7 Best Schwinn Women’s Bikes in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Women’s bikes are used for many different purposes. Some bikes are used for great exercise routines while others use them for different recreational activities. A lot of bikes have a lot of different uses and because of that, it may become difficult for women to choose what bike suits them best. 

Hey there! My name is Zahara. I own a tailoring shop and I am also a cycling enthusiast. I commute around the city with my bike picking up different materials and dropping orders. Every few weeks I also embark on an exciting biking trip in different areas. Over the years, I have received many queries from other cyclists who wanted to know more about my bikes, specifically how I manage to maintain my bike for so many years.

In response to that question, I decided to focus on the Schwinn bikes in the market. In this review, I list the best Schwinn bikes in the market. I highlight their main features and their advantages giving you a chance to select what suits you best.

Best Schwinn Womens Bikes: Comparison Table

Bike Type
Key Features
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The Body Ease Bike from Sixthreezero
It comes with a front suspension

21 speed

The Serena Women’s Bicycle from A/O
It is light in weight

The bike has an aluminum frame

The Libero Bike from Giordano
It is light in weight

16 speed

The Metropole Women’s Bike from Gama Bikes
Designed with an aluminum frame

Light in weight

The Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser from Huffy
Deluxe Cruiser
It has a steel frame

Designed with a coaster style

The Pomona Women’s bike from Kent Pomona
Manufactured with an aluminum frame

The brakes have a linear pull style

The Phocus 1400 Bicycle from Schwinn
Designed with an aluminum frame

Alloy caliper brakes

Best Schwinn Womens Bikes: Comparison Table

The Body Ease Bike from Sixthreezero

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This bike is quite ideal, as it ensures that a woman is postured comfortably as they cycle. The bike frame as well as other parts are designed well ensuring that the bike can handle external challenges and that the bike can carry around items that are not light in weight.

This bike is extremely comfortable. This means that you will not have to strain your back or your neck while riding. The tires are also very strong and durable enhancing the traction. The bike is also designed with a light rim which is amazing as it eases your riding experience.


  • Comes with a user manual that guides you when assembling the bike. This makes the assembling process easier.
  • It is a great option for new riders
  • Assembling this bike takes less than fifteen minutes
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is affordable


  • The fenders are very feeble and this is because they are not designed with strong metal materials
  • The saddle is not comfortable.

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The Serena Women’s Bicycle from A/O

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The Serena Bike is a hybrid and it is an excellent option, especially for those who are on a budget. The bike has the same features as many other high-quality bikes in the market. The Serena Women’s bike has a very attractive design. Users are also guaranteed that the bike will perform excellently making this a dependable fit.

This bike is also versatile meaning that you can use it for different purposes. It comes with a Shimano derailleur that has 21 speeds. The wheels have a capacity of 700. They are manufactured with raw materials that are of high quality. The wheels are really strong making it easy to absorb shock. The frames of both wheels are manufactured from alloy material making them even stronger. Investing in Serena women’s bicycle is a great choice.


  • The bike has a very powerful frame
  • It is affordable
  • It has an amazing and attractive look
  • It is quite strong


  • The brakes are not strong enough as it can squeak
  • Some users have mentioned that the assembling manual is not clear

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The Libero Road Bike from Giordano

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The Libero Road bike is one of the best hybrid bikes in today’s market. You can easily tell from the great features that this bike performs excellently. By simply looking at the design of the bike frame, you can tell that this bike is of high quality. The frame is made from aluminum material. The bike is not only quite durable but it is also light in weight. Users are guaranteed that the bike will serve them for a long time.

Adjusting this bike is very easy, and this improves comfort. Users have an easy time modifying the bike to suit all of their cycling needs. Additionally, you can also adjust the handlebar and the bike seat to suit your needs. The bike also comes with a V braking system. This gives you the chance to stop as soon as you want to stop. The brakes are also very safe.


  • The seat comes with additional padding improving on the comfort
  • Assembling this bike is so easy
  • The shifting process is very easy and quite smooth


  • Some cyclists have complained that the seat is small
  • Adjusting the handlebar can take long and it is not easy.

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The Metropole Women’s Bike from Gama Bikes

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This bike is designed with several amazing features that set it apart from other bikes in the market. The bike performs excellently and it also has a very classic design. The bike also comes with a 21-speed grip shifter and shifting through different gears is very easy and smooth.

The bike frame is manufactured from steel making it light in weight. Because of its lightweight feature, cyclists will have an easy time biking even in harsh terrain. The design of the bike guarantees that you will be comfortable.


  • Assembling the bike is not hard
  • Users get to enjoy a smooth ride
  • Users are provided with excellent grip
  • The braking system is strong and practical


  • The seat is quite stiff and some users mentioned that the seat hurt them.

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The Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser from Huffy

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The Nel Luss bike is strong and affordable and looks just like a sports bike, however, it is not one. The bike comes with a full suspension and it is versatile which means that it can serve different purposes. That is why the Nel Lusso is a highly recommended bike. The bike has excellent features making it better than other bikes in the market.

The wheels of this bike are quite strong which is expected because the wheels are designed with alloy rims. This bike is designed with durable wheels and rims and this allows the bike to easily maneuver through harsh terrain and weather conditions without experiencing any challenge. The bike seat is soft and cozy as it is stuffed with additional foam material.


  • It is light in weight
  • You can adjust the bike seat
  • It is light in weight
  • The bike features a full suspension


  • When cycling, you can feel every single bump that you hit

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The Pomona Women’s bike from Kent Pomona

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This bike is of very high quality, necessary for women who enjoy biking around with a very valuable bike. The materials used to manufacture this bike are of high quality and this allows the bike to perform excellently. The frame of this bike is manufactured from steel. This makes the bike strong and sturdy. To ensure that the cyclist is comfortable, the bike seat is made of a padded spring seat.

