7 Best Recumbent Bikes for People with Bad knees in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking to keep fit but have bad knees? A recumbent bike is one of the best equipment to keep you working out while strengthening your knees.

After suffering a knee injury while in college years ago, my knees have never been the same again. There are some activities that I can’t do anymore because of the pain. Some other causes of knee pain could be arthritis and or an infection on your knee joint.

If you suffer from bad knees like me, it might be difficult finding an exercise that you enjoy without the fear of making things any worse. There are, however, a couple of good exercises and equipment that are good for strengthening your knees. Stationary bikes are one of the best equipment to exercise without stressing your knee.

A recumbent bike is great because it does not put too much pressure on your joints. Working out on the bike helps you to strengthen your muscles around the joint. The best exercise bike for people with bad knees is an adjustable one.

You should be able to adjust the seat to a comfortable position for you. Exercising on just any recumbent bike when you have bad knees can be painful if you do not choose the right one. In this article, we pick some of the best recumbent bikes that will work well for people with bad knees.

7 Best recumbent bikes for people with bad knees- Comparison Table

Weight Capacity
Resistance levels
Exerpeutic 400XL Recumbent Bike
8 levels
Schwinn 270 exercise Bike
25 levels
Sole Fitness R92 Exercise Bike
20 levels
Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike
8 levels
Marcy Recumbent Bike ME-709
8 levels
Schwinn 230 exercise Bike
20 levels
EXERPEUTIC 300SR Recumbent Bike
8 levels


Exerpeutic 400XL Recumbent Bike- Best foldable bike for easy storage

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The Exerpeutic 400XL recumbent bike is compact and foldable allowing you to easily store and move it around if you have limited space.


  • Weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Large LCD screen display
  • 8 tension levels
  • It is foldable
  • 11-year warranty

This bike has a semi-recumbent design with a large seat to keep you comfortable while working out. The large LCD screen display is to give you feedback on time, distance, speed, and heart rate while working out. The 8 resistance levels are good at challenging you and making your workout more intense. Your heart rate is monitored through the hand pulse sensors.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is foldable and has transportation wheels allowing you to move it more easily.
  • The leg stabilizers reducing wobbling while working out
  • It has a very smooth and quiet operation


  • It is not suitable for very tall people
  • The 1-year warranty is too short compared to other recumbent bikes.


The Exerpeutic 400XL is a great recumbent bike for people with bad knees. It has leg stabilizers and a smooth pedalling motion for easier workouts. This is a great bike for anyone who has limited space to work on their bad knees.


Schwinn 270 exercise Bike- Best exercise bike for Bad Knees

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The Schwinn 270 comes at a great price with a good range of workout programs that will cater to anyone with knee pains who wants a more comfortable workout.


  • Weight capacity of 300lbs
  • 10-year warranty
  • 29 workout programs
  • 25 resistance levels

This is a great choice for working out. With 25 resistance levels, this bike will give you an intense workout. The wheels at the bottom make transportation very easy. You can also work on other things because of the quiet operation it offers. The bike is adjustable so that you are comfortable and reduce pain towards your knees.


  • Very comfortable pedaling and feeling
  • A large variety of workouts installed
  • Very sturdy bike to handle the weight capacity
  • The back support is well ventilated and comfortable
  • The resistance levels give you an intense workout.


  • It takes up a lot of space
  • The fan is not that strong.


The Schwinn 270 is an amazing recumbent bike if you have bad knees because it is very comfortable. Its additional features like a fan, 29 workout programs, and the computer display make working out enjoyable. The ability to customize will make it more suitable for your needs.


Sole Fitness R92 Exercise Bike- Best to reduce Stress on joints.

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The Sole Fitness R92 bike might be a more expensive entry to this list but it is one of the best exercise bikes for your home workouts.


  • 9 inch LCD
  • Built-in fan
  • Water bottle holder
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat

This bike comes with an amazing design, sure to keep you comfortable throughout your workout. It has a music player with a built-in sound system to keep you motivated.

The adjustable seat and handlebars mean it is ideal for many users and provides more comfort. For anyone with bad knees, the adjustable seat and handlebars let you adjust for a perfect posture to ease pressure on your joints.


  • The screen display is large and gives useful feedback
  • The music player and the built-in fan makes riding more enjoyable.
  • The frame is strong and durable


  • It is not suitable for very tall people


With many workout programs, a music player great seat comfort, this is a bike you would love for your home. The adjustable seat and handlebars allow you to make the bike as comfortable as you want to reduce any stress on your joints for years to come.


Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike- User-friendly bike for knee pain rehab

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This bike can handle up to 300 weight capacity. The Exerpeutic 900XL is a quality product with 8 resistance levels to give you a challenging workout.


  • Weight capacity of 30lbs
  • LCD computer
  • Very large pedals
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Magnetic resistance levels

This bike has a sleek design that will match your home no matter where you put it. The adjustable seat can accommodate different users comfortably. The LCD screen gives you plenty of feedback like the distance, speed of your cycling, and calories burnt. IT does not take too much space and can easily fit in your home.


  • The seat is adjustable for increased comfort
  • The handgrips have heart rate sensors
  • It is easy to fold this bike when you want to store it


  • Assembling can be complicated at first
  • The seat can be too firm especially if you have lower back pains


The Exerpeutic 900XL exercise bike is great for knee pain treatment and has a noise-free operation. An additional bonus is the hand sensors. With the wide back seat, you are sure to be comfortable while working out without harming your knees.


Marcy Recumbent Bike ME-709- Best Low-cost quality exercise bike

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This is a comfortable recumbent bike with a seating position that will not put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your knees.


