7 Best Mini Exercise Bikes in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

If your lifestyle has been slowed down by the recent pandemic, you may be wondering which indoor activities you can do to keep your body active. Look no further than the Mini Exercise Bike. 

Hi, my name is Tamara and I am a 911 respondent. As you can imagine, my day involves long hours seated at a desk waiting on the phone to ring. Since I started this job about 5 years ago, I have gained considerable weight and my health has suffered greatly.

Given that I am not as young as I used to be, I don’t feel confident enough to enroll in a gym or any membership class for that matter. My world changed barely 2 years ago when I came across an article on the Cosmopolitan about indoor mini bikes.

Unlike you, I had never before heard of such a neat technology and I rushed to get myself the Magne Trainer Mini Bike. After a few checks with my employer, I was allowed to have it sit under my work desk. I’m happy to report that since then, my life and thighs have never been the same again.

This is why I put together a list of the bikes I have come in contact with over the years. Some owned by friends, colleagues, and others I experimented on while on different health retreats.

I hope you will find your own special mini bike like mine.

The Best Mini Exercise Bikes – Comparison Table

Bike Type
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8 levels in intensity

LCD display

Elliptical pedal motion

Pedal straps

Strong steel frame

Electric Monitor

Magnetic resistance

Strapped pedals

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8 calibrated resistance levels

LCD display screen

Velcro Straps on pedals

Fitbit Sync

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Wonder Maxi Under Desk
Fits perfectly under desks

Stable and steady

LCD display

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Upper and lower leg workout

Textured padding

LCD display

Vive Pedal Exercise Bik
Anti-slip pedals

Multi-function display

Improves concentration

Triple-layered Steel

Anti-skid surface

Physical Therapy

Sunny Fitness Magnetic Bike

[amazon box=”B00QIM5CMA” template=”horizontal” ]

Being a couch potato has never been more engaging with this magnetic mini exercise bike from Sunny Health and Fitness brand. Whether you are catching up on your favorite series or you want to relax outside with a glass of wine but still stay active, this is the bike for you.

Portable and easy to carry around, this mini bike features a sturdy handle that you can use to tow it around as you shift chill spots. It takes up little space and it is very affordable making it ideal for young spinsters or bachelors.

Fitted with straps on the pedals, they fasten around your foot helping to keep your foot securely on the pedal. The motion on the pedals is more elliptical which means there is even less pressure exerted on your knees.

With eight levels of tension easily adjustable by a side knob, there is not a moment of boredom with this exercise bike. As you get used to its performance you can continually increase the level of difficulty to give yourself some extra challenge.

What we love about this bike is the LCD screen that promptly displays your record in terms of distance covered, time spent, average speed, and the number of calories burnt. If you get tired of working your legs, you could prop up the device on a table to work out your arms. It’s multi-functional.


  • Machine exercises both hands and legs
  • Pedal straps fitted for extra comfort and effective workout
  • Light in weight making it easy to port around at only 220 pounds
  • LCD screen displays personal records for goal tracking
  • Handle fitted for easy transportation


Pedal stroke may be too high which requires an open space or higher table limit

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Magne Trainer Mini Bike

[amazon box=”B000V53KD8″ template=”horizontal” ]

The compact design was the aim of this design at production. It’s sleek and sophisticated look is fit for the office and any high-profile setting. It is made of steel and is very stable against different weights and foot sizes.

The Velcro straps around the pedals fit snuggly around a foot or hand and can go either backward or forward to add to its functionality. Magne trainer has a wide range of magnetic resistant levels that make working out on it exciting and challenging.

It does come with an LCD display that needs to be powered up by the use of two AA batteries which luckily, are provided for with the machine. Careful to get too excited on the bike because of its narrow base which might seem to be getting quite shaky at high cycling movements. This is however very unlikely because of the 15-inch long flywheels fitted on its base.

If you are in the market for a quiet office machine to keep you on your feet and in great shape and mood, look no further than the Magne Mini Bike. Whether at home or in the office, this machine will help you tone up your hands and feet all together.


