8 Best Pedals for Peloton in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Technology has changed almost everything we do and how we do it. Especially in work out options and alternatives that are endlessly available. The Peloton indoor bike is one such technology that allows you to engage the virtual world of a cycling class right in your home. 

Hello there, I have been an ardent cycling fan and enthusiast for over 6 years now. Unfortunately, with everything going on and people having to stay home for the last three months, it has been impossible for me to keep my cycling routine going.

I went to my trainer who advised me to buy a Peloton bike and to make sure I buy some pedals that would improve my performance and efficiency on the bike. That’s how I got into the world of SPD pedals and within such a short time, I have learned almost all there is to them.

If you just fancy a top-notch set of pedals to go with your incredible bike, then SPD pedals are your next best choice. Here’s what I know about them so far along with some suggestions to make your research easier.

Happy cycling!

What you need to know about SPD Pedals and Cleats

Shimano Pedaling Dynamics is what SPD stands for and these refer to a design of clipless bicycle pedals. First introduced in 1990, the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics features a cleat that is latched onto the sole of a sports or riding shoe to help secure footing in the pedals.

Pedals: There are two major brands of SPD pedals and they are either the SPD (MTB) pedals or the SPD-SL pedals. While both pedals are ideal for indoor cycling, the SPD brand is fit for mountain bikes and the SPD-SL is awesome for road races.

Cleats: these are the pieces that are attached to your shoes that help lock the shoe in the pedal.

Of the SPD cleats, there is the SH51 brand that is also called Single release which allows you to detach your shoe from the pedal by moving your foot outward.

The second brand is the SH56 which allows for multi-directional detachment by making either outward, inward, or upward movements.

SH56 cleats are ideal for a first-timer who may forget that the cleats are on and might panic trying to get their foot off the pedal. However, if mountain climbing or in dangerous sports, you need the SH51 because it will not come off easily.

The Best SPD Pedals for Peloton – Comparison Table

SPD Pedal
Wellgo WPD-E003 SPD Pedals


Anti-skid grip

Strong build and durable

Wide fit

Ball Bearings

Durable and strong material

Adjustable tension and clip

Fits different sizes of feet

Great for indoor bikes

High quality product

Affordable and budget friendly

Great fit of pedal

Easily attached and detached

Popular choice for cyclists

Durable material

Double binding for shoe clipping

Tension adjustment knobs

Great support on different terrain

Easy to assemble or attach

Great for indoor fitness bikes

Durable build and design

Cleats are easy to clip and long lasting

Fits most bikes

Can be used outdoor

Best quality pedals for daily use


Easy to replace

Sealed bearings prevent slipping

Made of durable material

Great build and design

Ideal for indoor bikes

BV Bike Shimano SPD Pedals


Wellgo WPD-E003 SPD Pedals

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If you are tired of endlessly searching for pedals to fit your Peloton bike, these are the ideal fit for you. The Wellgo designed pedals are fit for spin bikes and the are made of durable material. The SPD cleats attach perfectly to the bike and the pedals have a wide fit to accommodate large feet.

The pedals also have some antiskid material that helps to keep your foot secure while you exercise. With this pedal, you get a two-year warranty which is ample time for you to get a replacement if need be.

This Taiwanese made pedal is fitted with ball bearings to keep mud and moisture off them. You can use the pedals either with clipped or clipless riding shoes.


  • Anti-skid grip
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Strong build and durable
  • Great price


Venzo Fitness Pedals

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Built with aluminum, they have a tough build and this allows for heavy fitness training to be done on them. The bearing is smooth and is easy and fun to pedal through. They are used mostly in gym and studio sessions and are used by both users of spinning shoes and those with gym shoes.

The top part of this Taiwan product allows for users of clipless shoes to ride comfortably. They allow for quick transfer of power as you cycle helping you enjoy your very quiet experience. They have two sides and are fitted with clips and straps which can be used optionally.

