Best Schwinn Exercise Bike in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Sounds like a cliché, but that is my life right now. Like you, I enjoyed the little and the big things in life, ate life with a big spoon, and the idea of only living once drove me to seek the wildest adventures.

But things changed suddenly when I was diagnosed with a health condition, and with it came a myriad of other issues, including joint problems. All these troubles, the meds I was on, and the months of inactivity saw me pile on quite a bit of weight, and of course, that meant finding safe and simple ways of working out while watching my diet.

In as much as the walks were great, they weren’t good enough, and I had to find a different approach. My research led me to indoor bikes, and I was lucky to come across Schwinn exercise bikes.

Unlike other exercise bikes, Schwinn bikes are designed specifically for indoor use, and most importantly, their design meets different needs. Whether you are struggling with your health and hope to get back to your happier, healthy, adventurous days like I do or if you work from home and spend a lot of time behind a desk, indoor exercise bikes are designed to help you.

Fitted with advanced features to track different metrics, including your heart rate and distance covered, Schwinn bikes are designed for riding at different resistance levels, meaning that you wouldn’t have to push yourself harder than your body can take.

Through the research, I also came across various models. For example, while some of the bikes’ resistance levels can be adjusted by pressing a button, others rely on air resistance. The resistance and comfort levels differ too, meaning that there is something for everyone.

While there are numerous options of budget-friendly, high-end, manual, or electric/ smart exercise bike, my belief is that the best exercise bike is the one that allows you to put in the workout you need to attain your health and fitness goals.

Schwinn exercise bikes come in different shapes and sizes, but the basic features of these bikes include their comfort levels and top performance that would improve your form and performance from the first day you start biking. Remember, an uncomfortable exercise bike would only hurt your form and overall performance, which is why the best Schwinn bikes are designed to negate any such effects.

Schwinn is a brand behind some of the best exercise equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary/ recumbent exercise bikes, as well as accessories. The fitness equipment and accessories are provided under Schwinn Fitness that is run by Nautilus, a leading fitness manufacturer in the world.

Let’s look at some of the Schwinn Exercise Bikes that would make a worthy investment.

The Best Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Comparison Table

Bike Name
Bike Series
Best For
Preset Workouts
Resistance Levels
Upright Airdyne
Most portable
Not specified
Infinite resistance technology
Best Recumbent bike
22 workout programs
20 levels
Good Posture and ideal for people with back issues
29 workout programs
25 levels
Not portable
Best upright bike
29 workout programs
25 resistance levels
Upright Airdyne
Best Pro-level bike
9 workout programs
Air resistance
Not portable
Best Ergonomics
7 presets
8 levels
Upright stationary bike
Best for beginners
Not specified
Most Affordable
7 preset programs
8-level magnetic resistance


Schwinn AD6 Airdyne – Best Portable Bike

Schwinn Airdyne Bike

If you are looking for the best Schwinn bike that allows for easy movement between rooms or in different spaces, then this wheeled exercise bike would be a great option for you.

But the wheeled design is not all that makes this bike one of the best Schwinn exercise bikes; I am particularly fond of this bike thanks to its friction-free and quiet fan, which means staying cool throughout your workout.

The integrated holder further enhances the efficiency of this exercise bike because of its easily accessible position. With hydration an important part of being healthy and making the most out of your workouts, this bike is a great win in my book. Its single-stage belt drive will ensure the quiet running of the bike.

It also features the infinite resistance technology, which offers control over the resistance of riding the bike, determining the intensity of workouts. The resistance technology also means better control over biking motion for smoother exercises.

The 4 levelers and the RevMeter RPM gauge enhance control and performance monitoring, and allow for interval training, while the progressive wind resistance system ensures infinite challenge levels.

Tracking workout performance is an important element, and this bike makes it all easier with the monitor that keeps track of different metrics, hence access to your performance and progress in real-time.

The LCD display displays the six metrics tracked by this bike, including the time, RPM, speed, distance, calories, Watts, and RevMeter. It’s telemetry-enabled and makes use of dual-stage torque belt drives.

To make the workouts fun and tolerable, especially when the heart feels like its pounding out of the chest, the bike has super-comfortable seats that prolong the workout duration, and foot straps to ensure the pedals’ self-balance.


  • Mechanical bike powered by battery, and it doesn’t have to be plugged in
  • Portable
  • Top-quality motion control
  • High level of stability
  • Super-comfortable
  • Keeps track of important metrics including calories, pulse, time, distance and speed
  • Good self-balancing from the foot straps
  • Solid construction


Assembly is complex and calls for an expert

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Schwinn MY16 230 Recumbent Bike – Best Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Bike

Looking for a comfortable exercise bike designed to look and feel like a comfortable chair that protects the back and the neck?

This is it. Though large, this bike is one of the best recumbent bikes for working out. It features a dual-track system and a monitor for tracking workout progress.

This tracking system is synced by the Connect Goal Tracking and the data export system, which means easy improvement of workout performance. The tracker system is also an excellent source of motivation.

The workout settings driven by the drive system include options for high-inertia and high speeds, and the interesting thing is that even at high speeds, the bike runs smoothly.