  • Made of high-quality material like steel
  • Light to port around with only 230 pounds
  • You can pedal backward and forwards which provides a balanced workout
  • It has varied resistance levels that can easily be adjusted by use of a knob
  • Work out both arms and legs
  • LCD shows a number of calories burned and comes with batteries


Best for use in senior nursing homes or as part of a hospital facility.

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Under Desk Cycle Bike

[amazon box=”B07BDRFMZK” template=”horizontal” ]

This machine works for desks with as low a height as 27 inches and your knees will still not touch the table. It is ideal for any formal setting like an office because its magnetic resistance mechanism makes almost no noise in operation.

One great aspect of the Under-Desk bike is the ability to adjust its height between 9 and 10 inches to give ample room for those with longer limbs. The wide front-legged design is built for sturdiness and the bike has eight levels of resistance to choose from.

The LCD screen displays six records of your time, rotations per minute, distance, speed, calories burned, and a scan. The pedals are fitted with Velcro straps for secure fitting. While working out on this bike, you will get to stretch your hamstrings and hopefully create some tone in your thighs.

If you like to use your Fitbit gear for a second opinion on your tracking record, this machine will sync with your device. You may work use this machine to get an arm workout as well.


  • Easily portable with a lightweight at 220 pounds
  • Great use in physical therapy
  • 8 adjustable resistance levels
  • In-built app to synchronize with Fitbit device
  • Quiet running in operation suitable for a work environment


Not great for arm exercises

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Wonder Maxi Under Desk

[amazon box=”B07TS2LLWR” template=”horizontal” ]

As the name suggests, this equipment fits wonderfully under your work desk and allows you to keep pedaling throughout your busy morning keeping you fit and mind sharp at the same time.

With the noiseless operation that it provides, you can spend your hours burning through some thigh fat and working some tone into them. The LCD screen will inform you of your revolutions per minute, speed, time, calories burned and distance covered.

Though a nice addition and supplement to the daily gym training, this bike cannot give you the same results you get at the gym. However, it will help keep your muscles toned, strong and your joints flexible and well-greased.


  • Both for arm and leg workout
  • Under the desk perfect fit
  • Easy setup and portability


  • Workout too easy

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Stamina Smooth Exercise Bike

[amazon box=”B01N9BCUIJ” template=”horizontal” ]

Recognized most for its stable and smooth operation capacity with a stable and solid base. This unit gives you a great workout without wobbling around. With this bike, you will exercise both the upper and lower leg muscles making it a great choice for a full leg workout.

The tension dials are easy to adjust and have varying resistance which makes ideal for hands and arm toning. Textured pedals help keep your limbs in place while in use of it. With a missing ergonomic design, the parts of this bike are closely fit together making it a bit frustrating to get used to or to exercise on for long periods.

While the workout it provides is quite decent for a non-gym day, it is better suited for muscle strengthening and joint flexibility more than a real workout. It also has an LCD display that gives you relevant information based on your training sessions.


  • Simple and light design
  • Smooth operating machine
  • Usable for arm and leg toning


  • Not ergonomically designed

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Vive Pedal Exercise Bike

[amazon box=”B00W46YILA” template=”horizontal” ]

If you love to work out and sweat it out at the gym, you might want to skip this bike choice. While it has a sturdy and stable base that will allow you to work out on it for long hours, the impact it creates is too minimal to give an active person like you the necessary adrenaline rush.

However, if you have an older friend or family whom you would like to get a bit more exercise in their life, this is the right bike for them. Setting up the equipment is easy given the instructions are followed.

It runs smoothly with no noise emission making it perfect for all areas and its height at 12.5 inches long gives ample room for a workout under most raised tabletops. The pedals on this bike have anti-slip properties but they are not a wide-fit type so you might want to check that before you purchase it.

Vive Pedal Exerciser has several levels of adjustable resistance on it and an LCD display that shows RPM, speed, distance, and calories burned. On this bike, you may also work out your arms and as an added benefit, your concentration may be improved.


  • Made of high-grade material
  • It is easy to set up
  • Usable under a desk
  • Compact design takes up less space
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Great for muscle toning and brain concentration
  • Customizable resistance levels


Vaunn Medical Basic Bike

[amazon box=”B06Y64B46X” template=”horizontal” ]

Made of triple-layered chrome-plated heavy-duty steel this equipment is highly durable and rust-resistant. Unlike anything else in the market, this masterpiece stands at 13 inches which makes it a tad bit too high for under table use.

