8 Best Sling Bagsfor Biking in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Whether you are biking inside the city or out in the wild outback regions, you will need some personal supplies. If you are looking for the best sling bag to fit your most necessary items, you will find a great option here.

Storing and carrying your supplies while cycling, will require a special bag designed for portability, easy access and comfort. I bought a sling bag on my first ever weekend cycling in the wild outdoors found around my friend, Jack’s, hometown.

We had decided to camp overnight in the region’s local forest and we each had to carry a small bag containing all our essentials. As a first timer, I clearly didn’t pick the best bag because my map got all soaked when we cycled through some light showers.

I did get some great tips from Jack about how to pick the best bag in future and when I got back home, I did some further research and came across this review.

10 Best Sling Bags for Biking – Comparison Table

Especial Timbuk2 Sling Bag
11†high 9†wide
Chrome Metro Sling Bag
Cordura/ Nylon
12†high 8†wide
Banjo Brothers Sling Bag
Ballistic Nylon
11†high 7†wide
Leaper Retro Sling Bag
12†high 9†wide
Kemy Messenger Sling Bag
14†high 6.3†wide
Adidas Capital Sling Bag
19.5†high 14.5†wide
Manhattan Portage Sling Bag
Ripstop Nylon
10†high 6.5 wide
Rover Rock Sling Bag
600D Polyester
12†high 8†wide

10 Best Sling Bags for Biking Comparison overview

Especial Timbuk2 Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B0877SQ78G” template=”horizontal” ]

An excellent choice for all cyclists regardless of terrain and climate. The bag is made of Nylon material making it water proof which is a great quality for a sling bag to have. Its interior has a main compartment and several other pockets to fit in your 15-inch laptop, water bottle or cables and phones.


  • Magnetic buckle closure
  • Adjustable stabilizer strap
  • Reflective panels
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Available in different sizes and colors

Providing a light attachment to your bike, this bag spells efficiency and convenience. The fact that the cross-body strap is adjustable and reversible to custom-fit any preference and physical profile.

The bag may feel heavy for some and to minimize, this the cross-body strap is removable. Adding to the effectiveness of this sling bag is the reflective panels that keep you safe while riding in darkness or through bad weather.


  • Long lasting material
  • Magnetic Buckle
  • Waterproofed bag
  • Reflective properties for safety


  • Heavy
  • Inferior shoulder strap design


Whether you are looking forward to a long ride in the trails of Africa or North America, the Especial Timbuk2 sling bag is your best choice for carrying along your important and personal items.

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Chrome Metro Sling Bag

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This high-quality bag looks great, lasts long, keeps your stuff safe from water and can be used in all weather conditions. Ballistic Nylon is used for its high resistance to wear and tear. This compact bag has a capacity of 20.5 liters and has plenty of space to accommodate all your necessities.


  • Velcro adhesive strip
  • Shoulder strap with belt buckle
  • 18oz tarpaulin

This bag may carry your 13-inch laptop but misses the padded properties of other quality sling bags and because of this, you may need to buy a laptop sleeve to add the protection. The shoulder strap of this bag has got to be the most exciting yet.

It features a belt buckle which simplifies the latching on and off of the bag from your shoulders. This strap is also made specially with breathable EVA foam to increase their comfort. If you prefer to wear your sling in a cross-body style, a strap is provided for this.

180z of truck tarpaulin is used to line the inside of the bag making it water resistant and super durable.


  • Release buckle with bottle opener
  • Waterproof
  • Strong and efficient
  • Great quality design


  • Lack of individual pockets
  • Laptop section not padded


This bag may require you to buy an extra sleeve for your laptop’s padding but it makes up for this by including a removable and adjustable strap that can be worn cross-body.

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Banjo Brothers Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B003D4BQ3U” template=”horizontal” ]

This bag is perfect for use on a daily basis. It is strong and made of ballistic fabric with a liner that increases its resilience and makes the bag water proof.

A special added feature is the removable divider that can be used when storing your laptop to create a barrier between your laptop and other harsh items that may cause it to get scratched.


  • Removable divider
  • 5-inches in size
  • Capacity of 18 liters
  • Phone holster
  • Stability strap
  • Reflective parts

Regardless whether you are right or left handed, this bag will comfortably and snuggly wrap around your frame and is held in place by use of the stabilizing strap. Designed with several mini pockets and one with a zipper, you will get many great storage spaces for all your personal effects.