The bike comes with a rear rack that you can use to carry all your items. The rim has a great 700 capacity. To ensure that you remain comfortable, this bike is manufactured with grips that are dual-density. The grip pedals are also quite effective. The bike has all the features that are necessary for a lady’s bike.


  • The Pomona Women’s bike is of high quality
  • It is durable
  • The seat is filled with cushioning material making it very comfortable


  • The quality of the wheel is inferior.

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The Phocus 1400 Bicycle from Schwinn

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The Phocus 1400 bike is designed with amazing features that are essential for all ladies. It also has a very stylish design and an excellent look. This bike is available in different colors which means that you get the chance to pick a color that suits you best. Cyclists also get the chance to choose between two-wheel sizes. Additionally, when it comes to speed, there is another option which is the triple-speed option.

The selection of speed ranges from 1, 3, and then to 7. This means that as you cycle you can make a choice depending on what you need and prefer. Users get to benefit from the bike warranty; however, this warranty is limited. The warranty for the bike frame on the other hand comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • There are wider options that are available, this means that you get the chance to select from different options.
  • This bike is affordable
  • The bike frame is light in weight and strong
  • The Kenda tires are durable


  • The assembling process takes a lot of time
  • The kickstand is light in weight

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Factors to be Considered When Purchasing the Best Schwinn Women’s Bikes 

The Style

Before you make your purchase, you must consider what kind of bike you would like to use. Some of the factors that play a major role in determining your bike style include the type of road that you are regularly cycling on, the amount of luggage that you will be carrying around, the performance level of your bike, the attitude of your area as well as the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

The Bike Components 

As soon as you have decided on the style of bike that you would like to purchase, another vital factor that you should consider is the bike components. Different bike models are designed with different models.

The basic bikes that are entry-level come only with vital components such as the cassette, set like brakes, wheels, shifters, and also chairing. All of the components that are designed on the bike add to the total weight of the bike, therefore it is important to confirm what components are on your most preferred bike and if the components you require have been included.

The Available Bike Parts 

Another important factor that must be considered is how available are your bike components and parts. Before you make your purchase, think of the components that you can replace and the components that cannot be replaced. Some bike parts are easily available while other parts are hard to find. It is not advisable to purchase a bike that has components that are hard to find.

The Price of The Bike and Your Budget

As you browse through different bike options, it is important that you create a budget. Your budget plays a major role in determining the kind of bike that you will choose and the kind that you will leave out. You should not have to spend more than what you have budgeted for. The Schwinn women’s bikes range from $100 to over $1,000. The basic bikes could cost $200, however, if you want to cycle a bike that is of high quality you must be willing to spend at least $200 to $400 more.

However, it is important to remember that the performance and quality of your bike do not necessarily affect the price of the bike. You can find a very high-quality bike that is designed with all the great features available at less than $300. Before you make your purchase, you must conduct some research.

The Design of Your Bike

The look and design of your bike are just as important when selecting what bike, you should use. Many cyclists prefer to ride around with a bike that is easy to manage. As you browse through different designs you should consider your body type. Other factors that you must put into consideration are the weight if the bike, the ease of use as well as the durability of the bike.

Your Type of Bicycle

The next factor that you should consider is whether you should cycle around with a hybrid or a true roadster. True roadster bicycles are designed to be used only on paved roads. They are an excellent choice for cycling around in urban areas. Hybrid bikes can be ridden on paved roads or off-road. An affordable hybrid bike comes with many benefits because you can cycle around with it on different types of terrain. If you enjoy cycling adventures such as mountain biking the hybrid bikes are what you should go for.

The Size of your Bike

The size of your bike must be considered and it mostly depends on your height. To prevent the chances of suffering from an injury, it is important that you pick out a bike with the proper size. Do not get a bike that is much larger or much smaller than you. Shorter ladies should pick a bike that has a much shorter frame and taller ladies should pick out a bike that is designed with a longer frame.

The Speed of Your Bike

There are two types of bike speeds namely multi-speed and single-speed bikes. With a multi-speed bike, you can smoothly and easily switch between different gears, while with a single-speed bike, you can only choose from one leisurely option. Many benefits come from having a bike that is designed with a multi-speed option. You can easily manage the difficulty when pedaling. If you live in an area that has a lot of hills, it makes sense to purchase a bike that has a lot of gears giving you the chance to switch gears whenever you need to. When cycling on flatter terrains you can use a single-speed bike, however, you will have to cycle harder when you are biking against very strong winds.


If you enjoy cycling or perhaps you cycle regularly, the process of finding the most ideal Schwinn bike for you may prove to be a little bit difficult. The information in this review, however, will be of great help to you. The bikes mentioned here are the most ideal and I hope that you will be able to find the perfect choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the Schwinn Hybrid Bikes a good option?

Yes, the Schwinn bikes are excellent. A great advantage of cycling with this bike is that you can bike around on different types of terrains. These bikes also come with many additional benefits. If you are looking for a bike that you can cycle around the city with and also embark on some fun off-road cycling adventures, the Schwinn hybrid bikes are an excellent option.

Is the Schwinn brand any good?

The Schwinn industry designs great bikes that are strong, easy to use, and reliable. Cyclists are guaranteed that they own a bike that will have faith in them. The Schwinn bikes are an ideal choice especially if it is correctly assembled and well-maintained.

Which is a better bike option? The Trek or Schwinn?

Both of these brands design their bikes with the same suspension mechanism. However, the suspension on the Schwinn bikes is more dependable and a lot more responsive than the Trek bikes. They are very many and the suspension is strategically placed at different points of pressure on your bike. This means that as you cycle, you will definitely enjoy the experience on a Schwinn bike rather than a Trek bike.