7 Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Clipless shoes are the most ideal shoes that cyclists should spot. Several cyclists, however, do not invest in these kinds of shoes even though they are guaranteed to give you a chance to cycle even more effectively. Today’s market is filled with several non-cycling shoes that are the best option for all kinds of cyclists.

I cycle almost five days a week. The exercise ensures that I maintain a fit and toned physique and it also helps to clear my mind, especially after a long exhausting day at work. There are a number of other cycling enthusiasts and professionals who will rave about all the great benefits of cycling shoes, but the truth is even with all this information, I hardly go on a biking adventure with my cycling shoes.

It is not practical for me to have cycling shoes because of the different stops at crossings and traffic lights. For years now, I have conducted a lot of research on the best shoes that do not clip on, have a good grip, and are affordable. All of the shoes that I have tried to make my ride so much better even during the winter season. In this review, I have listed the most ideal non-cycling shoes as well as the features they should bear to ensure that you enjoy your cycling experience.

Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling – Comparison Table

Sole Material 
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The CrossFit Nano 8.0 Sneaker from Reebok
Synthetic sole
The Leader 2 Bike Slip on from Rockport
Rubber sole
The Performance Mundial Goal Shoes from Adidas
Synthetic sole
The Montagna Shoe from Tommaso
Fiberglass Reinforced sole
The SH-MT3 Shoe from Shimano
Flat insole with man-made leather material
The Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes from Reebok
Rubber sole
The Industries 415 Workboot from Chrome
Rubber sole

Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling – a comparison overview

The CrossFit Nano 8.0 Sneaker from Reebok

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For cyclists who are in search of an outstanding pair of non-cycling shoes for all their gym activities, this shoe from Reebok is the most ideal choice. It has an amazing design and the make is so strong allowing you to use it for an extended period.

This model is designed with an excellent flex wear upper that adds a lot of flexibility and strength to the shoe. These features ensure that your shoe will maintain a lot of toughness and stability in the long term.

The foundation of this shoe is also so strong and very comfortable. The toe box is wide enough ensuring that your toes fit perfectly ensuring that your movements are very powerful.

The sole is 100% man-made ensuring that your foot remains secure with a drop outsole that is very minimal. This allows your feet to feel so comfortable as you walk, cycle, and even play.

The shoe’s design is low-cut with a mesh that is breathable ensuring that you remain comfortable. Users also get the chance to choose from a number of colors.


  • The shoe provides you with an amazing grip
  • The shoe is strong and stable, perfect for intense cycling activities
  • The shoe is designed with an amazing forefoot flex ensuring that you are flexible.
  • The toe box is very wide ensuring that your feet remain comfortable
  • The shoe comes in many different colors and sizes


  • The shoelaces of this shoe are very small

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The Leader 2 Bike Slip-on from Rockport

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This model is available in four different color options and users get to select the option they prefer. The black leather option is the most desirable as it looks stylish and very professional.

This shoe is manufactured with reinforced nylon and this design ensured that users can benefit from great comfort, a shoe that is very durable and also performs perfectly. This kind of shoe is also ideal providing you with great traction as you continue to cycle.

On top of the shoe, you are provided with great quality and comfort because of its soft and authentic leather material. Because of these great features, you are assured of a very comfortable shoe that is not only smooth and lavish but also very comfortable.

The shoe is also designed with a moist-absorbing fabric as well as an anti-microbes lining. This allows your feet to enjoy the flow of air into and out of the shoe. The model has a slip-on design when wearing as well as a stylish lace-up.


  • The insoles are ultra-soft, perfect for fitting.
  • The shoe is very flexible and quite comfortable
  • This shoe is designed with 100% black leather material
  • Cyclists get to enjoy many amazing features and great qualities


  • Several users have mentioned that they do not find this shoe durable.

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The Performance Mundial Goal Shoes from Adidas

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This model is designed with very high-quality and strong construction. There are a number of men who have raved about the great man-made design.

This shoe comes with a gum rubber outsole that is perfect to provide you with a lot of control and grip. The shoe also performs well on all indoor surfaces. The heel is no-chafe giving you an optimum level of traction on the bottom side of the shoe.

The top side of this shoe is designed with a great die-cut insole providing your feet with a very comfortable feeling while you wear the shoe. There is no kind of heavy feel and you are assured of great comfort.

This shoe also has a classy design. Users are assured that they will enjoy this durable shoe for a long time. This classic shoe is of great value and the design is amazing.


  • The design of the shoe is black and white
  • The price of the shoe is very reasonable
  • This shoe is very comfortable and of very high quality
  • The fit is very stylish and proper
  • Users are assured of great quality and comfort
  • It is the most ideal shoe for indoor pitches


  • This shoe cannot be used for casual activities

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The Montagna Shoe from Tommaso

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This amazing model from Montagna is designed with reinforced base 2-bolt SPD cleats as well as a very strong fiberglass sole. Users are assured that they will be provided with a very high-power transfer as well as an optimum level of stiffness. The technology of the shoe is quite advanced providing users with a great chance to ride their bikes faster and for a longer time without using a lot of energy.

The insole is made of very strong man-made leather and this provides you with comfort. It also ensures that your feet maintain a sweat-free feeling allowing air to freely move into and out of your shoe. The brand provides users with a quality guarantee of 2 years, a fit assurance policy of 100% as well as a cash-back return policy.

The shoe also comes with a hook and lock strap that has a very low profile. It is attached to ensure an ergonomic fit. The mesh is also very breathable giving you the chance to maintain a cool feeling even as you ride your bike.


