7 Best Prostrate Friendly Bicycle Seats/Saddle in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

It is always a great time to upgrade your bike saddle and settle for a more comfortable option. Bike saddles keep getting better and better, with amazing improvements.

Hello! My name is Reuben, I am a businessman and a trainer. Over the years I have trained professional long distant cyclists and they all continue to perform so well. When it comes to enhancing your performance when cycling, bike components such as the saddle play a very important role. The most ideal bike saddles should be able to support your sit bones without exerting any kind of discomfort.

In this article, I am going to present a list of the most ideal saddles in the market. I have selected all the best seats for cyclists who are looking for prostrate-friendly saddles. I have also highlighted their main features as well as their advantages giving you the chance to select the best saddle for you.

Best Prostrate Friendly Bicycle Seat/Saddle – Comparison Table

Size Tested 
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The Forum Bike Saddle from Selle Royal
L- 267mm


The Body Geometry saddle from Specialized Body Geometry
L- 246mm

W- 149mm


The Scratch 2 T2.0 Saddles from Prologo
L- 280mm

W- 134mm

The Short-fit Racing Saddle from Selle San Marco
L – 250mm

W – 144mm

The Scoop Race Saddle from Fabric & Fabric
L – 270mm

W – 134 mm

The ALM Ultimate Bike Saddle from Fabric
L- 282mm

W- 142mm

The C13 Cambium Saddle from Brooks England
L – 275mm

W- 132mm

Best Prostrate Friendly Bicycle Seat/Saddle – a comparison overview

The Forum Bike Saddle from Selle Royal

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The Forum Bike Saddle makes use of memory foam cushioning. This cushioning guarantees that you will enjoy a comfortable cycling experience. If you are looking for an extra amount of luxury as you bike around this bike saddle is the best option for you.

Bike saddles that have an extra level of padding are known to be quite uncomfortable. These types of saddles could restrict movement and end up causing chafing. As a cyclist, to improve the comfort level on such bikes it is advisable to cycle with padded bike shorts as well as spend a good amount of time cycling. This will build up your tolerance.

The Selle Royal industry fitted this bike with Slow Fit memory foam. This type of foam can mold itself to adjust to the contact points of the cyclist’s body. This foam equally distributes the pressure while successfully maintaining support.

This saddle is perfect when cycling on-road. The memory foam cushioning functions perfectly providing you with a very comfortable base. As a cyclist, you are guaranteed that you will not feel squidgy or very soft feeling when cycling. The support provided across the width of the bike saddle is great and the pressure-relieving channel feature works well.


  • The bike is fitted with a nice level of memory foam for an optimum level of comfort
  • The shape of the saddle is quite modern
  • It is affordable


  • The saddle is a little bit heavy and chunky

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The Body Geometry saddle from Specialized Body Geometry

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The Body Geometry industry has come up with a very unique boost saddle. This seat provides cyclists with an optimum level of comfort and stiffness all at the same time. This is achieved because of the great design and build of the bike saddle.

This saddle has a carbon-fiber rail and the base is also made from carbon-fiber material. Many saddles have their rails plugged into the base, however, with this seat, the industry has manufactured a two-piece frame. The rail section of this frame extends from the front area to the rear area. At the rear side, the rails extend all the way to the backside of the bike saddle. With this design, the connection of the rail is not necessarily placed underneath the contact point of the cyclist. This reduces the amount of pressure that could be felt. The upper side of the saddle is quite firm and absorbs a lot of high-frequency vibration from road cycling.


  • Cyclists are provided with an optimum level of comfort
  • The saddle has high stiffness levels


  • Some cyclists have mentioned that the adjustment length of the rail is not enough for them.

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The Scratch 2 T2.0 Saddles from Prologo

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This Scratch 2 T2.0 bike saddle provides riders with an amazing level of comfort even when it is brand new. The comfort level remains the same even when you embark on a bike ride for five hours or when you cycle on gravel and any other harsh road surfaces. The saddle is designed with a curved shape from the front to the rear side. It dips in the middle which increases the comfort level for all cyclists.