Customization for low, high, or medium-intensity workouts is also possible, as is the customization of the resistance level, hence a higher level of productivity, based on individual capability.

The 2 LCD windows mean easier tracking of metrics. There also are 22 preset programs, 20 resistance levels, a USB port, quick-access incline and speed buttons, and the grip-and-telemetry-enabled heart rate.

This bike also wins in the fun bit of things with the inbuilt speakers that allow for playing of good amped-up workout music. An MP3 input is also incorporated into the bike.

And for cool workouts, there is a flexible 3-speed fan.


  • Easy setup of 2 user profiles
  • Functional MP3 input
  • High-speed and High-Inertia for smooth and easy starts
  • Quiet workouts
  • Dual LCD screens for better control
  • 22-preset workout programs
  • Charging USB port for your tablets, smartphones, and tablets
  • Easy goal tracking
  • Comfortable workouts from the rail slider system with the easily adjustable lever
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Sturdy build


  • Maximum weight limit at 325lbs
  • The inbuilt speakers are not the best

Slot for phone blocks the main display

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Schwinn M17 270 Recumbent Bike – Best for Good Posture and For People with Back Problems

M17 270 Recumbent Bike

For an improved posture and immense workout gains, this Schwinn M17 270 recumbent bike would do the trick. It’s designed for persons with chronic backache, especially after the use of a stationary bike for too long.

With 25 resistance levels for variable workout intensities, the goal of this exercise bike is to enhance the quality of life, and thanks to the adjustable fan, heat strokes are a thing of the past.

There also are 29-exercise program, and the goal tracking functions means staying on track of your workouts at all times. The 29 workout programs include 12 profile, 9 workouts for heart rate control, 2 fitness tests, 4 custom programs, and 1 quick start function.

And for easy starts and smooth rides, as well as consistent workouts, the bike has a high-speed and a high-inertia drive system, as well as a weighted perimeter flywheel. All these ensure consistent workouts.

The Dual track LCD displays the media shelf, USB charging port, MP3 input, and in-console speakers all enhance the versatility of the bike.

Note that the bike plugs into an 110v 120v circuit, a 1.5A output, 120v 60Hz AC input, or 90v 240V. It comes with an adapter.


  • Great for goal tracking
  • Wide range of exercise programs
  • Durable design
  • It protects and supports the back
  • Comfortable exercising
  • Comes with in-built speakers
  • Various resistance levels


Schwinn M717 170 Upright Bike – Best Upright Schwinn Bike

M717 170 Upright Bike

The design of the upright Schwinn exercise bikes resembles the design of an on-road bike, and this bike makes a good fit for the on-road cyclists wishing to keep cycling indoors. It takes up less space, and it isdesigned uniquely and innovatively to make workouts productive and fun.

Like the other Schwinn exercise bikes, it comes with a tracking system, and though it’s competitively priced, it sports all the high-end functionalities needed.

The features of this bike include the 29 present exercises, 25 resistance levels, an adjustable 3-speed fan, and the dual LCD screen that allows for easy tracking.

Other features that boost the performance of this bike include its Bluetooth connectivity for easy setting, tracking, and the monitoring of workout progress on different apps like UA Record, Explore the World, MyFitnessPal.

The oversized pedals work for people of different foot sizes, and the nicely padded and contoured seat that ensures comfortable riding and easy exchange using a clamp.

Accessories include the USB charging port, a media tray, built-in speakers, and a built-in bottle holder.


  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable seat
  • Smooth, comfortable, and steady rides
  • Comes with a bottle holder
  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Solid build
  • Compact design


Schwinn Airdyne AD7 Pro – Best Professional Upright Bikes

Airdyne AD7 Pro

A professional upright that works the entire body, this bike comes fitted with all features needed to push workout performance to the next level. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs and a wide seat that’s well-padded for the right level of comfort.

The multiple handle positions, 9 built-in fitness programs, and air resistance, this bike works all the body muscles, and it’s ideal for muscle toning, weight loss, and building endurance. There are adjustable levers on the two bases. The LCD monitor allows for easy monitoring of results.

Its portable thanks to the transportation wheels, and it’s durable thanks to the moisture-repellent steel construction.


  • Very sturdy frame
  • Multi-position handles
  • Air resistance
  • Works the whole body
  • Self-balancing foot pedals with foot straps
  • Good for interval training thanks to the RevMeter
  • Keeps user cool during workouts
  • 350lbs maximum weight capacity


Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike – Best Ergonomically-Designed Schwinn Bike

Schwinn Airdyne Bike

For the most comfortable, high-performance Schwinn bike that offers 8 levels of resistance, and promises a good posture,  this Schwinn A20 bike would be an excellent fit for you.

This schwinn bike has an ergonomic design for the most challenging workout experiences, and it will ensure the smoothest and the most consistent workouts thanks to the perimeter weighted flywheel. On top of the ergonomic design, there also is the fact that the bike comes with safety adjustments, as well as a 2-position lumbar support system to support and protect your back.

The intensity of the workouts is easily adjustable with and the preprogrammed settings, and the bike is portable for use in different rooms or spots easily.

