5 Best Spin Bike Shoes in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

All fitness enthusiasts are well aware of all the excellent benefits that come from spinning. It is a great way to get rid of your calories, build endurance, and get rid of all the excess fat on the lower part of your body. What you may not be aware of, however, is the importance of choosing the right pair of shoes for your spin sessions. 

Hey there! My name is Chloe and I am a cycling enthusiast. I have embarked on a number of bike tours and quite recently I completed a tour from my hometown to the great Mt. Elbert.

Training for these exciting trips consists of a ton of indoor spinning sessions. When I was new to spinning, I always trained with my running shoes. Training with these types of shoes, however, can lead to an increase in the strain and pressure.

During my sessions, I was not as comfortable, and that was when I began to invest in a proper pair of spinning shoes.

The shoes I purchase are specifically designed to properly grip the pedals of my cardio bike and provide my lower body with a lot of support. In this review, I have taken some time to list down the most ideal spinning shoes for you.

The 5 Best Spin Bike Shoes – Comparison Table

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The R5 Road Cycling Show from Fizik



It has a power-strap closure

The shoe has a very sleek design

The sole of nylon material and it is reinforced with carbon

The Mesh MTB Bike Cycling Shoes from Gavin
The insoles dry quickly

The collar is well padded

The shoes are compatible with SPD

The panel is made of mesh

The RP2W SPD-SL Shoes for Women from Shimano
The shoe is compatible with SPD

The shoe has a reinforced sole

Designed with glass fiber

The Milano Cycling shoe from Tommaso
The sole of the shoe is cushioned

The cleat is recessed

The shoe has a lace-up closure system

The RD IV-M Cycling Shoe for men from Pearl Izumi
The sole is synthetic

The shoe comes with an insole

The shoe is designed with an anatomic closure system



The R5 Road Cycling Show from Fizik

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If you are looking to purchase a pair that is quite tough but also easy to slip on. Alter and take off, then this R5 road cycling model is the best choice. These shoes make use of the BOA closure system. This makes it quite easy to modify the shoe to the level that you are comfortable with by just turning the dial. In addition, the shoe is designed with power straps for loop and hook. These features are necessary because your feet will be provided with all the necessary support that you will need as you work out.

The sole is also designed with carbon-reinforced nylon material. This makes the shoe a lot stiffer and enhanced for the systemic transfer of power. Another great advantage of having a shoe that has a very stiff sole is that it adds the power that is placed on the pedal and as a cyclist, you will not be strained.

To ensure that your foot has an exceptional level of support, the back part of the ankle is padded. If you are concerned because your feet are wide, this pair of shoes are specially designed and wide feet can also fit quite perfectly. You will need to confirm the size of the shoe before your purchase.

The top part of the shoe is designed with microfiber material. This proves that there is great ventilation. The only disadvantage is that the sole is not ventilated. The shoe, however, is quite strong and it can also last for a very long time.

The Fizik industry has designed the shoe in many different attractive colors. If you are a fan of attractive looking shoes that function perfectly, these shoes are exactly what you need.


  • The shoe is manufactured with a BOA closure system. This makes the shoe so easy to modify.
  • The shoe has a very good and classy look.
  • The shoe is designed with a very stiff sole allowing you to pedal effectively
  • The shoe is durable
  • The shoe has extra padding providing you with an additional level of comfort.


  • The shoe is quite expensive especially if you consider the fact that the sole of the shoe is not 100% carbon.
  • Walking in these shoes is not comfortable

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The Mesh MTB Bike Cycling Shoes from Gavin

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These kinds of shoes are the most ideal for spin bikes. This is because the shoes are compatible with SPD-SL, SPD-R, and SPD. The shoe is also designed with a 2-bolt cleat giving you the flexibility to make use of most of the pedals that are available in the market. The shoes are ideal for both the make and the females.

The MTB cycling shoes are very light in weight. This is a very important feature when it comes to spin shoes because working out in light shoes is so much easier. The shoe is designed with a micro-fiber of synthetic material and the mesh panels are breathable.