  • 8 resistance levels
  • LCD monitor
  • Fitted with transportation wheels
  • Adjustable seats

This is a solid and easy to use workout bike that provides a quality workout at an affordable price. The console is easy to read and navigate. It is a lightweight exercise bike that is sure to give you a challenging workout with 8 magnetic tension levels. The large padded seat keeps you comfortable while training.


  • The seats are very comfortable
  • The 8 levels of resistance are ideal for an intense workout.
  • The pedals are very easy on the knees
  • The step-through design makes the bike easily accessible.


  • The batteries are not included
  • It lacks training programs
  • It does not have a heart rate sensor.


With the oversized padded cushioned seats, it is easy to make adjustments for users with different heights. The LCD will also help you keep track of your fitness goals by giving you calories, distance, and speed feedback. It is a great compact bike for your home workouts.


Schwinn 230 exercise Bike- great stationery bike for bad knees

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The Schwinn 230 gives you a challenging workout while being in a relaxed position. You don’t have to worry about your back due to its lumbar back support.


  • USB charging port
  • Vented seats with lumbar support
  • 22 workout programs
  • 20 resistance levels.

This is a great stationary bike for working out. The built-in speakers keep you energized quality music while exercising. It also has other modern features like a USB charging port. You can charge a device while training. The slider on this bike makes it easier to find the perfect sitting position where you are most comfortable working out.


  • The music speakers give good quality sound
  • There is a 10-year warranty on the frame
  • The seat is vented for cooling
  • It has 20 levels of resistance
  • The goal tracker helps you monitor your fitness goals
  • The transport wheels help to move the bike easier.


  • The seat might be too hard for some users.


For the price range, this recumbent bike comes with some great modern features and strong build. With all these amazing features, this is a great exercise bike for anyone with knee problems.


Exerpeutic 300SR Recumbent Bike- Best Foldable exercise Bike

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This foldable recumbent bike has comes with an easy to read LCD to track your workouts. The semi-recumbent design will be easy to enter and exit whenever you are working out.


  • Semi recumbent design
  • Weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Foldable design
  • 1-year warranty
  • It has transportation wheels.

For the price of this bike, the build and design are great. This is a strong bike that doesn’t wobble keeping you stable while exercising. This recumbent bike is foldable allowing you to save on a lot of space with storage. It is lightweight, making it very portable when it comes to maintenance.


  • It is easier to get on and off the bike due to the design
  • The large seat is very comfortable
  • This bike is foldable making storage easier
  • The LCD indicated your time, speed, calories burned, and your pulse rate.


It is not ideal for tall people


Overall, this bike has a unique and efficient design that is ideal for home workouts. Being lightweight with transportation wheels, it is easy to move and clean during maintenance. Many users will appreciate the quality features of this product.


What to consider when buying A recumbent bike for people with bad knees

There is a lot to consider when buying a recumbent exercise bike especially if you have bad knees or an injury. Aside from the price of the bike, features like adjustable seat and vented seats should also be considered to increase your comfort.


The size of the recumbent bike you chose is important because of where you will put it in your house. It is also important for storage purposes. Some bikes are compact and do not occupy too much space. Other bikes are foldable to make storage much easier. The larger recumbent bikes may take up more space but they are fitted with transportation wheels to make moving it much easier.

Type of bike

When it comes to choosing the style of bike you want, go for either an upright bike or a recumbent one. There are many benefits of recumbent bikes for anyone with bad knees like the adjustable seats and vented back support cushions. You should consult your trainer and read up on the benefits of both these bikes before you make a decision.


Although the features of the bike are important, you shouldn’t forget the price tag that comes with each exercise bike. You want to get a bike within budget but also one that I suitable for bad knees.

The more features that an exercise bike has, the more likely it will be more expensive. This is a one-off cost so make sure you get a durable bicycle worth the money.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight the exercise bike can hold. Most popular bikes have a weight capacity of between 300lbs and 450lbs. You should go for a bike that accommodates your body weight. Choosing a bike with a lesser capacity to yours can cause serious accidents and more injuries.

LCD Display

The benefit of stationery bikes is the available display for you to keep track of your progress. They give feedback information like speed, calories, heart rate, and the time while you workout. Some bikes come with larger display screens for easier visibility while riding. The better the screens are the more you will have to spend on the bike. Some of the screens are touch-sensitive while others have buttons.


The seat of the recumbent bike is important to consider. The seat should be able to handle your body weight while being comfortable. It affects your posture and sitting position which can relieve stress on the joints. The best seats are those that are spaced properly and well padded. With a bad knee, being able to adjust the seat up or down will allow you to work out your legs too.


You should find a bike that will be comfortable while working out. If you have bad knees you require more comfort and ease of adjustments to enjoy using the exercise bike.

Recumbent bikes are preferred because of the comfortable and adjustable seats that have you laid back while you work on your fitness goals. The back support and spacious seating is ideal for increased comfort and putting less stress on your joints.


In conclusion, getting the best recumbent bike for bad knees is not bad if you know what to look for. You should consider your comfort and the stress it puts on your joints before making a purchase.

Consider the size, price, and durability of the exercise bike and compare it with your needs and budget. These recumbent bikes are sure to have you fit and working out on a regular.


  1. Are exercise bikes good if you have bad knees?

Yes. One of the best ways to take care of an injured knee is by exercising it using a stationary bike. An adjustable recumbent bike will be good to work out your.  They help to strengthen our knees and improve your overall health.

  1. Which is the best stationary bike for bad knees?

The recumbent and upright bikes are good for workouts because they do not strain the knee too much. The seats on recumbent bikes are designed to provide back support and be more comfortable.

  1. How long should I ride an exercise bike?

If you are planning to lose weight, then you just need to practice for long hours consistently. Start slow and build tolerance. You should spend at least an hour daily on the bike for a week. If you have a bad knee, you should make sure to consult your doctor and trainer first.