The tail end swoops in an upward position giving the cyclist something that they can push against in case they would like to whack the power out. The narrow nose of the saddle, as well as the round edges, provide you with a lot of clearance for hip rotation as you pedal.


  • The padding provides you with a great level of comfort and increases your support.
  • The saddle has a nice and attractive shape


  • No cons.

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The Short-fit Racing Saddle from Selle San Marco

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This Short-fit Racing Saddle model is an all-rounded bike seat that is designed with amazing qualities. This saddle is a perfect option for cyclists with medium sit bones as well as cyclists with wide sit bones. If you are looking for a saddle that will not exert too much pressure as you train or embark on long cycling adventures, this is the best option for you.

The weight of the saddle is ideal and the quality is amazing. This saddle is not expensive and this makes it perfect for serious bikers who are looking for a bike saddle at a very affordable price.

The width of this saddle measures 144mm. It is wide enough for cyclists who have very narrow sit bones. Such cyclists may have their sit bones sink a little into the central cutout that is quite large. This saddle is also an ideal option for those with medium sit bones. It is comfortable and you will feel great as soon as you sit down.


  • The saddle relieves a lot of pressure even as you cycle for a long time.
  • You are guaranteed that you will be comfortable.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • No cons

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The Scoop Race Saddle from Fabric & Fabric

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This Scoop Race Saddle is one of the most ideal saddles in the market. This saddle is well-built. It is attractive and very comfortable, available at a very affordable price. This saddle is designed for leisure rides perfect for off-road and commuter cyclists who cycle around with an upright position.

The saddle has three pressure points that are the nose, the wings, and the central channel that is V-shaped. These pressure points are covered with gel and this alleviates the pressure that you would feel on your bits and sit bones. The saddle has a unisex design and it is perfect for women who have much wider sit bones.

The supple fabric of the bike has managed to maintain the top edges of either side of the saddle. These edges are designed to be quite firm preventing them from collapsing. This saddle is ideal for those who take part in harsh cycling activities. The nose is quite narrow, therefore if you have large thighs and you often cycle with your knees positioned close to the top tube.


  • This saddle has a very classic design
  • The saddle has an amazing shape and performs very well.
  • This model is available in a wider shape and a much lighter option.


  • If you are cycling in wet weather conditions, this saddle collects a lot of water.

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The ALM Ultimate Bike Saddle from Fabric

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The ALM Ultimate bike saddle is light in weight and it has a very beautiful design. It is a great option for cyclists who would like to benefit from a very firm saddle. When you first sit on this saddle, you may be surprised at how firm it feels. The PU foam is light and thin.

When you place pressure on the top side of the saddle, you can easily see the base and the rails flex. With this saddle, you will get enough amounts of movement to dampen the vibration felt taking the edge off especially when cycling on rough and bumpy road surfaces. This bike saddle is quite firm; however, it does not lead to any kind of discomfort.


  • The saddle is light in weight
  • This saddle is very strong
  • The saddle has a very innovative design.


  • It is expensive

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The C13 Cambium Saddle from Brooks England

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This C13 Cambium bike saddle is one of the latest models from the Brooks England manufacturing industry. The saddle is designed with non-traditional materials. The bike is not designed with any leather or chrome steel material. Instead, the saddle is manufactured with vulcanized rubber material that is natural and the surface is made of cotton. This feature is very common with bike saddles from this English brand. The bottom part of the saddle is designed with a full carbon fiber structure.

This saddle is a great option for bike touring and long-distance cycling activities. The top surface of the bike is designed using rubber and cotton. This is great as cyclists do not have to deal with the break-in period that is required for most bike saddles. When properly maintained this saddle can last for a very long time and it is very comfortable.


  • It is light in weight
  • A great option for cyclists who take part in competitive cycling activities
  • Manufactured using high-tech carbon material.