Also, the shoe is designed with an insole that is perforated. This makes the insole is easy to dry, light in weight, and comfortable. It is also so easy to remove and wash the insole. These kinds of insoles are a great option for those who produce a lot of sweat during a workout session, and they would like to make use of an insole that dries up quickly.

The shoes are also designed with an anti-slip lining and a padded collar. These features ensure that you are comfortable when spinning. The shoe is also designed with straps that are hook and loop. This ensures that you can easily focus on your workout session without worrying about any kind of foot slips.

The sole of the shoe is designed with fiberglass-injected nylon. The sole is quite rigid transferring the power evenly. This makes the shoe quite strong and durable.


  • The shoe is compatible with SPD
  • The shoe is designed with an insole, providing you with an additional level of comfort
  • The insoles are perforated meaning that they dry quite fast when they are cleaned
  • For additional comfort, the shoe is designed with a padded collar
  • To ensure stiffness there is the fiberglass-injected sole.


  • The shoes are quite narrow and if you are a user who has wide feet, you will be required to order a shoe that is a size up
  • There are no cleats included in the shoe.

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The RP2W SPD-SL Shoes for Women from Shimano

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The RP2W SPD-SL shoe is designed with a sole that is made of glass fiber. The sole is strengthened with nylon material. The nylon is reinforced to add to the stiffness of the sole. This increases the transfer of power from the pedal to the foot.

This model from Shimano is compatible with 3-bolt cleats and 2-bolt cleats. This makes the shoe quite flexible and convenient for you especially if you are one to work out on different kinds of spin bikes, or perhaps you are unsure of the kind of pedal that is used in your spin class or your local gym.

The shoes are designed with a cushion pad. This makes the pair so comfortable to train with. The shoe is also designed with straps and three hooks to secure your fastening. The shoe has an amazing design, and the Shimano industry can also produce this model with a feminine touch.


  • The shoe is affordable
  • The shoe is designed with a Velcro closing system. You can tighten or loosen the shoe for additional comfort
  • The shoe is very comfortable and it fits perfectly even if you have wide feet.
  • The shoe is compatible with Peloton


  • These shoes do not come with cleats. You will have to purchase the cleats separately.

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The Milano Cycling shoe from Tommaso

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If you like the attractive demeanor of old-school shoes, then you will like the Milano spinning shoe. This shoe is designed with a lace-up closure system that allows you to keep your feet solid and secure. The shoe is designed with the feeling of a tennis shoe; however, the design and the stiffness of the shoe makes it ideal for spinning.

Another great feature of this shoe is that the cleat is recessed. This means that the shoe is ideal for both cycling and walking. There are a number of gyms that do not allow the users to walk with protruding cleats on the floor. Unlike many other spin shoes, you do not have to worry about destroying the floor of your gym or your home. This dual feature comes in handy especially for individuals who are looking for a shoe that they can walk with and also spin with.


  • The cleat is recessed, meaning that you will not expose your floor to a lot of damage.
  • The shoe is quite comfortable and the feet are kept relaxed
  • The shoe is compatible with 2-bolt cleats
  • The shoe is flexible meaning that you can not only spin but also walk with the pair.


  • The shoes are designed with a lace-up closure system

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The RD IV-M Cycling Shoe for men from Pearl Izumi

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The RD IV-M spinning shoe from Pearl Izumi is compatible with SPD and SPD-L cleats. The top part of the shoe is designed with very light fabric as well as mesh ventilation allowing air to flow freely in and out and this provides your feet with the maximum level of breathability.

The insole can be removed and this gives you additional cushioning. To allow your feet to breath from the lower part of the sole, the insole is designed with a perforation near the toe. These features make this model especially nice and ideal.

The shoe’s closure system is quite notable. There is a hook-and-loop closure system that has a mix of BOR. To ensure that your feet are always in place, you need to dial to lock the shoe. This method also provides your feet with a lot of support.