A very important aspect for cycling bags to have is the reflective stripes that help other road users identify a cyclist from miles away even in the worst weather conditions.


  • Long lasting
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Water resistant
  • Removable divider


  • Phone holder not usable
  • Heavy when fully loaded


Created by two brothers who are ardent cyclists themselves, this is the bag of choice for most if not all cyclists. With extra capacity, an adjustable and versatile strap plus its reflective properties gives it an edge over other sling bags.

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Leaper Retro Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B018FJHKO6/?tag=village5-20″ template=”horizontal” ]

This bag is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for an upgrade from the standard look of the original sling bag. It resembles a backpack but requires to be worn in cross-body fashion. The bag is made of canvas material and decorated with faux leather.

Following the backpack trend, this bag features multiple pockets and can comfortably accommodate a 13-inch laptop. Sadly, the extra padding is not provided and you may need to buy a sleeve for a more secure carriage.


  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Flap with Magnetic clasps
  • Available in large and medium sizes
  • Padded and reversible shoulder strap
  • 13-inch laptop capacity

This bag’s flap features magnetic clasps that ensure the security of your items. The large model of this bag type has a mesh pocket that’s used as a bottle holder.

Shoulder straps are padded and can be switched for use with either the right or left shoulder. Unfortunately, being made of canvas material means that it is not a waterproof option.


  • Many pockets
  • Light in weight
  • Straps interchangeable


  • Not waterproof
  • Limited to slim design device


The Leaper Retro sling bag will upgrade users of the original plain model with added features and better design. However, the bag can only be effective in dry climate because it is not water resistant.

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Kemy Messenger Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B07MCS92KK” template=”horizontal” ]

If you happen to be shopping on a budget, this is the ideal cycling sling bag to consider for durability and functionality. The Kemy bag is well-designed into a fashionable and versatile model that is great for everyday use.

Plenty of extra pocket slots and some with zips provide enough room and security to organize your items. This bag features three colors in design that make it quite attractive.


  • Lock straps to attach bag to bike
  • Large accommodation
  • Plenty of zippered pockets
  • Padded laptop section
  • Shoulder strap with stabilizer

Lock straps have been added to the bag to make it portable on the bike when you need to take a break from carrying it.

The provided shoulder strap feels comfortable and an added strap helps keep the bag in balance as you ride along.


  • Fashionable
  • Light
  • Budget bag
  • Good straps


  • Side pockets don’t fit water bottle
  • Squeaky buckles on the straps


The Kemy sling bag is perfect for any rider because it is water proof, looks stylish, has tons of varied storage spaces and the top flap has a reflective logo that assures your security in when riding in the night

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Manhattan Portage Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B00BYUD3OA” template=”horizontal” ]

This bag is strong and can hold a 13-inch laptop, water bottle, notebook and some light cover up for when it gets extra chilly. It isstylish, dirt-resistant and easily fastens with the help of a durable adhesive. The bag features a big compartment that can easily and conveniently be organized.


  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Adhesive fastener
  • Large compartment
  • Adjustable straps

This bag has a 12-liter storage capacity which is enough for your day trips and being made of nylon means that it is water proof and durable. Straps may be adjusted and switched to accommodate right or left-handed people.


  • Lightweight
  • Fastens easily
  • Big capacity


  • Straps not comfortable
  • Noisy straps


Aside from the unpadded noisy straps, this bag is a gem because it is light in weight and has a huge storage capacity that can fit your 14-inch laptop and many other personal effect items.

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Adidas Capital Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B00P2EV6BG” template=”horizontal” ]

If you are a stickler for designer brand names, then this is your bag. Adidas is world renowned for making great quality sporting products and their cross-body designs are very popular.

This bag steps up to the standards by providing two large compartments that helps you organize better. Like most quality bags, it features a laptop sleeve and padded, shock-absorbent adjustable straps.


