7 Best Recumbent Bikes for people over 300lbs in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Being overweight can be challenging especially when you’ve chosen to try and lose that weight. With a recumbent bike, however, that journey can be enjoyable and worth it.

Since I was a child, I have been struggling with my weight a lot. It got to a point where I was over 300 lbs and everyone was worried about my health. Throughout the next couple of years, I decided to take my health more seriously.

With the help of my doctor, I decided to start working out. The best equipment he advised for me was a recumbent exercise bike which changed my life. A recumbent bike works a lot of your muscles and is also good for cardio exercise.

Being that I was over 300 lbs at the time, I could not just get any bike from the store. I had to consider the size, weight capacity, and other features before buying a bike for my home gym.

It is tasking looking for a good model that will suit your everyday needs. The best bike would be a stationary one instead of a mobile foldable one. This is because stationary bikes offer more stability while doing intense exercises on the bike.

Be sure to choose the best brands and manufacturers that provide quality products. Below are some of the best recumbent bikes for anyone over 300 lbs looking to lose weight. Some of them have great features that will make your daily workouts fun.

7 Best Recumbent Bikes for people over 300lbs- Comparison Table

Weight Capacity
Resistance levels
Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR
8 levels
Assault AirBike Classic Recumbent Bike
Unlimited resistance
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708 Exercise Bike
Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike
24 levels
Merax Exercise Bike
8 levels
3G Cardio Elite Recumbent Bike
16 levels
Fitnex R70 Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR- Best budget-friendly exercise bike

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You might find it difficult to get a good exercise bike for heavier users because they are more expensive. The Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR, however, is a very affordable option in the market.


  • Its weight capacity is 400lbs
  • 8 tension levels
  • It is foldable
  • The pedals are fitted with safety straps
  • The physical dimensions: 27 x 18 x 48

This bike is very easy to maintain and ideal if you do not have a lot of space in your home gym. It may be a budget-bike but it is very comfortable and you might find yourself there for hours every day.


  • It is foldable making storage very easy.
  • For the price of the bike has 8 magnetic resistance levels is a bonus
  • The seat padding makes it more comfortable.
  • It is suitable for both short and very tall people
  • This bike is very easy to use and maintain


  • It is sometimes a challenge to adjust
  • It lacks proper lumbar support


This bike might be budget-friendly but that doesn’t mean it is not a quality one. It is very comfortable to use and the padded seated provides comfort while riding. You will be sure to get great resistance with this bike and it is very space friendly.


Assault AirBike Classic Recumbent Bike- Best recumbent bike for Unlimited Resistance

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The Assault Airbike Recumbent Bike is an ideal bike for a variety of users including those on the heavy side. This recumbent bike will take your training sessions to a whole other level.


  • 20 ball bearings
  • It has a steel fan
  • The advanced computer display shows calories, time and distance
  • The physical dimensions 50.9 x 23.3 x 48.4 inches

A great feature of this bike is that it is very low maintenance. You do not need to do a lot to take care of it. This bike comes with many programs that you can work out to achieve your fitness goals. It is ideal for users over 300 lbs with its maximum weight capacity being 350lbs. The seta is fully adjustable allowing you to be as comfortable as you can while working out.


  • It is very strong and can handle the weight
  • It gives you a complete and thorough upper body workout
  • It is comfortable and very easy to use for workouts
  • It requires very low maintenance


  • It takes up a lot of space.


This is one of the best bikes if you weigh over 300lbs. It is strong enough to handle heavier weights and provides great resistance for a thorough workout. The Assault Air bike is great for intensifying your workouts to improve your body training.


Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708 Exercise Bike- Best bike for a full-body workout

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The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708 exercise bike is great for a challenging and effective workout. With a weight capacity of 350lbs, this sturdy bike will be worth the cost.


  • IT has an integrated pulse sensor
  • It has 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • The maximum weight capacity is 350lbs
  • Movable handlebars

This bike comes with 8 magnetic resistance levels to make your workout more intense for better results. The seats are adjustable, allowing you to find the best balance for your pedals and handlebars.