A screw is used to secure the pedal to the bike which is more secure than the clip-on option of the Wellgo designed pedals. This screw will also double as the tension adjuster on the flexibility of your pedals.

There is also an adjustable clip position that creates more space to fit larger feet. You do not need special shoes to start training on these pedals. However, these pedals do not only support Look Delta shoes but also regular sports shoes with toe clippers and those that don’t have.

They are compatible with SPD cleats and not wit SPD-SL types. With a two-year warranty, you can buy this product with no fear of contradiction.


  • Durable and strong material
  • Two-year warranty
  • Adjustable tension and clip
  • Fits different sizes of feet


Fragile cleats

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These are the best pedals to fit any kind of bike you have not just the Peloton kind. Their design is multipurpose and highly durable making them ideal for long term use. A classic black finishing gives them a feel of class and sophistication and matches the =m with any color bike.

The pedals have metal grips with nylon straps used to keep your foot securely on the pedal while you exercise. The pedals have a wide fit which is comfortable for any size foot. Also, the pedals are a good use for an indoor stationary bike.

You will get better performance on these pedals because they shift friction on the body of the bike helping you keep your footing and ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience. The warranty is 6 months on this unit so you might want to test it out enough times before that runs out.


  • Great for indoor bikes
  • High-quality product
  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • The great fit of pedal
  • Easily attached and detached


  • Incompatible with standard bikes.View price on Amazon

Shimano Indoor PD-M520L Pedals

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Widely popular among cyclists and they are the highest rated in the market. These pedals have very heavy and long-lasting materials used in their design to ensure that they are durable over a long time. This unit has double bindings on each of its sides which allow for you to clip on your shoes and cycle.

The pedals have tension adjustment knobs that allow you to attach and detach them easily or with some difficulty based on how you set them. The build and design of Shimano SPD pedals are compact and it comes with cleats included. These cleats may be a bit technical to clip on but once on, they stay on.


  • A popular choice for cyclists
  • Durable material
  • Double binding for shoe clipping
  • Tension adjustment knobs


  • Cleats are technical to clip on

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Schwinn Triple Link Pedals

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Made in high quality and durable material these are the pedals to last you a lifetime. Schwinn triple link pedals have look delta cleats that increase the stability using the 3-hole system they have been organized in. These cleats are easier to attach compared to the previous examples.

The pedals are also built with a metal alloy which makes them even stronger and the small cleats and strip embedded are rock hard and guarantee a long use period. They are convertible pedals that can transform from clipless pedals to pedals with straps and toe-clips.

They can be attached to outdoor bikes as well and though they accommodate regular sports shoes, they work best with SPD or Look shoes.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable build and design
  • Cleats are easy to clip and long-lasting
  • Fits most bikes
  • Can be used outdoor
  • Best quality pedals for daily use


Noisy when operating creating a deafening crushing sound.

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Are you looking for lightweight SPD pedals with toe straps, then look no further than the Sunlite SPD brand. Featuring the standard 9/16 threads, these pedals will give you no hassles when switching them in.

These pedals give you effective performance due to their strong grip support that allows for smooth pedaling. These pedals are also compatible with all bikes but mostly those used in training.

Manufactured with aluminum, you can bet your last dollar that these pedals will last long and will be resistant to weathering. Cleats provided in these pedals are strong and made for long-lasting use without cracking.

If you are a newcomer in the cycling world and you would want to personalize your workout gear, you should grab a pair of SUNLITE SPD pedals because they are stylish and will live long.

Even in moisture-filled conditions, these pedals’ performance is not hampered in any way which makes them the ideal fit for any adventurous or competitive cycler out there. While some people complain that the SUNLITE pedals are a little heavy, I think its best this way because it adds to your resistance which translates to better-toned thighs and legs.


  • Great support on different terrain
  • Easy to assemble or attach
  • Great for indoor fitness bikes
  • Price is reasonable


Users find the pedals to be a bit heavy

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Spinning SPD Pedals

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These pedals have the most long-lasting build in recent times. It provides a beautiful dual design with a black finish that makes it ideal for many colored bikes. Made of hard and reliable stainless-steel metal, these pedals will surely last you a lifetime.