The built-in fan, 8-level Eddy Current Brake/ CB resistance system heart-rate monitoring grips, and the seven workout programs, this bike promises the best workout sessions.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great ergonomic design
  • Lumbar support
  • Preprogrammed workouts
  • Good controls
  • Heart rate monitoring system present
  • Pre-loaded console
  • Portable
  • Comfortable riding


Schwinn IC2 Bike – Best Bike for Beginners

ThisB Schwinn IC2 bike is uniquely designed to allow for the easy riding of the bike wearing different footwear designs, from the regular sneakers to the high-end clip-in workout shoes.

It comes equipped with high-performance features such as the padded handlebars and an infinite resistance level from the flywheel, which has an inner gearing. The design of this bike gives off the feeling of riding a real outdoor bike.

The adjustable design of the pedals will ensure the maximum efficiency of the bike and less fatigue, and it is a good choice for beginners. Its solid steel frame means that the bike will last for years.

The other impressive feature of this bike is its infinite resistance levels from the high-inertia and the 31-pound flywheel. It also sports an LCD console that tracks distance, time, speed, RPM, and calories.

Other important features include the padded and the adjustable seat, and the rear stabilizers for comfort, as well as the BioFi comfort-level multi-position handlebars.

The steel tubing present also enhances its performance and durability, while the inbuilt-fan means cool workouts. The infinite resistance means intense workouts matching user preferences and body needs, and the bottle holder means constant hydration.

The MP3 holder allows for fun workouts, while the transport wheels ensure ease of transportation for change of scene or cleaning.


  • Sturdy steel build
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars
  • Inbuilt fan
  • Stable bike
  • Portable


  • Assembly is difficult
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MosrSchwinn A10 Upright Bike – Affordable Schwinn Bike

affordable exercise bikes

This Schwinn exercise bike is one of the most affordable exercise bikes on the market, and it comes with a number of high-end features, including 7 workout programs for inspiration and motivation. The bike also features a smooth and quiet operation that allows for better concentration, for a quiet apartment complex.

The adjustable handlebars make the bike ideal for the different people, and it’s also flexible thanks to the backward pedaling, which ensures maximum workouts. On top of this, there is the adjustable leveling feet design, the 8-level magnetic resistance system, and the grip heart rate monitor, which offer more versatility to workouts.


  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs.
  • A high degree of stability
  • It has a natural cycling motion with not jerkiness
  • It’s portable thanks to the set of wheels
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Padded seat


  • The seat is not the most comfortable option

The maximum weight capacity could be higher.

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Choosing the Best Schwinn Exercise Bikes

Schwinn is known for its wide range of exercise bikes seen above, but as you can tell, it’s quite easy to confuse these bikes.

To choose the best of these bikes, an understanding of the models/ series offered by the brand is just as important as the features that make some of the best exercise bikes.

So, to make the decision-making process easy, here’s a brief breakdown of the main Schwinn bike series.

The Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

The bikes in the Airdyne series feature a single-stage belt drive system that ensures the best power transfer. The bikes are generally quiet, and they are great for cardiovascular health.

The resistance technology fitted in these bikes also comes with a weighted fan that offers smooth riding and an infinite tension capability, with no limitations on torque, meaning that the bike would push the body to greater lengths, and it could be used for bodybuilding.

The distance and the height of the bike are adjustable, and it has a powder-coated and anti-corrosion, a waterproof and a sweat-proof metallic construction.

The Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

With 29-preloaded exercise programs, Bluetooth connectivity, 4 custom settings, 12 workout profiles, dual tracking LCD monitoring screens, and 25-level resistance, USB port, built-in speakers, and an adjustable fun, the recumbent bikes are more of the high-end Schwinn bikes.

These bikes also feature a high-speed perimeter weighted flywheel, which provides form the smooth and noiseless starts and rides. The bikes are also generally longer, and they are effective in posture management and prevention of back problems, especially in people that already struggle with back pain and backaches.

Schwinn Upright Bike Series

These bikes have a simpler design with a feel that mimics that of actual outdoor bikes. They allow riding in an upright position; they are generally cheaper than the other bikes on the market.

The overall features of the bikes in this series include the Goal Tracking technology, which allows for the fulfillment of workout goals. It also has smart settings for better control, the fully-fledged digital panel is designed to allow for easy tweaking of goals, programs, and workout speeds.

With 25 resistance levels and 22 workout programs, and the memory-foam padded seats, plus the adjustable bike height, the bikes in this series would be a great fit for cyclists who need to stay on top of their numbers at all times.

Besides the bike type, the other considerations that you need to keep in mind include the bike’s power source, the design and the comfort of the bike seat, the resistance levels, maximum weight capacity, apps connected, workout programs, and the heart rate monitor, as well as the accessories present and the budget. At the end of the day, there is an exercise bike for everyone.


Schwinn bikes offer some of the most flexible workouts, they are quite easy to use, easy to maintain, comfortable, and they allow for easy tracking of performance.

They have an infinite level of resistance or about 25 resistance levels, they make use of the single-stage belt drive method with minimal maintenance needs, and they come with comfortable and adjustable seats and handlebars.