The bike is fitted with a digital monitor with a display that will inform you of your heart rate and to track your other fitness goals. The built-in transportation wheels make this exercise bike easier to move around. It is a great bike with many features.


  • The movable handlebars let you also exercise your hands while riding.
  • The large adjustable seat makes the bike more comfortable
  • The heart rate sensor keeps track of your heart rate
  • The large surface area on the pedals reduces the chances of slipping and keeps our feet stable while riding.
  • The transportation wheels allow moving the bike very easily.


  • It is not suitable for small spaces


This bike is ideal for a variety of users who want to get the most out of their workouts. It may be sturdier than other bikes but you can easily move it with the transportation wheels. If you are looking for a challenging bike for your weight loss journey, this is the one for you.


Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike- Best variety of exercise bikes for you.

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This is one of the popular brands or home exercise equipment. They did not disappoint with this Exerpeutic 4000 exercise bike. With the weight capacity of 325 lbs, this exercise bike is great for your weight loss journey.


  • It has hand pulse sensors
  • The bike comes with 12 workout programs
  • The arm has support and elbow rest pads
  • A balanced flywheel
  • Weight capacity of 325lbs

This is a recumbent bike that you have to assemble from scratch using the manual. It comes with a very soft and large seat that keeps you comfortable while working out.

It comes with a smartphone holder so that you are entertained while exercising. With 12 workout programs, you are sure to find one that you love. The 24 tension levels will give you all the resistance you need for a more intense workout.


  • The transportation wheels help easily move the bike.
  • The seat and armrests are very comfortable
  • The phone or tab holder allows you to use your phone while working out.
  • The backrest is made of mesh, reducing, and discomfort while working out.
  • It is affordable with great resistance.


  • It does not come with a cooling fan
  • There are no speakers on this bike.


This is one of the best recumbent bikes in the market for anyone over 300lbs. With a comfortable seat and mesh backrest, you are sure of comfortability as well as an enjoyable workout.  The 24 resistance levels also make this bike one of the best on our list.


Merax Exercise Bike-The best compact Bike for your home workout

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The Merax recumbent bike is a stationary bike with a weight capacity of 380lbs. This is a very stable and compact exercise bike that will give you a quiet and intense workout.


  • It has 8 level magnetic resistance levels
  • Adjustable seat
  • LCD screen that tracks time, heart rate, and distance.
  • Weight capacity of 380lbs
  • Stationery bike with Bluetooth

With the Merax recumbent bike, you can be assured of an intense workout. The LCD screen displays the time spent, calories burnt, and your heart rate. This makes you keep track of your fitness goals much easier.

It has 8 magnetic resistance levels which are smooth enough to transition through. The transportation wheels make the sturdy bike more portable when it comes to cleaning or relocation. The Merax exercise bike is recommended for people between the heights of 5″2 to 6″4.


  • This bike is very affordable considering its features
  • The LCD provides all the information you need as calories burnt, time, distance to keep track of your workout.
  • It is ideal for those in the early stages of their weight loss journey.
  • It is fairly easy to assemble the bike once you get it.


  • The batteries for the bike are sold separately.
  • The seat may be too small for some users.


The Merax magnetic recumbent bike is a comfortable bike that will improve your workout sessions. With some additional features like Bluetooth, padded seat and the LCD will ensure that you are comfortable for long session workouts at your home gym.


3G Cardio Elite Recumbent Bike- the Durable Recumbent exercise bike.

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The 3G cardio elite exercise bike is one of the most comfortable and compact bikes that will fit into spaces in your home that other bikes might not. With the transportation wheels, you can easily move it around the house to where you are most comfortable


  • Small and compact build
  • Has transport wheels
  • An adjustable seat
  • 12 workout programs
  • 16 magnetic resistance levels.

The 3G Cardio recumbent bike has a 4-way adjustable seat keeping you comfortable through your workout. It accommodates a variety of users with a weight capacity of 350 lbs and heights of between 5″2 to 6″3.