  • This shoe is very comfortable and very easy to wear.
  • Users are provided with 2-bolt cleats that allow them to attach them to their shoes safely
  • The mesh is breathable and acts as a great ventilator
  • The shoe is made with reinforced nylon material ensuring that the shoe is durable


  • The bottom screw is very fragile

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The SH-MT3 Shoe from Shimano

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This model from the Shimano industry is the best for casual mountain cycling activities as well as trekking on off-road paths. The shoe has a very elegant lace-up style that is so easy to remove and tie up. The basic design of the shoe provides users with comfort when walking and cycling, meaning that you are assured that you will perform perfectly.

This shoe has a one-piece build providing you with a very safe fit. The build of this shoe is quite strong and you are provided with a light feeling when pedaling. The insole of this shoe is quite light and the leather fabric is manmade. The mesh is breathable providing you with an aerated feeling as you cycle and walk.

Users will benefit from a stable, stronger, and lighter feeling while putting on this shoe. This shoe is very strong and the design is one of a kind.


  • The shoelaces of the shoe are big
  • The shoe is very comfortable
  • It is the most ideal non-cycling shoe for activities such as trekking.
  • The mesh is breathable adding to the comfort of the shoe
  • The soles are slip-free protecting you from the dangers of any kind of accident.


  • A number of users have complained about the price of the shoe.

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The Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes from Reebok

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The Nano 9 shoe is a great option for gym training as well as indoor cycling. This shoe comes in several different colors. Some are plain colors while others are mixed and users get the chance to select their most preferred option.

This sole is made of rubber material and you are assured of a lot of durability and versatility. The toe box is very wide ensuring that even those with wide feet will be able to comfortably fit into this shoe. This feature is great as you are assured that you will have a lot of room and the heat will not accumulate. The transfer of power is also enhanced. In addition, there is a version of this model for men. The sizes are much higher and the features are designed to be more suitable for the male gender.


  • The shoe comes in many different colors allowing you to select your most preferable option.
  • The toe box is quite wide giving you a lot of room and comfort. This is a great feature, especially for individuals who have very wide feet.
  • You are assured of a very high quality shoe that is very durable and has a great design
  • The shoe is versatile, a perfect fit for indoor cycling activities and gym activities
  • The rubber sole improves the durability of the shoe.


  • This model cannot be used by men without readjusting the size of the shoe.

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The Industries 415 Workboot from Chrome

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This shoe is excellent for activities such as cycling, working out, and skating. The design is very casual and it is resistant to factors such as wear and tear. The shoe’s material makes it hard for water to seep into the shoe, and this ensures that your socks as well as your feet maintain a dry feeling. It is also one of the best options for winter because your feet will remain very warm inside the shoe.

This shoe is designed with steel lace aglets. These aglets ensure that your laces last for a very long time. The shoe has a raised boot design that ensures that your heels are safeguarded as you pedal. The shoe’s interior is made of very soft leather material keeping your feet very comfortable and warm. The sole is also made of anti-skid rubber material, that keeps you safe from sliding or falling off the pedals. This is especially if you are cycling on a rough path.


  • The sole is made of rubber material giving it an anti-skid feature allowing your feet to maintain their position on the pedal no matter the amount of pressure that you will receive or the rough terrain.
  • The shoe is waterproof, making it ideal for wet seasons
  • It is an ideal pair for activities such as cycling, walking, and hiking
  • To improve the durability of the shoe, the shoe is designed with steel lace aglets.
  • The sole is made of an anti-skid rubber material ensuring that you maintain your position on the pedal.


  • The shoes are not designed with any arch support
  • After some time, the shoes do not become waterproof especially when it has rained heavily and there is a lot of water flowing.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

The Quality and The Features 

A shoe that has great features such as a strap, a nylon design that has been reinforced, a breathable mesh material, and is stable and flexible is the most ideal choice that you should select.

These features ensure that your feet remain aerated and very comfortable. A shoe with rubber outsoles is also one of the best options.

Choose a Comfortable Shoe 

A shoe with soft fabric textures that are very comfortable is great for additional support. It is advisable to select a shoe model that is designed with a full leather material that has breathable mesh providing you with comfort while wearing it.

A Durable Shoe

A strong and durable shoe is perfect as users are assured that it will last for a long time. Additionally. Noncycling shoes are the most ideal if they come with durability assurance even after using the pair for several years.

Your non-cycling shoe should also be designed with a strong man-made leather design. That is why you must find a shoe that has a long-lasting design and great features to support you in the long term.

The Price of the Shoe

One of the things that you must put into consideration before selecting any product is the price. A very cheap non-cycling shoe may not be designed with all the ideal features and qualities that you require.

A shoe that is a little bit pricier, is of very high quality with amazing features. It is advisable to select a more reasonably priced shoe with very good features and of high quality.


Choosing the most ideal non-cycling shoes for all your biking adventures may seem like an overwhelming task, however, this review will guide you to making the best decision. It is important to review the features and the quality of the shoe before selecting or purchasing a pair with all the mentioned features

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I put on a pair of non-cycling shoes on clipless pedals? 

Non-cycling shoes can be used on clipless pedals; however, you can only use this shoe for a limited period. This exercise, however, will be less efficient and less griping when using your non-cycling shoe.

  1. Are non-cycling shoes waterproof? 

Every non-cycling shoe is just like any contemporary type of shoe, perfect for comforting your soles during a walk. In addition, they are designed for winter or summertime for activities such as football, therefore you can be assured that these shoes are not waterproof.

  1. Is it advisable to wear a pair of non-cycling shoes on flat pedals? 

Many experts have mentioned that non-cycling shoes are not the best for flat pedals. The rubber material on these shoes is okay for clipless pedals. Therefore, they can be attached to bikes with flat pedals.

The sole of a non-cycling shoe is stiffer and firmer, and this feature does not make it an ideal choice for flat pedals. When using non-cycling shoes on flat pedals the traction and the control will be a lot less.