersey that keeps in mind your cycling needs. It’s also keen on ensuring that the wearer has adequate pockets to keep the items they need for the road or trail.

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Lusso merino long sleeve

best merino cycling jersey

This brand offers you a close-fitting garment that can still retain breathability, so you don’t overheat during challenging rides. The jersey also retains its shape; it won’t sag.


  • Merino and polyester mix fabric
  • Odor-resistant
  • High- wick ability
  • Four rear pockets

Of the four back pockets, one is zipped so you can store your items. The full-front zipper makes it easy to wear, and you can pull down when you need to take a breather. There’s the reflective element as the rear, so you’re safe. You can wear them for temperatures from 6-16 degrees.


  • It is fitting, and it will not sag
  • Odor-resistant so you remain fresh after a long cycle
  • You have four pockets where you can place your items
  • Ideal for chilly temperatures


  • It is made from 35 percent merino and 65 percent polyester

Verdict: If you’re looking for a jersey that’s best for cold weather, then you can opt for this brand. You can also wear it during warmer weather.

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TormNew TL7 Jersey

Torm New TL7 Jersey

Last, though not least, we have a women’s merino SportWool jersey with aero sleeves. The fabric is light, soft, and breathable jersey. That means it works for spring, summer, and autumn.


  • Five rear pockets with two zipped pockets
  • Reflective tabs on the rear
  • Fine Japanese YKK zips
  • Siliconized elastic on the hem

The jersey is quite light, so you can wear it comfortably. There’s a dropped tail, so your back is protected when you lean forward on your bike. With the reflective tabs on the rear, you have added protection in low lighting.


  • There are adequate pockets to keep your belongings
  • The jersey is light, soft and quite breathable
  • It is suitable for almost all seasons
  • The reflective tabs keep you safe on the road


  • Made from Merino wool 39 percent and polyester 61 percent

Verdict: Here, we have an around the year jersey that you can wear. The fabric is fantastic and a good companion.

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Buying guide

Some thought is required when going to purchase a cycling jersey. We’ll first explore why merino is the go-to material and then look into other factors to consider about a cycling jersey.

Reasons merino is best for cycling jerseys

Breathable: One thing you’ll notice about merino jerseys is you won’t have large sweat patches as you would other materials. The reason for that is that this kind of wool absorbs large quantities of moisture, and after that, causes it to evaporate. The fabric can absorb and then dispel twice as much moisture as a cotton jersey. Polyester is much worse; merino can soak up more than thirty times in comparison.

Thermal-regulating: Since it comes from sheep, merino is both a natural and active fiber. Once place next to the skin, it works to buffer the humidity and temperature levels that one would otherwise fill with other fabrics. That means when it’s hot, you’ll feel cool and during cold weather, you’re kept warm. This aspect is excellent for those cycling in varying temperatures; if you start early morning, the jersey will keep you comfortably warm, and when the sun is at its highest, you won’t be feeling as hot.

Odor-resistant:Since your sweat is not resting on your body for long periods, you’re going to have less smelly and also cleaner at the end of your cycling trip.

Water repellant: Same way merino dispels sweat coming from your skin, it does the same for rain. It shares the same characteristics as sheep- you’ve never seen sheep’s wool drenched in water after getting rained on. The same goes for merino fabric; it repels water, and you’ll be dry in no time if you’re caught in a short downpour.

What to look for in a cycling jersey


Since we’re talking about merino, it’s evident the type of fabric you go for matters. You’ll find that a lot of jerseys are made from synthetic material with breathability, moisture-wicking, and comfort in mind. There are alternatives you can go for, but none as convenient as merino.

Most of the merino jerseys are, however, combined with other materials like polyester. A cotton one could work, but the issue is that once it becomes soggy, you’ll feel colder, especially when the weather changes and becomes cooler. Also, if you’re sure it will be a hot day, you can opt for a mesh material for added ventilation, but even that isn’t perfect; you have to think about UV protection.


If you’re doing a leisurely ride, then fit might not be a significant factor for you. However, if you are, you’ll notice that cyclists tend to have a tight fit when it comes to their jerseys. The purpose for it is it helps in one’s aerodynamic performance while on the bike.

Even so, if you’re worried about the fit, you can get something that works for your body type; the point is to enjoy cycling, not to win a global marathon. However, before you reach for the loosest fit you can find, remember that you rip more benefits when the fabric is closest to your skin, particularly with merino.


There’s the option of short and full sleeves when it comes to cycling jerseys. Let’s look at what applies where best. Naturally, the short sleeve is best for summer weather where you need to keep as cool as possible. Even so, you can wear them during winter as a base or mid-layer item of clothing, depending on how chilly it is.

Long sleeves are best left for the winter, but you don’t wear them alone. You’ll find people wearing a short-sleeved jersey on top for added warmth. Ensure the long sleeves have cuffs to prevent cold air from getting in. Alternatively, you can opt for raglan style sleeves that provide added movement for your hands.

Drop tail

You’ll notice that cycling jerseys tend to have a longer tail that still covers your back when you’re crouched over the saddle. You don’t want your back exposed as you’re leaning forward on the bikewhich is mostly during a climb or rest mode. The front is shorter, so it doesn’t gather at the front on the bike and cause discomfort.


If you’re not keen on having a backpack or a fanny pack, then you want to consider purchasing a jersey that has pockets. They tend to be tight and elastic, with your items stretching the space. An outfit with two to four pockets is adequate for some odds and ends, snacks included. One particular pocket that’s a hit is rear pockets, since they keep things out of the way so you can lean forward on your bike comfortably.


A lot of cycling jerseys tend to have zippers at the front, though getting one is a personal choice. They can either run a quarter way, halfway or down the front. These allow you to get added ventilation, particularly if you’re hot or doing a steep climb. Ensure that you get a zipper with a rubber tag so that it doesn’t chafe your skin as you’re riding.

Wrap up

Getting the right jersey for you is vital to your cycling experience. More so, you want to get a merino cycling jersey for a couple of reasons. They are breathability, thermal regulation and odor, and water resistance. You’ll keep cool when it’s hot, and vice versa during chilly weather. They come in a variety of styles and handy features, so it’s a matter of finding what works best for you.


What makes merino waterproof?

Merino is not waterproof, but rather, water-resistant. What it does best is that it wicks liquid perspiration (sweat) from the body and evaporates from the merino, giving the wearer a cooling effect.

Can merino protect you from UV light?

There is no substantial evidence that points to merino being UV resistant. However, the nature of the fabric can keep your skin protected from the sun, as would a lot of other clothing items. You may want to avoid mesh jerseys or ensure that you have adequate sunscreen before you head out.

Is merino environmentally friendly?

Data shows that 60 percent of synthetic material washed off into the ocean are microfibers from clothing. That is not the case with merino. It is biodegradable and won’t produce plastic microfibers when washed. Additionally, merino is renewable and sustainable as well, causing little impact to the environment.