  • When cycling the saddle releases a squeaky noise because of the rub on the bike rails.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Prostrate-Friendly Bicycle Seat/Saddle

The Shape of the Saddle 

One of the most critical factors when it comes to a bike saddle is the shape. You must select a saddle with a great shape that will suit your body as well as your riding style. If you prefer a stretched position when cycling and you like cycling really fast, then you will benefit from a narrow bike saddle. If you prefer an upright position and you like cycling at a slower speed, your bike saddle should have a much wider shape.

When you are cycling in a more stretched-out position, you exert a less amount of weight on the bike saddle, however, when you cycle in an upright position less weight is placed on the bike saddle. Many manufacturing industries do an excellent job of helping you select a proper bike saddle. Most manufacturing industries have their system of narrowing down your choices. This is done by determining what kind of a cyclist you are, your flexibility range as well as the way you like to position yourself when cycling. Some industries have a fit system that estimates the distance between your sit bones. This gives you the chance to identify the shape that best suits the anatomy of your body.

The Material, Shell, and Rails of Your Bike Saddle

The type of materials used to manufacture your saddle range. The basic type of bike saddles is designed with steel rails and plastic bases while other high-level bike saddles have their bases molded from carbon fiber and the rails are very pricey.

If you are prioritizing comfort, then you must avoid carbon rails. Titanium rails that are hollow can add to the flex and this absorbs some of the vibrations that travel through the bike frame into the seat post of the bike. Some manufacturing industries design the base of the saddle with more flex.

This allows the saddle to deform subtly upon any kind of heavy impact. Some saddles are designed with holes or different types of materials in specific parts. This ensures that the base will flex in a controlled way and the foam will expand through the hole.

The Padding

Saddles are designed with different types of foam padding, however, the level of padding used as well as the destiny greatly varies. Saddles that are designed for race bikes have less amount of padding. Saddles that are used on bikes meant for leisure cycling and commuting are designed with a deeper and softer level of padding to ensure that you are cushioned during your ride.

If you like to cycle fast or perhaps you enjoy covering a ton of miles, you should not purchase a saddle that comes with a great amount of padding. These types of saddles could move, chafe, or pinch you instead of providing maximum support to your sit bones.

If you prefer to lean forward when you cycling or you perch on the saddle instead of sitting on it, you should purchase a saddle with less padding. To enhance your comfort, you should purchase a saddle that has gel inserts placed at strategic positions.

The Height of the Saddle and the Bike Fit

It is very important to confirm the height of the saddle as well as the distance of the saddle from your bike’s handlebars. Sometimes you can purchase a nice saddle, however, you may not be correctly sitting on it. If you wriggle a lot on your saddle, this could mean that you have failed to position your saddle correctly.

It is advisable to get a professional bike fit. Bike fits work well in assessing your physical limitations, your flexibility as well as your goals. This ensures that you have purchased a bike saddle that fits you perfectly.


Bike saddles have come a long way; however, many cyclists still struggle to find a bike seat that will ensure that they remain comfortable during their long and extensive rides. This review has featured saddles that have unique and amazing designs.

The mentioned products are constructed using prosthetic research and amazing design methods and the results are very intriguing. Many cyclists can attest to the comfort experienced on these saddles thanks to the very high-quality features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Can bike saddles cause any problems with your prostate?

Yes. There is a lot of evidence that proves that trauma from cycling on your bike can irritate a man’s prostate. This could lead to the inflammation of the prostate chronic pelvic pain syndrome or a condition known as prostatitis.

  1. Where should I position myself on my bike saddle?

You should sit as far back as possible. Positioning yourself on the wider section of your saddle is advisable. The front part of your bike saddle should be slightly tilted down.

  1. How can I make my bike seat more comfortable?

The first step to ensuring that your bike seat is comfortable is to purchase the proper saddle that suits your body and your riding style. Next, you can adjust the saddle to your most comfortable position. Using a thin layer of padding should also be considered.