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about set up because it comes fully assembled and ready for use. That makes it the perfect gift to ship home to your parents who desperately need to get some movement going in their later years.

Even for an active individual, this bike will provide the perfect segue when you are in between workouts or you are on your rest day but you want to keep your energy up. There are adjustable tension knobs that will enable you to challenge yourself every time.

It is fitted with an anti-skid surface to keep your feet on the pedals and you can work out your arms too.


  • Affordable
  • Both for arms and legs
  • Anti-skid surfaces
  • Great for recovery
  • Resistant to rust and long-lasting equipment
  • Ready assembled
  • Adjustable tension knobs


What to consider when buying Best Mini Exercise Bike

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while you go out shopping for your portable indoor exercise peddler.


Assess your living space and identify a suitable area enough for your new equipment. While mini bikes require less room than stationary or outdoor bikes, their base will still need enough room plus the pedals that stick out as well should be given enough storage room.

The best thing about these bikes is that you can store them under table tops which is ideal for keeping them out of harm’s way.


This aspect makes your bike effective and helps give you value for your money. The more resistance in your bike, the more intense your workout will be and the more calories you will burn.

There are two types of resistance to choose from in terms of mini bikes. The first is the magnetic resistance which requires the bike to be plugged into a power source which will automatically adjust the resistance as you pedal. These motors run quietly and are preferred for most environments. However, they do have the disadvantage of requiring electricity to run.

The other resistance available is the direct contact friction that regulates resistance based on the force of direct impact. This type wears out the pads and you will have to replace them regularly. It is also running on a motor but it is noisy in operation because the disk has to be touched.

Height of the Bike 

As we have seen, some bikes are high-level to a point that they hinder under desk activities. This is not good especially for a mini exercise bike because you want to get the most out of it always.

That is why taking measurements of your tabletop before you set out to purchase one is crucial. Failure to do so and you might have to buy a new table to accommodate the equipment.


Consider carefully the type and design of pedals you are settling for in your bike. The best pedals have anti-grip material fitted in them and the best of them have added a Velcro strap to secure around most hands and feet.

Having your feet securely on the pedals helps you do more and get more out of your workout.


Comfort while using the equipment is key to enjoying your workout and to achieving your health goals. Bikes should have been designed in a realistic way with the user’s comfort in mind. Small details like the angle at which the pedals are placed make a huge difference to the use of the machine.

To ensure that your bike will not have wiggle issues, check for a large and well-cushioned base that is antiskid and holds firm to the ground. You should be able to enjoy long hours on your machine without strain.


There are a variety of bikes available in the market and at different prices. Based on your needs and resources at the time, shopping around will help you find the best bargain that’s pocket-friendly.

Digital Display

As seen above, most bikes have been fitted with LCD technology to help you keep track of your health and training progress. If this is important to you, you could choose from the suggestions in this list.


Based on our selection, our best recommendation would be the Magne Trainer Mini Bike because it is both affordable and highly effective in its design and builds. Also, because you can have backward and forward cycling motions makes it a more versatile choice compared to the rest.


Will I get Big Muscles Working out on the Mini Exercise Bike?

No, working out on the mini exercise bike helps strengthen and tone your muscles while flexing and greasing your joints by increasing blood circulation. To get big muscles you would have to work out in the gym and watch a strict diet.

Do all Mini Bikes Require Electricity to work?

No, the only mini bikes that require electricity are the magnetically mechanized type of equipment. Other bikes are not powered by electricity and work against your resistance.

How many Calories can I burn on the Mini Exercise Bike?

You can burn anywhere between 210 and 400 calories depending on how intense your workout is and how much you weigh. If you weigh more, you burn more calories because you use more effort to move.


Magne Trainer Mini Bike may be out top choice but that’s only because it was my first love and I still appreciate it to this day. However, you can tell that there are tons of other cool equipment to choose from. Using the few highlights pointed out here, you will find the best mini exercise bike for you.