  • The shoe is compatible with SPD and SPD-L
  • The sole is designed with composite material. This makes the sole stiff and light.
  • For additional support and comfort, the shoe comes with an insole
  • The shoe has anatomic closure preventing hot spots
  • To allow the even distribution of pressure the shoe is designed with a Velcro closure system.


  • The shoe does not come with any kind of clips

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What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Spin Bike Shoes

The Size and the Fit of the Shoe

It is important that you purchase a spin bike shoe that fits correctly. A shoe that fits you perfectly allows you to work out comfortably and you will benefit from it a lot.

Owning the wrong pair of shoes can prevent you from having an effective workout session because of the discomfort and pain that you will be experiencing. That is why it is important that you purchase shoes that are designed with the right material, are of the right size and weight.

The Closure System 

The way you close your shoe is a vital factor when purchasing your spin shoe. Different pairs of shoes are designed in different ways of closing. There are shoes that are designed with the traditional lace closing system while others have a BOA closing system that is of very high quality.

The most ideal shoes are designed with a nice and effective way to close ensuring that you are provided with an excellent and comfortable spinning experience. The greatest spin shoes are designed with a Velcro strap, BOA, or a buckle closing system. There are some shoes that are designed with a combination of all these straps.

The Stiffness of Your Sole 

The sole of your shoe must be designed to be durable and quite stiff. A sole that is stiff allows you to enjoy a very effective workout session as it spreads the force that is placed on the pedals around your foot. It also blocks your foot from uncomfortably bending on the edge of the pedal. A stiff sole allows you to apply and transport a lot more power to the pedal.

Most of the soles of spin bikes are designed from carbon composite, nylon, or full carbon material. A shoe that is quite stiff is definitely a lot more expensive. Shoes that are designed with carbon soles are a lot stiffer and therefore there are a lot more expensive. Very professional cyclists are known to use shoes that have carbon soles.

The Ventilation 

A spin shoe that is well ventilated is the most ideal choice. These kinds of shoes keep you away from skin inflammation, and other injuries caused by overheating.

As you browse through the different options of shoes, it is important to keep in mind that you should purchase a shoe that is designed with nice breathable material.

Shoes that are designed with a perforation on either the upper side or even underneath the shoe. This is imperative because you can enjoy your work out session with the feeling of air flowing in and out of your shoe.

A shoe that is ventilated very well is easy to maintain and clean. The shoe can last for a much longer time and it can even look better.


All of the shoes mentioned in this review are some of the most ideal spin bike shoes in terms of comfort, durability, and functionality. These shoes give you value for your money. If you want to take spinning more seriously and you are looking to reap all the great benefits of spinning, then purchasing the proper pair of shoes can really make a huge difference in your sessions.

With the right pair of shoes, you feel like you are so much more connected to your bike. On the other side, your pedal maintains a balanced position allowing you to achieve a lot during a single work out session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is purchasing a pair of spinning shoes worth it?

If you decide to spin with your basic sneakers, you will have to continuously be alert ensuring that you remain in the proper position while you continue to spin. Spinning shoes, on the other hand, easily lock into place. The shoes do not slip around. This means that you will be able to maintain an aligned position and this will allow you to avoid any kind of hip, knee, and ankle injuries.

  1. How tight should your spin shoe be?

A cycling shoe that fits perfectly should be comfortable in the heel area with an average amount of pressure felt on the instep. Your feet should not be pressed on the end of the shoe. You must ensure that your toe has a little room at the end. Your shoe should be able to keep your foot stable without necessarily pinching your skin or restricting anything.

  1. How can I make my spinning shoes a lot more comfortable?

There are a number of different ways you can make your spinning shoes comfortable. First, you should ensure that your shoes are of the right size.

You can also make use of supportive insoles. Put on thin socks during your spin sessions. Do not buckle up your shoes too tightly and lastly, you should confirm that the cleat of the shoe is positioned correctly.