  • Shock Absorbent straps
  • Zippered hidden pockets
  • Upper durable polyester
  • Padded laptop sleeve

This bag is made of 3-D Hexagon ripstop super-durable polyester fabric which makes the bag water resistant. Due to its heavily padded panels, the bag is bearable even at maximum capacity.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Extra padded panels
  • Two big compartments


  • Strap fixed to the left


Comfort is the main characteristic of this sling bag by Adidas. All riders are sure to enjoy the comfort of the bag and its large compartmentalized capacity that’s great for organization. The only downside is evident for people who prefer to wear the bag on their right shoulder.

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Rock Rover Sling Bag

[amazon box=”B0086573L0″ template=”horizontal” ]

This bag is for all those lovers of the camouflaged military look. True to the hardcore military type of requirements, this bag is quite hardy and super resilient. This is an outdoor effective bag with multiple pockets both zipped and open.


  • Four large compartments
  • Many pockets and sleeves
  • Ambidextrous strap
  • Water resistant material
  • Concealed back pocket

If you are planning an adventure in a land that may include some hard living, this is the ultimate survival kit or bag to have with you.

Any sized tablet will fit comfortably in this bag along with other explorative tools such as binoculars, camera, first aid kit and many other survival essentials. Most pockets are fitted with dividers for better organization.


  • Cool and stylish look
  • Additional pouches attachable
  • Multiple pockets
  • Available in multiple color designs


  • Bulky
  • Heavy


The Rock Rover is ideal for the serious riders who are out for the next best adventure and who embrace the challenges of falling off the grid and disappearing to some remote location. Made of 600D polyester and designed with incredible space, you will have all your supplies and essentials within reach.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Sling Bag for Biking


A sling bags material is the number one concern that all buyers need to be aware of. Some bags have been built with inferior material that will not satisfy your needs in weight, item security or capacity carriage.

A great sling bag is made of nylon or polyester because they are lightweight, durable and have weather resistant properties.


These bags should be big enough and well compartmentalized to ensure your stuff can fit and to provide a variety of smaller pockets to help organize and separate the items that should not mix.

A compact designed sling bag will do you justice because it has capacity for laptop, important documents and even some delicate devices like a digital camera. The size you choose it dependent on your needs.

Design and Functionality

We all love to lug around something fashionable and practical. Most bags have been designed with reflective strips in multiple colors to give the buyer a great variety to choose from and also guarantees their safety when riding in unclear weather or in the night.

Having padded compartments for storing your devices like laptop and camera is a great plus and highly appreciated.


While the nature of bags has mostly been double strapped, the sling bag features one strap and this may feel quite awkward at first but it only takes a few trials to get used to it.

A quality sling bag will have a wide and padded shoulder strap that is both adjustable and possibly reversible from left to right and vice versa.

The padded strap will ensure comfort even when the bag is at full capacity protecting your shoulder from being prod into especially if it is meant for every day wear.

The switchable straps from left to right shoulder increase a bag’s comfort because the wearer can alter the bags weight from one shoulder to the other.


As identified, we know sling bags have the capacity to carry all our most primal essentials for every day or regular use. While sling bags share functionality in common, the designs and special effects available in some set them a level higher above the rest.

One such bag is the Especial Timbuk2 sling bag which features reflective panels for rider safety, a magnetic buckle for easier fastening on or off, a switchable strap and they made sure to avail the bag in many different colors.

You need to be cautious when buying a sling bag in terms of specifying your exact needs and ensuring they are met. This is especially important if you need a waterproof bag for an all-weather kind of ride across varied regions.


Will a sling back cause me backpain?

Yes, but not directly. The sling back is easy on your back but if it is too heavy or features unpadded straps, it may put a strain on your shoulder.

If maybe you do need to carry some devices like laptop, binoculars or camera, then you should incorporate some tips to evenly distribute the weight of the bag. This can be done effectively by packing the heavy items at the bottom of the bag.

To increase the stability of the sling bag on your back, try to find a bag with an added strap that straddles the bag fittingly across your body. Switching the bag’s position from one shoulder to the other also minimizes the one-sided strain.

I’m going hiking this weekend. Should I take my sling bag?

No. A sling bag is not ideal for hiking because the weight is one-sided and this will hamper your climbing efforts if one side of your body is weighed down compared to the other.

Backpacks are the best option for hiking because they have two shoulder straps which rest on both your shoulders and this evens out the bag’s weight affording you more stability and balance as you hike.