On one side, these pedals have carefully formed toe cages and the opposite side has been made to be compatible with Shimano SPD. Because of this design, you are able to comfortably use this bike with your normal sport shoes. They are the least in weight among the other pedals.

Sealed bearings are fitted in these pedals to keep the dirt, grime, and excess moisture off the pedals which will prevent any incidents of foot-slipping. The cleats provided are also easily attached and detached and this function comes in handy in high competition settings where cyclists detach these cleats to avoid the occurrence of incidents or possible injuries.


  • Easy to replace
  • Sealed bearings prevent slipping
  • Made of durable material
  • Great build and design
  • Ideal for indoor bikes


  • Expensive choice of pedals

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BV Bike Shimano SPD Pedals

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These pedals are limitless in regards the shoe type to use with them. Both gym and cycling shoes are welcome and work just the same. The pedals are made of long-lasting aluminum and have nylon straps to hold your foot securely in place.

A pair of SPD pleats are provided with this purchase to be compatible with both Shimano SPD and 9/16 spindle bikes. The last benefit to these pedals is the price tag which is a welcome relief to the high cost of Peloton bikes.


  • Compatible with many shoe types
  • A fair price
  • Works on outdoor bikes
  • Durable Aluminum build


Pedals may be found to be too tight.

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What to consider when buying the Best SPD Pedals for Peloton

Consider the following tips when shopping for your replacement pedals.

Tension Adjustment Capacity

Pedal tension refers to the hold the pedal has on your shoe clipping, which helps your foot stick to the pedal. The best SPD pedals have an adjustable tension screw showing plus or minus signs to indicate an increase or decrease of tension.

With the tension too tight, you may not be able to wiggle your foot off the bike in time in case of an incident. If the tension is too loose, your foot may come to lose mid cycling and you don’t want that to happen especially if you were on high gear.

The right tension should allow you to easily slip your shoe off the pedal with as much resistance as you feel comfortable with.

Reliable Cleats

These are the pieces that are attached to your cycling shoes to assist in locking them securely in the pedals. They are the best support against slipping and tripping so the more they are, the better footing you are guaranteed of.

Right Pedal Float

This float angle is created by the cleats which could vary in degrees between 3 and 9 of float. This affects your position and foot placement which will either give you a great or terrible experience.


Especially for those with any sort of injury, the weight of the pedal could be the defining factor between an enjoyable workout and a frustrating one. Adding to the weight of the shoe, if the pedal is too heavy, there is a lack of morale to get on the bike often.


The Shimano SPD pedals will give you the best bang for your buck because they are versatile and durable. That they are a popular selection among cyclists should give you an idea of how effective and multi-purpose they are.

Their grip is unshakeable with the shoe clippings provided on each side. Their cleats are of high quality as well.


How do Bike Pedals work?

Bike pedals provide the necessary pivot point between your exerted pressure and the bike’s wheel. They provide a comfortable base level at which we pedal causing the bike to move.

How do you install SPD pedals on Bikes?

It is simple and it required a three-step process. First, clean out your pedals with a wiper. Then apply anti-seize on the thread. Finally, put the right and left pedals through the crank and twist in the clockwise direction until you achieve a firm grip.

Can you put SPD Cleats on Road shoes?

Yes, you can. SPD cleats connect to the sole of the running shoes allowing you to point your foot in the right toe-in toe-out direction which gives a more comfortable fit. 

What is the difference between SPD and SPD SL?

These two pedals have more differences than similarities in their functional settings and features. However, the main contrast between the two that is a bit obvious is that the SPD pedals have two bolts while the SPD SL has three bolts to facilitate attachment of shoe cleats.


For the best SPD pedals in the market, there are important factors such as tension adjustment screws that help with easier shoe detachment. Most of these pedals have high-quality cleats for show clippings or straps for secure footing.