This is a great compact bike with high-quality construction. The workout programs give you a variety of options to choose from to help in your weight loss journey. It also comes with a warranty of 7 years just in case anything happens.


  • It is very durable and well-constructed.
  • The seats are comfortable and easy to use
  • The workout programs are there to help your weight loss journey
  • The seats are easily adjustable for increased comfort.
  • It has 16 resistance levels which are good for a challenging workout.


  • It is more expensive compared to other bikes
  • It does not have a cooling fan
  • It does not have any online connectivity.


This light bike offers a very large variety of workout programs with very strong construction. This bike is strong enough for an enjoyable workout. This bike is great because it takes up much less space compared to other bikes. For your weight loss journey, this bike is not going to disappoint you.


Fitnex R70 Recumbent Bike- Recumbent bike with the maximum weight capacity.

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The Fitnex R70 is one of the best bikes to help you improve your workout and strengthen your legs while training. This stationary recumbent bike has an impressive weight capacity of 400lbs.


  • Fixed handlebars
  • Weight capacity of 400lbs
  • Computer display with distance, time watts, and the calories burnt.
  • Oversized plush seat

The Fitnex R70 comes with a large seat to keep you comfortable during long workouts. The pedals are also adjustable to keep your feet secure and firm on the pedals.

With smooth transitions through the 16 resistance levels, you are sure to get a quiet workout session. The manual that is included makes assembling the bike very easy.


  • The seat is fully adjustable for comfort
  • It has inbuilt heart rate sensors
  • It also has a water bottle holder with some space for accessories
  • Compact and does not take too much of your space.


  • The assembly can be slightly difficult for some users.
  • May not be suitable for shorter users.


The Fitness R70 is an impressive recumbent bike for your home workouts. Whether you are interested in strengthening your core, weight loss, or just keeping fit, this recumbent bike will provide the magnetic resistance you need for a great workout with even better results.


What to consider when buying a Recumbent bike for anyone over 300lbs

Here are some factors that you should take into account before deciding to buy an exercise bike.

Size and the weight capacity

Exercise bikes come in a variety of sizes with some even being foldable. If you have a storage problem, you might opt for a foldable one which will make storage easier. Some recumbent bikes are big and occupy a lot of space in your home. Some bikes are also not ideal for all heights. Depending on the size adjustments, make sure you chose a bike that is ideal for you.

The weight capacity of a bike will tell you whether it will be ideal for you. The exercise bikes on this list cater to people over 300lbs. Recumbent bikes are better at supporting heavy people compared to other cardio equipment. The models that support more than 300lbs are usually sturdier and more durable.


The seat design is very important to look at because you will be seated through your workouts. They need to be very comfortable and easy to adjust. Adjustable seats are better so that you can easily customize it to your needs. Some seats might have mesh backs for ventilation and to reduce the discomfort when it gets too hot.

Some models are designed to be foldable. This is a feature that makes it very easy to store and move around the house. This will also save you on a lot of space compared to stationary bikes.

Stationery bikes are however preferred for people over 300 lbs because they provide stability. This does not meet that they have to occupy a lot of space because with fitted transportation wheels you can move them around while cleaning or for maintenance.


The cost of each bike will help you determine which one to buy. If it does not fit your budget, then do not overspend. Make sure that your budget, however, covers your specific needs and also includes features that will make your riding experience enjoyable. Most exercise bikes with features like a heart rate sensor usually cost more.


Getting the best recumbent bike for anyone over 300lbs can be challenging but it is not impossible. If you consider the size, weight capacity and additional features that offered, you can make a good choice. The best bike for you is also adjustable and comfortable allowing to feel comfortable while you exercise. A recumbent bike will help greatly in your weight loss journey.


  1. Will a recumbent bike help in my weight loss?

Yes. Recumbent bikes are a great way to start your cardio workouts. The resistance provided makes it more challenging to intensify your workout.

  1. Why should you consider the weight capacity of a recumbent bike?

The weight capacity shows you how much weight the bike can carry, it also indicates its durability especially if it’s between 250 to 400 pounds.